Review by Tenshi No Shi

Reviewed: 11/01/99 | Updated: 07/05/02

An innocent and sweet game...yeah right!

Before anyone jumps on me for giving this game the score that I did, I'd like to explain something. If this game didn't have the South Park characters in it, then it would've only gotten a 5. As it is, the game did set a new standard for content, plus its funny as hell, and it had the best multi-player mode to date. On with the review.

The story line is pretty simple: a comet that only appears every 666 years passes over South Park and causes a whole bunch of f***** up s*** to happen. So its up to the boys to right all that is wrong and protect the town.

Obviously, the graphics are rather simple, but not overly simple. However, since the programmers wanted to keep the integrity of the South Park title in tact, they opted for simple, and the game looks exactly like the show in every aspect except in 3-D.

The speech is where South Park really shines. You'll laugh your arse off at the hilarity of the comments the boys make through the course of the game. Plus, the cinemas events are also voiced, adding to the authenticity of the game. The sound if the game strongest point.

The game controls rather well, except for jumping. Jumping in this game will become a very frustrating task at times. Also, unless you are used to Turok controls, you may have trouble adapting as the Goldeneye style controls are overly sensitive and troublesome.

The design of South Park is where the game falls very short. The levels are very simple and easy, except for at the end, where you have to fight a boss like no other. its like the programmers realized how easy and short South Park was and decided to make the final boss extra hard to compensate. Rather lame guys. Also, the ending isn't worth the effort.

There are a ton of secrets in South Park including a gaggle of multi-player characters. The multi-player mode is the best I have seen yet on the N64, its very easy to play and fun to get into. No need for you to insult your friends as this game does it for you after every win.

While this game has a weak story mode that you will probably on ever play through once, the multi-player mode is the best reason to buy this game. Plus its South Park, you just have to own it.

Rating: 7

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