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Reviewed: 08/10/09

If you don't like this game, then I guess you can s*ck mr hankey's tiny little balls

First of all, I'm a huge South Park fans. I've bought every DVD they ever released in Europe, and I still rewatch episodes sometimes. If you really like the show as well, then read on. If you don't, then I advise you to quit reading this and to spend your money on something else. There's certainly plenty First Person Shooters worth your money that are better than this.

However, for the South Park fan, I certainly advise you to at least rent this game. Heck, just buy it, it's only about 10 bucks on ebay right now. It's certainly no Turok, but if you like South Park, you'll simply enjoy this game, of course while realising its shortcomings.

The graphics are fine. The cartoon looks simple and so does the game. It's even funny to see a lot of characters animated in full 3D. There ís fogging, but you'll get used to it quite quickly. And it actually makes sense to see fog in snowy high mountains. The soundtrack is pretty boring. It's the same tune returning all the time, but quite frankly, you don't really pay attention to it. There are plenty of sound effects that'll get your attention, especially the voice work. They may get repetitive after a while as well, but it never really bothered me. The voice work sounds crystal clear as well, which is a big plus.

You can play through the story mode as Cartman, Stan, Kyle and Kenny. It doesn't really matter much though. The character you pick will always be in control of snowballs (of which you have unlimited supply), and one other weapon, as every character can only cary two weapons. However, at the start of each episode (more on that later), you meet up with your other three friends, so when you get your third weapon, that weapon goes to Kenny, Stan or Kyle for example, assuming you picked Cartman as your character. So when you want to use that weapon, you'll character will change to the one holding that weapon. That way you'll be in control of right about all four boys in story mode as well. The game has 5 episodes, each consisting of 3 or 4 stages. There are 17 stages in total. Every episode has one or two real enemies, so that gets monotonous sometimes. Episode 1 has turkeys, episode 2 has clones, episode 3 has cows and visitors, episode 4 has robots, and episode 5 has 4 kinds of evil toys (airplanes, tanks, race cars, dolls). There's also a "tank" version of each enemy. In other words, in episode 1, the tank is a huge robotic turkey for example. Those tanks spawn the smaller, normal versions, and have a health bar, they also take more hits to kill of course. You have to kill them before they get to the South Park sign, which symbolises the town. If they get there, you can just finish your level, but you'll have to play an extra stage on top of it. You'll be in the town, and you'll have to kill every tank that escaped before it destroys all the houses in the town. It's actually pretty easy and you have plenty of time, so it won't pose much of a problem.

The game isn't easy though. There's no real puzzles in the game, you don't have to take cover or anything either. The game pits you against hordes of enemies, with a few cool weapons at your disposal. Still, it's a hard game. Practice makes perfect. After a few tries, you'll know where to run to have the best tactical position to kill your enemies. This review might sound a little negative, but it's actually pretty fun. It's simple, but it's difficult and will test your aiming skills. If you like the series, you'll certainly enjoy this one. The game does ramp up in difficulty, especially the third episode is really hard.

Multiplayer is fun when you're playing with two. With three or four players, there's too much slowdown. There are plenty of characters to choose from, 20 to be precise. The four boys are available from the start, while you'll get a password for an extra character for each stage y0ou complete in story mode. The last stage in story mode doesn't unlock anything, but well, at least you can say you can beat the game, which isn't easy at all. The game doesn't haven an internal save, so you'll need a controller pak to save your progress in story mode. You don't have to write down the passwords for unlocked characters though, cause if you have a controller pak, you can just load your story mode file, go back to the menu immediately, and the characters you've unlocked as of yet will all be there. Every time you start this game, you'll have to do this, or your unlocked characters won't be there. There's also the master code "bobbybird" which immediately unlocks everything.

The game is hard, but I still advise you to play it without cheats. With the invincibility cheat, it's just too boring as you just run straight ahead. It's quite fun for South Park fans without cheats though.

Well, in conclusion, if you like South Park, give it a go for just ten bucks on ebay, you'll enjoy it. If you don't like South Park, then just buy Turok 2 or something if you want a fun FPS Nintendo 64 game.

Rating: 7

Product Release: South Park (EU, 05/03/99)

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