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FAQ/Hints and Tips by CurtMac

Updated: 05/18/1998

   San Francisco RUSH(TM)               Extreme Racing FAQ by Curt Mac
SFRUSH tips and tricks           5/18/98                     CurtMac@aol.com
Here's a list of tips and tricks for "San Francisco Rush Extreme Racing" by

Please Email me with any additions/corrections/clarifications.
If you're writing a FAQ please feel free to use any/all of this information
but list this page in the credits.

Check out the ATARI GAMES web page at http://www.atarigames.com

Write the developers of SFRUSH at rush@agames.com

All information in this FAQ was verified on a v1.06 machine.  A v1.12 does
exist that fixes small glitches and allows operators to limit the # of laps.

It's been 5 months since I last updated this page and quite a bit has
happened related to RUSH.  The PSX home version finally appeared and
although it's not nearly as good as the N64 port at least it finally
made it to market.  I still play the N64 version quite a bit.  If
you can't find all of the keys (necessary to unlock the extra cars) in
the N64 version you may want to take a look at my KEY FAQ.
As promised, the ROCK track is hidden in the N64 version.  After I
bugged a friend of mine (Titanik/CZN) for several days he
released a GameShark code to let you play on it.  AtariGames/Midway
then released the "official" code to unlock the ROCK after a waiting
period to allow for more sales of the arcade version (and more returns
for the arcade owners).  Both codes are available at several sites:
N64 Code Center, IGN64, and others.

But the most important news regarding RUSH has to be WAVENET!  Midway
has chosen SFRUSH:The Rock as the game to roll out WAVENET on a large
scale basis.  Those lucky enough to live in San Francisco or L.A. can
now compete against RUSHers in many locations.  Hopefully I'll be out
in California soon to register my name on the FAST TIMES and win a
few prizes.  For the full information RUSH over to http://www.rushrock.com.

And don't forget RUSH2, possibly on display at E3 and shipping soon!

Credit for finding the drop to the lowest bridge level and the jump in the
bay glitch on the Advanced track goes to "JPF".

Credit for the names of the figures holding the signs and the barrel-roll
tunnel technique goes to "the Baron" at Atari Games.

*NEW* items are indicated by an asterisk.

The following are input while the machine is in "ATTRACT" mode:
 - Press the "MUSIC" button to cycle through the different attract mode
   selections (time rankings, demo races, credits, etc.).
 - Press and hold down the "MUSIC" button while the machine is displaying a
   demo race.  The race will continue until you release the button and will
   be shown from many different camera angles and perspectives that can't be
   seen at any other time during the game.

The following are input at the "SELECT YOUR TRACK" screen:
 - Hold down the "REVERSE" button while selecting your track to play "SOLO".
   This blocks others from joining in and also eliminates the "waiting for
   others to join" timer.

The following are input at the "SELECT YOUR CAR" screen:
 - Hold down the "VIEW 1" button to select the alternate cars.
   (This makes a total of 8, are there more?)
 - Hold down the "MUSIC" button and press the "VIEW 2" button to turn the
   drone cars on/off.
 - Hold down the "MUSIC" button and press the "VIEW 3" button to select the
   amount of tactile feedback the steering wheel produces.

                               BEGINNER TRACK

   Good time:  2:40:00
   Best time:  2:25:67 - Matthew Lees @ Fun and Games (Macquire Centre)
                         Northe Ryde, Sydney, NSW, Australia    (Extreme car)

   Optimal path:  Use no shortcuts.  Race the Extreme car and hold on!

The following are shortcuts/bonus areas on the BEGINNER track:
 - After crossing the Golden Gate bridge at the start there is a ramp on your
 - The fence on your left after the Presidio tunnel has a breakaway section.
   Drive through it and you will end up on a dirt road that rejoins the main
   track just after the Haight-Ashbury section.
 - Just after the Haight-Ashbury section you can follow a small road down and
   to the left to a blocked culvert.  Veer left onto the dirt just before the
   culvert and rejoin the main track before the big hill.
 - Just even with the finish line there is a small tunnel in the wall on the
   left side.  Go through and it will return you to the main track near the
   Presidio tunnel.  When heading downhill to the finish line you can veer
   left before the last jump onto a ledge with 5 trees on it and it will
   work like a ramp and you can jump straight at the tunnel to enter it at
   full speed.
 - ????? More ?????

