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FAQ/Walkthrough by Jon_

Version: 0.4 | Updated: 09/04/2001

                                 ---RAYMAN 2---
                       Rayman 2: The Great Escape for N64
                            Walkthrough version 0.4
                      Made by Jon (sportdog74@hotmail.com)


Well, this is my second walkthrough for GameFAQs, and this time it's for Rayman
2: The Great Escape. Again, I haven't added any items or characters or anything
of the sort. Just 100% all natural walkthrough. With a side of Legal Statement
and credits.

Table of Contents:

I. Recent additions
II. Legal Statement
III. Walkthrough
           -The Woods of Light
           -The Fairly Glade
           -The Marshes of Awakening
           -The Bayou
           -The Sanctuary of Water and Ice
IV. Credits

I.  Recent additions:

September 4, 2001- Added The Sanctuary of Water and Ice. Work started on the
Menhir Hills/The Cave of Bad Dreams. Walkthrough 28% done.
Later: Updated the walkthrough version. Seemed to have forgotten to earlier...

September 3, 2001- Added The Bayou. Walkthrough 22% done.

August 31, 2001- Added the first three levels, legal statement and the credits.
Going to add an ASCII to the top later, and may change the whole look of FAQ.
Walkthrough 17% done.

II.  Legal Statement:

The walkthrough for Rayman 2: The Great Escape is copyright the author and may
not be reproduced or retransmitted without permission from the author.
Violations of the above terms can and will result in a lawsuit. Rayman is
copyrighted UBI Soft.

III. Walkthrough:

Here's the detailed walkthrough. If I have time, I may eventually add where all
the Lums are.


Lums:  05
Cages: 02

After Globox returns any hope to the world by giving Rayman his ability to
beams again, shoot the gate open and go down the slide. At the end, Globox the
clumsy will knock both of you down, and after that you take control again.

Start out by heading a few steps forward and meeting Murfy. He'll teach you
about the magic stones, and he'll appear often, so don't be surprised when you
see him in later levels. After he finishes, turn around and walk back and
the bridge. Go along the side of the small pond, and at the end you'll reach a
cage. Jump and press B twice to break it open. These are cages, and they'll be
in nearly every level. You'll need to break them open to free people, or
sometimes Lums. These are the forms of power for the world that you will be
collecting throughout the game. Murfy will explain all of this to you. Once you
grab the lum, the cage will open and allow you to go down the hole. Go forward
and make your way up the sides of the river until you reach the end. At the
you should end up on the left side. There is a lum behind the waterfall,  too,
so grab that, then get back up. Once you're back, jump and hover (hold A in the
air) over to the other side where Globox's kids stand. After you talk to them,
head down the path and end up in a big room with a split wall. Do as Murfy
you and climb up the hole in the wall, and along the way you should grab the
fifth lum. Once at the top, run forward to find the Teensies trapped in a cage.
Set them free, then hear the story. After they're done, enter the Hall of
and then the Fairy Glade.


Lums:  50
Cages: 07

Right, time for the first real level. Cross the bridge and hop onto the
to grab the first lum and to grab onto the vines. Cross them and let go with A
at the end. After you go through the path, you'll reach piranha waters. Simply
hop from lily pad to lily pad, and avoid the piranha jumping about in the
middle. Once you reach the other side, hop up the platforms and go along the
path at the top.  Shoot the switch across the rope bridge, then jump onto the
platform that held the vines. After a while, the platform will split and to
right will be the path that opened. Rather then going there, first head along
the platform to the left and find a cage at the end, with a funny camera angle.
Try your best, then head back. NOW jump onto the platform with the path.

Go down and down the waterfall to find more piranha waters. Go down the path
up the rope bridge at the end. Go through the machine and up onto the next
bridge. Before you leave this place, face the opposite direction of the two
pumpers. Jump and hover and you'll reach a small piece of ground in the corner
of the area, with an upside-down bucket at the end. Hope on it and ride it to
grab some Lums. Before the bucket goes back, hop onto the platform and make
way back up to the pumpers. Jump onto the one closer to the edge, and jump from
one to the other to the cave.

Here there is a big tree with a vine going around it. Simply climb onto it and
climb up, then at the top ride the waterfall down, which is filled with yummy
red lums. At the bottom, you'll find a big piranha lake with vines all around
it. You'll also hear a cage, but you can't get that until a later level. Climb
onto the vine and head left, then jump up onto a higher vine. After going a bit
to the left, you'll see a piranha going up and down. Wait for the right moment,
then continue across. At the end, hop off and watch Rayman run to the new area.

