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Reviewed: 06/21/10

A Fun Racing Game from an Infamous Developer

It's crazy how one bad apple can ruin the reputation of an otherwise decent game developer. But of course that's what you get when you stab fans of Superman while your fun racing games have to compete with many other developers in that genre. Roadsters is a fun and well rounded racing game that gives you a grand selection of street cars from most all of the car manufacturers in the world and pits them against each other on some very unique race tracks.

Roadsters has all the standard modes of racing games from the championship or Trophy mode, the Quick Race, Time Trial, and Multiplayer. The championship is where you will spend most of your time as you start a career as one of the egoist characters and purchase your first car to race. Money has to be managed because you only start off with 45K and have to use some of that already earned dough to enter your races. The car selection is fantastic as you can pretty much go for your favorite car and hang on to it as you earn more cash from races. You can purchase upgrades for your car to make it go faster and increase the purchase value. The goal is to earn enough to be able to upgrade to faster cars and the faster you can afford the Ford Indigo you will have a lot of the races in the bag. The competition is tough but whatever place you make in the previous race you will begin in that position on the next race. It definitely beats having to start in the back all the time. The tracks are the same for each championship you do and the only difference between modes is that the competition gets tougher to compete against.

The controls are not bad at all and with all of the game play features in this game it almost seems as if there was too much put into this game. Different tire sets easily take care of steering on the different maps which range from dirt to snow and you can change tires at the pit stops during a race, but this isn't really needed unless you screwed up and chose a different set than what the default tires were. The AI racers are rather smart especially when I turned the car around and tried to crash head on into them as they are racing. They were very good at trying to avoid me.

The graphics and music are good. There are only a few tracks but they are well designed in an almost Mario Kart way but they are very unique and scenic. The music is okay and the drivers love to shout when you pass other cars. A lot of the cars are classic roadsters and moderns and there like at least twenty cars to purchase and I think seven characters to play as.

Final Recommendation 8/10

Of the two Titus racing games that I played I would say Titus was an excellent developer of racing games. Automobili Lamborghini was fun and an easy game to enjoy and Roadsters is an even greater improvement to their line of racing games. Using actual cars is a big plus and the probably the biggest reason why I would recommend Roadsters over other games that use generic or made up cars. Roadsters is a fun game and worth adding to the collection.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

Product Release: Roadsters (US, 11/30/99)

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