Review by BJinjo

Reviewed: 11/01/99 | Updated: 07/05/02

A great game!but could have had more pokemon and levels

This is the first Pokemon game for the Nintendo 64,the story of thegame is that Professor Oak wants you to take Pictures of the Pokemon on this Islandso he can study them.Sound Easy enough?The only big problems with it for me is its waytoo short,it should have had more levels,and it only has 63 of the 151 Pokemon.

Graphics 10/10

look its game about takin Pictures graphics is like its backbone.The Pokemon in the game are Awesome,too bad theres only 63 outta the 151 Pokemon.

Sound 8/10The Music not much,but it is fun to listen to each Pokemon say it's own little thing.

Controls 9/10the controls are simple joystick turns where your looking,Z held down will focus cameraA with Z held down snaps a picture,A by itself throws Pokemon Food,B throws Pester ballC down plays flute,the other three Cs turn the camera to the right,left,and behind quickly,and R speeds upThe only complaints from me with the controls is that the screen doesn't move fast enough for me with the Joystick.

Replay value 9/10you will be going back to every level probably more than once to either build up your score,or get a Picture you missed.

well there you have it,a truly innovative and fun game,but short,I suggest thisonly to Pokefreaks(like myself) or nature Photographer shouldn't take over 2 days to getall 63 Pokemon's pictures,and most will probably get all 63 in one day.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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