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Reviewed: 08/18/01 | Updated: 02/09/03

I thought that if I hit a Pokemon over the head with an apple, I'd get its attention. Ha.

I feel violated by Nintendo.

They used to be the object of my affection, a noble deliverer of outstanding games. Everyone's favorite characters were owned by them - Mario, Link, and the like. Yes, those were the days.

Now they do Pokemon.

It seems that the mighty Nintendo has fallen to commercialism and greed. It's been milking the Pokemon license for all it's worth, and just when you think Pokemon is dead, they pop out another half-finished game like this one to gain the attention of the 4-8 year olds amongst us.

Half-finished, terrible, and stomach turning can all be used to describe this game. Here's why -


Actually, these show a lot of effort. The Pokemon are seamlessly rendered, and the environments look very real. The animation can be a bit flawed at times, such as the galloping Rapidash missing a step. There's not much that can be said about lighting - everything and everyone seems to be one shade, unaffected by shadows or anything. It seems that Nintendo put more work into the graphics than the rest of the game.

Graphics get a 9/10.


The good scores stop here. The Pokemon say nothing except one line - their names. Their tone of voice barely even changes, either. The sound effects are standard, repetitious, and very boring. The only sound effects in the game, really, are:

Wheeew. Screech! Wheeew. Wheeew. Zoom. Click. Click.

That's it. Also, the music gets very annoying after the game forces you to repeat the level for the 400th time trying to find a stupid switch. All the music consists of is varied unusual instruments that play for 10 seconds before looping themselves and playing again. This is generally what the game sound like on the whole:

Boodle boodle. Meowth! Screech! Zoom. Click. Bing. Wheeew. Wheeew. Butterfreee-eee-eee! Wheeew. Zoom. Click. Boodle boodle.


Sound gets a 3/10.


Point. Click. A to throw an apple, B for a Pester Ball, R to go faster, and C Down for your stupid flute. That's all, no more in the play control department. Have fun.

Control gets a 5/10.

Game Design/Play:

Uh oh.

Well, there's so much badness to cover that it's hard to find a place to start. Oh. Let's start with sheer lack of replay value. There is absolutely no reason whatsoever to replay the game once you have beaten it. There are challenge scores that do absolutely nothing if you beat all of them, making it a completely useless innovation. The point and shoot made it feel like your character was using a disposable camera rather than a real camera. There should have been zoom, focus, and a lot more things to make it more realistic. Also, the game is just about the epitome of laziness. The game feels strangely half finished - 6.25 courses (the .25 given for a horribly useless Rainbow Cloud level in which you take pictures of Mew) each which contain about 10 different kinds of Pokemon. There are also only 63 Pokemon - shameful. Barely 1/3 of the Pokemon made it in here! Also, they reserved about 10 spots for totally lame Pokemon like Pidgey, Kakuna, and many others, and there are WAY too many Pikachu poses. It's time to get Pokemon a new mascot. Some of the Pokemon are impossible to get very good scores on because you're usually out of visual range by the time they do something worth snapping. Also, finding the Signs was completely pointless and just felt like something thrown in to make the game seem longer. I could go on and on but I'm only going to live for another 85 years, so I'd better stop while I'm ahead.

Game Design/Play gets a - you guessed it -: 1/10


Hardly. What's the point of taking the same pictures of the same Pokemon over and over and over? Unless you're looking for an extremely high priced hockey puck, stay far away from this game.


Nintendo, Nintendo, Nintendo. What have you done? You used to make such wonderful games. Now you've been sucked into Pokemon. Let's just pray that they don't have too many Pokemon games for GameCube - or is that a little too much to ask for?

Overall, Pokemon Snap receives a 2/10.

Rating:   1.0 - Terrible

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