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Glitch FAQ by TripleRaid

Version: 2.7 | Updated: 03/28/01

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Other site you can find this document:
http://www.doacentral.com - My Dead or Alive site.

       Thanks Dingo Jellybean for letting me use your copyright notice.

Unpublished work Copyright © 2000 TripleRaid

::: Table of Contents :::

    1.2 Introduction
    1.3 Sending in your Glitches
    1.4 Updates

    2.1 Glitches in Solo Missions
    2.2 Glitches in Multiplayer
    2.3 Misc. Glitches
    2.4 Glitch Fixes
    2.5 Perfect Dark Help
    2.6 Glitches That Aren't Really Glitches
    2.7 NEW STUFF [stuff added sense the long absence]
    3.1 Questions



1.2 Introduction
I though this was suposed to be a "Perfect Game". Well I guess you can't make a
game. This little Glitch guide (you chould call it that) is going to be your best
sorse for glitches in Perfect Dark.

1.3 Sending in your Glitches
So you think you found a glitch in Perfect Dark!? Well if you did and you think other
people should know about this glitch, then send any information on how to:

 • How to make the glitch happen.
 • How to avoid the glitch from happening, say the glitch froze the game, well if you
   can, tell use how to stop the glitch from happening.

Now you got all that down so why don't you cend your glitch in to me so I can put it
this "Glitch Guide".

Here is the e-mail that you send  this information to, tripleraid@yahoo.com, when you
send this information in please give me your Name and E-mail, so I can put you in my
Credits Section.

NOTE: Make sure the Topic of the e-mail has the word "Glitch" somewhere in it.

*** READ!!! ***
If you want your name and email address with your glitch please put them right under
the glitch. Thank you.

I wont reply to every e-mail I get, so if you want to know if your glitch got posted
then check the latest update of this Glitch FAQ.

1.4 Updates

First release of the Perfect Dark Glitch FAQ.

Added some glitches.

Added a few more. Glitch FAQ looks like it is getting very popular.

Added even more glitches.

Big Update! Added tons of glitches. People need to keep sending them in! :)

v1.5.2 *Another Big Update!*
Added a new section, Questions. This will be where I put questions that
people have, in hopes that me or someone else (like you) can awnser them.
I also added more glitches.

Added more Glitches in the same day. Man This Glitch FAQ is getting popular! :)

Added a lot of glitches and some other stuff.

v1.7 *Big Update*
Added a news section and added tons of glitches.

v1.8 *Huge Update*
Added TONS and TONS of glitches!

Added a little more glitches to this guide. Also some people have been asking me to
make a little forum for my faq to talk about glitches in Perfect Dark, so I did. You
can find the WWWBoard at, http://www.doacentral.com/cgi-bin/bbs/wwwboard.html - Hope
you have fun talkin about your glitches. :)

People please stop asking me to fix littel things in your glitches, it gets to be a
pain in the you know what!

Added a some more glitches.

Added more glitches.

Added yet more glitches.

Added more and more glitches.

Added more glitches. I am also running out of things to write here. :(
Also I have notices that their people are starting to slack off in the glitch
department. :(

Added more glitches. Man this thing is getting to hard to update. The next couple of
vestions chould be the final ones. I have other projects I am working on. ;) This is
just starting to get annoying.

Another update.

E-mail change.

2.) ::: GLITCHES


2.1 Glitches in Solo Missions

In mission 9, Skedar Ruins, in the area with the cliff, if you fall down the
cliff, sometimes you will float in mid-air. Its pretty cool, except you can
still die after floating, and you can't get back up on solid ground.

I also fell off the edge of the Skedar cliff and got stuck in darkness- no
way back up but I eventually wiggled my way free to fall to my death. I
didn't know this was a bug though, I just figured I was clinging to the edge
by my fingertips. Has anyone found if it is possible to get back up?
Carsten Klapp <carsten.klapp@home.net>


OK just for anybody who doesn't know already, if you get Cassandra's
and go to the Security Room in dataDyne extraction (where the second
security hub is in datadyne defection) you'll find the exact Mr. Blonde
two bodyguards from the cinema sequence.

But this is something i'm not sure many people know (or maybe they do).

Alright, for datadyne extraction have on either a shield or cloaking or
invincibility and do this on agent where it's the easiest, now go up to
where Cassandra is and let her say "you've become quite a nuisance" and
off the lights. Alright, kill a few guards, then go up to where
says "don't keep the dropship waiting" and look for Cassandra. If she's

Go down to where the Mr. Blonde and bodyguards are...

And there she is! Cassandra herself. Now, unlike the others, Cassandra
turn to look at you, and she won't get bloody if you shoot her.



hey man, i regurlarly read yo faq to help me in perfect dark (cuz its
great), n while messin around in perfect dark, i found a glitch i dont
u have in yo faq. dis glitch happened in level 3.1 (chicago streets) n
i wuz
playin in perfect agent mode. da codes i had on were: invincibility,
unlimited ammo, no reloads, x-ray scanner, r-tracker/weapon cache
all da classic guns, n sum uv da weapons in solo. so, i went n got
found out,
went into dat basement area (where u get the double falcon 2 scope), n
every1. i got bored dere, so i put on da x-ray scanner, n i wuz able to
da rain inside da building. i dun think this is important, but sumthin
else i
did b4 goin into dat basement, i failed every objective except 4 da
first 1.
jus wanted to tell u dat, aite? later!

P.S.(please dont make fun uv mah name, da teasin is gettin old)
mah e-mail address is xpacbreakinitdwn@aol.com


I found something on the Chicago level which is pretty
cool.  It isn't really a glitch, but there is no
purpose to it, kind of like the cheese.  Here's what
you do:  Set the level on agent (for the easiest
gameplay).  When you start, ignore everybody and get
out on the main road, the place where the taxi is.
Run down the road until the first turn.  Continue to
ignore everybody, and enter a door on the left, the
metal one that looks like an elevator door.  Run down
the stairs all the way to the bottom, and there will
be a door.  I think it is locked so you have to walk
in when the people are walking out.  Kill all the
people in this little area.  Now you will be in this
small room with two doors and a window with a fence on
it.  Now the tricky part is to lure people in the next
room to open up the brown doors (NOTE:  This may take
more than one try.  It took me two tries to get it to
work, but then again, I didn't know what I was doing).
 After they open it you'll be in a place that looks
like a club.  It has a bathroom and everything.  I
don't really know what the purpose of this place is,
but it is worth atleast a look.  If anybody found a
purpose to this room, go ahead and e-mail me.

dajo200003 (dajo200003@yahoo.com)


on the area 51 mission on special agent, where u have to get the lab
clothes and blow a hole in the wall, i left the explosives, cleared out
the bottom level, and anyone i could see on the top. I then got into the
lift. At the top, i turned right and saw the lone gaurd at the end of
the hallway by the normally locked door. I crouched for more accuracy,
whipped out my dragon and fired half to 3/4 of my mag into hip, the
bullets distrubuted evenly on both sides of the door. As he fell back, the
door opened. Behind is kinda like the tunnels where the autopsy takes
place excep the walls are brown, but not like the ones where you meet
jonathan. progressing down them, you reach a very large area similar to
the hangar. in this room on a box is A PHOENIX, with 42 shells in it.
cool or what. However after you leave the new area, the door stays
locked, a son of a gun guard grenaded me (i didn't know they did this, and i
haven't been able to do this again. IS THIS A GLITCH? YOUR THOUGHTS?



On level 4.1, the first Area 51 level, there is a locked door in the
that the two large access elevators lead to, the room full of crates.
Anyways, it is possible to get through the locked door in that room.
first thing you need to do is go through that elevator in the far back
corner of the room, and then get a bunch of guys to chase you from the
the elevator takes you too into the elevator.  Next take them back to
first room, and wait by the locked door.  When they get down the ramp,
disarm them and then wait by the door, and one of them should go and
open it
for you.  The door takes you to the starting room for the next level,
it's all messed up.  The elevators are missing, and there are no doors,
you can find Jonathon there, but he'll just stand there.  I don't know
you were supposed to be able to get in there because it's all wierd in
there, and it doesn't freeze the game or anything.




      In the story behind the level Air Force One: Confrontation (5.3)
says that "...all three ships have crashed in the Alaskan wilderness".
that was true, how could the three ships have been flying over water in
cutscenes of 5.2?  Air Force One takes off in Alaska, flies over water
(which we assume to be the Arctic Ocean) on its way to Oslo, Norway,
somehow turns around and crashes back in Alaska?  Hmmmm!
   The solution lies in the computer in the hangar room of the
Institute.  It says the crash site was on Victoria Island, and the
coordinates there verify that.  THAT would explain the "flying over
water in
5.2 part".  Also, a crash on Victoria Island would be fairly consistent
the intended flight path (Brooks Range to Oslo).  However, unless this
that I have beside me is seriously defective, Victoria Island is...in
Canada!  Now on the computer in the hangar room it doesn't say Alaska
in the description, so we can't nail the creators of this game for
blindly stupid.  It does say Alaska in the mission profile, so we must
assume that between the year 2000 and 2023 the United States decided to
exert some influence over us canucks and include that part of the
Territories/Nunavut in Alaska.  This really troubles me because I
Rare was based in Britain and run by Brits, but, seeing how this thing
turned out, I guess maybe it isn't.
   On the other hand, this may just have been an oversight, but this is
conspiracy theory.  Mwa ha ha!
   Here's another one.  In Attack Ship: Covert Assault in the room
where you
open the hangar bay doors on Perfect Agent, there is a locked door.
it gets interesting is when you look past the door with the Farsight
and see
a hallway and a Skedar.  Obviously this was supposed to mean something,
otherwise there would've been nothing there.  What does this mean?  Is
another thing that would've been really cool if it had been included
instead got canned (a la secret island in Dam level of Goldeneye)?


I am just writing to tell you that thyis is no glitch it is part of a
way to
get a secret weapon (that i stumbled on by fluke:-)

to get that poenix properly you first need to go on area 51
infiltration and
go into the large area with 3 drone guns the big lift and a technishion
on a robot intercepter. What you have to do is tempt the guy away from
robot intercepter then knock him out with punch WITYH PUNCH!!! then
youve completed it go to area 51 rescue. defeat all of the bad dudes
then go
up the lift.Go rite and kill this bloke.now go up to the normally
door.try to open it and it will say that it is locked but if u wait a
that technision you KNOCKED OUT will surprise u by opening the door.now
follow him go down the lift through those BROWN CORRIDORS until you get
the last room go aroun the last pillar and there is your peonix then
you can
go back the way you came and blast them gards with one shot on
hint to the technision was that the aiming square on him was blue)

I hope this has sorted it out for u

Pleese reply to tell me youve put it on thanx DA pIMp


I was playing the Air Base level where you have to get the disguise and
on Air Force One.  I was on Special Agent with a whole bunch of cheats
(inc. all classic guns, invincibility, and more).  So I went through
and blew
the first two objectives on purpose, then went and killed the two guys
by the
security machine (up the staircase, where the "We're taking over" guy
After all the guards in black came in, I killed every guy on the board
wasted all of my ammo for every gun, except for the crossbow.  I spent
all of
the bolts down to the very last one.  So I shot it into the wall,
picked it
up, then switched to my K7 Special.  I now had one bullet for it.  So I
the bolt again and picked it up again.  Sure enough, it gave me another
bullet.  I figured that maybe for some reason, the game was using the
Crossbow ammo as K7 ammo also.  By shooting the bullets, my bolt ammo
remained unchanged.  By shooting bolts, my K7 ammo remained unchanged
until I
picked up a bolt.  I don't know how this happened, but it was pretty


I was playing the Maian SOS level with all guns and all these other
cheats on
and I used the psychosis gun on one of the guys who sits in those
chairs, and
when he got killed he was in the death position of when you kill some
sitting in a chair (but he wasn't sitting in his chair).  He wasn't in
leaning forward position, it was the leaning backward one so he kind of
looked like Neo dodging bullets in the Matrix.


ok in the extraction level (3 level) if you hurry when you start out
waste everybody, wor k you way onto the elevator and get to the top
area of
the building you can find a guard carrying the key to cassandras
office. but
i found somthing REALLY wierd. once you get the key go down to the
bottom of
the building and open the glass door by the information desk( IT
OPENS!!!!!!!!!).  if you walk too far out youll fall through the road
outside. pretty wierd but IT WORKS!!!


