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Reviewed: 10/04/05

The first, the last, the best, the worst, and the ONLY game I will EVER play about taking pictures!!!!!

Okay, I shouldn't try to hide it anymore. Yes, I was a pokemon fan, as was everyone who fell for the hype. (curse you, Pikachu!!!!) So, it seems natural that Nintendo would try to release a simple, terrible, low budget game to satisfy the pokemaniacs who would settle for anything as long as it had a pokeball or a Charizard in it.

Nintendo used this information to their advantage, and all of the fans completely missed it. (guess we were too busy exchanging our trading cards) Nintendo wanted to create a game that would put money into their pocketbook without taking too much time or money. The company surely realized that if they were to create a pokemon game, it would sell like Super Bowl tickets priced at $20. However, they would need to come up with a new theme or idea that would somehow separate this game from all the other pokemon games the company had or was about to dish out. Taking all of the above into account, Nintendo created Pokemon Snap, a game where you play as a photographer taking pictures of Pokemon for Professor Oak. It was a fast, easy game, it had a new idea, and it had pokemon in it. Need I say more?

Now that the pokemon fan in me has long since died, it is easy to notice all of the problems that this game had. There were a few levels, and in those levels, you assumed the role of a photographer who was sent out by Professor Oak to take pictures of Pokemon. That's it. There's the game right there. You hop in this little car that goes at speeds that you can increase and decrease, but not by a lot. You just really press a button to take a picture of a pokemon in motion. The better the photos you get, the more points you're awarded. You can get items when you get high scores, like apples and balls that explode with pink dust when you throw them. So, with these upgrades, you now can not only take photos of these pokemon, but now you can throw stuff at them. Fun! These items do come in handy when you need them to help locate hidden pokemon and get pictures, but that's it. That's the game right there: choose a course, take pictures, get evaluated, go to another course, get more pictures. Do that until you've gotten all 63 pokemon in the game, (what happened to the other 88 they had at the time?) and you've beaten it.

The graphics in this game aren't all that bad. The backgrounds and areas you are in are clear and look real. (at least, they did to me the last time I played this game 5 years ago) The pokemon themselves don't look awful either. Put simply, everything looks fine in the graphics department. While your character doesn't exactly look great, everything else looks fine. When you see an anime drawing of Professor Oak in his lab, he looks just like he does in the cartoons, which is pretty good.

SOUND: 2/10
Sound? Well, there's some quiet, annoying and repitive background music in all the levels. The balls that explode when you throw them make a nice "poof" sound. Sometimes pokemon roar or shout or simply say their name, but nothing too great there. You can play the pokeflute (an item you get along with apples and those exploding balls) and it plays a nice tune for five seconds. Oh, and you get to hear Jigglypuff sing. (insert Ben Stein's voice here) Wow. (end Ben Stein voice) Seriously, other than hearing pokemon roar, the annoying background music, and other sounds, there isn't much to listen to.

LENGTH: 2/10
This game will last you no longer than a week, and that's only if you're a loyal pokemon fan who still refuses to leave the franchise. That's perfectly fine with me if you're one of those people, but to everyone else, this game shouldn't last very long at all. This game took me weeks and months to beat, but that's only because I didn't know of the existence of FAQs or guides until I only had one pokemon left to photograph. Anyway, if you're determined to play this game through and not use a walkthrough, then this game might take you a little while to beat if you choose not to use any help. Just remember, I doubt anyone who isn't a pokemon fan will spend any time at all on this if for any reason he or she gets it.

Where is the replay value? Is it hiding in the waterfall with that Gyrados? No, it's nowhere. There's no replay value at all in this game. The only thing that will make someone want to play this game again is either because the inner pokemon fan in them hasn't left yet, or because they for some reason like this game. Who knows, maybe the player will want to be a photographer? Anyway, if you're the average gamer who has left the world of pokemon, then I am 99.9999999999999999999999999999999% sure you won't want to play this game again.

Total Score: 14/50
Averaged Score: 2.8 (rounds up to 3)

Buy or Rent?
Don't even consider going near this game if you aren't a pokemon now. I know it's not even fifteen dollars anymore, but don't buy it even then!

Rating:   1.5 - Bad

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