This will be you first robot pirate, and it shouldn't be too tough. Run across
the field and ignore it for now, cause he won't hit you unless you pause. At
other end will be a path. Go into it, and on the other side you'll find a
jackpot of Lums and a cage. Once you're done with there, head back to the
field and stand on a small ditch. When the pirate fires at you, dodge out of
way to make his barrel thingy hit the ditch and open the way. Hop in. Once
you have to hop (and hover, if you're a beginner) from bucket to box until you
reach the other side. Once there, grab the green lum and jump onto the spider
web. Here, you'll find two things that will drop down barrels onto you. When
see one pop out, quickly move to the other side of the spider web (while still
moving up). Be careful at the top, because you'll have less time. You can also
jump, so even if you get hit you have a good chance of grabbing onto the ledge.
Shoot a beam at the door and enter.

Here will be a small area with quite a few pirates, so get ready for your first
couple of real battles. Head to the left and up the stairs, then grab the green
lum. Also, do as Murfy tells you and use Z to strife during battle. As soon as
you take a few steps forward, a pirate will emerge. Just fire continuously
strafing left and right and you'll be fine. Tip toe, yes, tip toe into the next
area, because in here will be a sleeping pirate. Slowly tip toe to a barrel in
the corner of the room. Step a bit towards the pirate, then unleash the barrel
at it with B to kill it instantly. Grab another barrel and this time run back
the field where you just battled. Throw it at the door on the side and get the
cage inside, then go back to where the sleeping pirate was. Climb up the
then swing along the rope to find two Lums on the other side. Enter the other
room with a trampoline and a moving laser. Just jump and hover, and when the
time is right land on the trampoline. Hit the switch, then jump up into the now
accessible door. Get by the two lasers and down the steps, then get a surprise
attack on the pirate. Once he's dead, shoot the switch, and hop back down to
enter the door.

Run and jump through the three lasers, then cross the broken bridge. Jump down
at the end to find.... LY!!! But she seems trapped. Head down the wooden bridge
and along the path to find a green lum, and the machine, your first boss.


This guy should be a bit challenging, for your first boss. The object is to
throw the barrels at the patches on it. However, it will shoot mines at you, so
you'll have to be tricky. When it shoots a mine, throw the barrel straight in
the air with A, then fire at it to destroy it as the barrel lands back in your
hands. Move as quickly as you can, then once you get near the edge, throw the
barrel and run back to get another. Repeat for all three patches, then you'll
return to Ly. After you get the ability to use Purple Lums, climb up the rope
ladder and use your first one to cross the broken bridge. Hop down and get
for a long drop.

Run forward and jump off the pipe, then hover down and collect Lums along the
way. On one of the pipes is a pirate and a cage, so be sure to land on it. Once
at the bottom, go through the path and end up in a very tall field full of
whirlpool-like things. Use your helicopter in them to fly, then move from
whirlpool to whirlpool up until you reach the top. At most whirlpools, you'll
have to stop the helicopter to get Lums at the very bottom of them, then
press A again. Once at the last one, shoot at the Purple Lu, to get onto the
hovering pirate ship piece. Break the cage there and follow the Teesnie out the


Lums:  50
Cages: 05

This level is quite linear and there isn't much to walk you through. Run
and make your way around on the lily pads and cross over the rope ladder. Break
open the cage to find Sssam willing to help you out. Shoot at his scarf and
him for a ride.

Use the analog stick to move around while on the scarf and A to jump. Basically
you should just dodge and jump over obstacles, and be on the lookout for Lums
along the way. There's really nothing to say, except good luck, and have fun.


Lums:  50
Cages: 07

After that terrible bard eats one of the Lums, you begin the level. Hop onto
bucket ahead and shoot the mines that head for you. At the end of the ride, hop
onto the platform with the green lum and shoot the cage. Once it's open, jump
onto the next bucket and continue shooting the mines. At the end, grab the Lums
and climb up the ladder. At the top, grab some more Lums and shoot the switch
the right. Hop down and make your way across the four bridges, before they get
exploded/fall apart.

In the middle of the path to the other side is a pirate. Kill him, then open
cage above him. Use the purple lum that comes out to get to the bucket, and
it for a ride. Along the way, kill the ghost witch thingies that come out, and
collect Lums. Hop off at the end onto the platform, then hover down and shoot
the cage under it. Kill yourself in the piranha waters to get back up on the
platform, then jump and hover down to the bridge and collect the Lums. At the
end of the bridge, use the purple lum to get to an alcove with a cage, then
back. Cross the bridges and at the end, hop onto the safe ground and turn
around. Shoot the cage under the bridge, and continue down the path.

