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Reviewed: 01/15/01 | Updated: 01/18/01

For hardcore fans of the show ONLY

When I first rented South Park, I was like ''Oh boy. I think the show is pretty funny, and this looks cool!'' Well, I was right. The game was cool, and very fun, and the humor was top-notch. Then I got to the second level.

Gameplay: Like I said, the game is fun for the first 20 minutes. Then it just gets monotmous. It can be very difficult at times, and then other times very easy. The fun factor is, well, varying. The game is broken into 5 ''levels'', each with 4 stages. By the 3rd level, you'll be ready to throw the game down in annoyance. The multiplayer even doesn't work that well. The control however, I can't complain. If you're like me, you'd set the control to a game you already know and love, like Goldeneye, and the control will handle good.
Score: 3

Story: A comet is flying through space, and is about to hit South Park. All good, all good. But what the hell does that have to do with evil turkeys and bad-tempered toys? And why, of all people, are the 4 South Park kids stopping them? Shouldn't the National Guard come in somewhere? What about NASA to stop the comet? The plot is just filled with to many holes to give this section a good score.
Score: 2

Sound: This is the one part that saves this game from a 1. The sound is fantastic. The music could be a bit better, but there's enough voice acting in the game to outshine any early playstation game. Even the multiplayer has some nice sound bites. The Video on the other hand, has a mixed review. During play, it's okay. You never really go close enough to an enemy to see the blocky textures you see in the real-time cinemas. But in the real-time cinemas(and there are plenty of them), your not sure if that's Eric Cartman, or a bunch of busy blocks in the shape of him. And the multiplayer graphics are just horrible. Fog, blurry textures, it's just not right.
Score: 4

Replayability: Play the first level, first stage. Then hit reset. Then play the first level, first stage. repeat. That's the most you want to play of this. If you choose to go further, get the asprin. And then never speak of it again. After you beat this game(IF you beat this game, due to the extreme difficulty of the later levels) there's a 90% chance you won't want to play it again. Like I said before, it's just too monotmous to replay. Even the lame excuse for multiplayer won't save this.
Score: 2

Buy or Rent?: In my opinion? Buy, and then burn it in a holy ceremony. I loathe this game. I personally don't want to even look at it again, but if you want to give it a shot, definitely try before you buy

Rating: 4

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