Additional DesignPeter Hodbod
Additional DesignMathew Ward
AI ProgrammingJohn May
Art DirectorMike Muskett
Character AnimationBilly Allison
Character AnimationNiel Bushnell
Character AnimationNeil Parkinson
Character AnimationAndy Wright
Cinematic ProductionPatrick Ward
Creative DirectorGuy Miller
Game Design, Story & Level DesignGuy Miller
Game Design, Story & Level DesignSimon Phipps
Lead Artist & World BuildingRees Ivatts
Music Composition & Sound FXTim Haywood
ProgrammerJonathan "Fritz" Ackerely
ProgrammerStuart McKenna
ProgrammerDave De Pauw
ProgrammerAndrew Seed
Project ManagerNick Bagley
Project ManagerDavid Riley
Technical DirectorRick Frankish
Voice - Jack the Ripper, Avery MarxSimon Phipps
Voice - Legion, Dr. Victor BatrachianGuy Miller
Voice - Marco Cruz, Milton PikeCorey Johnson
Voice - NettieLani Milleni
Voice Actor - JauntyBarry Meade
Voice Actor - Mike LeRoi/ShadowManRedd Pepper
Voice Actor - ZombiesTim Haywood


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