I found a glitch on level 4.2, the second area 51
level. I was playing it on special agent setting with
invincibility. After locating the conspiracy evidence,
i went into the hall. One of the enemies had opened
the large brown door that was near the room with the
evidence. I ran through the door, and it shut behind
me. The door was now locked, and i was stuck in the
area that you leave Elvis in the next level. I could
go to the secret hanger, but the ship and computers
were gone. I went through the hole in the wall that
Jonathan makes in the next level, and kept going
through the area. Eventually, i reached a door that
lead to the antenna in the first area 51 level. I went
to the hangar lift in the first area 51 level, and it
was missing. When i walked on to where it was supposed
to be, i fell into a black pit and died. I was never
able to make the glitch happen again.



When I was playing the mission where you arrive at Area 51 on Perfect Agent, I was
in the hangar on the lower level.  I stood in the elevator and tossed a grenade into
hangar set to proximity pinball mode.  I then stepped into the elevator and took it
up to upper hangar and stood in the elevator door so that the grenade wouldn't have a
chance to get in the elevator when it went back down.  So I stood there for a minute
or so, hoping the grenade would kill anyone in the lower level, because I had
low life.  I hear the bouncing noise of the grenade grow closer, but I thought it was
just bouncing around downstairs.  Next thing I know I'm engulfed in an explosion made
by my friggin grenade.  WTF?  I was about to finish the level too. SOB.  I've also had
problems where I threw a grenade on the ground and it disappeared, or I was not able
pick up a grenade that a bad guy dropped after I dropped him.  Its quite aggravating.



Alright, first for this glitch I had on the cheats.

I went to Area 51: Pearls of Wisdom (2nd part) and I blew up the the
"X" with the Phoneix. When I went through the wall, all the lights were
blown up, IN THE ENTIRE LEVEL, not just where the Phoneix hit. Plus, the
guard with the lab tech who usually has the costume was gone. So was
every other guard.

---Lord Magus


I've noticed a glitch in mission 1.3.  I got it playing on special
with no cheats on, but I don't think thats a factor here...  At the end
the level when you have to fight the guards with shotguns and the
lights are
out, if you kill them all really fast, sometimes you can catch up with
Cassandra as she runs out the door (When I did it she got stuck behind
door for a while so that probably helped).  If you were quick enough,
will run out past the door a bit, then stop and stand there.  You can
her all day and she won't die (eventually her shield wears off but
still no
effect) but if you leave the room and come back after a while she will
disapear.  The cool thing is if you shoot her a lot in the face she
will be
all messed up in the end cenima (well at least I think its cool...)
could avoid this glitch by not purposely rushing through the last room,
it doesn't effect the game in any way other than giving you a good
laugh if
you're sick like me.

Oppe    ( Oppe255@aol.com )


On level 4.1, the first Area 51 level, there is a locked door in the
that the two large access elevators lead to, the room full of crates.
Anyways, it is possible to get through the locked door in that room.
first thing you need to do is go through that elevator in the far back
corner of the room, and then get a bunch of guys to chase you from the
the elevator takes you too into the elevator.  Next take them back to
first room, and wait by the locked door.  When they get down the ramp,
disarm them and then wait by the door, and one of them should go and
open it
for you.  The door takes you to the starting room for the next level,
it's all messed up.  The elevators are missing, and there are no doors,
you can find Jonathon there, but he'll just stand there.  I don't know
you were supposed to be able to get in there because it's all wierd in
there, and it doesn't freeze the game or anything.



Go to "The Deul" and make sure you have invincibility enabled.  Select
Perfect Agent difficulty.  When you get up to Trent, instead of
shooting him
to death, start punching him.  When Trent dies and it says "Objective 3
Complete," quickly switch to a weapon and shoot Trent's body before the
ends.  If you hit him correctly he should get up and begin another
animation!  I think this glitch works best on Trent because it seems as
though you get more time to do stuff after killing him than either of
other two.  This has worked for me both times that I've tried it, and
times I've shot him in the chest.  I'm not sure if it works if you hit
him in
any other spots.



I've noticed a glitch in mission 1.3.  I got it playing on special
with no cheats on, but I don't think thats a factor here...  At the end
the level when you have to fight the guards with shotguns and the
lights are
out, if you kill them all really fast, sometimes you can catch up with
Cassandra as she runs out the door (When I did it she got stuck behind
door for a while so that probably helped).  If you were quick enough,
will run out past the door a bit, then stop and stand there.  You can
her all day and she won't die (eventually her shield wears off but
still no
effect) but if you leave the room and come back after a while she will
disapear.  The cool thing is if you shoot her a lot in the face she
will be
all messed up in the end cenima (well at least I think its cool...)
could avoid this glitch by not purposely rushing through the last room,
it doesn't effect the game in any way other than giving you a good
laugh if
you're sick like me.

Oppe    ( Oppe255@aol.com )


Alright, about the trick where you knock somebody out and then shoot
head and they get up and die, you've got to be DIRECTLY behind them,
straight behind their head, and then when you shoot the guy's head they
always get up and die.

OK in Datadyne mission 3 extraction do the trick where you go up the
elevator from the lobby and down the hallway kill the shocktrooper with
cassandra's door key, go outside just a teensy weensy bit, turn and
look at
the building, looks pretty small. and all the buildings look weird.
turn around again and if you have a rocket launcher or superdragon or
whatever shoot something explosive in the area right before the "wall",
you get it right the explosion gets all pixelated. Then if you walk
into the
wall or any other way you will fall off but you won't seem to move
(if you're facing the moon it just stops). Then you die. How bout that,
standing to death.

And in area 51 the first mission infiltration, with invincibility and
marquis of queensbury for it to work the best, just run around and let
people see and follow you. Let LOADS of people do that. DON'T KILL
Then go to a new area and just stay a distance you'll find people
there not doing SH*T. They won't move, won't run, won't do anything
you walk right up to them, then they'll punch you. And the people
you will run up to you. Sorta stupid. Too bad the system can't handle
those people running around.

Ryan (rciceman799@hotmail.com)


I see you are looking for some Glitches :P  Well here are a few I

First off, on Air Force One: Anti-Terrorism, I was using Play as Elvis,
at the point Carrington is supposed to say you are on the President's
he doesn't say anything.  I think there are a few other places in the
Carrington doesn't talk to you if you are playing as Elvis.

Another Air Force One Glitch involves the President and the K7 Avenger.
had the Avenger on Threat Detector (I have no clue as to why, but it
and I was at the end where the President is supposed to go into the
Pod.  A guard was attacking the President, so I shot him down, but the
President also got some of the shots I fired.  I headed to the Escape
but the President never came.  He just stood at the top of the steps,
didn't move or anything.  I even shot at him a bit, but he didn't want
to go
to the escape pod.  I even tried pushing him to the escape pod, but he
stuck in the corner near the pod.  I know this has something to do with
K7 Avenger on Threat Detector, but that's all I know about it.

Another weird thing I found is on the Deep Sea: Nullify Threat level.
I was
running toward the room with the Teleportal Controls, and the three
that are supposed to be in there were at the controls instead of where
were supposed to be.  The guards then ran around a bit, ignoring Jo
Altogether, and then ran to the places they were supposed to be and
shooting.  Their aim was still horrible though :P

I was playing those all on Perfect Agent, BTW.  The only one I used
was the Play As Elvis Glitch.



Ok, I have found a pretty cool glitch in the Carrington Institute
(level 7, I
believe). I know it works on agent, but I haven't tried it on other
difficulties. Anyway, turn on Invincible, cloaking device, Jo Shield,
Hurricane fists, Infinite Ammo, X-Ray Scanner, and All Guns. (This is
what I
had on, at least) I used my Farsight on all the guards, then I went
the elevator farthest from where you start. I took out my Crossbow on
and pointed it at the glass walls of the elevator. When I pulled the
and I didn't see an arrow on the glass, I backed up and saw the arrow
in midair! I thought this was pretty cool and you should put it on your
don't think that there is a way to prevent this glitch from occuring,
stops when you get out of the elevator.

*NOTE* -- Try doing this going down the elevator. Fire at the top, then
you go down you can see them from the bottom.

--Dave (Aurora2007@aol.com)


hey there. i was playing the skedar attack ship level with invincible
small characters on and i was in the green and yellow room by the
core when i shot a skedar with my slayer(he was all up in my face).
the explosion blew me thru the floor back into the docking bay! gee, i
did'nt think slayers were THAT powerful! ;)

Dylan Newman <Black_tsunami@excite.com>


I was playing Air Force One - Espionage on Perfect Agent with a whole
of cheats on and I went in the room next to the room where the mine is
on the
door and there was a guy sitting in a chair and he didn't notice me
because I
was cloaked.  So I went behind his chair, ducked all the way down and
put 3-4
proximity mines on the back of his chair.  It blew up and then the guy
into the air like most people do when they blow up but he never came
He was froze in the air in the position of being blown up.  He wasn't
on top
of anything.  Then I put a whole bunch of mines on his floating body
after they exploded and the smoked cleared away he was gone, he didn't
a blood stain or anything.



"Skedar Darts"
If you blow up a Skedar and he flys correctly, he will fly into a wall
and stick to it.  If the Skedar sticks to a door, and you open it, the
skedar will float in mid-air.

"Moving about by Slayer"
(you have to have all guns and unlimmited ammo on)
In mission 8, and only in Special and Perfect Agent, go to the room
with the one skedar on the left, and doors on both sides.  Go through the
door on the left, and you should be in a small "T-shaped" room with a
door on the right, and a dead-end on the left.  Bring out a Slayer, fire
a FBW(fly-by-wire), and detonate it(it doesn't matter where).  You will
be above the room, standing on an invisible floor!  To get down, either
open a door from above, and then fall into the gap(the door won't open
if you're standing on it), or jump off.  Depending on where you jump
off, you'll either land in another part of the ship, or fall to a
horrible, grisly death somewhere in space.  E-mail me with questions or
Sean Hansen


In 4.3, put Elvis on a safe place and go to that locked door near the
beginning (but out the room with nerve gas). Get a Farsight and use the
Target Locator on the door. It will show a door. Now change to Rail-Gun
Effect and increase a little the zoom. You will see a Maian standing
there. If you kill him, a message will appear : "Mission Failed: ELVIS
was killed". If look where you put Elvis he will be there, but in the
cutscene when he awakes, there will be nothing on his "bed" and his voice
will talk anyway.
WHAT A BUG!!!!!!!

Thales, o Gostoso from BRASIL (with proud) to Tripleraid


In the Villa level , right before you finish it , you have to pick up a
key. When I pick it uup I can go back and unlock ANY door that was
before , i got to go out where the negotiator was , etc. I also
finished the
level (after 30-45 minutes of exploring:)) via the opposite door
(instead of
turning left when you go down the VERY last set of stairs turn right ,
and go
down that hall. also the two guards at that door sometimes carry the
door key
GREAT if you want a fast time for bragging rights). I am not sure if
this is
a glitch , because I have done it numerous times , and the game never
crashed. However none of my friends with PD can do it. I am not sure
but I
think it could be my version , you see I bought mine the first day it
Is it a glitch , or what?



I thought you might like to include this in your Glitch FAQ.   I found
bug that lets you start Holotraining level 7 with a Falcon 2 equipped.
Here's the skinny:

Start Holo 7 and get hit (lose on purpose).  Try to get as close to one
of the armed guards as possible when you get shot.  During the brief
time before the red "you lose" box pops up, disarm a guard and try to
equip his gun.  The "you lose" box should pop up before you can equip
it.  I normally hit "B" several times during this period - if you
actually see the gun at this point the bug won't work.

Now, start the same level immediately (from the you lose screen..you
know the drill), and you should hear a "gun-click" sound as Jo starts
the Holotraining with the gun automatically equipping itself.

I've tried it several times and, while there's no exact science to it,

have been able to get it to work repeatedly.  It seems that the game
gets "overloaded" and carries the command over when you start the level
again. At any rate, this might be good for a "bugs and tricks" section
if you want.  Please give me credit if you use it.

BTW, have you been able to beat Holo 7 at all?  This is the only way
I've been able to do it.  Also, since I "cheated" to beat it, I haven't
seen a Holo 8, is there such a thing or does the training only go to 7?


