Review by DarthAcme

Reviewed: 11/01/99 | Updated: 07/05/02

South Park 64 a Game that i thought would rock, but instead it Flopped.

GAMEPLAY: Well the gameplay pretty much fact it really sucked. First theres the Huge levels with not a lot of powerups, Millions upon millions of swarming turkeys, No interactivity with other characters from the series (it would have been nice if we could go into the school or some of the shops in town and talked to some of the people from the show Um-Kay). At least its got some cool ass weapons, very innovative using toys as weapons, and the yellow snowballs....killer. the Multiplay is the only thing saving this game from a 0.

STORY: Story.....What story? I take it the people at Acclaim watched one episode of South Park at one of their metting or something, and decided to make the game. Out of all the Episodes of south park, and with all those talented writers, A buncha alien turkeys trying to take over the earth is the best they could come up with, or Maybe it was intentional to explain all the !@~$%&* turkeys that are always rushing you.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Now the sound is one of the few things I liked Acclaim put the South Park license to good use in the sound department, the voices are all crisp and clear, they actually sound like they do on tv. Now if only I could understand what kenny was saying.But on the graphics like just about all N64 games they are above average(compared to Saturn or PSX), but nothing really spectacular, and like most N64 games theres too much fog all over the place

REPLAY: Theres not really anything to make me or anyone else for that matter want to play this game again, except maybe the multiplayer, shooting your friends with automatic nerf dart guns, yellow snowballs, plunger guns, and hearing cartman yell "Son of a B!*%H". Other than that its not worth playing again.

BUY or RENT: The age old debate, Should i buy it or should i rent it first. Well since im pretty much saying this game sucks id advise you try it before you buy it, you should do that with any game no matter what kinda review it gets. But in my Opinion this game isnt worth the Silicon its coded on.

Rating: 4

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