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EX Files Guide by TWilde

Updated: 08/19/2000

The EX Files of Resident Evil 2
a resource for RE fans who can't or won't play the N64
by Thomas Wilde [storyteller@msc.net]

A Wee Disclaimer:

I own the work that went into this FAQ, but nothing else.
Capcom owns Resident Evil 2, the characters, the files,
the setting, and the kitchen sink.

An Introduction:

I'm not growing up
I'm just burning out
And I stepped in line to walk amongst the dead
-- Green Day, "Burnout"

When Resident Evil 2 came out for the N64, it was announced
that it would be a slightly altered version from the PSX
version. The alternate outfits would be changed, for one,
and for another, the developers added a series of sixteen
"EX files". These files are, as far as I can tell, an
attempt to tie the Resident Evil games' continuity together,
as well as provide much-needed backstory for N64 owners who
don't have access to a playable version of the original RE.
More importantly, though, the EX files were said to contain
new plot information, as well as foreshadowing for Code Veronica.

When I heard about the EX files, my curiosity was piqued.
Therefore, while at home on Christmas break, I rented the game,
annexed my brother's N64, and settled down to find me some files.

This document is about the EX files, first and foremost;
I've written them down below, so those of you who aren't
Nintendo fans don't have to do anything drastic to read
them. I've also included some thoughts of my own with each
EX file, partially to explain some things about the files
and storyline that may not be immediately apparent to newcomers
and N64 owners, and partially because I enjoy rambling on and
on at tiresome length.

It's worth mentioning that the majority of the EX files
aren't anything profoundly interesting for the average PSX
fan, and may be something of a letdown. Five of them, in fact,
are taken directly from RE3, and two more appear to be
abridged versions of RE3 files.

At the end of this document, I'll mention a few things
specifically about the N64 RE2, as opposed to the PSX version.


Unnecessary to the PSX fans, but possibly helpful to the N64

= Resident Evil (the original)

= Resident Evil 2

= Resident Evil 3: Nemesis

Code Veronica
= Resident Evil: Code Veronica

= Resident Evil 0. Due out for the N64 in 2000.

Mr. X
= the charming man in the leather coat who attempts to break
your face in Scenario B.

= Mr. X on angel dust. The main opponent and namesake of RE3.

= Rebecca Chambers. Chris's helper in RE.
STARS member. Medic. Sort of annoying.
She's the "rookie" pictured in Film D.
The star of RE0, gods help us all.

= Barry Burton. Jill's helper in RE. STARS member. Big gruff
guy who likes guns.

= Jill Valentine, heroine of RE and RE3. Now ex-STARS member.
Tough broad.

= Carlos Oliviera. Jill's ally in RE3. A South
American mercenary. Gets most of the good lines in RE3.

A Note On Chronology

    Resident Evil 0 is a prequel to Resident Evil, and
reportedly takes place on July 24th, 1998.
    Resident Evil took place on July 25th, 1998.
    Resident Evil 2 takes place on, as far as I can tell,
September 29th of the same year, and ends on the morning
of the 30th.
    Resident Evil 3 begins on September 28th, and, for
various reasons, doesn't conclude until October 1st.
    Resident Evil: Code Veronica is set three months
after RE2, on December 27th, 1998.

    Why is this relevant? Well, it's relevant to the
RE fanboy for various reasons, all of which relate to
our complete lack of lives. It's relevant to the casual
RE2 player because it relates to various files within
the game. Hope this helps.

I. The EX Files

According to the numbering system on the EX files themselves,
there are sixteen of them, but I've heard rumors that there
are as many as twenty-four. As far as I can tell, you cannot
possess all of them at any given time, although you'll get
more of them if you play through Leon A/Claire B. If it's got
a number like #04/16 on it, it's an EX file.

A few EX files are lying out in the open, available whenever
you luck across them. Unlike certain other files, though,
they don't "regenerate" themselves between scenarios; if you
get an EX file in Scenario A, it won't be in the same place
in Scenario B. However, if you get an EX file, it's stored in
the file screen for the rest of your game.

Some files are unique to the B or A game, usually because of
where they are. There are rooms in B that you never see in A,
and vice versa, and some of those rooms have been augmented
with EX files.

