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Reviewed: 11/15/99 | Updated: 11/15/99

No wonder why there's so many Pokéolics out there...

Well being my first ever N64 review, this game really makes me want to get an N64(don't bother because I don't own one!)! This game was going to be fun I knew that, but when I played it the game was a lot better than I had thought. Well enough talk and onto the review.

Graphics: 10/10

The graphics in this game are to put it at best, drop-dead gorgeous. The Pokémon in this game resemble their animé(sorry for the over accessive accents (0_0)) show perfectly. I've never seen a Pikachu so darn cute before, heck he looks better in 3-D than he does on the show, which is very hard to do. The environments in this game look very much like the T.V. show turned 3-D. The game never has a tendency to slow down, even with all the various moving Ponytas and flying Zubats and Haunters with all the apples(Poké food) I throw on the screen. The textures around the Pokémon are perfectly suited and are proportionate in size to the T.V. show, so you wouldn't see a Dragonite the size of Meowth. Very good job done overall.

Music/Sound: 10/10

This game didn't sport much loud music, but that's okay, its a kids game remember? The sound in this game while digitized, sound exactly like their T.V. counterparts, and they even react with sounds as well when you do some various things. I've hit a Pikachu with an apple(Poké food) and it bumped a little and shrouded and said "Pika...Pika" in a small tone, much like it was crying. Cruel yes, but this really impressed me. There was also this oter time when I zoomed in on a Magnemite and it would make these magnetic sounds and turn around in fear, once again cruel, but I was rather impressed. The ambient sounds do a nice job, mainly with the Poké voices and such, but with whistling waves of water and explosions coming from an Electrode, they all sound exactly the same from the T.V. show. Excellent!

Replay Value: 6/10

Well once you've beaten the that is pretty much it. The game is fairly long with about 15-20 hours of playing time total. You can always try to catch pictures of Mew or even that Dragonite I can't seem to find that I think appears every so often on the beach stage. Its fun to take pictures of the same stage all over again for the second, third, or maybe even the fourth time, but after that it gets a bit boring.

Gameplay: 10/10

Gameplay was purely sweet. Who ever thought oftaking pictures of your favorite Pokémon(while not all your favorites) could be so much fun? The game feels like one of those amusement park rides where you ride along a slow train and take pcitures, that's exactly how the game feels. The small puzzles aren't as exactly as easy as I thought it would be as everybody perscribed, like who ever knew throwing apples, which are called Poké food in the game, at an Electrode would take you to the Volcano stage? That's whats unique about it, then you have a Charmeleon wandering around the cooled lava ring around magma, throw Poké food at it and it will fall into the magma pit(don't worry, its a Fire Pokémon remember?) and evolve into a Charizard, NEAT! The game's overall element was very cool, you can throw Poké food at some odd distance away and a Vulpix will come running after it, possibly with another Vulpix, very cool. You also can knock over an egg in this Volcano stage and it will hatch into a Moltres from the magma or throw Poké food at an Electrode to watch it explode like I said earlier or when you zoom in on a Magnemite it emits an electromagnetic field and turns around in fear, although some may disagree the game's AI is very intelligent. You start off each area with 60 unused prints of film, don't use them prematurely otherwise you will miss out on the later Pokémon at the end of the stage. Once you have taken the pictures yout ake them back to Professor Oak's labratory through some gate at the end of each stage and show it to him. If its not recognizible, he will not bother with it, but if you do have a good shot of a Pokémon, he will give you some points on it. Based on the size of the shot taken, if its pictured in the center of the frame, and the pose will award you with points. Bonus points include if there are other Pokémon in the same shot or if you have an Electrode that is exploding. The overall concept of this game is REAL easy to pick up and should not be too difficult. Besides with all those cute Pokémon like Evee, Pikachu, Squirtle, and even Meowth who couldn't resist buying the game? Excellent job overall.

Overall: 9/10

If the game had been longer and all the 151 Pokémon were in it, the game would have obviously gotten a higher score. But maybe Pokémon Snap 2 will have all 151 Pokémon plus the additional 100+ new Pokémon from Gold/Silver and that should please anybody to buy the game, but then again it would make me most definitely buy an N64. Any Pokémon fan should pick this one up, or maybe if you haven't tried a new genre, this is a perfect game for anybody.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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