David Lemasa


I have found an extention of the disappearing grenades
glitch.  In mission 4.2, while throwing a grenade at
the second drone gun which is very near the beginning
of the level, the grenade hit the ground at a certain
point and disappeared.  When it reached the end of the
four seconds there was an explosion all the way at the
far end of the area(still in view without having to
look around) at the wall you have to pass to get into
Area51.  There is no way I could have thrown it that
far or that it could have bounced there.  Also, in the
weapons training room, grenades not only disappear
into that line(like others have already said; I did
read the glitch FAQ first), but they will also
sometimes disappear into the dark blast areas left by
previous grenades(this happened after trying to get
gold on grenades for almost an hour and I had to reset
my machine).  Both have happened on my friend
Anthony's cartridge, so I know it isn't just mine.
This leads me to suspect that colors of things that
the grenades land on has an effect.
I can only offer one possibility to disappearing cases
in capture the case that hasn't already been said: in
some levels, since your case's room changes to that
color, the case tends to blend in to the floor.  Also,
cases tend to be in out-of-the-way places within those
rooms.  I've had this problem on many levels, but
especially Area 52.


I don't know if this is a glitch or not...I didn't do anything wrong and the
game didn't freeze up or anything...

It happens on level 5.2, I think.  It's the one where you have to find the
lab clothes and go under cover.

I start off by leaving the boxed explosives where they were and take out as
many of the guards that I possibly can on the ground floor.  Not that many,
anyway. Get the bottom floor cleared then I go up to the top floor via the
elevator and clear out the few guards that are there.  **  I then go to the
room where you have to blow the wall up and clear out the 3 or 4 guards that
are there.  So everything is all fine and dandy, right?  Sometimes yes and
sometimes no.  With all the guards dead (with the exception of a few who
seem to appear out of nowhere), it's safe to bring the explosives to the X
on the wall.  So I head back to the first elevator in the first room...and
here's where the possible glitch occurs...the elevator won't come up to the
second floor.  Therefor, I am stranded on the second floor and can't get the
explosives.  I've waited for as long as 20 minutes for the elevator to come
back up but without success.  Everything else is fine...I still have
complete movement and everything.

**The only thing I can think of to avoid this is to bring the explosives
up to the second floor as soon as the first room is cleared out.  With the
explosives on the second floor, kill the guards in the second room then go
back and get the explosives and blow the wall.

It's a little long winded but that's the explanation of what happens. Now
as to whether it's a glitch in the game...I don't know.
Name: Hobo Joe
E-mail: hobo_joe_@hotmail.com

This isn't really a glitch...if you go back from where you blow
a hole in a wall to get the box, there is a guard standing on
the bottom floor in the way of the elevator, so when you try to
call it up, the door can't close at the bottom, so the elevator
won't come up.  Back up a ways, and then just shoot the guard,
the door will close and the elevator will rise.  Just wanted to
tell you what really happens for this...


As reference to the glitch in solo mission 5.2
The elevator did not come up for me either, but in the game I was
there was a part of the path that did not have a railing.  All I did
was jump

James Muñoz


In Level 2:Villa, after saving the negotiator, you go
down those walkways until you're on the bottom near
the villa. Just as you come out, turn right and go to
a little place where you have a view of the wharf or
dock where the negotiator was. If you have a sniper
rifle, zoom in and look around and you should see a
blue line in the ocean and all the way along the
cliff. Questions or comments? E-mail me.



In 3.1, go to that part where is the laders (where you escape on 3.2).
Give warning shots to make the civilians crouch. Then, use sedate bolts
on their backs(hehe). They will get up and crouch again. Do it again 3
times. Then try to kill then: they will be invincible! The DY357-LX
won't be able to kill then!

P.S.: My trick  of making dead people get up doesn't work all the time,
but always work on Johnnatan (near Daniel's room).

Thales, o Gostoso to Tripleraid


just a stupid glitch- in Mr blonde's Revenge, guards
will shout "Get Her!"



Another cool thing to do is on the Datadyne building is ( IF you're fast
enough ) is to shoot down one of the flying cars, and they'll explode, and
you can also make bullet holes on the background buildings


Hello Hello!!

**Unable to Finish Mission 2**

In the Carrington Villa...  I wanted
to see how fast I could actually beat
the level on Agent.  I got all of the
objectives done and headed to the end
the last guard will never drop a key
when its only been 2:00 and under.
I have tried killing all of the shock
troopers and I still can't get the
key.  Is this a glitch?!

Me: Buddha (Sean)

E-mail: buddha@thedamndestthing.com


Hello Hello!!

**Fun Stuff**

In Mission 1-1...

Have the Sniper/Soviet Cheat ON... or all
guns... whatever.  Go into Cassandra's
Office and shoot out the windows.  Use
your scope out the window.  You will
be able to blow up the hovering cars
outside!!  Fun!  They respawn though..

Me: Buddha (Sean)

E-mail: buddha@thedamndestthing.com


Ok, I was playing on the first dataDyne stage when I
clipped out of the level.  I have no idea how I did
it, but this is what happened:

First off, I was in Perfect Agent.  I just got off the
elevator to the lobby area.  I was waiting for those
Darth Vader guys to shoot the glass guard out, but
they didn't.  So I took out my ahnd Laptop Gun and
shot them out myself.  I ran off the edge, and the
next thing I knew, I was outside the building on the
street!  I was like "WOW!"  I backed up so I could see
a cool outside shot of the dataDyne building when I
fell off the level and died.  I tried to do it again,
bt nothing happend.

I'm not sure how I did it.  Perhaps I shot the window
out above the door?  I guess I should mention I had
the Shield cheat on, but I don't think it matters.

Mortis - mortis765@yahoo.com


Yo. i found a glich that only seemed to appear once but it was there all the
same. tell me if you see it yourself. in level 1.3 on the ground floor there
is a room that opened for me. inside there was a mr. blonde and two female
guards. they wouldn't attack and wouldn't die. i forgot about them and
finished the level. in the end clip there was a mr. blonde and two female
guards. i assume that they were just in the room so they were loaded and
ready for the end of level clip.

i cannot do the glitch again though, the door is locked every time i redo
the level! :)

if you can explain this to me better, email me at:

go to the elevator + go up to the next avalible
  floor, go right and kill
  shock trooper he will drop a key to cassandra's
  office. this key will also
  unlock the main door to the building.

   Tycho Quad


About that glitch by Tychoquad where he was saying how in level 1.3 he
into that locked room and Mr. Blonde and Cassandra's guards were there
but he
couldn't kill them.
I got that same glitch except Cassandra was in there too.  The glitch
is fun
cuz you can shoot any of them and nothing will happen except they'll
have a blood stain, you can make there whole body red.  It's FUN!



This is in "Mr Blonde's Revenge," maybe every co-op level. But, when you
have a Mauler (or any gun) look at your buddy. Ask him to reload. Look at
the screen. Do you see him reloading?


I am on Deep Sea: Nullify Threat on perfect agent level and I don't start with a
backup disk.
I have completed the level and when I get to the part were I am suppose to restore Dr.
Carrol personality I just sit there. I've read some of the walkthroughs and thet just
say to equip the back up disk one I read on your web site said I should start with
this equipment

I have already completed this level on Special agent and I don't remember a back
up disk. When I entered the room with Dr. Carrol on this level the game took over
and inserted the disk automatically. I have been playing PD on the perfect agent
level the whole time sometimes switching to special agent to figure out what I am
suppose to do or where I am suppose to go.

Help if you can
M  "Miles Short" <mshort@control.net>


On Level 2:Villa, I got the Devastator from the crate by the side of
landing pad. I then went to the center of the pad. I aimed up, and
a grenade. While it went up, I quickly switched to my Snipper Riffle
(which was fully zoomed), and shot down the grenade. Instead of
exploding way high in the sky, it exploded right in front of me. There
was no sound and I took no damage.

Cactus-Sac@webtv.net (Cactus Sac)


The cheat for Villa-Hostage can be done on Agent, I barely finished it, 2:30
exactly. How on earth did you manage to complete everything in 2:00? :-).
Make absolutely sure you kill all of the masked shock-troopers. Disarming
them isn't enough, and don't forget that just because a guy drops his gun
doesn't mean he's been killed (like it does in GoldenEye). Keep
Carsten Klapp <carsten.klapp@home.net>


One glich i have noticed is in the villa.  If you go down staris past
kichen and shoot or take one of the guns away from a person and he
gives up
look away and look back and he may disapeare if you are lucky he will
disapeare in front of you and it looks realy funny.    I have only been
to do this like 3 times it can be a pain to do!!

Dan Riewaldt


In the lsat misson, Skedar Ruins, when you hop down
the ladder into the crevice area, cross over to the
other side of the crevice. But instead of going right
and up the lader, head left until you get to the end
of the ledge. Walk off, hugging the wall and you'll
seem to float. After a few seconds you'll pop up in
the hallway in front of where the bridge will be
(after you hit the switch). This helps to save a lot
of time if you're going for the All Guns cheat.



In the intro to air force 1, where Trent Easton is talking to the President, the
President won't say his last line, he just waves his hands around in silence. I havn't
heard of anyone else getting this glitch though.



When i played the G:5 mission, the street level on perfect agent, i found a
guy that could not be killed.  I had the following cheats on:  All of the
classic weapons, the first five weapons(r-launcher etc), hurricane fists, x
ray sight, invincible, infinite ammo - no reloads, and r-tracker on.  I
killed absolutely everyone in the mission, except the the flying droid guy,
and blew up everything.  Then i went back to where the taxi was, and into the
garage.  There was a homeless guy in there crouched down, but i couldnt kill
him.  I used the r-launcher with no reloads until the screen was a slide
show, and used every available weapon i had, he just stood there and swayed
with the bullets.  Any help?


The President will still be able to see you if you use the Cloaking Device
cheat in Solo Mission 5.2: Air Force One.

This is a good glitch, the level wouldn't be much fun if Pres. couldn't see
you. On the other hand, the cloak can be turned off and on at will, unlike
GoldenEye's invisibility cheat. (Of course a future President would probably
have anti-cloak-retinal-implants to protect against a cloaked assassin...
Carsten Klapp <carsten.klapp@home.net>


There's a bug in the couches in Solo Mission 7: Carrington Institute
Defense. Sometimes you might get a Devastator from a dD trooper, which you
can use to blow up the couches.

You can still shove the couch-less legs around, but you won't be able to
walk over them. It's as if the whole couch was still there and invisible,
except for the legs.
Carsten Klapp <carsten.klapp@home.net>


Another glitch is...

**See outside of the Carrington Institute**

Do the shoot out the firing range glitch.
Put a crate in the wooden door in the firing range.
Shoot a fly-by-wire missile out it.

Guide the missle out the door and go up.  Go to
the second floor and out any of the windows up there.
(The windows on the 1st floor are blocked.)

While I was outside one time I was able to go in between the walls and
set off the missiles inside
walls... (I blew up a couch from inside a wall.)

If anyone reads this... please experiment.  This
is a promising glitch...

Name: Buddha (Sean)

Email: buddha@thedamndestthing.com


btw...  on the glitch by Carsten Klapp.... the one where there is a
black rectangle... here is a follow-up.

You don't just have to be Mr. Blonde and the black rectangle is where
the gray part of the wall is supposed to be.


what about that page? :)


I have located a rather unpleasant glitch for Perfect Dark, on the
"Save the President" level.  I've only had this work one time, but one
was enough frustration for me.

When you are attempting to rescue the real president from Trent, it is
possible to obtain his custom Magnum.  HOWEVER, it is also entirely
to knock Trent unconscious in the process.  This is a bad thing, since
president won't move until Trent makes a break for it, and if Trent is
cold... well, you're SOL.

I made this work by sneaking up on Trent from the tunnel nearest to him
Agent mode, with no cheats, although I can easily imagine this
happening on
all other modes), and attempting to disarm him.  If you're "lucky",
get in close before he gets his entire line off, and have a shot at
For some reason, his shield failed to protect him from getting punched
Of course I got the gun, and attempts to tear through his shield while
he was
on the ground were utterly futile.  Unfortunately, like I said before,
president just stands there after that (unless you kill him yourself,
then he
just falls over.  :P)  To avoid this-- well, just don't sneak up on ol'

(Please don't post my e-mail address.  You can put me down as

2.2 Glitches in Multiplayer


A lot of people have been complaining about the game locking up on
challenge 7 when playing with three human players.  I had trouble with
this too, so I called Nintendo about it.  The CS rep told me that early
versions of the game paks have a glitch causing it to crash anytime
playing with three human players in the warehouse--Challenge 7 is just
one such instance.  If your game pak suffers from this problem, you can
phone Nintendo at 1-800-255-3700, and they'll arrange for you to send
you them and they'll replace it with a working version free of charge.



