Co-Designer (Infinite Ventures)Eugene Evans
Co-Designer (Infinite Ventures)Dave Marsh
Co-Designer (Infinite Ventures)Karl Roelofs
Developer (TNS)Shinji Aramaki
Developer (TNS)Sukeyasu Arimoto
Developer (TNS)Junichi Fujita
Developer (TNS)Yasuo Fujita
Developer (TNS)Shingo Fujita
Developer (TNS)Tooru Funakura
Developer (TNS)Wakaba Ikumune
Developer (TNS)Hiroyuki Ishiguro
Developer (TNS)Motomi Kajiwara
Developer (TNS)Shigehito Kawada
Developer (TNS)Saori Kobayashi
Developer (TNS)Tooru Maruyama
Developer (TNS)Kosuke Matsuo
Developer (TNS)Kyoko Miyamoto
Developer (TNS)Syuichi Miyazawa
Developer (TNS)Takeo Mogi
Developer (TNS)Michihiro Nakamura
Developer (TNS)Koichi Nishino
Developer (TNS)Koichi Noda
Developer (TNS)Kazuya Nozawa
Developer (TNS)Kousei Okamoto
Developer (TNS)Yoshinori Ono
Developer (TNS)Keiju Ono
Developer (TNS)Teppei Osawa
Developer (TNS)Daiki Sato
Developer (TNS)Akane Satoh
Developer (TNS)Kazuyuki Shibata
Developer (TNS)Kennnosuke Suemura
Developer (TNS)Katsuyuki Sugimura
Developer (TNS)Rieko Sumi
Developer (TNS)Yusuke Suzuki
Developer (TNS)Satoshi Tajima
Developer (TNS)Shin Tanaka
Developer (TNS)Motoharu Terasaki
Developer (TNS)Hitomi Uchikawa
Developer (TNS)Yasushi Yamaguchi
Developer (TNS)Toshihiko Yanagisaka
Publisher (Kemco)Tomoharu Aihara
Publisher (Kemco)Kenichi Goto
Publisher (Kemco)Hiroe Hashimura
Publisher (Kemco)Masa Ishii
Publisher (Kemco)Hidekazu Kashiwabara
Publisher (Kemco)Toshiyuki Kihara
Publisher (Kemco)Oliver Miyashita
Publisher (Kemco)Kenichi Nishimura
Publisher (Kemco)Seiichiro Okuhara
Publisher (Kemco)Seijiro Okuhara
Publisher (Kemco)Tatsuhiko Shimoda
Publisher (Kemco)Koichi Shindo
Publisher (Kemco)Mitsuo Shinjo
Publisher (Kemco)Aki Yoshino


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