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Reviewed: 11/01/99 | Updated: 07/05/02

Cartoon character, Todd, after leaving the group is asked by Professor Oak to conduct research at Pokemon Island with only a camera and a few items.

-This game is great! I have been waiting for a camera game ever since I played this PC ganme called "Dinosaurs". In that you go around and take pictures of the particular dinosaur you must photograph. Pokemon Snap beats that game to death. I do recommend renting before buying because a lot of people don't liek this game and whine and complain that tehy bought it and beat it in a day. Big deal? Keep playing it is what I say.

-The game is not difficult at all. It's basically just fun. There are only two hard parts in the whole game which aren't even that hard.

-This game has lots of humor, like hitting Pikachu with pokemon food and knocking him out, or doing the same with gas filled pester balls. Finding the fake Bulbasaurs straight from the Ditto episode of the cartoon show. Very funny, I enjoyed the humor.

-The game control is pretty good. easy to understand, I like it. Nothing special about it.

-This game is only about fun. After beating it, which shouldn't take long, it is up to just relax and have fun. Take cool pictures and just chiiiilll.

-The story is ok. It's pretty cool since it takes place after Todd leaves the cartoon show. It goes right in with the cartoon show.

The Story:

Todd from the cartoon Pokemon show, after leaving while Ash, Brock, and Misty (and Pkachu!) go to Cinnabar Island, Todd decides to take pictures of more Pokemon. Little did he know, the great Professor Oak from Pallet Town would call him up and ask him to conduct research at Pokemon Island. All Todd would haveto do is take pictures of Pokemon living naturally. No trainers. No catchers. Todd agrees and is ready for his own adventure.

-The designing is good but not exactly what I expected. I was expecting the Pokemon to be scattere all over differently every time you play...but they're always in the same place. It's still fun though, I love it.

-The graphics are great! It is really fun to see 63 Pokemon in 3D. They are very well done.

-The sounds are good and bad. The pokemon sounds are great but Professor Oak hardly says anything so it is pointless to hear him.

-The music is...terrible! I could make better tunes with a drum! The music is dumb and very annoying.

Sounds - 9
Fun - 10
Humor - 9
Difficulty - 7
Game Control - 9
Music - 6
Story - 7
Graphics - 10
Game Design - 9

Extremely fun!
Not as frustrating as most Nintendo games.
GREAT graphics!
Too easy.
Only 63 out of 151 pokemon
Horrible music

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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