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  • The game can sense if a Pokemon has moves it should not have naturally and shows them in purple text in menus and battle. While originally meant to be used as a call-out for cheaters using Action Replay, this can also happen if you teach a Pokemon moves through breeding (like teaching a Zubat the Gust move) in Silver/Gold and then trade them to the first generation games.

    Contributed By: Donald Love 87.

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  • Electabuzz was mistakenly given six fingers on each hand. This error was not fixed in the sequel.

    Contributed By: The Retro Goat.

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  • The first Pokémon Stadium game released internationally was actually the second released in Japan. The first was skipped over entirely because it actually did not have the full roster of Pokémon at the time.

    Contributed By: ZeoKnight.

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