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Boss FAQ by FRogers

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 03/18/2000

Rayman 2: The Great Escape (N64 Version)
Boss & Mini-Game Guide by Francis Rogers.
This guide is (c)2000 Francis Rogers.
This is a Boss & Mini-Game Guide for the great game Rayman 2: The 
Great Escape. I wrote it using the N64 version, but I'm pretty sure
the others are the same.

Revision History
1.0 (3/18/2000) The guide's first release.

Boss Guide
The bosses in Rayman 2 are pretty easy. Most are just puzzles. However
all of them require strategy, so that's why I wrote this part of the

Axel: Guardian of Water & Ice
Difficulty:** Level: The Sanctuary of Water & Ice
This guy's easy. When you start out, grapple overhead on a Purple Lum.
Grapple from Purple Lum to Purple Lum until you reach an icicle. Blast
it to put Axel on ice.

The Guardian of the Cave of Bad Dreams
Difficulty:*** Level: The Cave of Bad Dreams
This guy's harder. Dodge the fireballs, then shoot the skulls to make
platforms. Do this to reach his platform. Repeat twice. Then grapple
onto the Purple Lum, repeat the first part, and jump across the
platforms. Repeat the first part twice (once in midair) to make your
bad dream run away from you.

Umber: Guardian of Stone & Fire
Difficulty:* Level: The Sanctuary of Stone & Fire
This guy's super easy. Just use the Purple Lum to get on top of his 
head. Then, simply jump off when he drowns in the lava.

Foutch: Guardian of Rock & Lava
Difficulty:**** Level: Beneath the Sanctuary of Rock & Lava
This guy's pretty hard. Run from him, because touching him spells
instant death for you. Run around the path, and jump on the web so you 
can hit the "lavacicle". Repeat 2 more times to rid yourelf of Foutch
once and for all.

Difficulty:*** Level: Tomb of the Ancients
Since Clark's your friend, you can't hurt him. (Must be because of his
super-huge chin.) Instead, you must aim for the pirate control box on
his back. Hit all 3 buttons in the room, then have him trip on the 
laser. Then, hit the control box on his back. Repeat this 5 or 6 times
to get your friend back to normal (and finish the level).

The Glorgoth
Difficulty:***** Level: The Crow's Nest
Now, a super hard boss. First, hit the bombs he fires to bounce them
back to him, avoiding his jump and laser-ball attacks. After he's hit
3 times, he'll blast through the floor and you'll go with him. Now, you
have a flying shell! Go into one of the tunnels, and grab a power 
sphere. Use it to fire at his hands, and he'll slip in the lava. Once
you've drained over half his health, he'll start to make the lava rise.
Quickly get the power spere and blast his hands to lower the lava.
Repeat until he's dead, and you'll beat the game.

The Barrier Machine
Difficulty:* Level: The Fairy Glade
Just carry the Kegs to the machine, and throw the Kegs at the huge
band-aids. To blast the missile bombs, throw the Keg up, and punch it.
Once you've blasted all 3 band-aid's, Ly will be free. Go see her for
your 2nd Siver Lum (Purple Lum Grappler).
The A/C Room:
Difficulty:* Level: The Fairy Glade
Just use your helicopter to go in the gusts made by the massive fan at
the top of the room, then use the Purple Lum to finish.

Sssssam's Waterskiing
Difficulty:** Level: The Marshes of Awakening
Basically, you ride around in back of Sssssam. Just avoid the enemies &
poles. Near the end of the 1st section, he'll circle the same tree tons
of times, giving you time to grab the cages. Advice: duck. Also, a
switch in the 1st section gives you Red Lums.

Time Race 1
Difficulty:*** Level: The Walk of Life
Basically, follow Ly. Every time you reach a power pad, you get more
time, plus it's a checkpoint. Very hard to explain.

Icy Slide
Difficulty:* Level: The Sanctuary of Water and Ice
Very easy. Just slide down to the boss.

Missile Shell Riding
Difficulty:** Level: The Menhir Hills
You ride on a missile. Just avoid the objects. in the 2nd section, make
a big jump from the bridge to the next bridge for some Red Lums.

