Review by TheHoldSteady

Reviewed: 01/24/08

A great fun game. Until you complete it.

Introduction : Pokemon Snap is not worth downloading. It has absolutely no replay value whatsoever. Once you fill out your Pokemon report, there is nothing to do except take more pictures. On the other hand, it is fun trying to get different views of Pokemon, although the professor has almost no taste in pictures.

Graphics: 5/10 The Pokemon could be more realistic, but come on people, this is back 6 or 7 years ago? It is a lot better then a flat Pikachu walking. Not as good as it can be, but it’s alright for a game that was made in the “good old days”.

Controls: 7/10 Yeah, it is not perfect either, but it’s ok. There are no button combos, and they are easy to use for anyone. You can throw apples with a press of a button. It’s actually that simple.

Story .5/10 Seriously, what is the story? Instead of a trainer, you are a photographer? You have no rivals, no real goal. .5/10 is being soft about it. If there was actually going to be a sequel, I would like to see a story mode. If you like games that have a good plot, then do not download this off of the Virtual Console. You will be amazed at how little effort was put into this games story.

Replay Value 2/10 First of all, the Pokemon are scripted. They do the same things every time you replay a level. This is horrible. You can change what they do, but then they are scripted. Say if you were a real photographer. When you took a picture of a bird flying into a cloud, every time you went to that location to take a picture, you wouldn’t see the same exact bird doing the same exact thing would you? The only reason you would want to download it is if you had never played it, but chances are that you will end up deleting it for space on your Nintendo Wii afterwards.

Sound: 5/10 Yes, nothing special. The Pokemon all make noises the same exact way when you go to a level, so it is also repetitive. I personally prefer playing the pokeflute during a course, as it is very relaxing background music

ConclusionFor back then, this game was just amazing. Now, “Wii expect more.” If you want to download it, as you are not going to find it in your local store. But take my advice, once you finish the report, you will not be playing again.

Overall Score: 4/10


Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Product Release: Pokemon Snap (US, 12/10/07)

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