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Multiplayer Guide by Mark R

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 08/12/1999

                  # MULTIPLAYER GUIDE FOR QUAKE II #
                  #Version 1.0                     #
                  #By: Mark R                      #
                  #Email: hyrule_hero64@hotmail.com#
                  #Date: Thursday: 12.8            #

0.  Note
1.  Modes of Play
2.  Weapons
3.  Best Levels
4.  Tactics
5.  Scenarios/Games
6.  Thanks and end note thingy
_______________________________________________________________0.  Note

This is my latest FAQ for Quake II on the N64.  You may use this FAQ 
on your web site, if:
a) You do not alter it in ANY WAY,
b) You contact me via email to say that you are using it,
c) You leave this and the final message completely in tact.
If that's all okay then feel free to put it on your site! Hope you like
______________________________________________________1.  Modes of Play

I'm sure you've all played a Deathmatch multiplayer game before, but
just actually the Quake II multiplayer matches are _slightly_
different.  As usual, first you must run around grabbing weapons and
blasting your enemies [or friends] out of their army clothes.  But, 
when you think you're furthest enough in front, you've got to hunt out 
the end switch, and when pushed it will open a little cave with an
illuminated EXIT sign in it.  So jump in and hit it to win!

These are cool for more than three players, so get some friends round
and play them!  You can have:
o  2-on-2
o  2-on-1
o  or 3-on-1,
so you need three players at least to play.  Basically, if you are part 
of the team of two and you are against just one person, you two have 
one score-card, and so does he, instead of there being three 
score-cards.  So if you kill the guy, and if your team-mate kills him
too, it will not be 1-1-0, it will be 2-0.  It's easy and really cool,
as you can gang up on your friends!  Nice!

This is probably my second favourite multiplayer game.  Here's the
o  You can have teams, or be the only member of your team! Having one
man teams is cool, but if you have four friends, two-on-two teams
is better.  
o  Every team has a base.  The base is a flag which you must protect.
o  The idea of the game is to run to your opponents base, storm it
and steal the flag!  When you've got it, run quickly back to your 
base and touch your own flag and you get a point!  Easy!  This will
kill al the opposing team members, or as the CPU puts it on the
C.O.D [Cause of Death] screen, 'You Saluted Mark's beautiful flag.'
But that's only if your name is Mark.  Following this, your opponents
flag will be returned - aswell as your opponents themselves - to 
their base.  
o  If you are killed whilst carrying the flag, it will be dropped 
where you where killed.  And now all your opponents have to do is
to simply touch it to return it to their base.
I definately suggest you have a go on this one.

This is a great game, but I expect you've played it before in the
GoldenEye version, FlagTag I think.  Anyway, the idea is that 
there is one flag, instead of one for each team.  So, grab
the flag, then run around like a moron, avoiding all oncoming
firepower without weapons.  When you are killed, the flag is 
dropped and someone else will pick it up and it starts all over again.
Whoever's held the flag the longest when someone hits the EXIT
sign is the winner. 
TIP TO WIN:  Steal the flag and try to convince your friends that
it's not you!
____________________________________________________________2.  Weapons

This is totally pants.  Don't use this, unless it's in one of the 
scenarios, or to shoot secret switches!

Not really any good compared to any of the other guns on show.  Use as
a last resort only.

Getting better.  This is the gun I use most in one-player.  Packs a 
real punch, but has a slow re-loading time.  Use up close on the head
and you have a chance.

Fire this in short burst as the head, as it doesn't really have much else
going for it.  Upgrade is as quickly as possible to a...

Here we go.  Point this in the direction of your enemy and let 'er rip! 
It will spray bullets like nothing else in the game and can tear an 
opponent to pieces.  If you want to aim accurately, go for the head 
and neck area.  If your opponent is running away, just spray them
as much as possible.  Then when they turn the corner, injured, switch 
to a bigger gun and take your wounded opponent out!

These are terrible at close range, and not accurate enough at 
long-distance, so the only use for this is to bounce it off walls or
around corners.

DO NOT use at close-range becauuse, putting it simply, YOU WILL DIE!  
You'll injure yourself, if not kill yourself, and although your 
opponent will go down too, what's the point if you're down at the same
time?!  But these are much more accurate than the Grenade Launcher, 
so if you're at medium to long range lauch one forward and smack 
everyone out!  A solid choice of firepower, but I warn you, practise
with it first!

This is one of my favourite weapons, as it is just like the MachineGun
but it fires molten metal instead!  Yes!  Point it at your desired 
target and melt them!  It fires in bursts, like the ChainGun, and 
handles like the MachinGun, and has the power of a Super Shotgun 
shell!  Use it!  

