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Pokemon battles in 3D; need I say more? 03/08/00 BMonkey
3D POKEMON FIGHTING! Oh my gosh...... 03/20/00 Bonkers
Pokemon is becoming the conspiracy Mega Man once was! 04/16/00 Brak
It seems Nintendo fired all their game designers and hired only marketing strategists 07/14/00 Casimiro
Pokemania has fully hit the N64! 03/07/00 Crusader
Pokemon Stadium, was it worth the wait? 03/11/00 Dark Man Z
Better than any other strategy/fighting game, but tends to have problems. But that's OK! 07/19/01 David M Farnworth
Pokemon - The Catching Element + Some Mini-Games = Pokemon Stadium 03/16/00 Emptyeye
Enough taking pictures! It time to battle!!!! 03/09/00 Funk Punk
The worst Pokemon game 07/18/00 Haunter12O
I wanna be the very best... 07/24/14 horror_spooky
A lot of fun, but not all that it could have been 12/24/02 I c h i r o
Just another game for the PokéHaters to diss. ^_^ 03/17/00 Jam
A Great Pokemon Game 03/12/00 KKnowlton
Pokemon Stadium is a Pokefans dream come true 03/30/00 Lonewolf73
Pretty Good, even by Today's Standards, Though it could Have Been Better... 06/30/08 LrdofArmageddon
A game that was highly-anticipated by PokeFans, but sadly, it does not live up to the hype. 07/23/00 MasterReviewer
Really entertaining - if you have six level 100 Pokemon. 06/17/08 MisterMarioMan
Seeing your Pokemon team in 3D...it can't get any better than this!! 06/13/04 PinKirby
Nothing Special... 05/09/03 PIW
Man I wanted to give this game a 1/10 so badly.... 07/16/01 Psycho Penguin
Worst Pokemon game ever...? Read on to find out... 01/21/05 TehShowstoppa
Pokemon Stadium: The Best Pokemon Yet 03/23/00 Tentomon
There's one attack that describes this game perfectly: Double Edge. 03/16/00 TimeBomb
Pokemon mania spreads like the Bubonic plague. Play this game now while you are still infected! 03/23/03 Tokyo Fusion
Has anyone found the point of splashing yet? 04/29/01 tuvok47
Pokemon battling is pretty COOL!!! 08/14/02 XtremeGundamX
One of the greatest games of all time 03/14/00 Zpeil

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