                               ADVANCED TRACK

   Good time:  5:10:00
   Best time:  4:57:26 - CDT @ Wunderland
                         El Cajon, CA, USA    (Extreme car)

   Optimal path:  Always use the tunnel shortcut.  Always use the jump on the
                  opposite side of the entrance ramp.

The following are shortcuts/bonus areas on the ADVANCED track:
 - As you head uphill after the first big left hand turn there is a tunnel
   entrance in the buildings on the left.  This tunnel goes under the road
   and emerges out of the buildings on the right at the top of the last jump.
 - Drive through the first set of orange cones at the "entrance ramp" and
   veer left through the support columns before the "DANGER!" sign to find a
   jump ramp.  Although you are airborne for a long distance this route is
   much shorter and faster.
 - You can also drive around the ramp to the left and drive on dirt back to
   the main track.
 - Drive through the orange cones and jump off the broken piece of the bay
   bridge.  If you jump towards the left you can land on the other side of
   the bridge and it will end in a huge halfpipe with loops at both ends.
   You can get bonus time there by running into the white boxes with the
   Atari logo on them at the top of the loops.  There is also a little room
   in the side of the halfpipe wall directly between the two loops.  There
   is a man (Artist Rob Adams) holding a sign inside of the room.  This area
   is for exploration only and is definitely not a shortcut.  You can return
   to the track by hitting the "ABORT" button.  You can keep looping and
   build up a huge amount of bonus time in the near loop.  Just make sure you
   hit at an angle instead of nose first at the bottom of the loop or you
   will explode and be returned to the main track.
 - Instead of jumping off the bay bridge, slow to almost a complete stop and
   fall off the edge.  There is another section of bridge below that you will
   drop onto.  If you follow it all the way back it will dead end into a
   wall.  There is another man (Artist Spencer Lindsay) with a sign there.
 - You can jump into the bay at the point where the bay bridge splits off
   from the main track.  Look at the beginning of the center divider between
   the bay bridge and the "exit ramp" (right where the cones stop).  There
   is a lowered portion that you can use as a jump ramp.  Go to the end of
   the bay bridge and turn around.  Proceed back at about 90 m.p.h., veer
   left across the low portion of the divider and jump over the wall and into
   the bay!  This is a glitch and definitely not a shortcut or bonus area.
   You will fall to "the bottom of the bay" and the screen will be black all
   around you.  You can still see the buildings and ships in the background
   above.  You can drive around but your speed will not go above 39 m.p.h.
   The arrows will appear attempting to lead you back to the main track but
   as far as I can tell the only way out is to hit the "ABORT" button.
 - Drive under the semi-trailer to hit a jump ramp which will put you on top
   of the buildings.  Hit this ramp around 80-85 m.p.h. and punch the gas
   again while in the air to level out. Continue jumping the buildings and
   you will end up landing back on the track or in the field on the right
   side of the wall which empties back out onto the starting straight-away.
 - If you jump off the semi-trailer ramp at high rates of speed (>120 mph)
   and fly past the buildings to the far left or far right the machine will
   glitch and produce a result similar to the jump in the bay.  The screen
   will be all black around and below your car but you can still see the
   buildings in the background and you can still continue to drive although
   you never get anywhere.
 - Just past the semi-trailer turn, proceed down the hill and drive straight
   into the fountain in the plaza on your left.  Hit it around 95-100 m.p.h.
   and it will launch you up and into the side of the building.  There is a
   tunnel straight through the building that is hidden by the glass panels.
   It's walls are covered with the "DANGER!" signs.  There is another little
   figure (Artist Mike Prittie) in the middle of the tunnel holding a sign.
   It is possible to stop in the building tunnel by slamming on the brakes
   and/or pressing the "REVERSE" button.  You will be returned to the course
   as if you hit the "ABORT" button after a short amount of time.  When
   coming out of this tunnel you will fall and land just short of the second
   fountain on the other side of the building.
 - Just past the building with the tunnel through it you can take a sharp
   left turn for an alternate route between the buildings.
 - ????? More ?????

