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Lum Location Guide by DMoseley

Version: 1.8 | Updated: 11/13/2000

               RRRR    AAA   Y   Y  M   M   AAA   N   N       222
               R  RR  A   A  Y   Y  MM MM  A   A  N   N      2   2  ::
               R  RR  A   A   Y Y   M M M  A   A  NN  N          2  ::
               RRRR   AAAAA    Y    M M M  AAAAA  N N N         2
               R R    A   A    Y    M   M  A   A  N  NN        2    ::
               R  R   A   A    Y    M   M  A   A  N   N       2     ::
               R   R  A   A    Y    M   M  A   A  N   N      22222
                                   THE GREAT ESCAPE
                         Dave's Guide To Finding All The Lums
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This FAQ / Walkthrough Was Written For The PSX Version Of Rayman 2: The Great Escape.
        This Differs Slightly In Areas To The Dreamcast, PC And N64 Versions.

Part 1.  History
Part 2.  Rayman 2:  The Great Escape
Part 3.  Story
Part 4.  Friend, Foes and Items
Part 5.  Tips and Tricks
Part 6.  Walkthrough
Part 7.  Cheats
Part 8.  Glitches
Part 9.  Credits
Part 1.  History

Version 1.0 - 12th October 2000

- Added History.
- Added Rayman 2:  The Great Escape
- Added Story
- Added Friends, Foes and Items
- Added Tips and Tricks
- Begun Walkthrough
- Added Cheats
- Added Credits
- Completed The Clearing and The Fairy Glade

Version 1.1 - 14th October 2000

- First Release Version
- Completed The Marshes Of Awakening and The Bayou

Version 1.2 - 15th October 2000

- Completed The Walk Of Life

Version 1.3 - 16th October 2000

- Completed Whale Bay
- Sent Walkthrough to Game Advice and Video Games Strategies

Version 1.4 - 17th October 2000

- Completed Part 1 of The Menhir Hills
- Sent Walkthrough to PSX Codez

Version 1.5 - 31st October 2000

- Completed The Cave Of Bad Dreams and Part 2 of The Menhir Hills
- Sent Walkthrough to Cheat Stop

Version 1.6 - 1st November 2000

- Completed The Canopy

Version 1.7 - 2nd November 2000

- Added Glitches
- Started The Sanctuary of Stone & Fire
- Sent Walkthrough to Neoseeker

Version 1.8 - 13th November 2000

- Completed The Sanctuary Of Stone & Fire
- Sent Walkthrough to Fresh Baked Games

Part 2.  Rayman 2:  The Great Escape

 A hoard of ruthless pirates has invaded Rayman's world, stealing the life energy of
   the planet.  Rayman is the only hope, but first he has to recover his legendary
 powers before defeating the Machiavellian Razorbeard.  Water-skiing, racing across
  Russian mountains or riding on the back of a rocket are just some of the amazing
  means of transportation which will help you achieve victory.  Featuring 47 levels
over 15 worlds, breathless means of transportation, over 230 friends and enemies, and
even a bonus level exclusive to the PlayStation version, Rayman 2 is one of the best
                            3D platformer games available.

Part 3.  Story

 Panic in the Chamber of the Teensies and the Fairy Council: Robot-Pirates from deep
 in space have arrived, determined to conquer and enslave the entire world. The time
 for combat has come.  Volunteers form small resistance groups and thrown themselves
into battle with the evil aggressors.  Rayman and his friend Globox go to the edge of
         The Great Forest, where the highest number of pirates are located.

   Rayman jumps from a tree and activates his helicopter for a soft landing in the
   middle of a thicket of bushes.  "The Pirates are coming straight at us!", cries
 Rayman to his friend.  "Get ready!"  The earth suddenly begins to tremble...Several
  trees collapse, creating a passageway for an army of robots.  The battle begins!
  Rayman leaps into action, sending metal monsters flying with his powerful energy
 spheres.  A little later, Globox, trembling with fright, desperately tries to make
    the robots rust up by creating little rain storms over their heads.  A robot,
  creaking horribly, crashes to the ground. "Not bad, Globox!" shouts Rayman with a
smile.  Globox tries to answer, but Rayman doesn't hear.  The strained face of Ly has
 just appeared in his mind.  "Rayman...", begins Ly, in a weary voice, "The pirates
have broken the heart of the world.  The energy has scattered.  Other than Clark, all
                    of our brave warriors have been captured..."

 Shocked by this terrible news, Rayman lets himself be surprised by a gigantic robot
 who pins him between its powerful pinchers.  He tries to create a new energy sphere
in the palm of his hand, but to no avail.  The destruction of the Primordial Core has
taken away all of his powers...Desperate, he shouts to his friend... "They've got me,
Globox! Save yourself!"  "But...but...what about you?!"  "No time to explain! Go find
Ly, she'll tell you what to do!"  After a moment of hesitation, Globox dodges between
               the feet of the robots, and plunges into the high grass.

   An evil laugh reverberates.  Rayman turns and sees Razorbeard, the leader of the
  Pirates.  "I have you, Rayman! You'll soon be my most obedient slave...!"  Rayman
tries to free himself, but the iron grip of the robot tightens around him.  He casts
 a dark look at Razorhead and shouts defiantly:  "it's over yet, pirate! I'll find a
          way to escape and then I'll make you wish you'd never been born!"

Part 4.  Friends, Foes and Items

The Magical Beings

Polokus:          He is the spirit of the worlds, the creator of all that is and will
                  be.  His power is such that his dreams can become reality.  Long,
                  long ago he went away from his world, and only by reuniting the
                  four magical masks can he be brought back.

Ly:               Ly is a fairy, and like all fairies, she possesses great powers.
                  Unfortunately, the explosion of the Primordial Core by the Pirates
                  has weakened her.  When she has gathered enough energy, she can
                  create Silver Lums, which give Rayman amazing new powers.

The Teensies:     Ancient and wise people who long ago built the Hall of Doors, that
                  magical place where access is given to all the regions of the
                  world.  Very old and a little absent minded, they have forgotten
                  which of them is their King, and spent time performing acrobatic
                  dance moves to make the youngest green with envy.

The Murphys:      The Murphys are cultivated hedonists who love playing practical
                  jokes and always sport wide grins.  More than one Ludiv has fallen
                  victim to their pranks and been stripped of his pair of spectacles.

The Ludivs:       These little short-sighted fairies wear large pairs of spectacles
                  which - in general - help them avoid mid-air collisions.  Deprived
                  of their glasses, they end up stuck in trees or knocked senseless
                  on the ground.  That's how the pirates managed to capture so many
                  of them.