Finally, some files only show up when you match up a
specific character with a specific game. All four possible
scenarios (Leon A, Claire B, Claire A, Leon B) have EX files
that are unique to them. In any other scenario, that
particular EX file will simply not be present.

However, I may very well be wrong. It may be that all the files
are in both possible storylines, but their locations change. If
that's the case (which would neatly explain how the *hell* I
managed to get fourteen EX files on Leon A/Claire B), then I'd
welcome anyone telling me alternate locations of the files
[storyteller@msc.net]. I don't have an N64 myself right now, so I
can't go looking for answers on my own.

I've listed the following files in the rough order I found them in,
and mentioned where I found them. All appear here just as they do
in the game. The following contains spoilers to RE, RE2, and RE3.

                     Scenario A:

If you don't get them, a lot of Scenario A-specific files
will still be there in Scenario B.

Robert's Note

    On the counter of the Kendo Gun Shop. When you walk
in, a man points either a shotgun or a crossbow at you; the
file is directly in front of him. You'll need to go around
the counter to get it.

#File 04/16
Robert's Note

How could this have happened, Barry? The town's been overrun
by zombies and has literally become a nightmare on earth.

As you know, my concern for the town is as great as your
own. I have waited for your arrival on the assumption you
were still in the area, but the threat of my shop being
overwhelmed by zombies has become too great.

I've already distributed the majority of weapons and ammo to
the town's survivors including the Raging Bull you special
ordered. I hope you understand, given the circumstances.

At any rate, I have no intention of pointlessly sacrificing
my life and will be retreating to Stone Ville.

If you get this message, meet me there. We'll go fishing...

Robert Kendo

    It was suspected before, but this note confirms that
the gunman is Robert Kendo, who also wrote the fax in RE3
about the "Samurai Edge" handgun. The "Barry" in the note
is, most likely, RE's Barry Burton.
    If you're trying to get Brad the zombie to show up under the
RPD building, don't pick this file up.

Jill's Note

    On one of the desks in the S.T.A.R.S. office. It's on
the desk opposite from Chris's Diary.

#File 8/16
Jill's Note

It all began as an ordinary day in September. An ordinary
day in Raccoon City. A city controlled by Umbrella.

No one dared to oppose them. That and the lack of strength
would ultimately lead to their destruction.

I suppose they had to suffer the consequences of their
actions but there would be no forgiveness. If only they had
had the courage to fight...

But it's true that once the wheels of justice began to turn,
nothing could stop them. Nothing.

It was Raccoon City's last chance... And my last chance, my
last escape...

    This is Jill's monologue from the beginning of RE3.

Jill's Report

    In the RPD file room, in a cabinet to the right (or your
character's left) of the door.

#File 1/16
Jill's Report

July 24th, 1998

Raccoon Forest:

The following documents were obtained at a sanitarium owned
by Umbrella Corp.:

"Umbrella Bio Organic Weapon Publicity Material"
Dev. Code: MA-39 Cerberus
Dev. Code: MA-121 Hunter
Dev. Code: Fi-3 Neptune
Dev. Code: T-002 Tyrant

In addition to the above, it is believed that several other
B.O.W. were created by means of accidental infection.

During the course of the tests, it was discovered that the
contagion is not limited to human beings, and may pose a
hazardous risk to plant and animal lifeforms.

Effective means of controlling this contagion have yet to be

Raccoon City Police Department
S.T.A.R.S. Alpha Team
Jill Valentine

    All four "Dev. Codes" refer to monsters encountered in
RE, and those of you who've played that game will recognize
the codes from the slideshow in the underground lab. The slideshow
is also where Wesker is revealed as a traitor.
    A Cerberus is a dog infected with the T-Virus; they're the
only enemy on this list that's in RE2. Hunters are reptilian
creatures first encountered in RE, who make a return
appearance in RE3. The Neptune was an undead shark that
either Chris or Jill killed in RE, along with its two spawn,
and yes, it did suck, thank you very much for asking.
Finally, the Tyrant is a huge clawed bastard who was the last
boss of RE; common fan opinion has it that Mr. X is some kind
of new, improved Tyrant.

