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Reviewed: 05/13/19

This game means something to me.....

South Park for N64 inspired my first published work. It was a short story in a Philadelphia magazine called The Armageddon Season. It’s a story of these kids in a snow storm trying to escape from these bullies. It was featured first on the magazine. It also helped that we just had a terrible snow storm that year. It was the worst I ever experienced.

I think a Turok South Park game is a rather interesting idea. The story goes that some meteorite hit South Park and it’s up to the boys to save them. Chef tries to give advice and exposition, and there are other cameos of early season South Park characters.

I never thought South Park would be so foggy. You also have to go to the outskirts of South Park, as well. You are armed with snow balls but you can use other weapons such as dodge balls, Terrence and Philip dolls or even yellow snow. There is a wide assortment of weapons to use but save it for the tanks and bosses.

Tanks are basically what you have to destroy so you don’t have to face as many enemies. They are like pods that act like the source of the problem. Like the first level you face a bunch of annoying turkeys but there’s this big robot one to take out and you want to take them out quick because if they get to a specific spot in town, you lose. At the end of the level is a boss and you definitely want your powerful weapons handy.

I like the clones in the second stage. The noises they make when you hit them is hilarious. There are cop clones and even Big Gay Al. The stage after that is predictable as you must face cows and aliens. The last stage is probably the best. You fight this jack rabbit in a box that talks like Jack Nicholson. This is probably my favorite character in the game. You face some giant robot in the end. He’s annoying because he will recharge if you don’t beat him quick.

The creators of the show hated this game and I really don’t see why. Sure, there are limitations in the hardware but this game isn’t too bad. I will always have a soft spot for this game of helping me finish my first story. I am forever grateful to South Park on the N64. That’s probably not a good thing.

Rating: 7

Product Release: South Park (US, 12/21/98)

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