In Ruins I had grenades set on proximity pinball mode. When I was in the maze (the
rock part)I threw a grenade and it bounced off the wall and went into the sky then
the game froze.
Name: TripleRaid's younger brother
E-mail: N/A


For the complex glitch where you go through the ramp, it works for the
warehouse ramps also.

In the warehouse, i found something really crazy that goes on in the
ventilation tube things.  They are on the very top of the building in
the big
room with lots and lots of crates stacked real high.  Its a great
spot, but when you kill someone, their bodies dissappear, sometimes
back on the floor then fade.  Their guns act like jumping beans and
someone else gets killed guns just jump aroudn like they had explosives
them or were shot.  its crazy to look at.



I was playing multiplayer with eight simulants, with n-bombs and the
was G5.  On the catwalks, i think there are 5, over the dark emptiness
kills you if you fall, i threw an n-bomb on them.  It doesnt hit and
on the catwalks, it goes straight throught them like nothing is there.
tried it on the inside blue catwalks that line the walls and area ll
over but
it only goes through the four or five that connect the two buildings.



yo, sorry to disturb but I was reading your faq and I guess I found a minor
glitch that can be used to:

A) escape a threat
B) to suprise someone.

It only works on Complex (my fave map!)  and well basically you stand under a ramp and
walk closer to the part of it which touches the ground.  The next thing you know, boom
you're on the ramp,  its great because you can pop up and suprise people!

Hope you find this interesting,

(e-mail tchristo@melbpc.org.au)


Hi there

OK, in any multiplayer level (as far as i can tell) if
you are using a combat boost when the game ends, you
can achieve "frozen screen mode", this is a cheat not
listed on any faq, you sit there for hours scrathing
your head muttering...."i paid 60 bucks for this". As
far as avoiding this cheat, just try and not use the
boost in the last minute of the game.



i was playing in the sewers with slayer rockets with 8 simulants and two
human players.their were a lot of rockets blowing up and the game

another was in the warehouse. i shot a slayer rocket into the outside area. i
had it fly up, then had it come back. but i had to blow it up to help my team
so i had it fly at the roof to blow up. instead it went through the roof and
headed straight at me and killed me!



With slow-motion turned on in multi-player, death takes forever, even if
using the so-called "smart" slow motion. The only way to avoid this is to
not use slow-motion at all in combat simulator.

At first I thought a slow death is a good penalty for the player using
Combat Boosts in multi-player, since the other people can continue playing
and taunt the losing player while he is waiting to start again. However,
when a single person is playing in slow motion-mode against only SIMs in
Combat Simulator, do we really need to endure an ultra-slow death EVERY

Slow-motion is a feature I would love to love, but I now stay away from it
out of sheer frustration, because I end up spending more time watching
myself die "slo-mo" than actually playing the game. This also reminds me how
much I miss the way-cool "instant replays" of the last few seconds of Bond's
Carsten Klapp <carsten.klapp@home.net>



    This is a glitch i guess.

    "floating ammo"

    this glitch doesn't do any thing bad to your game or

    I was trying to get bad stats in multi-player for this
guy i have. anyhoo, I had an RPC-120 in the car park, (top
level) and i shot an ammo box into a corner. then i started
seeing how high i could get the box with the RPC-120. after
a while it fell on my head and i collected the ammo. when
the box reapeared it was up in the air about an inch above
where i caught it.

    (make sure you don't have a full reserve of the ammo
that you shoot)

Jane Dicken <shakyjane@uswest.net>


In Multi-player, this horrible bug of still being in a dizzy state after
reincarnation is frustrating to say the least. It astounds me, no, makes me
"dizzy", just to think that either:

1) This bug escaped the awesome QA Rare testers, or
2) This could or might be brushed off by Rare as some kind of a "designed
feature" of the game--it is completely inconsistent behaviour compared with
all other aspects of the game.

I have PD version 8.7 Final NTSC, purchased brand-new. Hopefully this will
be fixed in newer versions of the cartridge.

Other than this major "dizzying" annoyance, Perfect Dark is Perfect: The
Best Game Of All Time.
Carsten Klapp <carsten.klapp@home.net>


SIMs occasionally become permanently stuck on ladders in the Warehouse in
multi-player. I run circles around them and they won't budge-even though
they are "running" in place. You have to kill them to free them.
Carsten Klapp <carsten.klapp@home.net>


When playing as Mr. Blonde in multi-player, a black-rectangle sometimes
appears in the elevator in the GRID. As soon as the game starts, run
upstairs to the elevator and get into it the very first time it opens.

Depending on how you enter that black rectangle, you'll either fall through
the wall and out the other side, or become half stuck in a void. Sometimes
you'll become really stuck, the SIMs will come into the elevator looking for
you, aim at you but won't be able to kill you.
Carsten Klapp <carsten.klapp@home.net>


Well, i was playing Perfect Dark with two other human players, four simulants
(2 feud sims, 1 easy sim, and 1 venge sim), in the warehouse with a Falcon 2,
Superdragon, Slayer, Reaper, Shotgun, and the last was disabled.  Everytime a
human player died (usually 2 min, into the game) it froze up.  It happened
three times. Any ideas?



I discovered this while goofing around with the farsight one day, and I didn't see it
listed anywhere on the web, so if you already know this I am sorry for trying to take
credit for it. ' Anywho, when using the Farsight in primary mode (rail-gun effect),
while aiming with the R-button held down you can have the gun search for enemies by
holding down a strafe button (c-right or c-left). This is much easier than toggling
between primary and secondary modes, and makes it much easier to hit moving targets,
hold strafe to find someone, then let go and aim yourself. It's also great for finding
crowded rooms, then letting go and picking off guys on your own!

-on a side note, in the felicity level, down the long hall with doors on both sides,
the room with stairs in it has a cool feature/glitch. you can climb up the grey
pillars that hold up the blue objects! It takes some time to find the correct angle,
but you can get up there.

Brad Cason


Hello Hello!!

**"Easy" win in Challenge 16**

Hey, me and a couple of buds figured out this glitch/strategy/
cheat in "Challenge 16"  The "Standard combat. Weapons include
Proximity Mines. There is no radar on this challenge."  The
one with all of the BioSims.  This cheat insures a sure-fire

We did it on 3 Player..  I tested it on 1 Player also.
Same results...  Little tricky though.

I will show you the steps for all of the players...

Steps for 3 Player:

1)  Get atleast 2 points ahead...  Make sure you
    have enough time that the enemies don't go
    near the tank rooms.

2)  Have the best person stay in "The Room Formerly
    Known as the Locker-Room." (Goldeneye 007)  Have
    him stay and guard the door to the right... Make
    sure no guys go through while another buddy is
    setting up....Further noted.

4)  Have a sucky guy just stand at the edge of the
    hallway behind a pillar guarding the door that
    your best main is behind if the get through
    through your best man.

    *Most Important*
5)  Have the second best person stay in "The Tank
    Room w/ Proximity Mines"  Tell him to stand
    on top of the tank which has the mines and
    keep getting them. Throw about 9 or 10 mines
    all around the right wall area... (Not too
    close together!)  Around the doors windows
    and all.

    The BioSims will get all chicken and not even
pass through the door that your best man is guarding!
If a minute has gone by and nothing has passed through
that door it is safe to go get some pizza...  You have
another 9 min to waste!!  (Make sure you don't move!!
Might trigger a proxy..!)

Steps for 2 Player:

1)  Make sure your teammate doesn't suck and
eliminate the Sucky Guy step....  (Have Fun!)

Steps for 4 Player:

1)  Do everything...  just have another sucky
guy standing in the other Tank Room guarding
the door in the hallway through the glass.
(Don't Fire unless really necessary!!)

Steps for 1 Player:

1)  Do everything in the other steps..  Just get
two kills ahead and safely but quickly do the *Most
Important* step..  Make sure the other guy isn't
near that area first.  Well if he does get close
he'll get the crap blasted out of him.  Just set
up again!!  :)

p.s. Actually.... this will probably work on
any mission that has proxies!  Just give it
a go!

Buds:  Mike and Jeff
Me: Buddha (Sean)

E-mail: buddha@thedamndestthing.com


Very interesting "Glitch"... Might be related to the cheeses found
the game.  Go to the Warehouse in Multiplayer (can even be done solo,
this way) with any item that makes colors contrast (example: Farsight
Either go to 1.) Locate the room next to the Yellow corridor.  The
description of the room is that it has a hole in its ceiling. or better
2.) the entrance to a closer look is in the room with the large crate
building.  Climb up the ramps to the second floor, go up the stairs to
third floor.  Right there in front of the stairs is a small hole to
through.  Go to the chamber that you can stand in.

Once you reach 1 or 2 Look straight up and you'll see a grate with a
large ?,
almost Super Mario Bros style.  Right above it's a fake box of ammo

This egg was already submitted by somebody from yahoo, but I thought I
clarify on the location.

Anonymous. ;)


In the Combot Simulator, I have defeated more thatn 22
challenges. It says that if you beat more than 22
challenges, you recive a laser in your weapons list.
As of right now, i have not recived a laser in my
weapons list. i am just wondering if this happened to
anyone else?

(S33n) wdm@rocketmail.com


Normally when you use a Combat Boost, a timer will show you how long until
the effects wear off (8 seconds). If you collect up a few then use them all
at once, the timer will disappear and you won't know how long the boosts
will last.

When Combat Boost is selected as one of game's weapons, when you pick up a
Boost the message says "Picked up some Combat Boosts" but there is always
only 1 boost! However, if Combat Boost is chosen for two of the game's
weapons the message shows properly: when you pick up only one boost it says
"Picked up a Boost Pill", when you pick up a pack of boosts it says "Picked
up some Combat Boosts."

Similar to the slo-mo death problem, any Combat Boosts you've used will
still be active even after you die. This can actually be a good thing: if
you collect up a whole bunch of Combat Boosts, don't save them--instead eat
them all at once. After you die and respawn any remaining boost time will
still be with you.

The N64 froze for me too when a match ended and I was still under the
effects of a Combat Boost...GRRRRrr! For some reason the music still keeps
playing tho'
Carsten Klapp <carsten.klapp@home.net>


There are two places I know of where SIMs can get confused in the Ravine,
they stay in one spot and spin wildly in circles. Scenario is Hill, playing
with 8 SIMs. Usually 1 will get stuck, sometimes as many as three, even from
opposing teams.

1) Climb up the pipe and get onto the platform, face right. The first spot
is on the metal walkway, about halfway between the corner and the edge of
the platform above (directly under another metal ramp).
2) Take the elevator up to the second floor, go through the right tunnel.
The spot is on the left wall before the tunnel-ramp going down.

There are no weapons or "Hills" at either of these two locations, so I'm
clueless as to why SIMs like to stand and spin around in these two places.
Disarming them doesn't make them run off to look for another weapon, you
have to kill them to free them.
Carsten Klapp <carsten.klapp@home.net>


I was playing temple on the "Bond wars" setup. (check gamefaqs message board
for info) one of the normal sims ran right into the hole in the center of
the level and I blasted him with dual cmp150's. WHen i began to run for his
stuff, I noticed it floating slowly upwards and eventually out the top. i
could still make it out in the distance. It was cool.

"William Dean" <rengade76@hotmail.com>


First I'd like to say that your glitch FAQ is great
and I have had a lot of fun with it.  That said here
is a glitch I found in the Sewers Mulitplayer level.
In the room with an elevator in it and a grate floor
if you look down there should be some flowing water
and there are ammo boxes down there.  As far as I know
there is no way to get to them and they are even there
if you left all the weapons slots empty (slappers only
match).  If anyone else has found this let me know!

Gengar83 - gengar83@yahoo.com

P.S.  Yes I do like Pokemon and you are about the
millionth person to ask that question!

TripleRaid: Pokemon? I never asked you if you like Pokemon. :)


I found a glitch on the multiplayer level Ravine.  Right before you get
to the room way at the highest level, where the railing is, if you go
the way not using the elevator.  I ran running and strafing at the same
time like i always do, and i ran up the long ramp and it nocked me off
the railing.  Not to the floor below but off the whole entire level. I
looked up, and then i died.