The Denys:        The Denys are hyperactive by nature, spending more than half the
                  time hopping up and down on the spot and uttering little shouts of
                  joy.  This movement gives them restless minds, and they often stop
                  skipping around to indulge in long philosophical discussions
                  amongst themselves or with the Murphys.

The People

Globox:           Adorable, if a little simple, Globox is Rayman's best friend.  He
                  has the power to create forceful little rain storms which he can
                  used to put out fires or make plants grow.  With the aid of his
                  mate Uglette, he has produced a prodigious family: more than 650
                  children at the last count!
Clark:            A mountain of muscles, Clark is an army all by himself.  With one
                  mighty blow, he can send an entire regiment of pirates flying.  His
                  only weak point: a somewhat sensitive stomach.  This can cause
                  problems, especially when in the heat of battle, he munches a robot
                  that's a little too rusty...

Carmen the Whale: A magnificent creature, who's job is to survey the depths of the
                  ocean and deposit the air bubbles which can be the difference
                  between life and death for stray plants and animals. She is
                  sometimes pursued by piranhas with heartburn, who are quite fond of
                  her air bubbles.

Ssssam:           This young and spirited serpent is the ferryman for the Marshes of
                  Awakening. He helps the inhabitants water-ski across the swamps...

Rayman's Enemies

Razorbeard:       The pirate leader, he is famous throughout the galaxy for reducing
                  over one hundred peaceful planets to cosmic dust. Don't be fooled
                  by his pathetic and silly appearance, his ferocity is unmatched.
                  His dream?  Overrun Rayman's world and reduce all its inhabitants
                  to slavery...

The Henchmen:     These are the pirate's robot invasion force. Totally devoted to
                  Razorbeard, they enforce a reign of terror by capturing anyone
                  unlucky enough to cross their paths. There exist several different
                  models, each with it's strong and weak point.

The Guardian:     A terrifying monster who's job is to guard the subterranean grotto
                  where the creatures generated by Polokusus nightmares are locked
                  away. No one has dared to venture within the Cave of Bad Dreams,
                  even though it's rumored to contain an even more precious treasure.

Zombie Chickens:  We can no longer even keep track of all the sinister consequences
                  of the pirates' arrival; disturbances in the natural order of
                  things pollution, the proliferation of piranhas, giant spiders and
                  caterpillars, etc...
                  Terrified by all these events, the hens began laying dead eggs, out
                  of which burst the horrible Zombie Chickens...


Cages:            The pirates have imprisoned Rayman's friends (the Murphys, the
                  Ludivs, the Denys) in these little cages sealed with vital energy.
                  Each time you break a cage, the friend you free increases your Life

Kegs:             Filled with gunpowder, they explode at the smallest shock. The more
                  advanced models can even fly.

Shells:           Built by the pirates, these are mule headed missiles which can only
                  be subdued by extreme patience. Most have legs; some can fly.

Plums:            These strange fruit have several purposes. You can climb onto them
                  and move around by shooting in the opposite direction, and even
                  float through lava fields on them.

Switches:         The Pirates have cluttered the environment with switches which
                  activate strange machines and open various doors. To make them
                  work, just shoot them.

Sparadraps:       Mediocre at best architecturally, the pirates are obliged to
                  reinforce their constructions with sparadraps. The wooden
                  sparadraps are very fragile but the metal ones will only yield to
                  an explosive.

Magic Spheres:    Found on pedestals of the same colour, Magic Spheres open the doors
                  to mysterious temples.

Stone Of Thought: The Stones of Thought provide a telepathic link to Ly.  Whenever
                  Rayman needs a little help or advice, he should approach one of the
                  stones, and Ly will appear in his mind.
Magic Doors:      Present at the beginning and the end of a world, they take you to
                  the Hall of Doors if you go through them.

The Four Masks:   These magic were hidden inside secret and mysterious sanctuaries.
                  The ancient legends say that whoever can reunite the four can
                  awaken mighty Polokus.

The Lums:         Lums are very powerful shards of energy. Each colour has its own
                  special power.

* Yellow Lums:    These are the 800 shards broken from the Primordial Core when the
                  pirates exploded it. When Rayman has collected enough of them,
                  he'll be able to negotiate his entry into new worlds. In addition,
                  they contain precious knowledge. The more Rayman can gather, the
                  more he knows of the secrets of the world.

* S. Yellow Lums: Ancient Lums recognisable by their larger size and big smiles. They
                  are five times more powerful than normal Yellow Lums.

* Red Lums:       Packed with vital energy, they restore Rayman's Life Bar.

* Purple Lums:    By shooting them, Rayman can grab onto them and swing from one to
                  another, thereby crossing vast  areas without touching the ground.

* Blue Lums:      Oxygen rich, they restore Rayman's Air Gauge when he's moving under

* Green Lums:     These Lums are very special. They record Rayman's progress. If he
                  should die, he will appear at the place where he last took a Green
                  Lum. If Rayman has zero life points, he must restart the entire
                  level at the beginning.

* Silver Lums:    The Silver Lums are fashioned by Fairies. They invest Rayman with
                  new and amazing powers.

Part 5.  Tips and Tricks

* Always free cages you come across; the prisoners will reward you with more health.

* If you find yourself in an awkward camera angle, holding R2 will swing it to behind

* Look carefully in each and every level for secret doors and entrances; they will
  most likely have something important in them.

* Every enemy has a weak point; watch for a few seconds and you'll see a pattern
  emerge.  Use this to your advantage.

* Listen carefully, turning off the music if necessary.  If you hear cries, a cage
  is not far away.

* You can always come back to a level, so if you miss something don't be tempted to
  switch off and start again.

Part 6.  Walkthrough

NOTE:  This game is really great once you spend some time on it.  If you are going to
want to complete this game, take the time to do it right and collect all the Lums and
cages.  Otherwise, it's a waste of your time, and mine.  I have written this for
those who are genuinely stuck in the game.  Please don't read this the first time you
play a level; at least have a go by yourself first.  If after a few tries you still
can't find that mysterious last Lum, then this is where to come.

As of the moment, I have no idea what happens if you do collect all 800 Lums.  There
may be a special prize, a bonus level, a new character, but I have no idea.  But as I
said before, just collect everything anyway; that way, you have truly completed the

Level 1:   The Clearing
Cages:     0
Lums:      10

Shoot at the large cross in front of you by pressing S.  Run into the gap and you'll
reappear at the other end, sliding down a pipe of some sort.  All the Lums in this
pipe are red, so they can't help you right now, but it is good practice for later
levels where there are Yellow Lums you must collect.  Anyway, after the sliding
sequence, you'll appear at the end, where Globox bashes into you and sends you
falling into a forest.

