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Reviewed: 07/21/01 | Updated: 10/06/02

Finally, you get the chance to shoot Pokémon! Hey, wait a minute...this is a camera, not a gun! DAMN!

I can still remember how overly hyped this game was. Pokémon Snap was released at a time where the Pokémon popularity had pretty much peaked, and as the ''first Pokémon game on N64'', this game was almost guaranteed to sell. And it did. But when gamers finally played it, they learned that Nintendo's overall attitude was ''Why bother pushing it? It's Pokémon, so it'll sell. Time for a vacation!''

What happened to you, Nintendo? Your materialistic ways become more apparent each day. Sigh...

Graphics: 8.5/10
Sure, the graphics are nice, but you know the old saying, ''a (beautiful) rose has its thorns''. Just because the graphics are good, doesn't mean the fun factor is.

The graphics are very similar to Pokémon Stadium. The animation is fluid and everything is sharp. There are also cool special effects, such as smoke, water, and fire. While the graphics aren't as good as that of Rogue Squadron or Perfect Dark, it's still very nice to look at. Plus, there are no graphical glitches, which is always good. I just wish that the resolution was higher, but that would probably kill the smooth frame rate.

Sound FX: 7/10
Don't expect super audio just because Factor 5 worked on it. All the Pokémon voices are here, along with a very few amounts of minor sound effects, such as your car screeching to a stop before you ''accidentally'' (hehe) run over a Pokémon. Don't expect to be wowed.

Music: 6.5/10
This is proof that Factor 5 hates us. It's the same little babyish music that's in almost all N64 games nowadays. I can see all of these tracks being in a newborn's mobile. Kids will love it and hum it to you until you commit suicide.

Game Play: 3.5/10
God, this game is short! I mean, come on...I'm almost positive a skilled person could beat it from start to finish it 100% in less than a half hour. That means getting all items, unlocking/completing all levels, and taking pictures of all Pokémon.

Speaking of the Pokémon, not even half of the 151 creatures made it into this game! This is more proof of Nintendo's laziness. This game would get a higher score if all 151 Pokémon were in the game, and an even better score if the Gold/Silver Pokémon were in. But for now, you only get 63 to take shots of. I wouldn't be surprised if Nintendo released Red/Blue versions of this game to milk the franchise further.

The control is fine. It's easy to do all the commands with almost any controller position, mostly because there's so damn little to do...

Replay value? Hah, that's funny. Once the game is beat, all you have left to do is finish the Pokémon report with pictures of all 63 creatures, and try to beat your individual photo scores by just a few points.

On the plus side, I've never seen a game with the premise of taking pictures before. This game gets 100/10 for innovation. At one point, you could buy a Snap card from Blockbuster Video ($5) and print some of your photos by bringing your cartridge to Blockbuster. I haven't seen any of the Snap stations for months, however. It sucks, because I still have an unused Snap card! ;)

- Innovative!
- Great graphics
- Good audio
- Printing photos is fun

- Short
- Not all 151 Pokémon are in
- This game is proof of Nintendo's laziness
- A record low for Factor 5 and their audio quality (it's not bad, but they've done MUCH better)

Bottom Line
Innovation does not constitute quality!

Rating:   2.0 - Poor

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