~Dookie   ucci1@home.com


I found a glitch on Ravine - Multiplayer Stage - Four
Players, if you put Capture the Case. Put it, and put
"Kills Score". Have Radars on, and  show case on
options. Now, have the slayer... I don't know, but
sometimes, the briefcase on the radar just move for no
good reason! There's no color in the middle for a dot!
They just fly away! Wierd... I went to the EXACT SAME
place wehre it should be int he radar... it's in the
crate one time... like a minute later... the dot
moves! No one gets points at all! And you know darksim
return to their place in the EXACT place where the
case is? My friends checked all of them... no one on
the cases! To avoid this, never put Capture the Case
on Ravine (it WAS so cool...). I've tried to stay
looking at it... oh, and my friends were on the same
team... they killed me if I just looking at it...

Zell Dincht


Well I found another glitch. Its a multiplayer one and this time it happens when
you use that weapon, the slayer.  I guess you can be on any map but it works best
on warehouse level. First of all make sure you have a slayer on Fly-by-wire mode
and go outside the warehouse (near the roofs that you can climb up).  Fire a missle
over the actuall building of the warehouse and you will notice there is nothing on
the roof of it but blackness.  you can make your missle fall into this nothingness
and appear in the main area near the crates. I once flew a missle INSIDE the huge
crates. Interesting huh.



This frequently happens to me and I still have no idea of how it
Sometimes a simulant(usualy a difficulty sim)will fade
away standing up! It mostly happens with PerfectSims.


So, I was playing my friends in the sewers and I fell
down one of the wholes with an elevator in it while
looking down. I discovered an ammo box under the
grating in the water. the room has two tunnels under
the grating which lead to nowhere (checked it out with
the farsight). Also in the warehouse, in the vent area
which runs off the room with the huge stack of boxes.
If you look up in the space where the vent opens up
and a whole drops down, you can see an ammo box above
the grating. If you check it out with the farsight,
you can  distinctly see a questian mark below the box
cut into the grating. I think Rare is taunting us.
None of the boxes move when shot.

Andrew Grass <drizzt_cat@yahoo.com>


Okay, I found some fun and cool glitches on Perfect Dark. First, in the
(Carrington Institute) you can wedge open the doors to Carrington's
the Info center, and the Device Training room with the hovercrate, than
halfway into the Firing Range until you can press start to see the
menus. Use a Slayer Rocket to get into Carrington's office and blow him
away. It'l leave a big scorch mark on the floor at his feet!:)
Next, On Air Force One, if you use the Gold Magnum (or maybe any gun)
on one
of the lamps in a room near the grate that leads down to the Cargo Bay
the Escape pod, then go down a floor, you should see a lamp on the
floor and
a kind of charred wooden board near it. If this doesnt work try
shooting the
lamp again or turning on a ton of cheats.
I also got a Cool glitch on A51, Infiltration. Once I had the lift key,
activated the right elevator, the one with two guards in it. I Threw in
2 or
3 grenades on four second fuse and got out of the way. Once they blew
up, I
went in and saw a dead guard lying on top of a crate. I thought it was
pretty cool, so I shot him a few times and when the elevator went down,
floated through the ceiling! Once I came back up, he was gone, and I
saw this glitch again.
On Multiplayer, Once I was playing with Pistols in the Facility and got
by a DarkSim as I was reloading My Falcon. I stood in place as the
redded out and I saw my hand and gun just fade away like on the next
I was standing in an open area, so I dont know how it happened.
If you have a Sim or person Backed up against a wall or in a crowded
If you kill them sometimes they will just fade away stading up. All of
guns will disappear too. I have heard of this happening lots of times
Sims but only once with a human player.




You've got a pretty nice Faq going there.  Anyway, if you play in the
complex with whatever you want, duck down all the way (2x c-down) then
R or L and press and HOLD c-down.  Your screen should should go
black.  You can let go and it will go back to normal.  Kinda dumb, but
glitch anyway.

From Zack From Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada.

P.S.  I'm not Slow!!!!!!!!!

"Zackary Friend" <z3beamerr@hotmail.com>

2.3 Misc. Glitches

Nice glitch faq.  I got some glitches that I ran into while playing Perfect
Dark.  Here we goo...

The first one:
In Combat Simulator, when you try to play Challenge 7 with 3 players, the
game locks up as soon as the challenge begins.  I have no known solution to
this glitch yet, and probably never will.  Just reset your Nintendo and try
again.  Not sure if it's just a bad shipment of Perfect Dark gamepaks, but
my friend (Gundam Wing Zero) was the one that told me about it.  And so I
tried it, and it didn't work.  Maybe you should try it on your gamepak
first, before putting this up as a glitch.

The second one:
This one is for the gamepak overall, and this does not apply to all owners
of Perfect Dark.  My gamepak does not have the ability to save to the
gamepak; only to the controller pak.  I tested my friend's (Gundam Wing
Zero)gamepak, and his was able to save to the gamepak.  Weird huh? Just
tellin' ya in case someone else has the same problem.
Name: GrIeVeR & GuNdAm WiNg ZeRo
E-mail: N/A


I know some cool stuff to do in Perfect Dark.

Number 1.  In the weapons training if you stand in the
door and select combat knives you can make the guy
standing by the door roll his head a lot and bleed, by
throwing knives at him.

Number 2.  I found this out a long time ago, i call it
the 360 flip, thats where you get behind an
unconscious guard and fire at their head.  If done
right they will pop back up and fall again.  This is
easier with DK mode or regular mode on guys with
pony-tails, (shoot the pony tail).

A side note, the reason Cassandra's body guards and
Mr. Blonde and Cassandra are in the bottom floor of
Datadyne Extraction is because they need to be easy to
access.  In other words, the programmers made it
easier to use the characters for the cinemas by
keeping the characters in the level, so they could
find them easily.

Same with Johnathan on Area 51.  By the way, i heard
on the Area 51 4.1, near Johnathan hidden behind
crates, is the guard that gets shot in the cinema,
proving my point.


This isn't really a glitch, but it's still a good thing. If you want to
get a normal Falcon 2 (or get 9mm pistol ammo), simply do this: Go to
unarmed, and set it to Disarm. Then, take the gun from a guy. He will do
one of four things:

1. Hold his hands in the air and beg you not to attack
2. Run away
3. Start punching and kicking you
4. Pull out a Falcon 2 and attack

If he does #4, kill him. He'll drop the Falcon 2 and you can use it.
Also, if you have Enemy Rockets on, instead of them pulling out a Falcon
2, they'll just pull out another rocket launcher!

"Wicked Souls" <wicked_souls@seanbaby.com>


I was playing the last board on cooperative, and we got to the very
end.  My
partner (human) died on the boss, and  the screen said objective
assasinate skedar leader.  I ignored it and, for the first time, beat
game .  Then after the cinema, and checking my files I discovered that
was no record of me beating it.  Is it a glitch?



When you reincarnate, like that other klapp guy said, you can be dizzy.
you get hit by the poison knife and die soon, you will come back and
still be
being affected by the poison knife.  Usually you start out with no
life, a
little faded red or green at the best.  It sucks when you are playing
knives and everyone has a head start on you with no life.



This is the only other glitch I have experienced other than the dizzy/poisoned
after death glitch that everyone has.  Have you noticed that turing radar off
when setting up a game really doesn't mean anything?  If an individual player
has his radar turned on in his individual settings, then it will still be on
when you start the game, regardless of wether or not you turned it off in the
general game options while setting up the level.  This means that everyone has
to individually turn their radar off or on when starting the level.  This is a
very aggravating oversite on rare's part.  Oh well, I still love the game:-)

Crazy Adam


1. If you shoot someone enough with an explosive weapon, their body
will be
charred and deformed, with a pinched face and lots of clipping.

2. If you put the enemy rockets cheat on and watch the end movie for
third dataDyne level, the bodyguards will pump their rocket launchers
shotguns. You don't have to beat the level with E. rockets on, you can
watch the movie with the cheat on from the options menu.

Tako Senbei


Well, first of all, the FAQ is cool. But, the Glitch I'm reporting, is
kinda kool. I was playing around on the firing range. I don't know why,
but I got access to one of the classic guns. I hadn't gotten all golds
yet, so it was strange. I had all of the Bronze medals and one Gold,
in Player's Guides, it says you need ALL golds to get the guns. I have
since gotten tons of Gold Medals, but I still only have access to the
one. (It's a DK5/DMC, By The Way.)



This is a multiplayer glitch.  I did this one in carrington villa
level, and
for best results you should use automatic weapons with accuracy and the
infinite ammo no reloads.  Find an ammo crate, and fill it full of
making sure to keep the crosshair underneath the box at all times.
raise the box up with your fire, and if you get it pretty high, stop
and the box will fall then dissappear.  Run away for a minute, then
come back
and the box is floating way up there in the air.  To get it back down
shoot it once, and it will fall back down to you.



Ok, this glitch is a good one, and I don't think there is anything you can do to fix
I don't recommend using this unless you are really stuck.  To easily beat
you will need atleast 2 people.  First off, set up a really easy game, say 1 peace
meat sim,
 one hit kills, 1 kill wins, everybody vs cpu, and your favorite level. Save your
and *important* go to load settings. Then have one other player go to challanges, and
the challange, and go to start challange, have other extras do this too, then load
settings, start the game. The glitch worked if it says Challange __ when you start up,
but in the settings you set, beat the level, and it will count as beating the

Another glitch is very small but noticable, in MP, have one player be a maian, when
shoot them, the red blood squirts out, but if it lands on the floor, wall, it will be
green. I've never tried this in SP, so i don't know if it works there.

In SP I have gotten a enemy's body to stay there and never leave, i've gotten this to
happen in two ways, one way was by killing two enemies at the same time, when one
crosses in front of or behind the other, one of them will not leave, this has happened
to me more then once, but not everytime. Another way is by killing an enemy in a
doorway, and when he falls the door shuts on about half his body.  It will stay there
even if the door opens.



I found a very easy and pointless glitch.  On the perfect menu,
combat simulator.  Click on it then quickly tap b to go back.  The
spinning background fades only a little and doesn't go away
Tough, huh?
-Chris B.


As you probably know by now, you can shoot things outside of the firing
range with the farsight. There are several different things you can do
this, some that aren't in this faq already:

1) View virtually everything in the institute.
2) See the cheese: Look into the main hallway, through the silver
door. Look past the silver left door, then look slightly up and too the
left a bit, you should see the cheese. If you can't, keep scrolling
This can also be found by doing the slayer trick (Using the hovercrate
pry open the wooden double doors to the firing range, standing in front
the glass door on the inside of the range, and shooting a fly-by-wire
rocket into the hoverbike room. Up on the balcony overlooking the room
to the right, above the door, is the cheese.)
3) Shoot people to watch them flinch.
4) Blow up most computers (blowing up some, such as the hanger laptop,
keeps you from accessing certain information until you restart the
5) Blow up chairs, even those that are being sat in.
6) Move uncombustable objects such as couches and hoverbikes.
7) Blow up guns in the hanger area.
8) Shoot classic guns out of boxes.
9) Break glass in Joanna's office near the ceiling.
10) Perform the knife trick with the hovercrate, mentioned above.
11) Prevent certain item training objectives from being complete. By
shooting terminals, computers and lightswitches in the hallways, you
make the ECM mine training harder and the Night Vision, Door Decoder,
Vision, Camspy (by shooting the hacker computers), and Data Uplink
trainings impossible. Shooting the terminals in the x-ray vision's
room makes the lasers disappear, so the training can't be complete.
shooting the lightswitch and then failing the night vision training
in permanantly dark hallways.
12) Shooting the camera in the secret hallway to Carrington's office
has no
effect; it still works.


I found this one glitch while screwing around with my Gameshark.  I somehow got a code
that let me use the Psychosis Gun in multi-player.  I played with teams and I shot
a simulant with it.  It went from yellow to blue!(I was on the blue team)  I used it
on a friend, they turned blue too!  To keep this from happening, DON'T USE GAMESHARK.



My friend brought over his game, and some other guys came over so we
have a 4-player game. My friend was pretty far in the game, and in the
challenges, so we all decided to change what our Combat Simulator
looked like. While we were all changing this, the game froze. Nothing
unusual, so we reset the cartridge. But when the Select Agent screen
came up,
we found that the game had erased all of his data.

(NO Email Address)


This glitch involves the firing range, and you can
practically beat ALL the medals with this!

Select laptop gun training. Hold down B to bring up
the Deploy Sentry Gun feature. Then press Z to throw
it. Now, while the gun is still folding up in your
hand, press start, and Abort. Now select the medal you
want to beat. When you start the medal, the sentry
turret flies out and blasts all the targets for you!