Unlike the original Rayman game, you can swim and walk in some shallow water, like
the type in front of you.  However, don't try to swim in any water that isn't clear
or you'll die.

Take this time to get used to the controls.  X is jump, S is shoot.  T will display
the information about that level.

Jump down the waterfall.  Collect Yellow Lum #1 that is in front of you, then run
along and jump onto the ledge.  Here you can jump to the ledge in front of you to get
Yellow Lums #2-4.  Jump to the opposite ledge to collect Yellow Lums #5-6.  Then jump
to Globox's children.

After the cutscene, run down the path and collect Yellow Lums #7-10 from the pillars.
Climb up the ladder by jumping onto it.  Then shoot at the cage above to release the
Teensies.  After arguing about who's king, they will open up a way to the Hall of
Doors.  In you go.

Level 2:   The Fairy Glade
Cages:     6
Lums:      60

Run towards the little island in the middle of the water and collect Yellow Lums
#1-4.  Jump on the mushroom and you will grab hold of the netting above.  Swing
towards the mushroom, jump on it, and hit the switch.  A door will open.  Hit Cage #1
to release a Ludiv.  Jump over to the door you opened, and jump down the waterfall to
begin sliding.

Collect the Checkpoint Lum and walk forward, where you will see a machine pumping out
fowl liquid.  Jump on the barrel to sail over the liquid.  DO NOT jump in, or you
will die.  However, you will appear at this spot, so it is not actually drastic.
Jump on the mushroom and hit the switch to stop the machine.  Now you can dive into
the water.  Collect Yellow Lum #5 while you're here.  Look around near the beginning
of the pool to see a small cave under water.  Dive in, and collect the Blue Lums that
you find.  Also collect Yellow Lums #6-13.  Return to the end of the pool and dive
to collect Yellow Lum #14.  Go in the underwater passage and collect Yellow Lum #15.

When you reappear out of the pool, a small blue guy will attack you.  One hit will
kill him.  Run around the tree until you find the vines to grab a hold of.  Climb up,
collecting Yellow Lums #16-18.  When you reach the branch with Cage #2 on, jump,
hover, and shoot as many times as you can before you're out of range (this may take a
few tries).  Hitting it twice will release a Ludiv.  Climb back to the top and
collect Yellow Lum #19 and the Checkpoint Lum.  Slide down the waterfall, collecting
Yellow Lums #20-23 (this is where the first level comes in handy).  When finished,
grab hold of the vines and climb across.  Don't forget Yellow Lums #24-25.  Jump down
the hole to finish this section.

When the next bit loads up head to the panel in the middle of the ground.  Your punch
isn't powerful enough, but one of those barrels is, so position yourself over the
panel and dodge the barrel.  Run down the hole and collect the Checkpoint Lum.  Jump
from barrel to barrel, using your shadow to help you land safely.  Grab the
Checkpoint Lum and begin to climb the webs.  Dodge the barrels, or you'll be sent
plummeting downwards.  Collect Yellow Lums #26-29, and hit the blocked door.

See that switch?  You need to get there to switch the lasers off.  So, head left and
up the ramp.  Hit the robot to wake him up, then hit him again.  The technique to
kill any robot is to hold L2 to side-step their attacks, and hit them every 5 seconds
or so once they've had a chance to recover.  Once done, walk forward and kill a few
more blue guys.  Hit Cage #3 in the corner to release a Murphy.  Jump on the crates
to collect Yellow Lums #30-32, and jump on the netting.  Collect Yellow Lums #33-39.
Go through the door and nab Yellow Lum #40, then hit the switch.  Jump through the
now-safe door and release a Murphy from Cage #4.  Jump through the lasers carefully
and continue down the stairs.

Here's where it all began; use the same dodge-and-shoot technique with the robot,
then hit the switch to stop the lasers below.  Jump over the railings and through the

This next room's not as bad as it looks, just take short controlled jumps through the
lasers.  Down the steps to the Checkpoint Lum, then jump to the ground.  Ly is
trapped, and you need to shut off the power to the shield.  Collect Yellow Lums
#40-49, then go through the door by the bridge.  Get the Checkpoint Lum and Cage #5,
then pick up a barrel.  Right, this bit is tricky, so listen carefully.  To throw it
forwards, press S.  To throw it upwards, press X.  If you throw upwards and walk
forwards even one step, it will fall to the ground and explode.  Walk slowly and when
a barrel flies at you, throw it upwards and shoot.  You need to destroy all three of
those pipes, so throw a barrel forwards at each one.  When all three are destroyed,
the shield will deactivate and you return to Ly, who will give you a new power:
Swinging.  So, head back up to the top and shoot at the Purple Lum.  Collect Yellow
Lums #50-53, and head along the path.  Up the ladder, Yellow Lums #54-58.  When you
get to the top, turn around and shoot Cage #6.  Ahead of you is a pirate.  Take care
of him, then collect Yellow Lums #59-60 and free the Teensie.  He'll open a portal,
so jump through.

Level 3:   The Marshes Of Awakening
Cages:     2
Lums:      35

Notice the cry for help when you enter.  Ahead of you is Cage #1, open it to release
a Murphy.  Hop to the lillypad ahead of you, avoiding the Piranha.  Collect Yellow
Lum #1, and jump on the net.  Climb across until you see Yellow Lum #2, then jump
over the top and collect it.  Hit the cage in front of you to release Ssssam, the
serpent who will help you across the marshes.  You ask him about the mask, but he
knows nothing.  However, he offers to take you across the marshes.

Shoot at Ssssam to grab hold of him.  Now prepare yourself, this is difficult.
Whilst water-skiing, you must collect Yellow Lums #3-15 and Cage #2, by bashing into
it.  In the second part of the ride, you must collect Yellow Lums #16-35.  Yellow
Lums #16-21 are up on a ledge, so when you near them you must jump, collect them and
jump off again.  Yellow Lums #22-35 are easy enough, no real trick to them.  Just
jump when you can, if you miss one then just come back there later.

At the end, jump off and glide to the ground.  After the farewell, hit the cage to
release a Teensie.  Jump in the portal, and you're off to The Bayou.

