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Reviewed: 08/19/01 | Updated: 07/15/03

There needs to be more to a game than characters just swearing........

Don't think that just becuase a game has swearing, it's any good. Why this game has a few strong points, it still has big weak points.

Good graphics, although not up to full potential on the N64. It could of been better but what I'd really want with ANY game based on a cartoon is Paper Mario like graphics. That could of been a problem with this game, tough. Decent graphics, but not the best you've seen...ever...

Acclaim likes that Turok style control mode. Not great but it makes the game at least playable. Acclaim fans will know how this works, C buttons are to go, Z is to shoot, and the control stick faces directions for you. Any newbie to this game will need time to get used to this control since most games use the joy stick to move.

Not bad. 4 SouthPark friends, Kenny, Stan, Kyle, and big fat Cartman go shooting evil things threatening to destroy South Park with weird weopons. Chef is there to give you information and at the start of every level, you must find your 3 friends becuase they help you carry more weopons. One more thing: If a ''Tank'' hits the Southpark sign, after you beat the level, you must kill any tank you missed on a ''bonus'' level before they destroy the town. Strange story...

The music is mostly the same for almost all the levels. Theres probably only about 5 other tracks and the music isn't so good. Sound could be better, too. Your characters curse way too much, but your weopons sound real, like peeing on a snowball. It can sometimes be funny when Cartman is almost dead but other than that, the sound category isnt too impressive.

There only about 5 worlds and average 3 levels in them. It gets VERY repititive. All you do is kill up to 1-3 certain enemys and theres only 1 type of tank. For example, in the first world, you just try to kill turkeys. Only the last world has a lot of different minion enemies. Also the levels are very long and tedious. You can collect some power ups to help you and at least theres a couple of cool weopons. Theres this one weopon that shoots out mini piranhas and another one that uses a chicken to shoot chicken eggs. Lets not forget the Terrance and Phillip dolls. Once those things explode, a deadly fart kills lots of things. The coolest weopons unfortunatly are useless in 1-player game. One of the 2 is the cow gun, which lays a cow on top of your head and your opponent is nearly dead. The other one is the Alien gun, which makes your opponent sing, making them easy to kill. Those 2 are only good in multiplayer. The multiplayer is like Goldenye but much limited. You just try to kill each other. There are a handful of levels and characters to choose from and you can have all the weopons. Its still not as good as Goldeneye though.

Not the hardest game. The challenge of this game isnt very smoothe. Sometimes its hard, other times its easy. The last boss is almost impossible, but the one before that is easy. The only other challenge is to not die and kill those annoying minion before you reach the boss.

The only replay in this game is unlocking new characters for multiplayer. Other than that, there is none. If you read all other parts of the review, you'd see this game has no replay.

South Park is only a so-so show. This is only a so-so game. This score is not an average.

Buy? Rent?
If you have nothing else to do, than rent. Other wise, dont bother....

Rating: 5

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