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Reviewed: 12/21/07

'Snap' up this game! Oh, I kill me...

Ah, Pokemon Snap. A Nintendo 64 game that many people loved. It was a sleeper hit (a game which was popular, but not well-known), and had gameplay barely seen in other games. Very few games were about taking pictures of stuff. But when the N64 came out, Game Freak decided to create a game where you take pictures of Pokemon. Seems boring in a way, right? Wrong. It was extremely fun, and many loved it, even non-Pokemon fans. There were even booths where you could print off your pictures. Today, it is the 7th best selling N64 game out. Nintendo decided to bring out Pokemon Snap for the Virtual Console, but with an added bonus that pleased many fans: you could send pictures to the Wii Message Board and do whatever: edit them, send them to friends or even marvel over your wonderful pictures.

Gameplay: 10/10

This game has an excellent formula. Using the on-rails Zero-One, take pictures of many Pokemon for Professor Oak, and rack up the points with categories such as Size and Pose. You could also get the Pokemon into poses, such as leading Pikachu onto a surfboard to get Surfing Pikachu or hitting Weepinbell into a pool to evolve it into Victreebel. It's a simple formula, but it works and is very successful. Even when the game is finished, you can play Challenge mode for mega replay value. Many people still played the original years after buying it. It's one of the best, if not the best, photographer game ever (but on the other hand, there's not many of those).

Then there's the new feature added: sending photos. You can send photos you have taken to the Wii Message board. This is an excellent feature that's been added to a great game, and many people love this feature. This adds replay value, as you will want to send more and more pictures to your friends.

Story: 3/10

There's not much of a story. Professor Oak has asked you to take pictures of Pokemon in their natural habitats on Pokemon Island. You must go through some levels and get these Pokemon's pictures and earn points. Near the end, you're asked to find Pokemon Signs to reveal the secret of the island. Nothing big, but this game wasn't suited for a big story.

Sound: 4/10

Like the story, the sound isn't exactly mind-blowing, but it's OK. The music is quite quiet like an animal photographer's area would be, so that's a good point. The music isn't exactly rememberable, or at times audible (maybe because of the Pokemon's cries or because you're not concentrating on it), but it's not frustrating. As for the Pokemon's cries, they're nice to hear. They don't use the cries heard in the main Pokemon games, they use the ones where they say their names, which is a nice touch.

Graphics: 8/10

Sure, for today's standards, the graphics aren't mind-blowing, but these won't have different graphics from the N64 version. The graphics are quite good here. You can clearly see the Pokemon and it's a good sight to see, as it may be important in some parts of the game. Many people will like the cool and cute poses seen in the game, such as giving Vulpix some food to eat.

Accessibility: 10/10

Pokemon Snap is easily accessible. The gameplay screen shows you the controls, so it's difficult to forget. This is a game you can easily pick up (well, not literally, otherwise you may accidentally break your Wii or damage wires) and play.

Fun Factor: 10/10

This game is so fun to play. Trying to get all Pokemon in many poses and getting many points is very enjoyable, and it will make you repeatedly come back to the game time and time again. Sending pictures to your friends and editing photos is quite fun as they can comment on your photos, send you some and even have contests with you.

Transition to Virtual Console: 10/10

This game has been brought to the Virtual Console in perfect condition. It's like playing the game on the N64 again. Nothing has been taken away from it, even with the inclusion of sending photos to the Wii Message Board. It's an excellent transition, one of the best on the Virtual Console. It even suits the Classic Controller setup well, which is great news.

Length/Replay value: 7/10

This game is quite short. Many people can complete it in two hours, so length isn't the best. Replay value, on the other hand, is excellent. Getting the best picture you can provides lots of replay value, and Challenge Mode is a great way to take lots of pictures.

Overall: 8/10

This game isn't perfect, especially with the length, but it is a great game for Pokemon fans and non-fans alike. You should definitely try it, by buying it or renting it, but it is a great purchase and can last you ages.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

Product Release: Pokemon Snap (EU, 12/11/07)

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