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A Must Have Classic for the N64 09/02/08 _cat5
A nice game, with one flaw. 06/21/04 Adori
Cartoon character, Todd, after leaving the group is asked by Professor Oak to conduct research at Pokemon Island with only a camera and a few items. 07/05/02 AMorozin
A great game!but could have had more pokemon and levels 07/05/02 BJinjo
Pokemon Snap - Less Pokemon, Great Graphics 07/05/02 BlueEye
Kodak Moment 06/11/13 carnage54
I thought that if I hit a Pokemon over the head with an apple, I'd get its attention. Ha. 02/09/03 Combat Crustacean
This game is way too simple, but has a snap to it. 07/06/05 computerguy1489
*Click* 1 more pokemon sign to go! 01/03/08 Corey105
Oh my gosh! Nintendo killed Pokemon! 03/13/01 Dave 008 Bond
A good attempt at a new genre using Pokémon but could have been better 02/13/01 Dranis
Pokemon Snap: The Most Unique Pokemon Game Ever 08/11/08 evilgidgit
Here's a first. 06/09/00 Funk Punk
Snap Is Crap 10/27/08 IPassedA10
A game that is easy to learn, but hard to master. 07/05/02 Jason0007
How fun can taking some pictures be? 07/05/02 JBark
It's a unique game and it has a surprising amount of depth. Time spent is time enjoyed. 01/28/08 jhurvid
Very Fun! 01/28/08 joeyissoweird
Finally, you get the chance to shoot Pokémon! Hey, wait a minute...this is a camera, not a gun! DAMN! 10/06/02 LordAtomic
A nice addition to the Pokemon Mania, but way too short..and way too easy. 07/05/02 MasterReviewer
A whole different kind of game. 08/30/01 MI4 REAL
Good game, but boring once completed. 12/17/07 MoNkEyZzZzey
Great game, excellent if you are planning on becoming a photographer 07/05/02 Nick_
A picture is worth a thousand words. But this game is not 11/30/09 Quilavatrainer
A good game any pokemon fan should own 07/05/02 Robbie
A nice game...although could of used a few more courses and Pokémon... 07/05/02 Sam1230
A fun game that ends too soon. 07/05/02 Seesaw
Pokemon reaches N64 in the U.S.!! 01/24/00 shark404
Grab your cameras... we're going out! 03/15/05 shiningstone
Despite being an obvious marketing ploy, Pokemon Snap was still made with quality in mind 08/08/04 Shinnokxz
Pokémon finally makes it to the N64. 07/05/02 Tenshi No Shi
A great fun game. Until you complete it. 01/24/08 TheHoldSteady
This game has pretty sweet graphics but its just to short. 07/05/02 Truegamer
Being the first game of pokemon for N64, the programmers and staff did a good job. 07/05/02 Wolf

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