• Change Fog Color

    When at the car select screen, press and hold Z, and press C-Down(x3)

    Contributed By: Ben Zetlitz.

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  • Change View

    During a race, hold the L Button and press Up or Down to change the camera perspective.

    Contributed By: FByies.

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  • Codes

    When at the setup screen press:

    Back Tire SizeHold C-Right then press C-Left. Hold C-Left then press C-Right
    Car SizeHold C-Down and press C-Up. Hold C-Up and press C-Down
    Cars into MinesC-Right x2, Z, C-Down, C-Up, Z, C-Left x2
    Change GravityHold Z then press Up then Down. Release Z and press Up, Down, Up, Down
    Change Track TexturesC-Right+L, Z, C-Right+L, Z
    Cones to MinesL, R, L, R, L, R
    Drive Burning HulkHold C-Up and press Z x4
    Front Tire SizeHold C-Left and press C-Right. Then hold C-Right and press C-Left
    No Vehicle CollisionsLeft, Right+C-Right, C-Up, C-Left, C-Down, Z
    Reappear at Crash SiteHold Z then hold C-Left then press C-Right. Keep holding Z and hold C-Right then press C-Left
    Turn Off Auto AbortC-Up x4
    Unlimited TimeHold Z, then press C-Down, C-Up, C-Up, C-Down
    Upside Down TracksUp, Right, Down, Left, Down, Right, Up, Left
    Weird ModeC-Right+Left, Z, C-Right+Left, Z

    Contributed By: Ben Zetlitz, ATadeo, Pegboy, Boz, and ElementalKnight.

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  • Demo with burnt out car

    Crash your car into a burnt up wreck, then when Game Over appears on the screen, hold down L, R, and Z until the high score display demo begins. Your car will be driving around crashed and burning.

    Contributed By: Pegboy.

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  • Extreme Controls

    Go to the Options menu, and highlight Mirror. Now, hold down all four C buttons and press left or right on the control pad or stick until the Extreme option is displayed.

    Contributed By: ElementalKnight.

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  • Foggy night mode

    During a race press start and go to options, highlight the fog option and hold all 4 C buttons while doing this, now when your cycling through the fog settings a new fog setting will be there, Foggy Night, it's really dark in this mode. (Hold all 4 C buttons when cycling through the fog options for this code to work.

    Contributed By: General Eric.

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  • Random Names

    At the Records screen, press L, R, L, R, L, R, L, and R to juggle around the default names and scores.

    Contributed By: FByies.

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  • Tag Mode

    Hit the abort button on the countdown sequence at the start of a 2 player practice game.

    Contributed By: Ben Zetlitz.

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  • Formula 1 Car

    To get the F1 car, complete a circuit in 1st place.

    Now enter One race or circuit (I recommend one race) and on the track selection screen, press Z 4 times. You should hear a sound. Now select a track to go to the Car Selection screen. The hotrod (if you got it) is replaced by the F1. If you want to switch back to Hotrod, re-enter the code (Z,Z,Z,Z) on the car select screen.

    Contributed By: MI4 REAL.

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  • Secret Cars

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Hot RodGet all the hidden keys in a course
    Rocket CarGet first place in any circuit.
    Taxi CabGet half the hidden keys in a course

    Contributed By: General Eric and Fossil.

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  • Secret Alcatraz Track

    First, win the circuit trophy normally or by entering this code:
    With the trophy won, enter ''One Race'' mode and do the following:
    1)At the ''Select Car'' screen, hold Left C, press Z, release both, tap Left on the D-Pad, then press B three times to return to the main menu.

    2)Choose ''Setup'', and at the setup screen, hold Up C, press Z release both, tap Up on the D-Pad, then press B to return to the main menu.

    3)Choose ''One Race'', and at the ''Select Track'' screen, hold Left C, press Z, release both, and tap Right on the D-Pad, then press A to advance to the ''Car Select'' screen.

    4)At the ''Select Car'' screen, hold Down C, press Z, release both, tap Down on the D-Pad, then press the L button, then press the R button. You will hear a signal to confirm the code. Now press B to go back to the ''Select Track'' screen, and you will find that the secret Track 7 is now unlocked.

    Contributed By: DrProctor.

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