Level 4:   The Bayou
Cages:     4
Lums:      45

Hop on the barrel in front of you.  If an explosive barrel comes near you, shoot it.
The Red Lums are up to you, get Yellow Lums #1-2 and the Checkpoint Lum.  Climb up
the ladder at the end and collect Yellow Lums #3-4.  Get the Checkpoint Lum at the
top and glide to the platform, grabbing Yellow Lum #5 at the same time.  Hit the
switch to drop a platform.  Jump to it and run, before it breaks.  This takes about
four seconds.  Run along the bridges, gathering Yellow Lums #6-9.  Climb the ladder
at the end and get the Checkpoint Lum.  Along the path is a robot, so dispatch of it
and continue.  Shoot the Purple Lum to swing across onto the barrel.  Collect Yellow
Lums #10-13, then jump onto the ledge.  Mind the Zombie Turkeys.  Collect Yellow Lums
#14-15, then shoot at Cage #1 to release a Murphy.  Jump onto the collapsing bridges
to get Yellow Lums #16-19.  Jump onto the path and collect Yellow Lum #20, then jump
to the solid platform.  Shoot at Cage #2 to release another Murphy.  Watch out for
explosive barrels.  Destroy the robot from here if you can, then continue down the

Jump onto the fallen tree, and jump to collect Yellow Lum #21.  Shoot at Cage #3 to
release a Murphy.  Follow the path to get Yellow Lums #22-25, and the Checkpoint Lum
after the jumping.  Shoot the switch to extend the bridge, then jump over the blue
guy running at you.  If he catches you, he'll crush you and take considerable energy
away.  Jump over a gap and he'll fall to his death.  Jump over the barrels to collect
Yellow Lums #26-27.  Jump over the gaps in the path and get the Checkpoint Lum.
Continue to grab Yellow Lums #28-29, avoiding the barrels.  Same again, get Yellow
Lums #30-32 and the Checkpoint Lum.  Get Yellow Lum #33 from behind the switch, then
hit it to extend the bridge.  Again, jump over the blue guy.

This next room is not as difficult as it may seem; I find it best to shoot the switch
from inside the first gap, then run between the last two blades.  Jump on a barrel to
nab Yellow Lums # 33-38.  Take the right path to find Cage #4.  Hit it to release a
Murphy.  Take the left path to find Yellow Lums #39-40 by a ladder, and #41-45 on the
machine.  Jump on the machine to bounce to the top.  Shoot the cage to release a
Teensie, who will open a portal for you.  Jump through it to return to the Hall of

By now, you should have the 150 Lums to open the door, but you can't get there yet.

Level 5:   The Time Race
Cages:     0
Lums:      30

An interesting level; you have a time limit (initially 30 seconds) to race against Ly
and collect 30 Yellow Lums.  So, off we go...

Run as fast as you can, jump at the edge of the cliff and get Yellow Lum #1 on the
web.  This throws you into the air, so glide to the next one and Yellow Lum #2.
Continue doing this for Yellow Lums #3-5, then jump on the glowing ring on the
ground.  These are checkpoints; they add more time to your limit, and you reappear
there if you die.

Jump to the web and Yellow Lum #6, then hop back onto solid ground.  Follow the path,
collecting Yellow Lums #7-9 on your way.  Now, jump and shoot at the ring to grab it
and swing across.  Do this again, don't forget Yellow Lums #10-12.  Grab the

Hop and grab the first vine, and climb up it to collect Yellow Lums #13-14.  Jump
back onto the bridge, and grab onto the smaller vine with Yellow Lums #15-16.  Run
along the path and jump to grab Yellow Lum #17.  Jump after Ly and bounce on the web,
nabbing Yellow Lum #18.  Follow Ly along the path and hover to collect Yellow Lums
#19-21.  Grab the checkpoint and jump to the ground with Yellow Lums #22-23.  Chase
after Ly again and you'll come across Yellow Lum #24.  Jump after Ly and you'll hit
Yellow Lum #25, as well as another checkpoint.

Hover towards the web to collect Yellow Lum #26.  Run along the path to find Yellow
Lums #27-30.  Continue along the path to reach the end, where you are presented with
a time.  Send your best time to me at d.moseley@virgin.net and, if it's faster than
anyone else, I'll post it here.  That's it, no flashy prize, I'm afraid.

BEST TIME:  1:38:73  by  David Moseley
----------  -------      -------------

Level 6:   Whale Bay
Cages:     2
Lums:      35

Jump into the water, and dive.  In this area you should find Yellow Lums #1-4 and a
collection of Blue Lums.  These provide air for Rayman, should you run low during
your exploring.  When you surface, jump out and collect Yellow Lum #5.  Hit the
switch to turn off the lasers (temporarily), then run through the door.  You will be
on a net.  Collect the Checkpoint Lum from the top, then jump off and swing along the
bottom to collect Yellow Lums #6-9.  Continue along the wooden path and swing under
the next net to collect Yellow Lums #10-13.  Run along the top of the net and collect
the Checkpoint Lum from inside the door.

Run along the path, and a cutscene will be triggered.  Now you have to fight this
guy, but it's not as difficult as it may seem.  Hold L2 to dodge from side to side,
and keep shooting at him between his shots.  When he cowers inside the barrel, you
cannot inflict any damage on him.  When this happens, it is a good time to start
loading up your Super-Punch (by holding S, but you don't have this power yet, so
remember for the next time you meet an enemy like this).

Once he is defeated, he leaves behind not one, not two, but three Red Lums.
Take them if you need them, then jump to the ground.  Collect Yellow Lum #14 from the
base of the ladder, then climb up to the deck of the ship.  There you will find
Yellow Lums #15-16, and Cage #1, containing a Ludiv.  Glide over to the barrels where
the enemy was, then turn and shoot the red switch.  This deactivates the lasers in
front of the door, so race through before they turn on again.  When you enter the
door, the music turns to the robo-pirate theme.  Rolling down the ramp are barrels,
jump on them to collect Yellow Lums #17-19.

Continue along the path and you'll come to an island in the middle of water.  Jump
down and a robo-pirate appears, but he's stronger than the others, so he'll take
longer to kill.  Collect Yellow Lum #20 during your battle, and also get him to shoot
the sparadrap behind it.  Your punch isn't strong enough to open it, and behind there
you will find Cage #2.  Hit it to release another Ludiv.  Should you need it, there
is a Red Lum on top of the palm tree.

Once the battle is over, jump from the smaller palm tree to the larger palm tree, and
grab the Purple Lum.  Glide to the balcony and the next part of the level will load.

In this section, you must shoot all four switches to shut down the laser gates
containing Carmen the Whale and your way out.  First, collect Yellow Lums #2-25, then
shoot the four switches.  Follow Carmen and she'll lead you through the underwater
caves.  Stay as close to her as you can.  Every few seconds, she'll release air
bubbles that Rayman can swim into and act as Blue Lums.  But, the Piranha want the
air bubbles as well, so if one approaches, shoot at the bubble to scare it away.
Also on your journey, collect Yellow Lums #26-35.