Bad Dreams Slide
Difficulty:*** Level: The Cave of Bad Dreams
You're on a slide. However, the Guardian is right behind you! Just
shoot the green crystal things and don't jump, or bump into anything.
Good Luck!

Shell Temple
Difficulty:*** Level: The Sanctuary of Stone and Fire
This is like the first missile shell ride. However, it's harder, and
has some trouble spots like the pit-bridge and thin ledge. On the
pit-bridge, just speed up and jump. On the thin ledge, just be careful.

The Slide of the Lums
Difficulty:** Level: The Sanctuary of Stone and Fire
This is basic, but a bit tricky. Slow down when you come to a sharp 
turn,jump when you see fire, and grapple when you see a Purple Lum.
There's a lot of Red Lums here, hence the name I gave it.

Keg Ride
Difficulty:* Level: The Echoing Caves
Basically, you just ride a Keg on a long stretch. That's all. Very
simple and easy.

Chair Lift
Difficulty:*** Level: The Top of the World
This is one of the coolest parts of the game! You ride on a Chair to 
the enemy's base. Just avoid getting squashed on the edges, and don't 
get sick!

Time Race 2
Difficulty:** Level: The Walk of Power
This is like Time Race 1, only easier and shorter. The only trouble
spot is on the lily pad lake. Just wait patiently for a lily pad to
come by, then jump on it to the next platform.

The Wind Tunnels
Difficulty:**** Level: Under the Sanctuary of Rock & Lava
Very complicated and difficlult. Fly through the tunnels of wind to get
to the boss. My only tip: use the stabilizer.

Secret Lum!
Difficulty:** Level: The Tomb of the Ancients
This gets you the super-secret 1000'th Lum(!), which apparently has no
use (except it gives you full health). In Tomb of the Ancients, before
going down the hole leading to the 2nd section, fly to the left (when
facing the hole) and go in the corridor. Fight the 6 pirates, then get
the lum in the left hole (the "skull's" "right eye".) Slide down the 
slide to continue.
BIG NOTE: I got this from David Wouters's Rayman 2 FAQ. (I put this note
in because of copyright law.)

Pilot a Pirate Ship
Difficulty:**** Level: The Iron Mountains
You can pilot a pirate ship here! (Hence the name.) You have limited 
health, so don't get hurt. Rescue the babies from each of the 4 mines 
and return them to Uglette (Globox's wife), shooting all the buildup in
your way. Here's a map of the way you should go:
                   |        |N(2)              Key
               W(3)|        |                  --------
                   |        |           E(4)   S-South Mine
                   ---------+------------|     N-North Mine
                            |------------|     W-West Mine
                            |S(1)              E-East Mine
                            |                  U-Uglette(Start,Finish)
                            |U(5)              1-5-Suggested order

Prison Ship Slidin'
Difficulty:**** Level: The Prison Ship
This is straight forward but hard. Avoid the lava & obstacles in the
1st part. In the 2nd part, hit switches to activate passage ways and
de-activate obstacles. Note: Circle the exit hole for 9 hard-to-get
Yellow Lums.

Flyin' Shell Ride!
Difficulty:***** Level: The Prison Ship
This part's super hard, so I'll put in a detailed walkthrough. Fly up,
into the opening, then fly under the big black wall. Fly up, then
straight, then down the stairs. Fly through the pole tunnel, then 
through the next pole tunnel, then through the laser tunnel Note: If
you fly out the huge opening, you'll find a long cut with a Super 
Yellow Lum. Fly up through the last pole tunnel to get to the boss.

Copyright Info
This FAQ is (c)2000 Francis Rogers. Rayman 2 is (c)1999 Ubi Soft. This
FAQ was not sponsored or endorsed by Ubi Soft. Also, a few notes on 
using this FAQ: Right now only GameFAQs can use my FAQs without asking 
(I send them there myself) I'd like it if this FAQ were in a magazine 
or CD-Rom or somewhere else, but since you might call it your own, 
e-mail me at FRogers@ix.netcom.com for permission. Otherwise, I can sue
you. Which do you like more?

----End of File----

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