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I ashume you've heard of Ms. Dark? 09/09/09 Crestfallen Dreamer
A definite tribute to the pinnacle of FPS gaming. 03/18/13 Malkmus
The most addicting multiplayer game I've ever played, and superior to it's predecessor in every single way 05/25/07 ABlaster
Insert clichéd pun on the word perfect here. 06/08/03 acidslayer57
One of the best shooters I've ever played - still holds up today 10/29/13 Allidoisreview
Superb Semi-Sequal with Perfect Multiplayer 03/18/01 Az_Za
Some say "Perfect". I say not quite so. 12/03/13 BimmyandJimmy
Is Perfect Dark, Perfect? No. 09/02/00 BommerMan
What Is 06/30/08 DandyQuackShot
The name is Dark...Joanna Dark 06/01/00 Dangerous K
Just a bit short of Perfect. 05/12/01 Derek Zoolander
Perfect. 06/09/09 dTerent
This game is perfect....almost a little TOO perfect.... 01/14/08 Eric43
Who needs GoldenEye when you can have Perfect Dark? 01/07/02 Jaksiel
To Be Played With By Adults After Dark?! 05/16/05 Light_Inside
Now that I look back on it, Goldeneye was better. But I am Still laughing in PlayStation owners faces! 07/18/01 matt91486
This is the second reason you bought an N64 09/07/06 Millers C
An amazing follow up to Goldeneye although it doesn't live up to all of the hype 04/26/01 Ninjak
An almost perfect sequel to Goldeneye... 10/15/02 nzgamefaqs
Finally, Bond can safely be retired. Make room for the best, Make room for PD. 07/21/00 Salpedro
Must…resist…urge to keep…N64…getting…stronger… 05/02/04 shneepshnop
Simply one of the best games ever made. 02/12/07 Storm101
A great First Person Shooter with lots of replay value! 12/08/05 Super Slash
I couldn't tear myself away!!! 06/05/00 TheBiggah
Perfect is An Understatement 03/24/08 TheRedneck14
Nintendo 64 didn't need Samus Aran, it had Joanna Dark! 12/09/10 Zylo the wolf

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