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  • Magikarp and Gyarados had their conception rooted in a piece of Chinese myth in which carp that are able to ascend a waterfall to reach a dragon's gate in turn become magnificent dragons. While this held little interest in the original Pokemon games, in Pokemon Snap it is highly evidenced by you needing to smack Magikarp into a waterfall to evolve it.

    Contributed By: KeyBlade999.

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  • Jynx's color was changed from black in the original to purple in the Virtual Console re-release due allegations of racism regarding Jynx's design. This was also changed in the main Pokemon games, and Jynx's canon color is now purple.

    Contributed By: The Retro Goat.

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  • Originally, Pokemon Snap was just to be a generic game in which one took pictures; however, it was thought such a game would be too boring for success, and thus Pokemon was mixed into it.

    Contributed By: KeyBlade999.

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Connection to Other Media

  • Pokémon Snap's protagonist, Todd Snap, has actually appeared in several episodes of the Pokémon anime.

    Contributed By: NintendoGirl777.

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