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Reviewed: 07/26/00 | Updated: 07/26/00

A very fun and funny shooter

When it come to shooters I dont really like them. Every shooter I played always made me sick(I suffer from motion sickness etc.)I couldnt even touvh Goldeneye. It seems that South Park is the only FPS I can play without getting sick. Ok, on to my review.

Graphics 6/10

The graphics are okay, its not perfect-like graphics like Zelda but it is decent for a FPS. The only problem I have with the graphics is that its really foggy in the background, you cant really see an enemy until it is 5-8 feet away from you. Like I said, it didnt really get me sick like all the other FPS. Everybody who suffers motion sickness should give this game a try.

Sound 5/10

The music isnt really all good or bad, it okay. From the funny voices to all the cursing, its really cool. The voices are done really good, it sounds just like the cartoon. Although they do bleep out the cuss words I see they didnt bleep out the female dog word, which is still cool. Every thing else in the music is good.

Story 5/10

Well the story goes, the town is in a crisis. And its up to 4 little elemtary school kids to stop it, with the aid and advice from Chef. There really isnt nothing else about the storyline just plain old shooting and killing.

Gameplay 7/10

This isnt a Goldeneye kick-ass type game but it is close. The weapons arent too realistic, from an Alien probe machine to the Terrence and Philip fart dolls its all good.
The multiplayer mode isnt very fun. It just shooting and hiding, gets kinda boring after awhile. But everything else is fun and entertaining.

Replay 5/10

Once you finish the game thats it. You might wanna take a crack at it again but its not really fun, since you already know where the baddies and items are. The multiplayer is really the replay.

Overall 6/10

A very funn and funny game indeed. I was laughing at all the cuss words and funny sound effects. I really enjoy this game. Great for people who cant play Goldeneye because of motion sickness. If you want a funny game get this. I think its on sale somewhere.

Rating: 6

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