Cross the wooden bridge and jump over to the ledge to grab the Lum. Head down
the path and fight a pirate. Jump from platform to platform, then go to the
half-bridge. Shoot the switch down and to the right to lengthen it, and jump
onto the next bridge. Wait until a barrel falls out of the pirate
then go under it. On the last one, jump over the rapid barrels and hop onto the
platform. Again, jump over the acid, and face the next obstacle.

Here, wait until right after a barrel crosses you, then hop onto the next
platform. This will be tough, considering you may be standing on a platform
falling barrels already. Do your best and collect the Lums, then continue.
find the Lum on the left and shoot the switch to the right of it to lengthen
bridge. Use the purple lum to cross the gap and avoid the charging mad man.
Shoot the switch and quickly run down the room, avoiding the swinging axes, and
beat the lasers. Run with the barrels down the hall and jump when one gets near
you. Continue down the hall, then at the end, stand in front of the trampoline
and face to the left. Far down is a cage, Break it open, then head down to it.
After you've gotten the Lums, jump onto the trampoline and break yet another
cage. Follow the Teensie up the trampolines and exit the level.


Lums:  50
Cages: 02
Difficulty: 2/10

Start out by going down to the left and down the bridge to a cage at the end.
Break it open, then walk back to the ramp. A pirate will pop out that when he
gets hit, moves to a different spot. Stay down at floor level, keep Z held
and you'll get him in no time. Once he's dead, go up the ramp and into the next
room (while collecting the Lums, 'o course). Dive into the water and go down
path that starts off with a super Lum. Once you reach the surface again, shoot
the lone cage in the room and make your way back. Climb up the rope ladder and
hop down into a new area. Fight the pirate on the beach-like area, then go up
the wood bridge on the right. Grab the barrel at the end, then use it on the
door around the corner.

Head down the path and listen to Murfy explain magic spheres. You'll see them
just about every sanctuary. Go back to the beach and throw the sphere onto the
orange triangle, then grab another barrel. Throw it onto the door across the
beach, then do the same as you did with the other sphere (go down the path,
it, head back to the beach, throw it on the triangle). Go down the path and
the Lums around the room, then go into the odd-looking door. Jump down the
linear slide and take a fairly easy ride. There's nothing much to say, except
when you see ice you're at the end. Once the slide is finished, you'll find
Axel, the second easiest boss in the game (if the first easiest even counts as


Simply swing from purple lum to purple lum as fast as you can, then at the end,
jump off and shoot the icicle to destroy the poor sucker. At the end, a new
purple lum will appear. Use it to swing to either side of the waterfall, then
head up the ramp and into the other side of it. Run forward, and watch Rayman
collect THE FIRST MASK (dun dun, dun dun dun dun duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun).


Once Murfy finishes, run back and to your right. Behind a lone bush is a
switch. Shoot it, then go down the opened hole in the group of bushes ahead.
Shoot the cage up ahead, then turn back and use the spider web to climb back
up. Run forward to the brambles, and wait for a shell to charge forward. Once
it's on your side, run around in circles to avoid being hurt, until its gas
runs out. Once that's the case, hop aboard the strange shell and ride it across
the brambles. Jump off (A) a few feet before the door, then break open the cage
inside. Murfy will congratulate you, then leave again. Run up the stairs to the
left and fight the pirates (you could tip-toe and avoid them, but they're not
such tough pirates). Once both are dead, go down the path on the left and get
the lum. Then jump down the path straight ahead.

Hop on top of the mushroom in front of the tree, then use the mushroom above
it. Shoot at the purple lum and swing over to the platform, to find a lum and a
cage. Go back down and grab a lum behind the tree, then tame a shell that comes
out. Once its tamed, you'll have to ride it down the bramble path. Use the Lums
ahead as a guide as to where brambles will pop out (they'll pop out the other
side), then avoid the boxes. Again, avoid the brambles, and hop off before the
door. If you don't hit the door, there are barrels down and to the side.


IV.  Credits:

I'd like to thank the following people:

GameFAQs, for putting this up.

UBI Soft for creating Rayman and this great game.

BaronKrusha, for commenting (quote, unquote) on the walkthrough.

And of course, all of you for reading this! Thanks!
Time to make a Rayman Advance walkthrough... :)

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