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Reviewed: 11/01/99 | Updated: 07/05/02

A nice game...although could of used a few more courses and Pokémon...

Well, this game's graphics are EXCELLENT!!! The graphics are all bright and colorful(knowning Nintendo, you should know that), and all of the 63 Pokémon look identical to their Game Boy counter parts. The levels look pretty nice too, especially the volcano course.

There is sorta like a story. Prof. Oak invites Todd(you) to Pokémon Island to take pictures of Pokémon for his PKMN report, where only Pokémon live in harmony without the interference of humans. But who cares about the story, right? :)

The sound is great, too. From Pikachu's "pika" sounds, Jigglypuff's singing, the water flowing on the valley course, and also the sound of throwing Pokémon food, and Pester Balls. The flute sounds nice, and it's funny when Snorlax starts to get up and dance. I gotta admit though, Jynx sounds kinda annoying when she's dancing or whatever.

I like the music a lot, mainly because it fits right in with the levels. I was suprised that it's not really annoying like I thought it would be.

Replay Value-7/10
This is where Pokémon Snap disapoints. It's all great, until you've reach every level in the game. Then, you have to go back and beat Pokémon Academy's high scores, which some people might not be too willing to do. The Rainbow Cloud level is BAD. It's just a waste of space. Seems like Nintendo just put it in the game to fill up that last little space on the course selection screen. It only has one Pokémon on the entire level(Mew), and after you play it once you probably won't be playing that level again. The other courses are great though, and filled with many Pokémon. I have one other complaint though. Some more Pokémon would have really helped the game since there is only 63 in the game out of a possible 151 Pokémon in the two Game Boy games(soon to be three).

All in all this is a really great game and your first chance to see Pokémon on the N64, unless you count Super Smash Bros. which includes Pikachu in its choice of characters. It's DEFINATELY worth a rent, but think about it, before you buy it. If you're a real Pokémon freak you'll probably buy this game even if I gave it a 1. Gotta snap 'em all!:)

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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