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Reviewed: 01/28/08

Very Fun!

Pokemon Snap was a fun game in the Pokemon Video Game franchise. I guess that's what I should call it. Pokemon Snap brought all Pokemon of the series together in different places and mixed it in with Prof. Oak and the character who takes the photos.

What you basically do in the game is take photos of every Pokemon you see, tons of photos, then you have to choose the right photo for Prof. Oak to store. You will get some blurry photos, but it's okay. I know, I know. This sounds boring. "All you do is take a picture. Wow." It's actually a lot of fun. You go to a lot of places and see a whole lot of interesting things as if you're actually there. Still doesn't sound fun? Oh well.

Graphics - Since I already basically went over the Gameplay, I'll go with the graphics. The graphics are 3d and great. You see Pokemon in nice detail. It may not look like Xbox 360 graphics with Mass Effect and Halo 3, but it's still great. The prof. talking was also great voice acting and mouth movements, too.

Sound - The sound was great. I haven't played this game in so long that I don't remember and I left my Nintendo 64 in New Orleans so I can't play it now, but I remember it was great and had great music. (Too many greats). I loved to hear the clicking and Pokemon and birds flapping their wings who are actually different types of Pokemon. It was relaxing and it can make you feel like you are on an actual tour.

Control - The control isn't at all bad. The camera frame moves as I move, so it's more realistic for the players.

Challenge - This game isn't really hard. It's very easy. It's not like you will die. This game will probably take you about eight hours to finish. Or it would take an afternoon and night, go to sleep, wake up, and continue playing for twenty through thirty minutes. Pretty easy.I almost said "years" instead of "hours". Rofl. Okay, okay let's continue the review. Or end.

Overall - The game is a great game. You can not argue with a great game. I thought it was fun, others may think it's the worst game in the world, but I enjoyed the relaxing Pokemon and taking pictures of them. Maybe that's because I loved taking pictures in real life when I can. This is also a fun game for photographers I might mention.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Product Release: Pokemon Snap (US, 06/30/99)

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