Journalist's Note

    On the table in the unlocked side of the RPD
interrogation room (the side that does *not* have a
power cord or eagle stone/chess plug in it).

#File 12/16
Journalist's Note

As I write this, my hands shake with anger and fear. The
civilians of this town have been blockaded by the military.
And though I sigh for the survivors of the town, I still
feel that it's the best decision. They cannot take the
chance of the disease spreading any further.

I am going to make it my top priority to discover what has
caused this incredibly dangerous incident. So far, I have
only found out that the disease is not airborne.

    I'm guessing that Ben Bartolucci wrote this.
    This file is somewhat vague and annoying, but the Reporter's
Notebook file in RE3 elaborates on some of the points within
it; the military blockade is in place because Raccoon City
has, at some point, been quarantined and placed under martial law.
(One would guess that the blockade is either gone by September 29th or
it's manned by idiots, since both Leon and Claire drive right into
town without a problem.)

Operation Instructions

    On the body of an Umbrella operative in the sewer. The
body in question is in the first tunnel you enter, at the far
end past the fan; you'll have to take whatever item he's carrying
and search him again. This is the same alcove where Leon
finds the wolf medal.

#File 03/16
Operation Instructions

Orders for Special Agent Hunk are as follows:

Penetrate Umbrella research facility located outside of
raccoon city.
Recover G-virus sample from Dr. William Birkin.

You are authorized to use any means necessary to secure this

Upon recovery, sample is to be delivered to Loire Village.
Failure on this mission is not an option.

French Division
R&D Facility Head Manager
Christine Henri

    "Special Agent Hunk" is one of the guys who shoots
William Birkin full of holes in Annette's FMV flashback, as
well as the star of the fiendishly difficult "4th Survivor"
    This file has occasioned wild speculation among RE fans,
mostly because Hunk was apparently sent by a foreign branch
of Umbrella to steal the American branch's work.

                     Scenario B:

Most of these are located in places where whoever played
Scenario A didn't have to go. The exception is Brad's Note;
it simply isn't there in Scenario A.

Mercenary's Log

    On the hot dog stand on the street where you begin
the Scenario. It'll be sparkling, although that's tough to
see in this version.

#File 06/16
Mercenary's Log

September 1st

Following six months of intensive training, my body's edge
had returned.

I was a good soldier, but they ordered my execution with no
reason given. I was tortured and forced to give a false

But on the morning of my execution, a miracle happened. The
company had helped me out, giving me a second lease on life.

September 15th

I ended my vacation short and returned to the HQ office. It
looks like my UBCS unit's been called into action.

Umbrella maintains its own paramilitary unit to counter
corporate terrorism and V.I.P. abduction. In addition, they
have nightmen who specialize in handling problems caused by
illegal products.

I'm currently a member of the latter.

September 28th

Dawn's here, but we're still slogging through this
nightmare. There are no provisions of any kind here. The
undead walk the streets feeding upon the flesh of the

Given the choice again, I would rather have been executed.
Death row was a heavenly asylum compared to this place.

I've chosen to pull the trigger myself, in the hope that my
dead body won't come back to life.

    Yet another file taken directly from RE3, where it
made a hell of a lot more sense.
    The UBCS is the Umbrella Biohazard Countermeasures Service.
Carlos Oliviera, among a number of other characters in RE3, is
a member.

Brad's Note

Found: in the tunnel underneath the RPD building. This file
is there regardless of whether Brad the zombie is or not.
You'll have to go out the front door to get it.

#File 10/16
Brad's Note


It's that monster in the black suit again! Why does that
thing keep chasing me?! What did I do? This must be
someone's sick idea of a joke.

If I knew things were going to end up like this, I would
have left the S.T.A.R.S. team a long time ago.

But whining won't help me now. I know I'm finished...

Oh...In my hometown Delucia, I bet the flowers are in bloom.
If I could only see them once more before I die...

Brad Vickers

    Brad "Chickenheart" Vickers was the Alpha team's
helicopter pilot in RE, and he earned his nickname fairly.
    The "monster in the black suit" is, of course, Nemesis.
It eventually caught him.

