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GameShark Spell/Boss Codes by Nje789

Updated: 03/20/2006

                          Quest 64

In-Depth Original Gameshark Codes FAQ version 1.0
by: Nje789 3/8/06


This is a FAQ of all the original gameshark codes I've made for this game.
It not only includes the code descriptions, but also in-depth explanations
for their use.  These codes give Quest 64 a whole lot more replay value,
even warranting additional playthroughs with better challenges or customized
gameplay mechanics to suit your personal tastes.  You can set how fast or slow
each stat levels up, or use a code that restores HP after every fight so you
don't have to do tedious healing sessions after close fights, for example.
If you want a better challenge, or just to see something new, you can try out
the sample boss modifier codes given, which alter their stats and give them
new abilities.  An explanation to create your own boss modifier codes is also

Codes were tested on Nintendo 64 gameshark version 3.3

The version of the gameshark used is important for codes utilizing activators,
in partcular the "d3", or "not equal to" activator codes that may not work
with earlier versions of gameshark.  Activator codes used are accredited to
the CMGSCCC.com website.(goto this site for more info on activators)

If codes don't work, try the "Disable Expansion Pak" code: EE000000 0000
Gamesharks are glitchy, so you may also try turning all codes off, then
select the ones you want on if you still have problems.
(Disable expansion code also from cmgsccc.com)

-Spell Modification Codes-

The basic spell replacement code: 8107bbd6 xxyy

xx=the spell's element: 00=fire 01=earth 02=water 03=wind 04=boss spells

yy=the spell's number, which is in the order you learn spells, from 00 to 0E.

This code switches the selected code with a different one, meaning with just
the basic code alone, Brian will always cast that spell.  That will get old
fast, though, so it's best to combine this with an activator code.
(Again, goto cmgsccc.com for more info on activator codes if you're confused)

A simple way to use an activator to help with this code is to make one of the
code itself.

Say you want to replace your large cutter spell with Beigis' Blade spell.
To do that, make the activator the value of large cutter, and right below it
put the code for Beigis' blade spell mod.  It'll look like this:

d107bbd6 0306 -when large cutter is selected..
8107bbd6 040c -the activator will apply this code for Beigis' Blade.

Now, when you select "Large cutter", you'll cast Beigis' Blade spell instead.
You're free to use all your other spells, as this just replaces that one

You can use about 14 line's worth of code at a time, so seven of these.
You can also try things like this instead-

Hold B to switch any regular spell with different boss spells:

d0092874 0040
8007bbd6 0004

This is a button activator that makes the element selected the boss spells.
You select a spell from any element, then hold B after you confirm it until
Brian casts it.  The boss spell you use depends on the spell you selected.

-Button Activators-

d0092874 00xx

xx: 01=right on d-pad, 02=left, 04=down, 8=up, 20=Z button, 40=B button

Change the 4 to 5 in doo92874 to use these button activators:

xx: 01=right on c-pad, 02=left, 04=down, 08=up, 20=L button, 10=R button

A button's 80 on the '4 set, but, doesn't work for some reason.

-back to spell mod codes-

Here's the values for xx and yy for the basic spell mod 8107bbd6 xxyy:

xx=00 Fire    
00 fire1
01 fire2
02 staff1
03 arrow1
04 steam1
05 fire3
06 compress
07 staff2
08 fire pillar
09 arrow 2
0a fire bomb
0b vampire
0c magma ball
0d extinction
0e steam2

xx=01 earth
00 rock
01 rock2
02 armor1
03 roller1
04 weak1
05 rock3
06 magnet rock
07 armor2
08 avalanche
09 confusion
0a weak2
0b rock shower
0c barrier
0d roller2
0e weak all

xx=02 water
00 water
01 water2
02 heal1
03 soul1
04 water3
05 ice wall
06 ice knife
07 exit
08 escape
09 return
0a heal2
0b soul2
0c walking water
0d drain
0e invalidity

xx=03 wind
00 cutter1
01 cutter2
02 restrict1
03 evade1
04 silence1
05 cutter3
06 large cutter
07 restrict2
08 wind bomb
09 evade2
0a cyclone
0b slow
0c wind walk
0d silence2
0e ultimate wind

xx=04 Boss spells
00 sol fire*
01 sol earth*
02 zel spikes
03 zel burst
04 nep bubbles
05 nep globe*
06 far magmashot
07 far explosion
08 shi bolt*
09 shi barbs
0A gui punch*
0b gui claw*
0c bei blade
0d bei laser*
0e mam light*
0f mam flame
10 mam missiles

(spells marked with * don't show full animation, but still work)

All boss spells deal fire damage, and are powered by the fire element.

