AnimationPhilippe Arsenault
AnimationAlexandre Baduel
AnimationFrancois Cote
AnimationJacques Exertier
AnimationJoseph Nasrallah
ConceptFrederic Houde
Concept/Artistic DirectorMichel Ancel
Engine ProgrammingOlivier Albiez
Engine ProgrammingFabien Bole-Feysot
Engine ProgrammingGuillaume Clement
Engine ProgrammingBenoit Germain
Engine ProgrammingYann Le Guyader
Engine ProgrammingChantal Oury
Engine ProgrammingFabrice Perez
Engine ProgrammingMichael De Ruyter
Engine ProgrammingGuillaume Souchet
Engine ProgrammingJacques Thenoz
Engine ProgrammingCarlos Torres
Engine ProgrammingMarc Trabucato
Game DeisgnOlivier Palmieri
Game DesignStephane Hilbold
GraphicsAlexandre Gatto
GraphicsArnaud Kotelnikoff
Graphics ProgrammerFrancois Queinnec
Lead artist, env artistFlorent Sacre
Lead artist, env artistFlorent Sacre
Lead Game DesignerChristophe Thibaut
MusicEric Chevalier
Project ManagerSteve McCalla

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