Of course, this is cheap, I found this out after i
beat everthing. I recommend you beat everything
without it. It makes you a better player.

Thanks to, TeeJay.


This thing is long but well worth it so pleez read it took a long time to
type.....ok this thing is funny in a sick sort of way not and a perverted
way, heres what you do to see it.....
Turn on dk mode rocket launcher in solo and small charictor cheats...Go to
the very first level on agent(not neccecary but easier to do) now kill the
first patrolling guard outside, no switch to unarmed go through the 2 doors
and disarm the guard on your right if he surrenders thats good if not keep
hitting him till he dose if he dies restart...now go down the platforms and
go near the next door you would go through in the ordinary game turn around
pull out your r-launcher, now the guy should be standing near the corner of
the platform...shoot one rocket below him and a couple feet to the left(feet
in the game not real life)now this is reaaly funny, if done correctly he
should fly over the rail and across the room like a bird...or sum times he
flies up, lands on the rail and slides all the way down(depending on where
you shoot the rocket)but thats not all, if the guy lands on his back go up to
him, he will be all chared black, his arms shud be all crooked and broken,
and his face will be all crushed and sumtimes has holed in it(you can see
straight through!)-thanx for listening sumtimes this thing is harder than
other times so keep at it!



ok i was screwing around with my gameshark pro code generator while
dark was in it and it did a unknown value search and selected a code at
random. and it turned out to be a huge glitch! first of all the front
was unlocked in the carington isntitute and you could take guns out of
firing range!  that door just leads to a balcony but there is another
door to
the right of it. I walked out of the door and fell down from the
institute!  and i died! thats a pretty stupid glitch if you can get
killed in
training :D, visit my perfect dark site (under construction) -

UTFoOtBaLL007@aol.com and my name is KC


I have discovered three glitches while in Co-Operative Agent Mode.
glitches were most likely over looked during the creation of Perfect
As for the last glitch, Mission 9, I don't know how to recreate it or
how to
correct it.

Mission 4.2 Lab Clothes.
During two player co-operative play only one person can put on the lab
clothes and enter the lab.  The second person must wait outside until
first person is discovered.

Mission 5.1 Stewardess Clothes.
Same as in Mission 4.2.  The second person must wait outside until the
person shuts off the security system.  But after the first person is
discovered the second person loses all of her weapons regardless of how
weapons she previously had.

Mission 9 Killing the Skedar Leader.
Setup:   Both first and second persons are doing battle with the Skedar
Leader in his chamber.  The second  person is killed.  She is reborn
begins the journey back to his Chamber.   The first person continues
battle with the Skedar Leader.

The first person fires several devastator grenades at the Spikes and
Skedar Leader vanishes.  The first person is then killed by a skedar
The Skedar Leader then re-appears, (outside of his chamber), at the
mouth of
the hole that was created in the wall by the devastator wall-hugger

The second person fires at the Skedar Leader but to no avail.  The
Leader doesn't acknowledge the second person's existence.   Eventually
Skedar Leader makes his way back to the door leading into his chamber
but he
cannot re-enter it.

Any ideas?



I read your Glitch Faq and regarding the "first one" in the section 2.3
Misc. Glitches about the game freezing when you play challenge 7 with 3
players, I have that problem myself. Just thought you liked to know.

P.S. I hope you can find a way to solve that problem.

"Anthony Mak" <twhmak@hotmail.com>


once you beat 5:3 then look at it in the cinima section of the game (under
chaets in the options menu)he will not distroy trent easton he will atack
nothingness (even though you can here trents voice)
Name: ANTWarior
E-mail: ANTWarior@aol.com


In the Firing Range:

1. Use any explosive and throw it at the wall behind you.  When you leave
   sparks will be flying from the lights like they were blown up, proving the
   explosion gos through walls.

2. Throwing a grenade at the right angle toward the double line down range
   will make it disappear.  After 4 Sec. (fuse time) you will hear an explosion.
   Most likly it gos into the hangar downstairs.

Name: DarthKln
E-mail: DarthKln@aol.com


I'm not sure if this is a glitch or not but if you use the Farsight in
Firing Range you can shoot the people beside you, the Goldeneye guns
out of
there cases, people on the floor above you and below you, blow up
computers, move furniture, and move the Hoverbike.
Name: Jonathan
E-mail: TheVinnyMack@aol.com


i have noticed that if you set off a spy cam or similar object while inches away from
a set of blocking lazers it goes through to the other side!
"Kode Killer" <KodeKiller@hotmail.com>


When you are in holotraining 7 at the Carrington Institute, you can start out
with a handgun. This has only worked twice so I'm sure it's a glitch.
Name: Barrett
E-mail Barrett3@aol.com


ok i dont know if this is on levls or not since i dont have the cheat for farsight
but if you take out the in the firing range and you put it on bronze (for 2 minutes
of play) you can shoot through walls (duh) now aim upstairs sorta and find someone
sitting in a chair it will probably also work on the girl in the firing range sitting
well shoot their chair alot it blows up and becomes nothing go visit that person and
their still sitting!!

also i have noticed that if you stand in the firing ranges doors way as it closes then
you can still pic guns if your far enough into the firing range!!

have fun KodeKiller@hotmail.com


At the Carrington Institute, go to the hanger and take the hover box up to
the shooting gallery.  Put the box so that it blocks the glass door in the
shooting gallery, thus leaving the door open.  Select throwing knives or
crossbow and throw them into him.  They will stay stuck into his body.  If
you get a nice shot threw the head, it will go in one end and out the other.
You can also throw explosives in so that the lights go completely black.

Submitted by:  Matthew


This is more of a trick than a glitch, and works for all gamepaks:
In the shooting range, open up the glass door to go into the shooting range
room and stand halfway inside and halfway outside the door. When you press
start, it will think you're in the shooting range and allow you to select a
gun. When you choose a weapon, the door will close, but not all the way since
you're standing inbetween it. you can then shoot outside while standing in
there (like crossbow arrows or combat knives in the scientists.) Also try
opening the brown door leading to the shooting range and then quickly doing
the trick to get a fly-by-wire missle out of the room and around the complex.

Name: ZeroC01
E-Mail: ZeroC01@aol.com


Well this is not a bad glitch, i'ts actually fun.  Go to the firing range and
face the two guys outside while your in the glass door's way(so it won't
close).  Then press start and pick a combat knife or a crossbow and you can
have those two guys as test dummies.  It's HELLLLLLA funnie.  Or you can pick
a fly-by-wire and shoot it and control it outside to go all around the
carrington institute.
E-mail: MACROSSX2@aol.com


Guess this works in any level you get knives in.
Select your knives and switch to the secondary mode.
Hold the knife back but don't throw it. Now switch to
the primary mode while holding the knife. When you
leave go of Z, the knife will throw, but the next
knife will be in the throwing knife position even
though you are in Knife Slash. When you slash
somebody, the animation will change to a normal knife
slash, but will revert as soon as the slash is over.



hi my name i mike i have a glitch for perfect dark okay first you go
on counter-op on the first level and the bad guy goes down to the
basement then go down the stairs and turn right till you get to the
desk with two computers and stand by it and look at the glass door
and you'll find out there are no bad guys down there
then the good guy comes down the elevator and halfway down the bad
guys appear
you can email me at billy1hoj2@homestead.com


This has to be a glitch or just a very bad copy of the game.  I'm on Level 7 Perfect
Agent and the game freezes up at random points throughout the level EVERY SINGLE TIME.
It's preventing me from playing the game.  It happens in multi-player all the time
Could it just be a bad copy?  I think I'm going to exchange for a new one.  Other
run fine on my N64 as far as I can tell.

Justin  <jlgdrg@gsinet.net>


Everone hates that stupid hacker right? I found a way to knife him up good.
1. go to the carrinton institute (Training Facility).
2. go to the floating crate in the hanger and walk it inside weapons training.
3. select combat knife bronze and start throwing knife into the crate.
4. end the training, push the crate to the item training room. leave the crate there
and head back to weapon training.
*5. get the farsight a snipe the crate so it explodes, then run back to the item
6. pick cloaking device training. when in training mode pick up the knifes (you don't
need to pick up the cloaking device). go through the vent to the hacker room.
7. then start letting the knifes fly.
I found this fun for like five minutes.

*I think you can skip the whole running to the farsight thing and just pull the knifes
from the crate (i'm too lazy to try).

other people to knife while doing this trick.
carrington, the other hacker, and the guy and girl in the item room.



Has anybody found any new cool things to do in Carrington Institute, or does any of
the doors open when you complete all the training? So far, I've completed all the
gadget and holo-training, and only need three more gold stars in the firing range.
Also, is there any way of opening that main door in the lobby, or any other locked
Here are all the things I've found (I think a lot of them have already been posted,
oh well.)
1. In the firing range, you can shoot through the windows with the magnums and
secondary function on the callisto.

2. You can use the farsight to zoom in on anything in the institute and blow up all
the computers except for the ones in the firing range(?) and shoot the guns off the
walls. Also, you can see the reflections of the couches and that big sign while in

3. You can push around most of the furniture. I don't think you can push it in front
doors to hold them open though. You can only push it so far. Believe me, I've tried.

4. You can get on the hoverbike by pressing B twice quickly, but as far as I know, you
can't get out of the room with it. You can also carry it by pressing B once.

5. In the gadget training, you can smack people as much as you want to while you are
training, and they don't seem to notice. The dorky hacker guy doesn't catch onto your
disguise if you punch him, and if you have the cloaking and go to Carrington's room,
standing behind him, turn off the cloaking, and beat him, he won't notice you until
you walk in front of him.

6. In the holotraining, on the last one (number 7, I think) if you run at a guard,
and he shoots you, then disarm him and switch to the gun just at the time the FAILED
screen comes up, next time you'll start with a gun fully loaded. Also, on the last
unarmed combat (5, I think) I got the gun from the guy with bullets in it several
times, so I just ran behind the other guy and shot him instead of knocking him out.
I'm still not sure how I did this.

7. You probably all know this already, but when you hang around someone too long,
they'll tell you off. They also seem to grab their crotches a lot more than normal

8. Know that hover-crate thingy? You can grab it with B and take it to the gadget
training room, prop open the door, choose the spycam training, and fly the spycam
around the institute.

9. You can also take the box and prop open the firing range door, and shoot the people
repeatedly. It's the most fun with the crossbow or knives, because they will stay on
the person, sticking straight out of them. Explosives are also fun, because they blow
up most
of the lights in the firing range. You can also pick up the arrows or knives you threw
out, but you can't pull them out.

10. Take the box in the firing range and cover it with remote mines, then take it
anywhere in the institute, go back to the firing range, choose remote mines again,
and detonate them.

11. Take the box into the Holo-training room, and do one of the training. When you're
done, the box is gone, and back in the hangar. Once, I walked in the hangar, and the
box came down from the ceiling into its starting spot. I haven't gotten this to work
more than that one time.

12. Once, when I picked up the box, I spun around and accidently impaled that guy in
the hangar. It pulled the box out of my hands and stuck in him. I haven't gotten this
to work again, either.

These are all the things I've found. If anyone has found something not on this list,
please post!

Found another one.
Use the hover-crate to prop open the outer door to the firing range, then stand in the
door way in front of the glass door, just far enough to bring up the weapons list.
Choose the slayer on bronze, and you can send fly-by-wire though-out most of the
Carrington Institute. I reduced all of the couches to cinder, and put out several
lights, and . . . FOUND A PIECE OF CHEESE.
I don't think anyone else has found this, so look in my other post to see how to
get there.

Name: :


I'm not sure if this is a bug or not since I have not been able to reproduce
it. The first time I played the PD cartridge, and got to level 1.3
"Extraction", I couldn't figure out where Dr. Caroll ran off to.

Later I went to Cinema, and found "Outro 1.1" and "Outtro 1.2" which
explained everything. Somehow the Outros did not play. I'm pretty sure I
didn't hit any buttons after completing 1.1 and 1.2, since I was looking
forward to seeing a movie of some sort, but didn't. Now they're working
fine, maybe my controller was just messed up. This happen to anyone
Carsten Klapp <carsten.klapp@home.net>


PD has frozen on me twice while using FBW (Fly-By-Wire) Slayer, requiring
the N64 console to be reset:

The first time was when I flew the slayer rocket around the firing range,
and eventually crashed it back into Jo's head. The screen filled with static
and then game froze. Hardy-har, a funny joke on me by the programmers.

