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Reviewed: 11/01/99 | Updated: 07/05/02

Being the first game of pokemon for N64, the programmers and staff did a good job.

My review is about the first game of photography ever made for the american N64, of course I'm talking about Pokemon Snap. In this game you control a character named Todd, (of course you could change the name if you want to.) who is summoned by Prof.Oak to take pictures of the pokemon that live in Pokemon Island, so he can get a better study of them, he also tells you that catching Pokemon in the island is absolutely forbidden, because if people came to catch he pokemon, in little time, all of the pokemon will be gone from the island. You travel in a vehicle named Zero-1, it runs on rails, so forget on running over that Pikachu. The only levels where you actually SEE the rails are the Beach, Tunnel, and Volcano. There are 63 pokemon in the game but they are not in order, meaning that you wont see any Venusaurs nor any Blastoises roaming around. That's also why I gave this game a 9, It would have matched up with Zelda, the Occarina of Time if it had included the rest of the Pokemon. This game is easy, for you veteran players out there including me, I passed the game in 4 days, and that's because I took my time, If you are in a hurry, you could easily finish the game in 1 day. To take good pictures, you must use everything your Arsenal has, but you DO need to get far in the game to get your arsenal complete, where was I? Oh, yeah, you need to use your arsenal to take excellent pictures, like for example, if you play the Pokeflute near pikachu, he goas "PPPPIIIIIIKKKKKKKAAAAAACCCCCHHHHHHUUUUU!!!!" and he starts throwing lighting, or throw pokemon food in between two magmars, and see them fight, or in the Cave,to get a Ditto, throw pesterballs at the Bulbasaurs, or use the turbo to go down the valley real fast, hahahahaahahahaha, oops, I kinda got carried away, but that's what the game is all about, you get absorbed in the game, that's also one of the reasons the game is so fun, you get in it you actually find yourself screaming at the pikachu "Smile, darn it, smile!" Also, when you finish the game, they give you a challenge score, and believe me, it is VERY difficult to surpass. Being one of the first games made for pokemon in the Nintendo 64, it is very good, the graphics are great, the music average, the Sound effects good, and the playablity excellent. THis review will help decide people who are still in thought of whether or not to buy this fabulous game, named Pokemon Snap.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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