Want Ad

    In the open cabinet in the control room on the
elevator shaft where you fight Mr. X. It's right across from
where you find the control panel key.

#File 15/16
Want Ad

Umbrella Inc. Raccoon Branch FULL TIME (Includes benefits)

As the number one pharmaceutical corporation in the world,
we are constantly reaching for new ways to expand and grow.

We're looking for healthy, dedicated, and single individuals
of any race, religion, or sex.

Sales, Service, Production, etc.

No Experience needed, but you must have a clean bill of

Overseas positions are also available! (please note this on
your application.)

    I like this file.

MA121 Progress Report

    In the double-locked room in the west hall of the
Umbrella lab. In order to open this door, you have to
register both characters' fingerprints on the computer in
the infested laboratory, and you must've attempted to enter
this room in Scenario A. The file will be on the counter
right behind your character when he or she enters.
    Incidentally, there are three Assassins in this room,
one of which will be right in front of you when you walk in.
If you're hurting for ammo, you may want to skip over this.
There's nothing in here that you actually need.

#File 02/16
MA121 Progress Report

As a result of the scheduled product improvement plans for
the MA120, productions of the latest multi Purpose B.O.W.
MA121-Hunter has been completed.

Although the Hunter has demonstrated high performance
exceeding expectations as a B.O.W., in the interest of
producing improved products with higher levels of usability
and enhanced power, Hunter-R and additional enhanced B.O.W.s
are currently under development.

There should be no shortage of practical applications for
current products under development.

William Birkin

    The MA121-Hunters may be the frog-esque "Gamma" Hunters found
in RE3. That'd make sense, seeing as how those Hunters are
first encountered in an incubation tank.
    There's only one MA120 Hunter in RE2, and it's lying dead in
this room, in the corner near where you find this file. If
examined, you get the message, "It looks like the remains of
a failed experiment." What killed it, and, for that matter,
exactly what appears to have broken out of this room, is a
fiercely debated issue among RE fans.

                     Leon: Scenario A

Dario's Note

    In the briefcase on the front seat of the bus.

#File 5/16
Dario's Note

I can't help but wonder if anyone will read these words, but
writing them will help me maintain my sanity if nothing

After I've become a meal for those undead monsters, will the
G.I.s responsible for sealing off the town laugh upon
discovering my corpse?

So is this how it's supposed to end? I don't want to die.
I'm just not ready...

My wife, daughter, mother...
My entire family has been killed. But none of that matters
anymore. Right now, my life is the only important thing.
That's all that matters.

I never would have pictured my end to be like this. I had so
much left to do. Rather than becoming a salesman, I should
have tried my hand at being a novelist. It's what I've
always wanted, but my mother would only tell me you have a
long way to go.

Why did I ever listen to her?

But this looks like the end for the great Dario Rosso,
novelist extraordinare. Cut down before his prime...

    Jill Valentine meets Dario Russo for about thirty
seconds at the beginning of RE3, and never sees him alive
again. I'm drawing a complete blank as to why he's so
important that his file made it to RE2, but then again,
Capcom does a lot of stuff that I just don't get.

Umbrella Memo

    In the laboratory in the west hall in the Umbrella lab.
You'll need the red keycard to get in.
    When you walk in, there'll be an item on the gurney to your
left (Leon's right), and something sparkly next to it. The
sparkly thing is the Umbrella Memo.

#File 11/16
Umbrella Memo

Dear Dr. Birkin,

It has come to my attention that we are currently
experiencing a shortage of APL-14. To counteract this
problem I am asking you and several other labs to donate
five cases of APL-14 to our facility immediately.

For your information, we have discovered, that our base in
the South Pole is primarily responsible for this shortage.

We are currently taking steps to prevent this from happening
in the future. And don't worry, the Ashford's reputation is
now irreparably tarnished.

Your quick response is greatly appreciated.

Joel Allman
USA Branch
September 15

    The Ashfords, and their base in the South Pole, are
primarily responsible for everything Claire goes through
in Code Veronica. Why Allman and Birkin are both so
concerned about the Ashfords' reputation, on the other
hand, isn't quite so clear.