-Spell graphic modifiers-

81086fyy xxxx

yy: 4a=first graphic, 86=2nd, c2, f7.. there's more, but most spells just use
    the first graphic.

Some xxxx values

1f78 fire
2170 power staff
2200 arrow
2248 fire bomb
2368 steam
21b8 fire pillar
2128 compression
2290 vampire
22d8 magma ball
2320 extinction
2e60 wind bomb
23b0 rock
2488 roller
24d0 weak
2440 armor
25f0 avalanche
2638 confusion
2908 water
2abb heal
26ca rock shower
2710 barrier
2758 roller2
2ef0 cyclone
2998 ice knife
2b48 walking water
2b90 drain
3010 ultimate wind
2ea4 evade
2f80 wind walk
2dd0 large cutter
3058 sol fire
30a0 sol earth
30e8 zel spike
3130 zel burst
31c0 nep spin
3178 nep bubble
3208 far magmashot
3250 far explosion
3298 shi bolt
32e0 shi barb
3370 gui claw
3328 gui punch
34d8 mam missile
3490 mam flame
3448 mam light
33b8 bei blade
3400 bei laser

This is kinda lacking, and there's probably a few graphics missing because
they're not 4a values, and are only shown with second/thrid/ect. effects.

Again, this is best used with an activator, especially since some of these
graphics will freeze when replacing the wrong spell graphic.  An example
would be trying to use fire pillar to replace a projectile graphic.  It won't
work.  It'll probably freeze the game.

Next, the texture/color mod.

810875f6 xxxx

(ok, I only gave the first texture variable mod, but it gets the job done in
most cases, as many spells only use a single main graphic)

xxxx values

f1b8 firebomb
bda8 fireball
19c8 power staff
e5b0 arrow
d5a8 steam
a028 compress
c5a8 firepillar
e9b8 vampire
72f8 magmaball
fdb8 extinction
05c0 rock
29e0 armor
09c0 roller
2de0 weakness
01c0 confusion
6ef8 barrier
9820 water
25a8 icewall
9420 iceknife
76f8 drain
1dd0 invalidity
11c8 cutter
9c28 restriction
6ef8 evade
a028 silence
15c8 cyclone
6af0 slow
62f0 wind walk
49e8 far magmashot
45e8 far explosion
66f0 mam flame
21d8 mam missile
8708 nep globe
7b00 nep bubble

Also not a complete set of values for this variable.

It should be noted textures are either 2-d or 3-d.  They will
not work well when a 2-d spell's texture is applied to a 3-d spell, and the
opposite is true as well.  fireballs, steam clouds, these are all 2-D effects.
Fire pillars, rocks, these are 3-D effects.

Oh, and if you're just dying to, you can find other values for these
variables by simply checking them in the memory editor when the desired spell
effect is on screen.  They're 16-bit values, so that means an "f6" variable
is going to include f6 and f7's 2-digit values listed in the memory editor.

Now, the shape mod

810875ea xxxx

xxxx values

b590 missile cylinder
b588 wall half-cylinder
b4f8 flat (like the 2-d fireballs)
b500 arrow
b504 firepillar prism
b568 globe
b510 firebomb
b544 firebomb second shape
b598 vampire
b514 mamma ball
b51c extinction
b50c spirit armor aura
b4fc drain
b518 roller
b530 confusion
b4e8 rock shower
b52c water pillar
b4e0 heal aura
b524 ice knife crystals
b520 cyclone

That.. can't be everything..  I mean, I know there's a lot of 2-D flat shapes
used in the game, but something's gotta be missing here.  Oh well.  Like I
said, merely check the memory editor to find any others you may want.
Very easy to do.

You can also find additional effect variables by using walking water, then
look for the water effect values.(walking water has about ten or so water
pillar effects used)

Spell effect size modifier

810875c4 xxxx width
-------8 xxxx height
-------c xxxx length

41ae's an example of a normal value to give these variables.