At the end of your journey, you'll reach a large door which opens for you.  You swim
through.  When you can play again, behind you are some Red Lums if you need them.
Swim to the surface and run up the path.  Now you must fight the boss, all the way up
there.  To get up there, you must swing from Purple Lum to Purple Lum.  Avoid the ice
blocks he throws at you, as they'll cause you to fall to the beginning.  You're not
the first person to spend hours on this section, and you won't be the last.  When you
get to the last Purple Lum, shoot the large block of ice above him.  You'll fall back
to the start, but you'll defeat him.  Swing all the way back to the top, and glide to
the path he was covering.  Run to the large golden block in front of you, and you'll
find the First Mask.  Congratulations!  You're sent to Polokus, where he explains a
few things about what you must do next.  He'll open a portal for you, where you're
sent back to the Hall Of Doors.

Here, you need at least 150 Lums to open the door.  If you've been following the
walkthrough correctly, you'll have 215, more than enough.  For the next door, you'll
need 400.  That's no problem.

Level 7:   The Menhir Hills
Cages:     5
Lums:      55

When you enter the level, you'll hear the cries of a trapped Ludiv.  First, collect
Yellow Lums #1-2 from the ground, and Yellow Lum #3 is hidden behind the Shell house.
Jump on the mushroom and grab hold of the branch, and collect Yellow Lums #4-6.  Hit
Cage #1 to release the Ludiv, then jump down to the ground.  Now, this section had me
puzzled for a good half hour, but it's really simple.  To tame the shell, you must
run away from it for about ten seconds.  I find it best to run around in circles.
After that, it will ground to a halt and you can jump on it.

Hold on tight!  It's just like a racing game, except you can't slow down.  Aim for
the thorn tunnel and on your journey, collect Yellow Lums #7-19.  When the second
shell gives chase, weave around carefully to shake him off your tail.  Also, don't
take too many hits or else you'll explode.  A few hits against the side is okay, but
one head-on collision will be fatal.

When you reach the end, you'll just make it through the closing door.  Now, go up the
ramp and prepare to fight a robot.  There is a spot I've found where you can shoot
him, and he won't even care.  Until after three shots, then he's scrap.  Hit the
switch to open the door, then collect Yellow Lums #20-21 by gliding from the side.
Tame another shell, but instead of heading to the door, run towards the sparadrap.
Just before the impact (that will kill you), jump off into the air and you'll be able
to release a Ludiv from Cage #2.  Tame another shell and go up the ramp, through the
door.  Collect Yellow Lums #22-23, and jump off to destroy the Sparadrap.

Walk through the door, and you'll see the remains of a lot of Robo-Pirates.  Clark is
in the corner, but he's not doing so good.  If this is your first visit to The Menhir
Hills, you'll need to get Clark the Elixir Life Potion from The Cave Of Bad Dreams.
The door will be open now, so head back to the Hall of Doors.  If this isn't your
first visit, then read on.

Rayman gives Clark the Elixir, and he goes crazy!  He runs through the wall,
providing you with an exit.  Follow him, and you'll come to a room with a large
pirate door.  First, get Yellow Lum #24 from on the box.  Then, using the Purple
Lums, swing up to the Super Yellow Lum #25-29.  Turn around and release a Ludiv from
Cage #3.  Get Yellow Lum #30 from inside the little door, and drop down and shoot the
switch to open the door and reunite you with Clark.  He'll bust another wall, and a
cutscene will trigger.  You depart, with a promise you'll meet again.

On the log is Yellow Lum #31, and behind it is Yellow Lum #32.  From here you should
see Cage #4, so swing over and release a Deny.  On top of the Shell House is Yellow
Lum #33, and behind it is a passageway to a ladder.  At the top, you can glide to
get Super Yellow Lum #34-38, and Cage #5 which imprisons another Deny.  As you glide
down, get Yellow Lums #39-40.  Now you are on the ground again, tame a shell and ride
it up the hill.  Collect Yellow Lums #41-43 as you weave between the rocks on each
side.  In the next area, there are Yellow Lums #44-46 before you hit the bridge.
Yellow Lums #47-55 are along the bridge.  After that, your rocket will send you
plunging into the river...thankfully, there is a portal there.

Level 8:   The Cave Of Bad Dreams
Cages:     0
Lums:      65

This level has such a haunting soundtrack, and dark scenery, that is definitely one
of the most eerie levels in the game.  However, it's also one of the most frustrating
with 65 Yellow Lums to collect.  So, start by walking along the platform.  Collect
Yellow Lums #1-7, then grab onto the Purple Lum and swing over to the ground.  You'll
collect Yellow Lums #8-9, and hit a Checkpoint Lum.  Now, this next bit is difficult
at first.  As soon as the first platform lands, jump on it and collect Yellow Lum
#10, then jump to the other two.  Don't do what I tried to do and jump to the next
one from where you are; you can climb along the wall of bones.  Grab Yellow Lums
#11-12.  Do the jumping to platform thing again and grab onto the pillar.

This guy will grab you and pull you into his cave if you get too near him, so shoot
him with your fist to scare him away.  Be quick, he returns quickly.  Run to the end
and collect Yellow Lum #13 and the Checkpoint Lum.  Shoot the Purple Lum and swing to
the wall; wait until the last moment to let go, or you'll fall short and die.  Don't
forget Yellow Lums #14-15.  Run to the centre of the walkway and jump to the pillar.
Collect Yellow Lum #16.  The pillar will fall as soon as you jump to it, so be quick
and jump to the next.  Collect Yellow Lum #17, jump to the next pillar.  Now jump to
the ground and collect the Checkpoint Lum.  Keep shooting the hands that grab at you,
and run past them.  You'll come to a large room with three Purple Lums in.  You have
to do a bit of a vertical monkey-bar trick, but it's easy to lose your grip, so be
careful and take your time.  Always jump when you are facing the ring, it's difficult
to turn and shoot in time.  Once done, collect the Checkpoint Lum and jump towards
the platform, collecting Yellow Lums #18-20 on your trip.

On the platform you'll find two creatures that spit fire.  Hold R2 to dodge their
attacks, and shoot when you can.  Just remember there are two of them; don't let one
come up behind you.  They take six normal powered shots to destroy.  The second one
will leave behind a Magic Sphere, so pick it up and throw it on the Yellow Holder.
The ground will rise, jump in the hole.

In the large room ahead are three Shadow Creatures, two Magic Sphere Holders and
Yellow Lums #21.  Shoot the Creatures if they get too close for comfort, run through
and enter the passageway.  At the Checkpoint Lum, you'll find the passageway branches
off into two seperate paths.  Each will lead to a different Magic Sphere.  You need
both to proceed with the level.