                    Claire: Scenario A

Raccoon City Pamphlet

    On one of the bookshelves on the balcony in the
library, near the weakened section of the floor. Just
check them all, and you'll find this.

#File 16/16
Raccoon City Pamphlet

City Guide No. 12
--A Brief Look--

Hello and welcome to Raccoon City! As you will notice, our
city is a clean and private town dedicated to families.
Raccoon City has partnered with our friends at Umbrella
Inc., in order to generate unprecedented growth and
stability. Umbrella Inc. is a highly regarded and well
funded corporation that cares about its employees. They have
helped to create many public facilities to make this city a
better place for everyone.

As we look to the future, I will continue to support
Umbrella Inc. in terms of new business developments.

Please enjoy your stay in my lovely city. Thank you.

Michael Warren
Raccoon City Mayor

    The Resident Evil Sledgehammer of Irony (tm) strikes
    The City Guide file in RE3 is much like this, except
it's longer and more specific as to which "public facilities"
Umbrella funded.

David's Letter

    In the east office of the RPD building, near where you find the
valve handle in Scenario B.
    When you walk in, there's a zombie on the floor playing possum;
check the desks next to him for the file.

#File 07/16
David's Letter

My sanity is at its end...I still can't believe this is
happening. We lost another man yesterday. Meyer; one of our
better marksmen. He saw me panic once we were overrun by the
zombies but he came back to save me.

But when the time came to return the debt, I ran.

I can still hear him calling out my name. I can still hear
the screams coming from behind. The sound of his flesh being
stripped from its bones. I was afraid... terrified...

It's the 27th. The fight to stay alive continues. I took out
several zombies who managed to break through the barricades.
Now I'm cutting through the chill with whisky, unloading my
Mossberg on anything undead. That shotgun's become a close
friend of mine. I've blasted many a zombie into fertilizer
with it.

We've lost 12 men as of yesterday. In 3 hours, we'll bicker
about trivial things in the meeting room. It's a total waste
of time. When I finish this bottle, my old friend Mossberg
will be turning one last body into fertilizer.

Peace at last.
I can hardly wait...

    In RE3, you can find this file in the RPD darkroom.
    I find myself wondering if this David is the same guy who
wrote Operation Report 1. If he is, he never got the chance
to kill himself, because Operation Report 2 lists him as
"lost" when zombies overran the operation room on the first

                     Claire: Scenario B

Rebecca's Report

    On the "rookie's" desk in the S.T.A.R.S. office, by
the medical pouch.

#File 09/16
Rebecca's Report

On July 23rd, an MP vehicle was found inside the Arklay
Mountains. Corpses of MP members and an unidentified body
were found near the vehicle.

According to the information from military authorities, the
unidentified body was identified as former ensign Billy
Koen, who was sentenced the death penalty following a
court-martial on July 22nd. While Koen was on transfer via
Navy MP escort, they must have experienced some kind of

The corpses were severely mauled, apparently torn apart by
unidentified wild animals.

The following day we returned to the location to recover the
bodies but they were nowhere to be found.

Military authorities have requested that we turn over Koen's
body as proof of his death. But due to the circumstances
described above, it will be a difficult task to recover the

I am requesting that this case be temporarily closed until
further notice.

Raccoon City Police Department
S.T.A.R.S. Alpha Team
Rebecca Chambers

	This file refers to events that take place in the upcoming
Resident Evil Zero. Billy Koen has been confirmed as a playable
character. This, of course, means that whatever happened in this
file happened before RE, and that Rebecca Chambers had monster-
fighting experience *before* entering the mansion. More fuel on
the fire for the "Becky is an Umbrella spy" people, I guess...
    It's been pointed out on the Evil Online message boards
that the events depicted in this file bear a startling
resemblance to some of those mentioned in the Mercenary's Log EX
file, above. What this means, exactly, has yet to be seen.
    Great police procedure here, incidentally. Really top-notch.
    Rebecca may have written this report after the events of RE,
which would explain why she signs the report as a member of the
Alpha Team.

Chris's Report

    On the table in the middle of Chief Irons' secret hideaway,
next to the saw. It's in plain sight.