There's also the rotation modifier I found-

810875e6 xxxx -the sideway rotation

-Multi projectile spell mods-

Some spells attack multible times, and the extra projectiles after the first
one can be changed via this variable:

8108717a xxyy

The values for this are the same as the basic spell mod's, and can be changed
to any spell.
You can use the multi-projectile mod for hybrid spells.
An example would be using the homing arrow spell value as an activator to
change the multi-projectile spell value to Fargo's magmashot:

d108717a 0003
8108717a 0406

Now, whenever Brian or an enemy casts Homing Arrow lvl.1, the 2 extra arrows
after the first will be magmashots, making this a high-powered spell that can
do more damage than a fireball 3 spell to a single enemy, or deal moderate
damage to an entire group for a great damage total.
Just watch out for the goblins in the Dondoran flats if you use this..
They're deadly with this code..  as is every other arrow1 user.
These values aren't limited to just other projectile attacks, you can change
the extra attacks to barriers, heal spells, anything else.

The amount of extra projectiles left variable is this:

80087171 00??.

For example, try using this as an activator to give certain multi-hit spells
more attacks:

d0087171 0002 -When a spell has 2 extra hits left..
80087171 0016 -it gets 22 more.
d0087171 0010 -and when 16 are left..
80087171 0000 -it loses the rest so the spell ends.

With this, most spells that deal 3 or more hits get 4 extra hits, so cutter2
and arrow 1 have 7 attacks instead of 3.  ..but watch out- this affects enemy
spells, too.

***This variable should not be altered until a multi-hit spell has been cast
during your current play, otherwise it will not respond to any activator code.

Multi-projectile ownership code: 81087186 xxxx

xxxx: c9bc=owner's enemy A, BAcc=owner's Brian

THis code is needed for adding extra spells to an attack with the 87171 and
8717a variables.  If these two variables are changed without designating an
owner, the spell will come from whoever the last owner of a multi-projectile
spell was.  This only needs to be used when adding spells to unnaturally
multi-hit spells.  If it's already a multi-hit spell, this variable is
obviously set to the right owner by default.

***and keep in mind when using these variables, a natural multi-hit spell
must have already been used at some point since you started this play session,
or the variables won't respond to forced changes.

One little fun thing you can do with this variable is create a sort of
"reflect" spell.  The best way to do this is with a status effect variable
as an activator.

Here's an example code: "Confusion also adds 'reflect' effect when cast" code:

d007bb38 0002 -when Brian has the 'confusion' status aid..
81087186 BACC -he'll always be the 'owner' of extra hits, "reflecting" them.

The activator used is one of Brian's status variables.

8107bb38 xxyy

xx= 02 vampire, 04 attack status, 08 paralyzed, 10 movement status,
    20 agility status, 40 silence.

yy= 01 barrier, 02 confusion, 04 defense status

xxyy=0000 invalidity

Stat-altering statuses aren't specific here, so can't really be used for more
than an activator, but barrier, paralyze, and silence can, since they're
one-of-a-kind statuses for their values.
Paralyze and silence won't end unless forced to cancel if unnaturally applied.
I think barrier only lasts one round if unnaturally applied.

-Animation mods-

You know, it's fun and all using boss spells, multi-cast combos, and graphic
altered spells, but what really gives it an extra kick, is watching Brian do
weird stuff while he casts them!

So, here's the code for changing brian's animation actions, along with
an explanation and activators to make the most of this variable.

Brian animation modifier: 8007bb1f 00xx

xx values:

00 stand
01 walk
02 run
03 cast destruct spell
04 Dance w/staff(when the heck does Brian do this?!)
05 step 'n swing staff
06 getting hit.. or changing to fighting stance?
07 getting hit
08 getting hammered
09 got hit too much/dirt nap
0A standard staff attack
0b overhead staff smack
0c-0e more standing
0f skid
10 victory staff spin 'n jump
11 fighting stance
12 kick
13 staff swing
14 door open
15 other door open
16 Super Brian!(support magic cast)
17 weaker support magic cast
18 chest bop
19 gasping
1A knock high
1b look down
1c knock low
1d "hump"(..What was THIS about?!)

-Ativator-only variable using same values as action mod-

d004c273 00xx

Use Example: replace offensive spell cast with victory action:

d004c273 0003
8007bb1f 0010

Now Brian spins staff and jumps when casting offensive spells!