It fires Uranium slugs at super high velocities.  It can take out
three enemies if they are in a line before smacking into the wall. 
It holds fifty shots.  That's one hundred and fifty kills if your
opponents are lined correctly and so are your shots.  You do the math.
[BUT, it does take time to re-load. And make sure you fire accurately,
because the shots have a bright-blue corskcrew tail following them,
and if you're sneaking up behind them, it shows.]

This gun RULES!  Charge it up and fire to totally humiliate your 
opponent.  Nice.
________________________________________________________3.  Best Levels

Although it is the first, and most basic level, it's still one that 
every will enjoy.  Whether the friends you are playing are real pro's
[like you are - or will be once you know this FAQ!] or total begginers,
the weapons are well laid out, aswell as the flags in FlagWars and 
DaethTag.  There are couple of lifts to lure your opponents up, a
nice sniping platform and a short jump to the exit.  A good all round

This is a good level to pick up a 'spraying' gun, such as a ChainGun
or a HyperBlaster, and chasing your opponent up and down the ramps, 
slowly sapping their health, and finishing them off when you get to the
big drop.  There is a secret button to shoot on one of the pillars at 
the bottom of a ramp.

I can't really describe this level in much more than a cool level.  
It's a matter of opinion: either you like this type of level, or you
don't.  Give it a whirl, drop me a line of what you think.

One words [or is it two?] - BFG 10K.  Run up the big ramp, the wall
that runs around the level, and at the end you _should_ find a power
up.  Following this, jump into the centre platform and pinch the 
BFG 10K and the other weapons on the 'shelves' around the platform.
Now take out a weapon, and shoot your opponents from the security of
the platform.  Now find a weakened opponent, and charge the BFG 10K
up and let it rip in the direction of a hapless enemy, or friend.  
After the kill, simply repeat the process for an easy win.  However,
whilst on the top of the wall, you are open to attack so be careful
and don't shout 'Hey look who's on top of the wall!  It's me! Ha ha
ha!  I'll get everything before you!' or everyone will turn and 
promptly point a HyperBlaster in your direction and blow you off the
wall.  Just run fast and quietly.

All the levels in Quake II are good, but I must say that these are my 
favourites.  Send me your own and why and I'll include them in the 
next version!
____________________________________________________________4.  Tactics

o  Don't use the BFG 10K in enclosed areas, as it's most likely that 
the explosion will take you down too.  
o  Contrary to what else you might hear, the best sniping weapon in 
Quake II is the Rocket Launcher, as it gives off a big explosion.  If 
you are good using the Grenade Launcher then bounce that off a wall,
as it hurts a little more.  However, it's much less predictable.
o  The BFG 10K is not a chasing weapon, so don't fire it off when 
you're chasing your opponent down or up a ramp.  Instead, injure them 
and polish them off in an enclosed room with a ramp leading into it.
Fire it and back up the ramp and the huge green explosion will 
electrocute your opponent, following by burning them to death.  Nice.
o  I'm sure you've heard this before, but circle your opponent to give
yourself an extra edge.
o  If you see your opponent in a room, run in with your guns blazing so
you can chase them around, and finish them at your mercy!  Ahahahaha!
o  Quake II is about guns, not tactics, so pick up a HyperBlaster and
melt someone!
____________________________________________________5.  Scenarios/Games

4 Players
FlagWars - 2 vs. 2 - Twists

Choose one member of each team to be the recon guy.  The other guys are
Each Recon goes to try and steal the other teams flag.  Easy, right?  
Then, to win the game, you must kill both members of the other team, 
before heading back to base with the flag.  And as the Recon can't 
shoot whilst holding the flag, the protector must kill two members of
the other team.
Note:  Say your flag has been captured.  You may not steal the other 
teams flag, but you may attempt to kill the Reocn guy and return your 
flag to base.  That's the only way to win.

3-4 Players
FragTeams - 3 vs. 1 - Empty Space

The best player plays as the person on their one.  The Tough Man is 
only alowed to use his blaster, or Shotgun, not the Super Shotgun, 
mind.  Everyone else can use any weapons, except explosive weapons, 
which means no Grenade Launchers, no Rocket Launchers, and absloutely
no BFG 10K.  First team to 10 kills wins.  Now you'll see if you really
are as good as you think!

Please email me your own scenarios to help fill this section!
_________________________________________6.  Thanks and end note thingy

Thanks to GameFAQs [http://www.gamefaqs.com/] for being the primary 
host of the FAQ.

Quake II(n64)
Produced By:   iD
Developed By:  Raster Productions
Published By:  Activision

As always, this FAQ is protected by International Copyright Law, so 
don't rip it off or stick your name on it!

Thanks for downloading! I hope it helps! Please email me at
hyrule underscore hero sixty-four at hotmail dot com! [Change it
around to make it work in an email program!.]

                #(c)Mark R                       #
                #<hyrule_hero64@hotmail.com>     #

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