#File 14/16
Chris's Report

Dear Chief,

Below is my account of what led up to the explosion of the

On July 23rd, S.T.A.R.S. Bravo team, led by Captain Marini,
went to investigate the bizarre homicides that occurred in
the Arklay Mountains. After contact with team's chopper was
lost, S.T.A.R.S. Alpha team, lead by Captain Wesker went in.

We found the remains of Bravo team's helicopter on the
ground. After landing we were immediately attacked by
bloodthirsty dogs. We later discovered that these dogs were
actually zombie dogs as they did not even feel our gunfire.
After Joseph Frost was killed, we were forced to retreat to
a nearby mansion.

After further investigating the mansion, we learned that it
was actually a secret laboratory of Umbrella Inc..

All researchers were turned into zombies by some type of
unknown virus. We also discovered that Umbrella was using
that lab as a testing area for new Bio Organic Weapons.

We found the dead bodies of some of the Bravo team members
including Enrico Marini, Kenneth Sullivan, Forest Speyer,
and Richard Aiken. We believe that those Bio Organic Weapons
caused their deaths.

After that we discovered that Captain Wesker was actually
working with Umbrella and that both Alpha and Bravo teams
were being used as live test subjects for the Bio Organic
Weapons. Wesker had betrayed us!

We barely managed to survive that nightmare. However, since
the mansion exploded, there is no evidence to support our
claims of Umbrella's secret lab or the Bio Organic Weapons.

The zombie phenomenon that has been occurring in the city is
extremely similar to the zombies we saw at the mansion. We
suspect that Umbrella is somehow linked to all this.

In order to solve this mystery and put an end to the zombies
that are roaming the city, I propose we launch a formal
investigation into Umbrella.

Thank you for your attention to this extremely important

Chris Redfield
S.T.A.R.S. Alpha Team

    A heavily abridged retelling of the events in RE. It leaves
out plenty, but the really important stuff is all here. One strange
incongruity is that Chris attributes the death of Enrico Marini to
Umbrella bioweapons, when Marini was shot to death by Wesker.
    The incoming fax in the STARS office would seem to indicate
that Chris went ahead and started his proposed investigation.
We can probably also assume that Chief Irons didn't support it.
    "...these dogs were actually zombie dogs..."? Was Chris *trying*
to sound like a complete lunatic?

Mother Virus Report

    In the Umbrella lab's main laboratory, on the end of
the counter closest to the door. There are two ink ribbons
on top of the file, which you'll have to take before you can
get it.

#File 13/16
Mother Virus Report

The Mother Virus was first discovered by Ozwell E. Spencer.
And it was him, who founded Umbrella Inc.. As time passed,
Spencer's research was succeeded to Dr. J. Marcus. However,
Dr. Marcus abused his power and had to be fired.

Following Dr. Marcus came Dr. William Birkin. Dr. Birkin's
experiments delivered many outstanding results including the
T-virus. It is presumed that that he will be finishing work
on the more powerful G-virus in the near future.

Currently, research on the Mother Virus takes place at our
laboratories all over the world. In the near future, we hope
to discover many new viruses.

    Some information on the history of Umbrella. Obviously,
it's a little dated. It's also somewhat edited, as it bears
little to no resemblance to similar files in Code Veronica.

                 Some Notes On the N64 Version

RE2 is uncut and uncensored, although you have the option of
toning down the violence or turning the blood different
colors. ("My god! Claire bleeds blue! She's a Nemesis!")
I, of course, did neither; I played with the blood red and
the violence on "High" setting, because I am an American.
The graphics are a little grainier than the PSX's, and many
of the bells and whistles are gone (zombie heads don't explode
quite as spectacularly as they used to), but everything still
looks pretty good. One minor change is that items you can take
really stand out from the background, whereas they were sometimes
invisible in the PSX version.

The only real change, in fact, is the sound. In general, the
effects are worse (Leon's unmodified shotgun sounds like an air
rifle), and the voice acting has suffered for the transition.
Everything tends to waver and distort, especially Claire's final
line to Mr. X, which now makes her sound like she's a complete
spaz ("You looooose, big guy!" Insert Naga the Black Serpent's
laugh here).