However, some values don't work so well as activators here.
The victory action value is one of them, so if you want to change what Brian
does for his victory after battles, use the victory music code as an activator

d008fcc1 002b -when the "victory" music theme plays..
8007bb1f 0004 -Brian does a little dance with his staff!

(check Misc. code section for complete music code value set)

-Enemy action modifiers-

Enemy A Animation mod:

8007caof 00xx

xx values: 00=stand, 01=walk, 02=damaged, 03=cast/attack, 04=alternate cast

Many enemies only use the first cast animation, but all have a second one..
..and they're pretty weird sometimes.

Enemy A command mod:

8007999 00yy

yy values: 00=do nothing, 01=walk, 05=attack(it's 05 no matter which attack)

These are not animation values, they're command ones, and if used with an
activator at any time during a battle, they will force that enemy to do the
action, but it can easily mess up the flow of battle, bringing it to a halt.
..though, you can correct that problem with the right activator and code.
I just found this code and am more concerned with finishing this guide at the
moment, though, so I don't know how to really take advantage of this code.

-Enemy A's stat variables-

HP: 8107c9a2 xxxx

MP: 8107c9a4 xxxx

Attack: 8107caac xxxx

Defense: 8107cb0 xxxx

Agility: 8107cae xxxx

Mp can be 0, and they'll still cast spells.  It's really just for making
Brian's drain magic spell weaker as it decreases with use.
Agility stat doesn't affect enemy's movement field radius.
It's also split into differing accuracy and evasion stats with certain enemies
like Judgements.

-Activator-only "last spell used" variable for both Brian and enemies-

spell element: 80086f19 00xx

spell number: 80086f1b 00xx

Since the variable addresses aren't side-by-side, these codes have to be 8-bit

Only useful for activator, does not change spells used.

For detecting specific spells used for an activator, just use a graphic
variable, like the ones given earlier. I use them a lot for altering spells
both Brian and enemies/bosses use.

Here's a sample boss modification code, and below an explanation for how each
code in it was used.

A must-try sample enemy mod for Zelse:

d108717a 0402
80087171 0018
d0087171 0018
8108717a 0403
d1088178 0000
81086f4a 2200
8007caae 0002
d207c999 0005
8007caof 0004

This code affects regular enemies, so try using the "no clipping" or
"no random battles" codes to avoid them.
(Those codes are included in the misc. code section at the bottom.)

Below is an explanation to the codes used here, but I'd highly recommend
trying out the altered Zelse fight before checking it.


The first 4 lines are multi-projectile mods, but you really shouldn't spoil
this fight checking the specific values to it..

The fifth line of code is an activator of a graphic variable.. or something.
I'm not sure, but it's value occurs when enemy A is casting a spell, so it
works fine for an activator all the same.  Same as using enemy command var.
The code below that this 5th-line activator triggers is a simple graphic mod.

The 7th line of code is an agility stat, the first of 2, since all stats can
be up to 65,000+ points, which is 2 code variables' worth.  Since this is the
first, Zelse'a agility will be dramatically affected, as it raises it by
multibles of 256.

The 8th line of code is, obviously, an enemy action activator, and the code
it triggers is an enemy animation code.  This is a d2 activator, which works
like the opposite of an 8-bit "d0" activator, activating when the value
given of the activator variable does not occur.  "d3" is the 16-bit version.

All together, you have a hybrid spell added, graphic changes to all of
Zelse' spells, a stat change, and an animation change for every action except
casting spells.

*Spoiler over*

Here's one for Mammon, and it's a bit different, since it also adds attacks to
a spell that isn't multi-hit.  It's important to note adding multi-hit
effects to spells that normally have a single attack, a multi-hit spell must
have been cast earlier, or the code will not work at all.
These codes only change a few variables for multi-attacks, and there's many
others that need to be changed by a natural multi-hit spell.

-Altered Mammon battle code-

d107bbd6 010c
8108717a 010c
d108717a 040f
8108717a 000d
d108717a 0410
8108717a 0406
81087186 c9bc
d1086f4a 3448
80087171 000b
d0087171 000b
8108717a 040c

This code shows how to use graphic variables for activators in hybrid spells,
and even features a "trait" code that alters what Mamman does in response to
a specific action Brian does.


Code lines 1 and 2 are the trait code.  The first is Brian's spell mod used as
as activator for the 2nd, which is the multi-hit mod.  If Mammon uses a
spell with multible attacks/castings, he'll use barriers instead.  As long as
Brian doesn't do a different spell, Mammon will keep doing this.