                                EXTREME TRACK

   Good time:  7:55:00
   Best time:  7:28:31 - Brendan Ragus @ TimeZone
                         Perth, W.A., Australia (Expert car)

   Optimal path:  Always use the "Chinatown" shortcut all the way to the
                  top of Lombard street.  The tunnel will also reduce your
                  time but the chances of navigating it correctly on all laps
                  are slim.

The following are shortcuts/bonus areas on the EXTREME track:
 - Very shortly after the start there is a ramp in the buildings on the right
   that leads into a parking garage shortcut.  It contains a few very sharp
   turns and be sure to watch your head on the way out ;)
 - At the first right hand hairpin after the jump you will see a red and
   white tower and small white buildings on your left.  Head between or
   around the buildings and you will enter a canyon halfpipe with rock
   obstructions on your right and then on your left.
 - Drive straight through the cones in front of Chinatown instead of turning
   right and you can drive the hills all the way up.  At the last jump slow
   to about 115 m.p.h. hit the brakes (or the wall) and head right after
   landing.  You will then jump down over Lombard street and rejoin the main
 - You can also turn right before the last jump at the top of the streets
   through Chinatown for an alternate route to the top of Lombard Street.
 - After you jump again and are forced to turn right at the barricades you
   will notice a couple of trees on a small grassy area guarding a tunnel
   entrance in between the buildings on your left.  You can drive straight
   through the trees and into the tunnel.  The tunnel will go straight and
   then take a sharp turn to the right, swerve left and right a few times,
   and empty out in front of the building with the cascading staircase.  Here
   is an extremely fast way to navigate the tunnel: stay on the left side as
   you enter the tunnel and at the right hand turn continue driving straight
   up the left wall and do a clockwise barrel roll onto the ceiling and down
   the right hand wall!  Now at the next bend in the tunnel drive straight up
   the right hand wall and perform a counter-clockwise barrel roll.  You must
   slow down and make a hard left when exiting the tunnel (less than 80 mph).
   You can enter this tunnel from both ends.
 - Instead of going through Chinatown follow the track through the right
   uphill and left uphill turns.  At the top of the next hill there is a
   building on the right corner and a fence with a gap in it just behind the
   building.  If you go through the gap in the fence and down the small hill
   (drive slowly) there is a small tunnel to the left which leads to a secret
   room that is all 'sky' textured.  There is a sign on the wall next to
   the entrance.
 - ????? More ?????

                                HIDDEN SIGNS

   Several signs with text messages appear throughout the tracks.  I thought
   Atari Games would be conducting a contest (similar to the Area51 hidden
   rooms contest) but they will not respond on the significance of the signs.
   Here are the locations and text of the signs I have verified:

   BEGINNER TRACK - None. ???
   ADVANCED TRACK - 1) Room in the side of the half-pipe between the loops.
                       Artist Rob Adams holds a sign which says "BunchCon 9".
                    2) All the way at the back of the lower level of the
                       broken bay bridge.  Artist Spencer Lindsay holds a
                       sign which says "JAWANNAGO".
                    3) In the middle of the "DANGER" tunnel.  Artist Mike
                       Prittie holds a sign which says "Moser".
   EXTREME TRACK  - 1) At the top of Lombard street.  A sign on the wall
                       says "Race on the edge".
                    2) In the "sky" room.  A sign on the wall besides the
                       entrance says "Sweeble-D MUNG".
                    3) ??? In the dirt half-pipe (canyon) ???

   If you have any information on signs please send me some mail.

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