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Mr. Hankey!

The Introduction

A long time ago, an animated television show on Comedy Central was created. It was known as "South Park". Not too long after that, a video game was released for various consoles, including The Nintendo 64. It shares many similarities to the television show, like the story. It has a few flaws, but it is at least worth one play-through.

The Plot of the Game

The Plot truly feels as if it was taken directly from the show. Three of the episodes in the game in particular. In outer space, an evil comet made of all that is evil begins to hurl towards Earth, to a town called South Park, Colorado. As the comet approaches the town, it starts to cause strange things to happen. Turkeys start randomly attacking innocent citizens. Clones of the civilians begin to appear. The Alien Visitors return to probe people again, and so on. Chef then warns the loud mouthed fourth graders about the havoc that will ensue, so Stan, Kyle, Kenny and Cartman set off to save the town from total destruction.

The Game-Play

The game is a first person shooter. The point of the game is simple: kill all of the enemies and find the exit. The game starts off nice and simple, with easy tasks and enemies. First, you have to pick a character, and you can only pick from Stan, Kyle, Kenny and Cartman. Then, you have to look around the level and meet up with the other kids. The only enemies you run into are Turkeys. They only require one snowball to kill them, and they only take one Health Point per attack. The second level introduces you into tanks. These are bigger versions of the little enemies, and they spawn more little enemies. These guys don't require too much weaponry at the beginning, but eventually get harder and harder.

Now, the weapons. Usually, first person shooters use things like guns, grenades, and other types of weaponry. This game, however uses more unusual types of weapons. First, the standard snowball. This weapon has unlimited ammunition, but has very little strength. Eventually, the player will find more weapons, like toilet plunger launchers, dodge balls, foam dart guns, etc. These weapons all have limited ammunition though. Of course, more can be found. All weapons have a secondary fire. These improve the strength, but unfortunately take more time to fire than the primary fire.

One of the core problems with the game are the enemies. They are extremely repetitive. An excellent example would be the Turkeys. Just like a couple days after Thanksgiving Dinner, you will get sick and tired of Turkey. In a different way. The sound they make, the animations they make, everything about them can make anyone crazy. The rest of the enemies are sadly still repetitive, but not as much as the Turkeys.

The Game-Play (Multiplayer)

There is a multiplayer mode. There is only one mode of play: Deathmatch. That is all there is. First, you pick from one of over 15 classic characters from the show (all with their own sound bites), and then you pick from one of several arenas. These arenas are all unfortunately very small, which makes finding other characters very easy and matches quicker. There are also some pickups exclusive to this mode, like the "Alien Dance Machine". When it hits another player, it forces them to dance, stunning them and making them vulnerable to enemy attack. There are also pickups that triple damage dealt by the player who picked it up. Navigating around the arenas oddly prove to be rather difficult than in single player. It is fun for the first couple of matches, but after a while, it gets boring very quickly.

The Controls

If you have played games like GoldenEye: 007, then The Controls are not much of a problem. There are two control schemes. One makes the Control Stick walk and the C-buttons aim, and the other makes the Control Stick aim and the C-buttons walk. The controls are easy to learn and easy to use. The A and B buttons scroll through the available weapons. The Z button fires, and the R button jumps. Simple.

The Difficulty

Another huge problem. Most of the game is too easy. As I said before, the start of the game has a bunch of Turkeys which can be killed with one shot. The game showers the player with health, body armor, and weapons. Until episode four, the enemies are extremely easy. Once you hit episode four, the enemies start getting really difficult, and ammunition begins to become pretty scarce. The bosses are the only things that keep the first three episodes from being pieces of cake. They all keep spawning enemies as you fight them, and are all exceptionally strong, as well as the ones in the other two episodes.

The Music and The Sound

First, The Music. The Music was pretty good. There was music in caves, music for the outdoors, and music for the boss battles. It was clear and sounded great. Unfortunately, it loops pretty quickly. Second, the sound. Despite how repetitive the audio is, it was done pretty well. There were voice talents for all of the characters in the game (including Issac Hayes as Chef), and they all sounded fantastic. Although, the sound-bites in-game are repeat too often. There are only so many times you can hear one of Cartman's insults in one play through. The sound effects of the game are all done quite well. They do get tiring after a while, but they do provide lots of fun for a while.

The Replay Value

There is not much replay value in the game. The single player experience is best for one play through. Then, the game really is not worth playing again. The Multi-player helps with the replay value. There are not that many levels to play in, and the only game mode there is to play is Death match, which really just limits the replay value.


Look, it may have its flaws, and it is really repetitive, but it deserves at least one play through. I give South Park on The Nintendo 64 "8 / 10."

Rating: 8

Product Release: South Park (US, 12/21/98)

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