Left Path:  Blue Magic Sphere

Jump onto the Skull Platforms, the second of which will send you into the air.  Jump
onto the revolving platform, then jump from there to the pillar with Super Yellow Lum
#22-26.  From here, jump to the second revolving platform.  From here you can see a
Checkpoint Lum, and a Blue Magic Sphere.  Jump to get the sphere, then pick it up.
Throw it onto the platform.  Continue doing this until you are on a platform at the
back of the room, next to the door you entered.  Shoot the Eyeball, and collect
Yellow Lum #27.  Throw the Magic Sphere to the ground, and hover down yourself.
Return the Magic Sphere to the room and to the Blue Holder.

Right Path:  Yellow Magic Sphere

Shoot the Purple Lum to swing over to the platform.  Jump on the Skull to travel over
the water and safely to the platform with four Eyeballs on it.  Get rid of them, then
collect Yellow Lum #28  and swing over to the pillars.  One has a Checkpoint Lum on
it.  Jump on the Skull and land on the collection of pillars.  A Shadow Creature is
onto you, so destrot it while you collect Yellow Lums #29-34.  Jump on the Skull
Platform which will take you to a Checkpoint Lum and the Yellow Magic Sphere.  Throw
it towards the Yellow Lum so it lands on the platform, then swing over.  Pop the
Eyeball and collect Yellow Lum #35.  Throw the Magic Sphere to the entrance and jump
after it.  Return to the holder and place the Magic Sphere on it.

When both are in place, the mouth of the statue will open and you can jump in.  Get
Super Yellow Lum #36-40, then jump down the hole.

When you near the slime, a cutscene will start showing the Guardian rising after you.
GLITCH:  If the fast chase music is making you lose your concentration, jump and
hover to the slime as far as you can.  You may make the music not load, and you're
left with the haunting theme of the level.  Oh yeah, this is much better...;)  This
next section is horribly hard; there is no way you can get all the Yellow Lums in one
go.  Here's a guide to help you:

First Section:   Yellow Lums #41-42
Second Section:  Yellow Lum #43
Third Section:   Yellow Lums #44-45
Forth Section:   Yellow Lum #46
Fifth Section:   No Yellow Lums
Sixth Section:   Yellow Lums #47-51
Seventh Section: Yellow Lums #52-53
Eighth Section:  Yellow Lums #54-55

Once finished, you will face the Guardian.  On either side of your platform are
Yellow Lums #56-57.  The Guardian will shoot fire at you, then stop and shoot Skull
Platforms.  Shoot them when they are in line with the top of Rayman's head, and
you'll be able to jump onto them easily.  They fall after about 8 seconds, so shoot
and jump to the other one quickly.  Once on the platform, grab the Checkpoint Lum and
Yellow Lum #58.  Do the same thing again; shoot and dodge.  Now, shoot to swing from
the Purple Lum, and get Yellown Lum #59.  Avoid being hit by fire by using the
technique used for the Whale Bay boss.  Jump to the next ring, then jump towards
Yellow Lum #60 and grab onto the wall.  Climb to the top where a Checkpoint Lum
awaits you.  Shoot the platforms, jump on them, then jump to the platform.  Now, jump
quickly from pillar to pillar, so that the fire doesn't hit you mid-jump.  Collect
Yellow Lums #61-63, then jump to solid ground.  Once again, shoot the Skulls to
cross.  Grab the Checkpoint Lum and Yellow Lum #64, and for the last time shoot
Skulls to cross.  When you make it, the Guardian will disappear, and you'll find the
last Yellow Lum #65.  Follow the path to find a large room of treasures, but as the
cutscene shows, Rayman only wants the Life Potion for Clark.  You can now return to
The Menhir Hills and conplete it if you haven't already.

Level 9:   The Canopy
Cages:     6
Lums:      65

In front of you are Yellow Lums #1-3.  Once you get the third one, you'll notice the
huge spider behind you.  Run!  You can either run away from him, and try to get all
the Lums, or you can kill him and have more time.  If you do decide to kill him, he
takes 10 hits to do so.  The best technique I've found is to run at him, jump and
shoot, run a few steps, turn and repeat.  The best place to do this is that small
room at the start.  Anyway, Yellow Lum #4 is at the start of the web, and Yellow Lums
#5-18 are along it.  Land on the ground below the web, and you'll see a Super Yellow
Lum #19-23 and Cage #1.  Turn and shoot the Purple Lum.  When you swing towards the
Cage and Super Yellow Lum, jump off and hover while shooting the Cage to release a
Murphy.  Also nab the Super Yellow Lum while hovering.  You may need to climb the web
again, depending how fast you were (when you see it in front of you, shoot the Purple
Lum again to swing to the platform).  Yellow Lum #24 is just inside the cave, and
Yellow Lum #25 is on the web below.  Shoot Cage #2 to release a Murphy, and grab
Super Yellow Lum #26-30 before jumping down the hole.

There are two pathways before you; go left to collect Yellow Lums #31-32.  A robot
will appear in front of you, but don't dodge or you'll walk off the edge.  Jump into
the air every time he shoots and you should be able to kill him with no problems.
Grab Yellow Lum #33, then shoot the switch way over by the door.  And look who it
is...Globox! Make your way back to the beginning and take the right path to meet him,
collecting Yellow Lums #34-36 on your way.  Walk over to the door blocked by lasers.
Globox will do a neat rain-dance to disable it, so you can enter safely.  Walk to the
edge and look down; you can see Yellow Lum #37 on the left.  When you drop, hover so
you don't miss it.  A Checkpoint Lum awaits you at the bottom.  On top of the
mushroom is Yellow Lum #38.  From here, you can also free a Deny from Cage #3 on the
ledge.  Walk over to the sparkling area with Yellow Lums #39-40.  Globox will do
another dance, and a plant will appear (like the ones from the original Rayman game).
Jump on it and you'll begin moving across the large gap.  You need to get Super
Yellow Lum #41-45 by jumping up to it.  Once across, shoot the sparadrap on the pole
to break it, creating a bridge for Globox to walk on.  Yellow Lum #46 is on the
right, and Yellow Lums #47-48 are in the cave.  Once you enter a large room, turn to
see Cage #4 and Yellow Lum #49.  Shoot the Cage to release a Deny.  If he hasn't
already, wait for Globox to catch up, then walk over to the flaming path.  When you
get close enough, Globox will literally dance up a storm.  Continue and collect
Yellow Lum #50, then destroy the robot.  A cutscene will start where you get the more
powerful shots.

