Review by Dave 008 Bond

Reviewed: 03/13/01 | Updated: 03/13/01

Oh my gosh! Nintendo killed Pokemon!

It was bound to happen. Pokemon, (Nintendo's cash cow) has finally landed on the Ninendo 64. But on there way they must broken some bones, because the game plays worse than a monkey driving a space ship!
All you do is shoot Pokemon...... with a camera. I wonder why Nintendo thought we needed a PHOTOGRAPHY game. I hope everyone remebers that Pokemon WAS an rpg. Maybe they wanted to tide up fans up untill Pokemon Stadium came out? But of course this was going to happen someday, because all good game's sequel's become trash.

Graphics 7.9/10
The games strong point. The Pokemon like they do on the TV show and the places were you take pictures are cleverly designed. Todd looks kind of bad, he has lots of noticiable pixels on him. But the worst thing about these is sometimes the Pokemon look like they are drunk! ( Snorlax and Meowth). Overall these graphics are good but could use some inmprovement.

Story 1/10
You are some kid who wants to take pictures of Pokemon. What kind of story is that?

Sound 2.6/10
REALLY could have used some improvment. The Pokemon sound as dumb as they are supposed too, so now you can listen to the horror on your TV! The camera noise is fun at first, but after hearing it for five minutes you will want to puke. The music is the worst I have ever heard on a Nintendo 64. I thought I was playing my NES when I heard this music! Overall these sound NEED improvement.

Gameplay 1/10
Of course, photography wasn't meant to be a video game. All you do is take some pictures of the Pokemon, (There is only 65/151!) and it is way too easy, to make things even worse! You just move along a pre set path taking pictures of the bloodthirsty(Not really) Pokemon that run in front of your vehicle and dance drunkingly. Then you finally get over your dissapointment and make it to a new level. Then you open a new course, and you become dissapointed again! Every once in a while you will recieve a new item, which usually has no effect on the pokemon! Really all it does is it will make them freez for two seconds and then they just fly out of your reach. Why don't the Pokemon try to kill each other! That is what happened in the original Pokemon, ohh I forgot! Nintendo wants to market Pokemon to all ages, which means the Pokemon can't fight, because then it wouldn't be for all ages! So the only thing the Pokemon will do is dance! Overall if you are looking for a fun videogame, buy Goldeneye or Rush 2049, because you won't find any fun here!

Control 8/10
I have to admit the control is good. Nintendo creates a easy to play game like they have always done, so almost anyone can pick it up and play confortably. Unfortunitally the Gameplay lays this section to waste.

Replay Value N/A
You will not want to play this ''Game'' again after you beat it, (It takes about ten minutes to beat the game. This is how Nintendo markets a game to all ages!)

Challenge 1/10
It only takes about fifty minutes to beat the game. Even a two year old could beat it in that time. Overall this game is insultingly easy. Is this really a Pokemon game?

Buy or Rent?
Why would you play this game, when you could play Zelda or Goldeneye instead?

Overall 3/10
For a game that could have been a classic, look how badly it failed. Whoever had the ''wonderful'' idea of making this game, should be Chokeslammed by The Undertaker and then tied to a pole, where they would be shot in the arm by James Bond. Bad Nintendo. Bad, bad Nintendo.

Rating:   1.5 - Bad

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