Review by MoNkEyZzZzey

Reviewed: 12/17/07

Good game, but boring once completed.


Pokemon Snap, the very first 3D Pokemon game created for the Nintendo 64 (Played on the Wii now). The game used to be a 60% failure game when it was first released, but then it got onto the Wii, it has gotten better because you can save your photo onto the Wii Message Board for the Photo Channel or to send it to friends. The game is still the same, no changes to controls, items, levels, etc.

Graphics: 8/10

This can be either the best part about the game or just plain normal. The graphics are pretty good but it can sometimes ruin the game with the bad display, but its still good overall. The graphics aren't that strong but it can still somewhat satisfy you in a way.

Story: 3/10

Nothing special about the story. Professer Oak wants you to photograph all the pokemon and unlock all the stages then later in the game, he wants you to find rare pokemon signs with represent a pokemon.

Gameplay: 7

The main role of Pokemon Snap is photographing Pokemon for your Pokemon Report and to help Professer Oak with his research. This may sound easy but it can be challenging at some point like getting a good shot, attract a Pokemon's attention, discover hidden secrets of the pokemon and its surroundings, etc. The items must be used atleast twice in every course to either find hidden pokemons or finding some secrets of the course (Pokemon Signs)

The game is like a alright game and worth the money/points if you are into pokemon and like photographing.

Replay Value: 5

This game can be beaten in about 1-3 hours if you know how to beat the game but to some new players it may take about 2-6 hours to complete the whole game. Once you have beaten the game, there is a new Challenge Score mode in every course to see if you can reach enough points to beat the Challenge Score. The replay value isn't as good, just to take better shots of the same Pokemon you photographed before. It can be addicting to some people but to some, they just either let it sit on the floor for months and never play it again, or they just sell it.

<Final Score: 8/10

This game is all about photography and interacting with the pokemons in sight. But it can be very boring once completed.

I recommend this game to Pokemon fans and that likes to send photos to friends or editing them (Wii).

Rating:   4.0 - Great

Product Release: Pokemon Snap (US, 12/10/07)

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