Lines 3 and 4 use the multi-projectile spell mod.  When flame wall is used,
the multi-hit spell variable will change to a different spell, in this case
mysteriously adding a *4th* spell attack to the 3 flame walls.  Very strange.

Line 5 and 6 is another activator/resulting effect code combo, pretty much the
same as lines 3 and 4, only with different spells.

Line 7 is the multi-hit ownership code, which must always be used when adding
multi-attack effects to single-effect spells, except in this case it's used
by itself without an activator, making every extra attack used by both Brian
and Mammon owned by Mammon, which results in most of Brian's extra attacks
being sent right back at him, like the "reflect" spell I gave earlier.

Line 8 and 9 is a graphic activator that adds extra attacks/castings.

This works in tandem with lines 10 and 11, which are an activator for that
same amount of multi-hits line 9 has, which triggers a change in what the
multi-hit spell used is.

This Mammon packs a serious whallop and may even kill Brian in one round if
he's not very experienced.

*Spoilers end*

If you figure out how to beat him, you may want to try a more *complex* Mammon
fight.  This altered Mammon fight code was designed with stradegy in mind, and
it's sure to satisfy those looking for more than the simple power clashes most
boss fights in Quest can be summed up as.
You also can't win by any cheap stradegies.
You'll also need the earth and water elements to be around maxed.

-Tactical Mammon fight code-

d1086f4a 3448
8107bb38 0008
d1086f4a 3490
8007bb38 0000
d1086f4a 3490
8108717a 0306
d1086f4a 3448
81086f4a 2320
d1086f4a 34d8
8108717a 020d
8007cab0 0007
8007caad 0060
8007caaf 0030


This code features using spell graphics as activators to adding status effects
to attacks, either cancelling barrier and other status aids, or cancelling and
permanently paralyzing Brian at the same time!  The thing is, the code that
just cancels effects will still leave Brian paralyzed, meaning only the
Invalidity spell can set him free.
Other codes used are standard stat and spell graphic-activated multi-hit mods.
Agility stat was actually lowered here to allow a chance to re-group from the
unavoidable pounding Brian will take.

Lines 1 through 4 are the status-effect codes, activated via graphic variables

Simple codes, but add a ton of stradegy to the fight.
Mammon's attacks:

Earth and Wind: Wind blows away status guards, followed with an earth blast
that damages and paralyzes Brian.

Fire and Ice:  The ice shards pierce through any defenses, trapping Brian so
the slower fire waves can hit him if he doesn't get away in time.

Ether Helix: A helix is shot from Mammons arms as he rapidly drains Brian's
magic, but this can be stopped by a barrier spell.

Brian must balance offense and defense, by getting close to Mammon to use
avalanche, which is the only spell effective enough to really hurt Mammon,
while backing away every now and then to recover HP and MP, which is harder
to do up-close when it's impossible to avoid the fire spells.
The problem is, confusion is unreliable here, and drain magic will weaken with
each use, giving Brian a limited window of opportunity to defeat Mammon before
he slowly drains Brian's magic completely.
Each turn is a guessing game, and if Mammon second-guesses Brian too many
times, he may weaken Brian to the point he never recovers.
(Oh, and he'll do this.  It's unbelievable how much he does it)
Really adds tension to the fight.

*Spoiler over*

Next up, a code set for Nepty, featuring some really nice hybrid spells.

-Nepty's Code-

d008c593 0003
81087186 c9bc
d007ca0f 0004
8108717a 0407
d007ca0f 0003
8108717a 020c
d0077bd6 000a
80087171 0001
d108717a 0407
81086f86 2908
d007ca0f 0003
80087171 0001
8007caad 0030

(Phew, big one..)
**This is another code that adds multi-casts to single-cast spells, so
remember to either use a multi-hit on your first turn before Nepty, or find an
enemy that uses a multi-hit spell before fighting Nepty.
Avalanche, cutter3, and fireball3 are all examples of multi-hit spells. 


This code upgrades Nepty's spells to Water Fountain, a spell featuring a combo
of multible bubbles and multible walking water spells, but the graphic
overload results in a sort of "fountain" effect where you have 5 or so water
pillars popping up outwards from Nepty in perfect synchronization.
The other spell has Nepty do her water spin attack, but right before it hits
a giant geyser erupts from the ground.  Very fun to watch.

