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  • The N64 version of RE2 was praised at the time for being a technical achievement. Reasons include the dev team being able to fit two-discs worth of game data on a 64MB (the largest at the time) N64 game cartridge, increase in texture models and character animations and expansion pak support for an overall increase in resolution. It also featured higher-quality sound and Dolby Surround support. New alternate costumes, the ability to change blood color and adjust the amount of violence, and 16 "Ex Files" hidden throughout the game rounded out the exclusive extras featured in this version of the game.

    Contributed By: CrimsonGear80.

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  • Various graffiti in Raccoon City read "Blood on the Dance Floor". This is most likely in reference to the Michael Jackson album of the same name.

    Contributed By: CrimsonGear80.

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  • When Resident Evil 2 was scrapped and restarted, most of the music pieces were retained, but three were dropped: "Distant Memories"(alternate Police Station first floor theme, used in the demo), "Fight with Monster#2"(alternate Birkin battle theme), and "Sign of Prototype" (similar to "Wreckage of the Mad Experiment", but played in the 1.5 Police Station lobby).

    Contributed By: ZeoKnight.

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  • The Secretary's Diary B file features an extra entry that was not present in other versions of the game. This entry takes place on June 10th and talks about how the Chief has locked himself in his office and rumors are beginning to spread.

    Contributed By: HyperIria.

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