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Reviewed: 03/15/05

Grab your cameras... we're going out!

Introduction -

Pokemon Snap was released for the Nintendo 64 on 30 July, 1999, and ever since that date, people from all over have suddenly been overcome by their camera skills and ambitions of snapping photo shots. Weird, isn't it? Not if you're a Pokemon fanatic like me! Pokemon Snap is a very different game from all of the other Pokemon games out there - why? Because it's not a game where you 'catch 'em all!', it's a game where you.. 'snap 'em all!'. Literally. You are given a camera, and a few good choices of levels to play on, and your main goal is to take beautiful photographical images (pictures) of wild Pokemon in their natural habitat. It's quite interesting, really. It's more fun than one would think, and a great difference from the other Pokemon games. I tell you, me and my friends have spent HOURS on this game alone! Trying to get that PERFECT shot of wild Pokemon... and it's still just as fun as it was before! I think that if you don't own this game by now that you should get up, get out and buy it! Don't ask questions, just trust me! You'll certainly enjoy it.

Gameplay 9/10 -

While some people feel constricted of movement in the game, it actually is better than it seems. Although you are restricted to a specific path to follow, that is no detour of enjoying the game's cinema, sound effects, and, you guessed it: Pokemon! I enjoy the gameplay rather comfortably, and I realized that the constriction of movement on your own isn't a downside - it's a new challenge. One that you must accept if you venture into this game. I give Gameplay an A+.

Sound 8/10 -

While the music is somewhat enjoyable (not often enough), I concentrate more on the sound effects. The sound effects are especially useful when looking for a specific Pokemon (if you know your Pokemon and their cries, that is). The Pokemon cries/sounds are authentic in this game, as is everything else. The sound your camera makes while you snap photos is rather.... relaxing as you realize that you're now a slave to photography. I'll give the Sound a B+; neglecting an A+ because of the odd music, but nonetheless, great effects.

Controls 9/10 -

Rather simple, if you ask me. The controls are nothing to get used to. Especially over time. You'll get more used to them the more you play, and they couldn't be more fun to become accustomed to. Nintendo made the controls for this game specifically well for players who enjoy a relaxing photo shoot deep in the world of Pokemon! I give Controls an A+.

Replay Value? -

Pretty much 100%. Even if you clear a level, and end up capturing all Pokemon on film, you still get to play any level you want, and continue snapping pictures of the wild Pokemon, in an attempt of beating your old, high scores! Plus a few other surprises towards the end of the game. Replay Value is a definite bonus here.

Challenge? -

Yep. Challenge. A good one at that. Not only do you have to suffice with the affixed movement in the game, you also have to get used to close-calls, and above all, failure. But never fear: you get more than one chance. Even at rare Pokemon. I feel this game bears a fairly good challenge, especially near the end of the game... Why's that..? Oh, you'll have to figure that out for yourself.

Buy or Rent? -

Buy. As always. You'll do much better with your own, personal pictures of Pokemon. Taking it back to the rental store only means that you're submitting all of those great shots to another gamer who will almost inevitably erase your game! As each game can hold only one file at a time. I'd definitely BUY IT!

Conclusion -

Time to wrap things up here. If you like the reviews I've written, and the opinions I hold (and trust my taste), then you'll certainly want to purchase this game (if you haven't already) and indulge yourself deep into this awesome game! Trust me - you'll love it. At least I do.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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