                            New Stuff


    This is an option that becomes available after you've beaten
both Scenarios. I don't know whether your ranking is an
issue; I got it after a B with Claire and an A with Leon. If
you turn this option on, most of the non-quest, non-weapon
items in the game turn into something else at random. All
items are changed at the beginning of a new game, and not
room by room. You can't leave a room and come back in and
"reset" an item, unfortunately.

    The possible items that may appear are green herbs, red
herbs, first aid sprays, handgun bullets, and ammunition for
all character-specific weapons; it is, however, rare to find
ammunition for a weapon you don't have access to yet. Blue
herbs may be a possibility, but I never found one.

    Randomization has a good and a bad side:

Good side:

-- Most ammunition pickups vary widely in size, and are
    usually bigger. It's not unusual to find a pickup holding
    twenty or more shots for a given weapon, just lying around
    somewhere. While it can be difficult to find ammo at first,
    you'll usually get more than you need. Claire in particular
    gets loaded down; I had more than a hundred flame grenades
    by the time I reached the Umbrella lab. I promptly became
    the Angel of Fiery Death. I really didn't see any alternative.

-- it makes the game a little more interesting for us
    hard-bitten RE2 veterans. You can't count on the presence
    of healing items; if anything, they're a lot rarer than before.
    It's not unusual to have six or seven red herbs, without a green
    herb anywhere in sight.

Bad side:

-- You find handgun bullets more than anything else
    throughout the game. This is *very* annoying,
    especially when you're in the final stages. This is,
    admittedly, less of a handicap for Leon than
    it is for Claire, because at least he can spray
    bullets everywhere with the custom handgun.

-- as mentioned above, blue herbs are either nonexistent or
    rare as hell under randomization. This means that you can't make
    superherbs, obviously, and it also means you'll have to be a lot
    more careful around the giant spiders and mobile plants. The
    little "infinite-use" herb gardens in the Umbrella lab and the
    sewer system are still around, though.

-- For some reason, the randomization gives out a lot of red
    herbs, but a lot fewer green herbs.

Non-randomized items:
    Ink ribbons.
    Small keys.
    The handgun bullets in the gun shop.
    The handgun bullets in the back of the crashed van by the
basketball court.
    The handgun bullets on the back seat of the bus.
    The handgun bullets on the RPD computer desk in Scenario A.
    The handgun bullets on the desk in the cabin in Scenario B.
    The handgun bullets on the couch in the waiting room in
Scenario B.
    The first aid spray in the medical pouch in the S.T.A.R.S.
office in Scenario A.
    The green herbs on the balcony behind the RPD east office.
    The green herb near the entrance to the roof in
Scenario B.
    All the ammunition found in the sewage disposal plant
    The six acid rounds in Chief Irons' torture chamber.
    Anything you get off of Mr. X's body.
    The ammunition stored in the hidden warehouse in Leon's
sewer control room.
    The quiver of crossbow bolts in the bedroom locker in the
Umbrella lab in Claire's scenarios.
    The double-sized clip of Magnum rounds in the vaccine room
in Leon B.

The "new outfits":

Claire's outfit is a pair of purple pants and a black jacket
with an angel on the back. The front of the jacket is
rendered in such a way that it looks like she's not wearing
anything underneath it (at least to me), but it's zipped up.
She actually looks vaguely ninja-esque. She still gets the
mildly useless Colt revolver if she changes clothes.

Leon's outfits are weird-looking. One is a pair of black
jeans, badass boots, a blue jacket with the STARS logo on
the back, and a baseball cap; the other is a black vest, a
white wifebeater, black and white camo pants, boots, a pair
of sunglasses, and a bandanna tied around his head (this
outfit makes him look a lot like a member of the WWF's Mean
Street Posse). While wearing either outfit, Leon aims the
handgun one-handed, with the gun parallel to the ground,
and seems to fire a little faster.


Please e-mail me at storyteller@msc.net with comments,
compliments, criticism, and corrections. Do me a favor,
though, and keep the weird plotline speculation to a minimum.

Thomas Wilde
[a.k.a. Wanderer]
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