Line 1 and 2's an activator combo for Nepty's multi-hit ownership.
Line 3 and 4's enemy animation variable as a multi-hit spell-type activator.
Line 5 and 6's is just like 3 and 4, except with different values.
Line 7 is a special variable used as an activator, which value occurs at one
almost precise point during Nepty's water spin attack, and it's used to add
the single multi-hit cast(line 8) for the geyser. 
Line 9 and 10's a multi-hit spell type activator that changes the second
graphic effect(86 is effect 2, 4a's the first main graphic effect in a spell)
Line 11 and 12's an enemy animation activator to add more multi-hit attacks.
Line 13's a simple enemy A's Attack stat change.

-Brian spell copying-

You can use these boss mods as an example for hybrid spells you can make
for Brian.
Say you wany to try out that giant geyser spell Nepty uses here for
Looking at the codes used, you see it's actually Fargo's explosion spell
with walking water's graphics, so to let Brian use it, you just use the
spell mod for fargo's spell, then add a graphic mod via an activator.
For example, here's the code to replace water pillar lv.1 with Geyser:

d107bbd6 0200 -when water1's used..
8107bbd6 0407 -spell mods to fargo's explosion..
d1086f4a 3250 -which activates via graphic mod variable..
81086f4a 2b48 -to walking water's graphic values.

This is just a sample, and this particular "geyser" spell actually deals
mediocre damage, with a damage radius much smaller than it looks.

*Spoiler over*

-Misc. Codes-

No clipping(aka, walk through walls/go anywhere) code:

8007baa0 0000

Stat growth exp. level codes:

8007babo 00xx -hp
8007bab1 00yy -mp
8007bab2 00zz -agility
8007bab3 00vv -defense

Also can use 16-bit versions for all 4 stats:

8107b1b0 xxyy
8107b1b2 zzvv





Values for xx/yy/zz/vv: 00=The fastest growth rate, ff=the slowest..

Actually, ff might be something wierd, but it's usually the higher the number,
the slower the stat raises.

No random battles code:

8108c574 0000
8108c576 0000

Out-of-battle activator:

d107516c 0100

*Actually isn't true out-of-battle activator, and was triggered just once
during a battle when Brian walked up a slope he shouldn't of been able to
because he didn't have clipping on.  ..but, never ever happened again.

Useful for auto-healing with 8107ba84 xxxx "hp remaining" code after battles,
but you have to change the hp value as you gain more throughout the game.

-Music mod-

8008fcc1 00xx

xx values

00 boss
01 mines
02 melrode
03 dondoran castle
04 melrode remix*
05 shamwood
06 pirate theme
07 indoors
08 limelin castle
09 sacred valley
0a cull hazard
0b epona theme
0c connor forest
0d battle
0e lake bottom
0f monastery
10 monastery remix*
11 monastery remix 2*
12 boil hole
13 limelin remix*
14 ending
15 fields
16 dries
17 blue cave
18 windward/glencoe forest
19 dondoran
1a lock kilder Isle
1b intro
1c lost melody*
1d another lost melody*
1e dirt nap
1f brannoch castle
20 mammon remix*
21 dark gaol
22 larapool
23 connor fortress
24 limelin
25 normoon
26 shannon's free
27 baragoon moor
28 ending remix*
29 mammon
2a credits remix*
2b victory

(Values with * beside them are, obviously, not used in the normal game..)

**This code only changes music when a music change is suppose to occur.

One way to use this code is to replace any music used in the game by using
it as an activator.
For example, you can replace "indoors" theme with something that's never
used in the normal game, like the monastery remix.

d008fcc1 0007 -when Brian enters an area with this music theme..
8008fcc1 0010 -this lost music will play instead!


Activator codes, "disable expansion" code,"no random battles" code and 
"Brian's HP" code from


Music modifier code has also been found by someone else, but I found it on my
own as well, including all the values I listed.  I also don't know who it was.
..so, nah-nah.

This guide must include credit to me and others accredited if copied on a

Feel free to spread this info around all you want, but be sure to include
proper explanations for codes that need them.

-Contacting Info-

If you have any questions, comments, or codes for Quest to add, you can
contact me via e-mail.
Make sure to atleast include the word "Quest" in the e-mail title, and send it


You can also contact me via pm at gamespot to the member name:


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