The second time was in multi-player in the ravine. I launched a Slayer
rocket at the exact moment the warning siren started which signals the last
few seconds of game play. When the match ended, the screen was still from
the rocket point of view but frozen and no statistics or menu appeared. The
music still played, but the N64 was definitely frozen.
Carsten Klapp <carsten.klapp@home.net>


OK, i don't own an N64 (i have a PSX) so i borrowed my friends and i
Perfect Dark at Blockbuster on level 1.3 with the slow-motion cheat, i
was up
on the second level of the building (i think) and at the part where the
body guards are chasing Dr. Caroll and the stop at the end of the hall
and i
shot both oof them with a double shotgun blast and killed them at the
time. They both fell onto each other and their heads disappeared so it
like some put a giant mirror on there neck and made it look like the
had four
arms and four legs. Technically it may not be a glitch but it was
freaky and
funny too. It may not work for you because you have to be in the exact
position so the shells hit them correctly.

Cactus Jack


I think your glitch guide is great, and so is PDark.
Pretty buggy though.
Here's a glitch:
  In mission 1.1 (dataDyne: Extraction), there is an idiot carrying 2x Falcon
   with ENEMY ROCKETS on, he has 2x R Launchers - but you can't!
   occasionally when you kill him one of his guns will fall through the floor. When
this happens, it will be on the bottom floor near the office on the right.

Here's a fun thing to do:
  Play the duel(PA) with these two cheats: Laptop Gun and Jo Shield
  At the start, turn and deploy the laptop gun as a sentry behind the guard.
  laugh maniacally as the gun mows down Jonathan and Trent- DURING THE COUNTDOWN!
  apparently the laptop gun can't count

Here's a tip:
  It seems that many can't beat Holo #7, so here's some advice:
  at the start, hide behind the wall AS FAST AS POSSIBLE- the unarmed idiots will come
  to check things out soon
  then, run out and punch out the others. Yay!

The Malevolent M -- Get your free email from www.dbzmail.com
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I've noticed that, through some grievous programing error, none of the
simulants can detonate a remote mine!! Even the (not so) Perfect Sims and
Dark Sims just toss mines on each other and won't/can't detonate them. Pretty dumb.

My name is Matt and my e-mail is TheGeneralO1@aol.com


Hi, I've got two glitches which bopth are in the same place.

Place: Carrington Institute, HoloTraining

Glitch #1 - Once you start a game quickly abort and go back as fast as
possible. If done correctly, you'll see that girl thats incharge of the holo
training with combat music. Now you can punch her.

Glitch #2: Same idea. Once your in a combat type training level do the same
trick except over and over while walking. If done correctly you'll start
there and if your very lucky and you punch someone and do it while picking up
the weapon it's possible you'll start in the same place with that weapon with
your health back and whatever you did to a gaurd like knock them out. Keep in
mind this ones harder. It's very difficult and can be frusterating. Good for
beating that last one.

Prevent These From Happening: Simply and SLOWLY go to abort.

                    David Harriman II
                    AKA GeckoGamer


This might just be me, but sometimes in co-operative with a simulant buddy,
the simulant gets killed, but then another guard from the level seems to be
on your side... as if he was hit by a psychosis gun.  It's really wierd and I
know that he was on my side because I had it so I couldn't hurt my buddy.  So
I tried to plug him in the head, and he lived.  This has happened to be twice
so far...  Once on the Pelagic II and I can't remember where the other time
was.  Any ideas?

Kevin "Crusader" Hughes


In any level, use disarm, tranquilizer or sedate bolts to make a PERSON
be taunt and fall dawn. Then, give a head shot (with a fatal weapon).
The person will get up, but will be dead and curved.
Thales, o Poderoso to Tripleraid




Today i found a glitch in the firing range. The glitch is that you can
make all the classic guns dissappear from there protective casing. Im
not sure if anyone has discovered this yet. To do this glitch, go into
the firing range and select the farsight. Turn to your left, and locate
one of the classic guns. Shoot it, and it will fly out. Abort if you
want, and then leave. The guns will not be there. You can't pick them up
though. :p

- syrius
site: http://www.stormtek.net
aim: syrius fx


If you're playing Co-Op in Area 51 Infiltration have either player get
rocket launcher, and in a large space have the player using the rocket
launcher turn it's secondary function on and aim at the other player.
turn away from them and fire the rocket w/o hitting the R trigger
Directly after the rocket is fired, have the player w/o the launcher
spinning in a circle. If done correctly the rocket will spin in a
around the player until he/she stops spinning. You can fire as many
as u  like, they all follow the other player in their circle.
This doesn't freeze the game, it's just a really funny glitch to see.



Laptop Gun Keeps Firing
This is kind of like the glitch where the game shows a cutscene in
vision. You need to have the "all weapons" cheat on and it helps if you
infinite ammo on, too. Right before the end of any level (I like Skedar
Ruins) you can throw a Laptop Gun on the ceiling of the arena where you
the King. Once you have defeated him (or whatever level you are playing
the gun will still fire at the enemies that are still alive (the King
still alive even when you are watching the cut scene).  It will usually
loud enough to cloud out the voices of the characters.

Another Floating Glitch
This glitch is like the one in Goldeneye on the mission where you first
the Boris guy. On "Mr. Blonde's Revenge" go to the part of the level
all of those girls are protecting the stairs on the bottom floor. Go to
top of the stairs and either hold c-right or c-left (which ever way
make you come down the stairs). You should be over the stairs but the
stops when Mr. Blonde hits the ceiling in front of the stairs.



i think i know why cassandra sometimes appears with the two
guards and
a mr blonde in mission 1:3.I believe that she will appear in that room
you go through the sequence where you face her bodyguards on the top
floor.Also if you shoot them while they are waiting for the cinema they
have blood stains on them in the cinema.



I was playing "The Duel" on Perfect agent with Slow-Motion enabled,just to see if
it was easier to win and how cool it looks.
So when I reached Trent,the game just messed up,and I couldn`t use my controller
at all,and I kept going towards the wall and nothing else happened!
This is very,very strange,but it happens almost every time on my PAL version of the
So to avoid it,don`t use the Slow-motion cheat on "The Duel".

Qwerty McWerty


This isn`t actually a glitch. The same thing happened in goldeneye when
there were about 4 or 5 explosions at once. The N64 can`t handle all of
at once, so it just ignores some of them. The grenades don`t disappear,
blow up but just have no explosion.
Also, I have completed holo 7 without cheats, and there is no other
it(David Lemasa). I did this by running behind the screen and killing
the 2
unarmed guards, and then crouching and disarming one of the others by
running around the other side of the screen. It is all luck whether
they hit
you or not, but once you have a gun it is pretty easy to win.
Andrew Grieve


These glitches are common, but hard to notice

 1: Shoot someone so there is a blood stain left on some glass.  shoot
stain and the bullet-hole wont affect the blood. It will look like the
is sealing the hole. Best done in DataDyne Defection or Extraction.

 2: When the "Small charaters" cheat is on, the game dosn't adjust the
positions for the smaller sizes.  Everyone will be floating about a
foot off
the ground( talk about over-use of the hover technology)

simons@netexp.com (Simons)


Laptop Gun Keeps Firing
This is kind of like the glitch where the game shows a cutscene in
vision. You need to have the "all weapons" cheat on and it helps if you
infinite ammo on, too. Right before the end of any level (I like Skedar
Ruins) you can throw a Laptop Gun on the ceiling of the arena where you
the King. Once you have defeated him (or whatever level you are playing
the gun will still fire at the enemies that are still alive (the King
still alive even when you are watching the cut scene).  It will usually
loud enough to cloud out the voices of the characters.

Another Floating Glitch
This glitch is like the one in Goldeneye on the mission where you first
the Boris guy. On "Mr. Blonde's Revenge" go to the part of the level
all of those girls are protecting the stairs on the bottom floor. Go to
top of the stairs and either hold c-right or c-left (which ever way
make you come down the stairs). You should be over the stairs but the
stops when Mr. Blonde hits the ceiling in front of the stairs.



The first few times I went through the board, after doing the pillar
thing. I
went to where you cross over to the part where you use the devastator
on the
wall.  There was a bridge there.  But now when I go there it isn't.  Is
a glitch?  Also in co-operative mode, when I got to the skedar leader I
 But i had another life, so I went through the level again.  All of the
skedars were dead. except for the tiny ones.  They seem to rejenerate.
are there in the same number as the first time you went through.  This
not be a glitch because it happens every time.



This is what I did. First I used Perfect Dark With my gameshark.  Used
Enable Code (Must Be On-GS Version 3.30) (GS 3.30 Or Higher Needed!)
FF1EAE00 0000
So I had 3.3 version of Gameshark.....

After I beat maian SOS and look out the control room where the distress
beacon is.  I thought that hey the whole stage is connected...  So i
fired up
my 3.3 Gameshark

FF1EAE00 0000 Used this as my hi res enable code

Moon Jump (Press B) [Note 1]
D009C7E4 0040
81206720 40F2
D009C7E4 0040
802066D3 0000
D009C7E4 0040
811ED720 40F2
D009C7E4 0040
801ED6D3 0000
D009C7E4 0040
811D4720 40F2
D009C7E4 0040
801D46D3 0000

Activated that code and
Able To Go Through Most Doors
8022E5FC 0001

After I did this I
Walk Thru Walls
8002804B 0001
80028053 0001
80028057 0021
8002805B 0001
8002805F 0001
8002806B 00A1
8002806F 0001
80028073 0021
80028077 0001

Put this code in I activated all these codes and went to area 51 and
all the doors where gone I could go though the doors and into the base.
the entrance near the jet bike.  I went into the vents where the cheese
followed them to the end and found a key hole and I look though it and
rest of wheat was behind it was gold! Since I walk though walls on I
into the key hold and a small area of the vents was completely golden.
will need 3.3 of Gameshark to get to play in Solo mode.  And you can
also go
to http://www.cmgsccc.com/index2.shtml for even more Gameshark Codes.
Do this
for the first area and from where you start off use the moon jump to
straight from the data dyne symbol You can go into the area where
ship was flying to get to the datadyne building.  There area some cool
you can go with These codes.  You can go anywhere in the game.  But
this will
let you play 1-3 missions consecutive before freezing if you get more
lucky. So You could call this the Freedom Mode code!



Hey, I found two glitches in the Deep Sea:  Nullify Threat mission.  I was playing
Perfect Agent level with no cheats because I was trying to get the Farsight Cheat.
I managed to get all the way to the rooms with the powercells with an excellent time
and little damage when my shotgun got messed up.  The top ammo bar said I had about
shells loaded in the shotgun and the bottom ammo bar said I had around 350 shells
still in reserve.  I couldn't fire the gun because the game was attempting to reload
the gun.
The top meter filled up and the bottom meter emptied like it always does but everytime
I tried to stop the reloading animation the gun stoped reloading but before I could
the animation started up again.  I tried switching to another gun and back but that
work either.  I didn't bother to experiment further because I had a time to beat to
earn the Farsight cheat (I didn't mean to rhyme).

Anyway, I ran to the intersection where the second drone gun is to destroy the last
two powercells with the Farsight (the ones in the large open rooms, not the ones
in the walls).  I targeted the first powercell and fired.  KABOOM!  An explosion
through me at the same time my shot blew up the powercell.  I was hurt BADLY by the
suprise explosion but lived.  I aimed at the second powercell and fired again.
KABOOM!  Another explosion appeared and killed me!  The next attempt I got the
explosion glitch
to work again, and died again.  The next try I didn't stand under the drone gun's
and no explosion appeared where I was standing and no explosion appeared where the
 gun was so you can probably avoid this glitch by not standing under the drone gun.
As for the shotgun glitch I have no idea what causes it.  Hope this is helpful and you
use it on your Glitch FAQ.




                David Green
                aka hax33
                email address madgangsta@hotmail.com


I don't know why, but the guy that works in the hangar in the
Institute has two different hair textures.  Go behind him and look
where his
head and neck meet.  He has a brownish hair on his head but
hair on the back of his neck!


2.4 Glitch Fixes

About the glitch in Area 51 of waiting 20 minutes to get back down to
the first floor to get the explosive box. All you have to do is throw your
Dragon with proximity destruct, shoot a few bullets at it, it explodes, and
the job is done.