Now, the Pirate Ship will shoot barrels at you, so avoid them by running around.
Take this time to collect Yellow Lums #51-55, and free a Murphy from Cage #5.  A
robot will appear in the background, shooting at you.  Dodge his attacks and hold S
to make your shots stronger.  He takes about 3-4 good shots to destroy.  Go and find
Globox, and he'll follow you to turn off the lasers.  Inside you'll find a Checkpoint
Lum, Yellow Lum #56, and a robot.  One strong shot will scrap this guy, so move on.
Yellow Lum #57 is by the entrance, Yellow Lums #58-60 are by the plant.  Yellow Lum
#61 is on top of the boxes, and Yellow Lums #62-65 are on top of the Ship.  Shoot
Cage #6 to release a Murphy, then go over to the plant.  Globox will do another
rain-dance to make the plant bigger, so big you can disguise yourself in it (hint

As you are, you can't enter the ship.  But when inside the plant, you can get in
easily.  Shoot the cage to start a cutscene.  Globox will take off, but you're left
with a Teensie to open a portal.

Level 10:  The Sanctuary of Stone & Fire
Cages:     6
Lums:      85

Ahead of you over the edge are Yellow Lums #1-5.  Hover to get them all.  Continue
along the path and a robot will appear in the background.  If you stand far back
enough, you can avoid his attacks and shoot him silly.  Don't forget your
super-punch.  Once he's gone, jump over to the net and jump up to the metal
structure.  Shoot the sparadrap to release a Purple Lum, which you can swing from to
reach Yellow Lum #6 and a blue enemy.  One shot will knock him out, then continue on.
You'll come to a Checkpoint Lum.  Enter the large room, and get Yellow Lum #7 from by
the door.  Start charging your super-punch.  Two super-punches will kill the demons.
The second one will leave a large plum (like in the original Rayman game).  Carry it
over to the cage (there is a shadow beneath it) and press X to throw it upwards.  Run
out of the way and jump on it to reach Cage #1.  Shoot it twice to release a Ludiv.
How to control the plum:  shoot in the opposite direction of where you want to go.
Before you leave this area.  Make sure you have Yellow Lums #8-10.  Continue down the
path and jump to the ledge with Yellow Lum #11.  Then jump to the Checkpoint Lum.
Take a look around in First Person, and you'll see another plum.  Shoot it to drop it
down, then jump to it.  Along come 4 Shadow Creatures, dispose of them. Remember,
they come back quickly, so don't dawdle.  Work your way along the river of Lava,
nabbing Yellow Lum #12 just around the corner.  Jump off the plum onto the ground,
then shoot the second plum off the plant.  Hover to it, and fight off some more
Shadow Creatures.  There are only 3 this time.  Collect Yellow Lum #13.  Jump off the
plum and get Yellow Lum #14.  You'll reach an area with a Checkpoint Lum and two
small blue guys.  Hit the plum and jump on it, collecting Yellow Lum #15.  When you
turn the corner, you'll need to destroy a robot up on a ledge.  Shoot him, then dodge
side to side to avoid his attacks.  Once defeated, continue along the lava river and
get Yellow Lum #16.  Then, get off the plum on the right platform, near Yellow Lum
#17.  Follow the metal path, and you'll reach Cage #2.  Hit it to release a Ludiv.
Go back, and make your way to the doorway with Yellow Lum #18.  In this area, Super
Yellow Lum #19-23 is on the pillar, and Yellow Lums #24-25 are in plain sight.  Jump
down to the next area.

Shoot the ceiling.  A piece will fall, which you can jump onto and cross the river.
From here, jump to Yellow Lum #26.  Shoot the ceiling again and cross to the bridge.
Release a Ludiv from Cage #3, and climb up the bones to find Yellow Lums #27-28.
Then jump to Yellow Lum #29 inside the arch.  Dodge the fire on the wall and hit the
Checkpoint Lum.  Jump the fire on the wall and jump onto the bridge and Yellow Lum
#30.  Shoot the Sparadrap on the pillar to create a bridge.  Do the same again on the
next pillar.  Collect Yellow Lum #31 as you glide down the falls.  Now, the swirling
fire; you have to get in between the flames as you swing across.  Stay on the outside
of the right hand side, it's easier.  Then collect the Checkpoint Lum and jump to
Yellow Lum #32, on the right ledge.  From here, there is a small gap above with
Yellow Lums #33-34 and Super Yellow Lum #35-39.  Glide to a platform below, and shoot
the ceiling to drop a spike you can stand on.  After three platforms, shoot the
Sparadrap on the pillar so you can jump to the ground on the left.  Go back and
collect Yellow Lum #40.  Collect the Checkpoint Lum, and release a Ludiv from Cage
#4.  Collect Yellow Lums #41-42, right in front of you.  Land on the platform to
start your trip.  Along this river are three platforms, each containing Yellow Lums
#43-45.  After that, jump over the three bridges, the last of which holds a
Checkpoint Lum.  Shoot the ceiling to create a path to the stairs and door.

Up ahead is Yellow Lum #46.  Yellow Lum #47 is along the path between the fire, and
Yellow Lum #48 is just afterwards.  Yellow Lum #49 is after the second set of
swirling flames.  Climb the bones and get Yellow Lum #50, then shoot at the Purple
Lum to swing across.  On this platform is Yellow Lum #51.  Shoot at the next Purple
Lum to swing across to the platform, then jump to the next.  Just below is Yellow Lum
#52.  Swing across to the Checkpoint Lum, then begin sliding.  Along the path are
Yellow Lums #53-55.  Jump on the shell.  Now pay attention, this part is difficult
for many.  The control is very sensitive for the shell; just a few pixels left or
right may send you off the path.  Go up over the loop and get Yellow Lum #56.  When
you finished, the path branches into two.  Take the left to find Yellow Lum #57.  Up
another loop, and Yellow Lum #58 is waiting.  When the path is finished, you'll see a
Sparadrap up ahead.  Just before impact, jump off the shell.  Here, you'll find
Yellow Lums #59-60, and Cage #5.  Jump into the hole.

Shoot and jump onto the plum, and go over to the right side.  Jump up to the ledge
and you'll see Cage #6.  Release a Ludiv, then jump down and continue.  This next bit
is extremely hard; you must use your fists to avoid falling into a pit.  If need be,
shoot forwards so you slowly inch backwards.  Along this river are Yellow Lums
#61-67.  When the river ends in a lavafall, jump to the Purple Lum and swing to the
entrance.  Grab the Checkpoint Lum, and jump to the left platform, collecting Yellow
Lums #68-69 in the process.  Shoot the plum, and prepare yourself for another lava
river.  This one holds Yellow Lums #70-74.  Enter the door.

