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Reviewed: 06/09/00 | Updated: 06/09/00

Here's a first.

Pokemon, Pokemon, Pokemon. Like it or lump it, it spread like wildfire through Japan and the U.S and Nintendo doing it best to keep up the craze. When the game was on the Game Boy, everyone (myself inculded) got hooked instantly. So a 64 game had to follow sometime, right?. The only problem is that Nintendo took the wrong approch at bringing the phnomenom to 3-D. Enter Pokemon Snap.

Graphics/9: Really good, all the Pokemon look just as much as they do on the T.V show. Except some look a little blocky while other look a little chubbier. Overall: Good.

Music&Sound/9: Well, there is music in the game, if you can heard it. Some tunes are good while others are...ehh. Sound is spot on, the camera some like it does in real life and Pokemon say there names very clearly. Nice

Story/8: Todd (who was on the show for a while in the second
season) is called on by Professer Oak to come to a new island and take pictures of the different Pokemon habitants living there. Not too shabby, at least it take a cue from the ''be the greatest Pokemon master'' routine.

Gameplay/8: Now to the core of the game. Pokemon Snap is a good game to play for a first time. In the first few levels you must take pictues of Pokemon to get points and more equiment which enable you to to find more Pokemon you could'nt get or find. As you move on, more stages (6 at the most) open up for you to explore. Along the way you'll came across a mission where you have to find signs which, when you collect, open the final level: Rainbow Cloud. This is great the first time. But after a while the funs wears thin and the game starts to get boring. Before long it will be in your sea of lost video games gathering dust.

All in all: Pokemon Snap is a nice and creative game and the
first (and proably only) of it kind. If your a huge fan of Pokemon, then help yourself. But if your mediocore, it a game rental at best. Still you might want to check it out.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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