Glide to the platform with the Magic Sphere and the Shadow Creature.  Shoot the bad
guy and pick up the sphere.  Now, this is difficult.  Drop it once and you have to
climb back to the last platform.  Basically, you have to throw it from platform to
platform until you reach the final platform.  GLITCH:  One problem I had on this part
was that the Magic Sphere fell through the last platform when I threw it.  It landed
right in the centre, and dropped through.  It may have been a one-off, but I'd
appreciate it if anyone could confirm.  Once you've got the sphere to the end, walk
with it down the steps and you'll come to a lava stream.  Throw the sphere into the
air, and shoot the Plum to bring it towards you.  Walk onto it and then, one hit at a
time, throw the Plum into the air and shoot backwards.  You'll travel along the lava
easily.  Jump off and walk down the path, collecting Yellow Lums #75-77.  You'll come
to a large room.  Turn left and place the Magic Sphere on the Yellow Holder.  Jump
over the river, climb the blocks and enter the door.  You'll automatically get Yellow
Lums #78-81 as you fall.  Make your way down the river again on the Plum, picking up
Yellow Lums #70-74 if you missed any.  Enter the door, which has moved.

Jump around to get Yellow Lums #82-85, then get the Blue magic Sphere and jump down
to the ground.  Place it on the Blue Holder, and the Idol will move.  Use the Purple
Lum to swing onto it's head.  After a brief trip, a cutscene will trigger.  The Idol
mentions that Ninja Henchmen have a weakness; their hooks are heavy.  Hmm...that may
come in useful.

My, what are the chances!  A Ninja Henceman!  Good job Colossus gave you that tip :p
This guy gave me hell for about 15 minutes.  But then I remembered the tip, and it's
easy!  Just hold down R2 and power up your fist, walk backwards until he appears,
then release the punch to give him a taste of his own medicine.  About 5 punches will
do it.  Then, a cutscene will start, and you'll return to Polokus with the second
mask.  After that, you'll return to the Hall Of Doors.  You need 400 Lums to open
this door.  If you've followed this walkthrough, you should have 485.

Part 7.  Cheats

As far as I know, there are NO PUNCH-IN CODES for Rayman 2 on PlayStation.  As
soon as any are announced, you will be the second to know (I'll be the first).  If
you know of any cheats, please let me know at d.moseley@virgin.net; you will recieve
credit for your contribution.

Please Note:  A Gameshark is needed to use these codes.

Infinite Timer:                          D00B2BEC 0001
                                         800B2BEC 0032

The Clearing Complete:                   D00100D4 4465
                                         300A6BB0 000A

The Fairy Glade Complete:                D00100D4 4465
                                         300A6BB1 003C
                                         D00100D4 4465
                                         300A6BED 0004
                                         D00100D4 4465
                                         300A6C05 0002

The Marshes of Awakening Complete:       300A6BB3 0023
                                         300A6C1F 0002

The Bayou Complete:                      300A6BB4 002D
                                         300A6C20 0004

The Walk of Life Complete:               D00100D4 4465
                                         300A6BB5 001E

Whale Bay Complete:                      D00100D4 4465
                                         300A6BB6 0023
                                         D00100D4 4465
                                         300A6C0A 0002

The Menhir Hills Complete:               D00100D4 4465
                                         300A6BB8 0037
                                         D00100D4 4465
                                         300A6BF4 0002
                                         D00100D4 4465
                                         300A6C0C 0003

The Cave of Bad Dreams Complete:         D00100D4 4465
                                         300A6BB9 0041

The Canopy Complete Complete:            D00100D4 4465
                                         300A6BBA 0041
                                         D00100D4 4465
                                         300A6BF6 0002
                                         D00100D4 4465
                                         300A6C26 0004

The Sanctuary of Stone & Fire Complete:  D00100D4 4465
                                         300A6BBB 0055
                                         D00100D4 4465
                                         300A6C0F 0006

The Echoing Caves Complete:              D00100D4 4465
                                         300A6BBD 003C
                                         D00100D4 4465
                                         300A6BF9 0002
                                         D00100D4 4465
                                         300A6C29 0005

The Precipice Complete:                  D00100D4 4465
                                         300A6BBF 0041
                                         D00100D4 4465
                                         300A6C13 0004
                                         D00100D4 4465
                                         300A6C2B 0001

The Sanctuary of Rock & Lava Complete:   D00100D4 4465
                                         300A6BC0 002D
                                         D00100D4 4465
                                         300A6C2C 0005

The Walk of Power Complete:              D00100D4 4465
                                         300A6BC1 0028

Beneath the Sanctuary of R & L Complete: D00100D4 4465
                                         300A6BC2 0032
                                         D00100D4 4465
                                         300A6C2E 0004

Tomb of the Ancients Complete:           D00100D4 4465
                                         300A6BC4 0014
                                         D00100D4 4465
                                         300A6C18 0004

The Gloomy Island Complete:              D00100D4 4465
                                         300A6BC5 0023
                                         D00100D4 4465
                                         300A6C00 0002
                                         D00100D4 4465
                                         300A6C19 0002

Thanks to GameFAQs for finding these codes.

Part 8.  Glitches

Have you found something funny happening in the game?  Music not loading?  Solid
ground that's not quite "solid"?  If so, let me know at d.moseley@virgin.net, and
you'll recieve full credit for your discovery if you're the first to write.

--Discovered By:  David Moseley------------------------------------------------------

Level:   The Cave Of Bad Dreams
Glitch:  Music Not Loading

If the fast chase music is making you lose your concentration, jump and hover to the
slime as far as you can.  You may make the music not load, and you're left with the
haunting theme of the level.  Oh yeah, this is much better...;)

--Discovered By:  David Moseley------------------------------------------------------

Level:   The Sanctuary Of Stone & Fire
Glitch:  Invisible Void

One problem I had on this part was that the Magic Sphere fell through the last
platform when I threw it.  It landed right in the centre, and dropped through.  It
may have been a one-off, but I'd appreciate it if anyone could confirm.

Part 9.  Credits

Thanks to:

- www.GameFAQs.com for displaying this walkthrough, and also for finding the codes.
- www.gameadvice.com for displaying this walkthrough.
- www.vgstrategies.com for displaying this walkthrough.
- www.psxcodez.com for displaying this walkthrough.
- www.cheatstop.com for displaying this walkthrough.
- www.neoseeker.com for displaying this walkthrough.
- www.freshbakedgames.com for displaying this walkthrough.
- You, the reader, for taking the time to read this walkthrough.

This walkthrough was made by David Moseley on the 12th October 2000.  It is not to be
distributed without my permission.  Feel free to E-Mail me at d.moseley@virgin.net if
you have any queries or questions.  However, please check this FAQ first to see if
the answer is in here.  Please Note:  When E-Mailing me, can you please include the
site you found this walkthrough.  Even though there is a warning at the beginning, it
is easy for a site to add its name in.  This way, I can keep track of where it is.

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