"Alan Cook" <cook_alan@hotmail.com>


Alright about the guy who wrote about being in the complex and ducking
to make the screen go black, this isn't a glitch, you can do this
in multiplayer, basically the only way this helps is so nobody knows
you are and you can look at other peoples' screens to see if they're
to you.

Also about the guy who wrote about earning a GoldenEye gun without
all the gun challenges on gold, basically all you need is a certain
combination of gold medals to earn certain guns, so you don't need to
all golds to get the GE guns. That's all.

Ryan (rciceman799@hotmail.com)


Regarding "Adam"'s glitch about the president not saying a line, it really isn't a
glitch. He has the Language Filter on. The Language Filter censors out an entire
sentence if any curse word is contained within. I believe the line is something like,
"D***it, Trent, I say no and I mean no!" and some other stuff. It's really nothing
                                                            Jim Dagg


OK about the "glitch" that makes you not able to play solo missions:

This is NOT a glitch. Basically, the reason this person can't play solo
missions because HE DOESN'T HAVE THE EXPANSION PACK. On the game box it
shows the features and solo missions are *not* available without the
expansion pack. Now if this person has the expansion pack then this beats
the crud out of me.

Ryan (rciceman799@hotmail.com)


I think I might have an explanation for the elevator glitch in Level 5.2.
I had a similar experience, but for me, the elevator would not come down to
the first floor (after I had cleared out the enemies and gone back for the
explosives).  I've found that a couple of extra guards appear, seemingly
out of nowhere, and roam around.  Apparently, one of them somehow got stuck
on the elevator while it was on the 2nd floor, right in the path of the
door.  Since the door wouldn't close, the elevator wouldn't come down.  The
guard was in a position so that I had to move back past the stacked crates
to see him (and thus shoot him).  After I killed him, the 2nd floor door
closed and the elevator operated normally.  Perhaps in the glitch listed in
your FAQ, one of these 'phantom guards' got stuck holding the first floor

Andy Little


I saw your glitch in the PD Glitch FAQ on GameFAQs about how the elevator in
5:2 would become stuck.  This happens to me alot, and I figured out that
what's causing the elevator to stick is the guard on the ground floor trying
to enter the elevator.  What works for me, is to set your Dragon on the
secondary mode (proximity bomb), and throw it down the elevator shaft.  When
it explodes, sometimes it kills the guard, but it always brings the elevator




Hey I just read your glitch sheet and there are two glitches on it that
actually aren't.

The first is the one in solo, Ithink it is the second wone on your sheet,
about being stuck on the second floor of the area 51 hanger.  This is very
easy to fix.  If the elavater gets stuck downstairs just jump off.  There is
a place withoput a rail just to the left of the sliding door to the room
with the X.

The second is the multiplayer glitch about losing the breifcases in capture
the case.  This is not a glitch.  If you come back and your case is gone it
means that the sims have it and are trying to get it back to there base.
But unfortuanatly for them you have thier case.  So they will stand around
and wiat for there case.  To fix this either hunt down and kill the sim with
your case, or get yourself killed or whoever on your tem has their case.
This will cause their case to reappear in thier base then they will get a
point for getting your case then they will both be back to their approprait



This isn't really a glitch...if you go back from where you blow
a hole in a wall to get the box, there is a guard standing on
the bottom floor in the way of the elevator, so when you try to
call it up, the door can't close at the bottom, so the elevator
won't come up.  Back up a ways, and then just shoot the guard,
the door will close and the elevator will rise.  Just wanted to
tell you what really happens for this...



**Lock yourself in the Firing Range**

This is pretty tricky.. And I don't know how it
does it.

1) Get the floating crate and bring it upstairs.
2) *Tricky Part* (Follow the directions carefully!)
   Prop the box so the "yellow electronic part" is
   facing inside the firing range. When you put it
   in you should pull it to the side instead of pushing
   it forward or pulling it back.  Make sure that
   the box is only a 1/4 inside the room and its
   parallel with the edge.. (Straight) then if it
   already didn't try to close it self close it.
3) (I don't know if this step is necessary but its
   what I do.)  Go inside the place where you use
   the weapons and do the trick so you can fire
   out of it.  Pick the Slayer and fly-by-wire..
   shoot the two guns infront of you.
4) Then go back inside.  And let the door close.
   pick the Slayer again and shoot the wall behind
   you alot!!

The door should have sliced the crate down the middle and you wont be
able to get out unless you blow it up.

**Use a Gun in Unarmed Combat 2"
     the hologram training
(This is a follow up to a previous post.)

1) Pick the last holotraining... the one with the three
   guys with guns.

2) Set your fists on Disarm and get the guns from all
   three guys.. It doesn't matter if you fail or not.
   Just get all of their guns.

3) Don't exit the training... just press left or right
   and go to Unarmed Combat 2.

4) Take the first guys gun and whip it out.  You will
   have the ammo from the previous guys..  Give'm

**Extra Weapons in Holotraining**

1) Block the glass door to the firing range with
   the floating crate.
2) Throw a TON of knives on it!!
3) Throw some remote mines on it too..
4) Push the crate so it blocks the holotraining
   door.. make sure the side with the most knives
   is most inward.
5) Go back to the firing range.. select remote mines
   and tap A+B until you hear a bang.
6) Go back to the holotraining room.  And try to
   pick up the least amount of knives as you can.
   press start and pick a training that has people
   in it.
7) Pick up some knives...  (The will adventually
   dissapear if you don't.)
8) You can throw them at the guys or slice them..
   you choose!!

Name: Buddha (Sean)

Email: buddha@thedamndestthing.com


Alright, I was playing Co-Op with the Alien Sim, On the Skedar Attack
with Invincibility and Infnite ammo no reloads, I killed the sim, took
RCP120 deactivated the shields, cloaked and found Elvis, I uncloaked he
his "Good to see..." and we proceeded to access the navigation systems
(after I killed one Maian and took his callisto, then I decided to get
slayer, claoking most of the time and killing Skedar.  I continued
until I
had to blow up those brown things.  heres where it gets going, In the
room before the one with the objective, where you can go left or right,
left, open the door, don't go though, fire a slayer in fly by wire, and
it blows you should be above your old location, you can jump off to the
sides, and wind up near where the Maians killed some skedar or go
forward to
get back down. This is pretty cool in my opinion. I don't know if the
cheats, the Alien buddy, or anything other than the Slayer helps the

SSJ Nerpin


This glitch happens in the Carington Institutes Firing Range.  I was
the Slayer to get a gold Medal.  I was using the By-Wire or somthing
which lets you contol the rocket from its perspective.  I was on the
last 2
targets and in the rockets perspecive i was 1/2 way through the range
(BOOM!) the screen froze!!!  This happens a lot of times when I use the
Slayer in its 2ndary mode!!!  I suggest you dont use the 2ndary mode in
multiplayer becuase when too many people are doing so,
jacked up color screen!!!



In response to the question posted by: Tcs1best@aol.com

You need the expansion pack to play Solo Missions.  If you read the back of
the box the game came in, you'll see that it tells you what you get with an
expansion pack and w/o an expansion pack.

I also have a glitch, which I didn't see posted.  In the very first level,
when you run up and down the staircase a lot of the time you'll fall through
the opening where the stairs are separated from the wall.  Once this happens
you just bob up and down, and it's a pain to get out of.  It seemed to happen
a lot more in co-op



In the combot sim. you have to complete 30 challenges
to get the laser says "www.perfectdark.com", but
everywhere else it says twentytwo challenges have to
be completed. i just wanted everyone else out there to
know that.

(S33n) wdm@rocketmail.com


In response to Adam's question about the IR scanner and Night Vision Goggles
in multiplayer, you can't get the IR scanner but you CAN get the NVGs by
simply turning on the "Perfect Darkness" cheat.  Each player starts with
them....but it's pretty fun to make a pact with your buddies and play the
game without them--you can only use your gunfire to produce light!

AaronBoo-The Multiplayer King
perfect dark is forever


The N-bomb in Solo totally disorientates your enemy.  If they do make it to
you, their accuracy is about 10% of what it should be.

In multiplayer, it makes the person drop their weapon in hand and makes
their screen VERY blurred and dark.  Also, it takes down their life slowly.
(if the person has a shield, their life still goes down while their shield
stays at whatever power it's at)  In regards to how little damage it does,
the closer the victim to where the actual bomb was thrown, the more life the
victim loses.

What I like to do is toss 3 of 'em on Proximity Detonation in the same place
and watch as some hapless foe trips 'em all off...then keep tossing 'em on
Impact Detonation until they are either dead or can't tell up from down.
Repeat as necessary.

Things to do when you get caught in the nasty black explosion:
DON'T pull out another weapon 'cause you'll lose that one too
DON'T wait around thinking "I'm gonna die anyway"
DO run away like hell and hope that you leave the blast radius

AaronBoo-The Multiplayer King
perfect dark is forever

2.5 Perfect Dark Help

Ok. First off thank you for tkaing toe time to read this if you do. Anways,
here is my problem, when I turn on the game PD, it goes through its little
credits at the begining, you know, the makes of the game and such, then it
goes to the little symbol of PD and music plays, you probabaly know what i
mean. Then the game starts, not pressing anything, it brings me to a screen
where I choose a character and I made my own, so I press A or B, and I have
choosen my character. Then it idmediatly brings me to a screen that has the
following options on it...It has, to choose from, "Challanges", "Load/Preset
Games", "Quickstart", "Advanced Setup", "Audio/Video" and at the bottom
"Change Agent". Now my problem is, where in the world do I go to play Solo
Missions, I can play challanges and stuff and combat stuff but I wanna play
solo missions...and I cant find them anywhere at all? I was wodnering is I
gota like beat al lthe challanges first to get to the Solo missions or what?
Cause I have no clue how to get to them? Did I take a wrong turn somewhere or


This doesn't sound like a glitch; it sounds like the system doesn't have
an expansion pack plugged in, which means you can't play solo,
co-operative, or counter-operative modes, or multiplayer with more than
2 human players.



You can shoot down the cars the encircle the datadyne biulding because
it is
a part of a mission.  In perfect agent on the first board you have to
it down.  It is an objective.


2.6 Glitches that really aren't Glitches

I found a glitch in Multiplayer. Sometimes in multiplayer the K7 Avenger will not
right. Well it will fire but the game will not show the fire coming out of the gun.
Has anyone else had this problem?
Name: TripleRaid
E-mail: tripleraid@yahoo.com

There is no glith. Even try this: When you put on the
K7's secondary fire "Threat detector" it dosen't make
the "fire" come out of the gun. I donot know why it
does this, but it is certainly NOT a glitch.

P.S. If you have any other questions about Perfect
Dark, just ask me.


"Maverick" Dark

Turn the threat detector off.  When it's on it stops the muzzle flash.
I guess that's to help you see better when you're destroying mines.
"Dalton Yeager" <dyeager@floresville.isd.tenet.edu>


This isn`t actually a glitch. The same thing happened in goldeneye when
there were about 4 or 5 explosions at once. The N64 can`t handle all of
at once, so it just ignores some of them. The grenades don`t disappear,
blow up but just have no explosion.
Also, I have completed holo 7 without cheats, and there is no other
it(David Lemasa). I did this by running behind the screen and killing
the 2
unarmed guards, and then crouching and disarming one of the others by
running around the other side of the screen. It is all luck whether
they hit
you or not, but once you have a gun it is pretty easy to win.
Andrew Grieve


Unfortunately I found this rather annoying glitch while playing the
Capture the briefcase scenario in the Fortress.  The glitch eliminates
either one or both of the briefcases.

I was playing with two normal sims on my team and five or six easy
sims on the other, though I don't think that's what caused the glitch.  The
weapon setup was all six slots filled with N-Bombs, which is what I think
caused it to glitch (or at least is a big factor).  Anyway, with all the
sims and I using all those N-Bombs, sometimes I would get the easysim team's
briefcase only to return to mine to find it was not there!  Other times I
went to get their briefcase and it wasn't there either.  Unfortunately, I
have repeated this occurance. so it wasn't just a one time deal. Since you
are making a glitch faq, I thought you might want to know about this.

Neo Darkshadow

TripleRaid: Neo, I have also had this Glitch happen while playing Capture the
            case. But mine is worse. It will do it in every level (after awhile).

Alright, I was reading through your FAQ, which is a good idea, I might add.
I noticed a glitch that somebody mentioned during Capture The Case. Now, I'm
going to try and not be sarcastic, so bear with me. Now, your objective is
to steal the other team's briefcase, right? And you do that by touching it,
picking it up, and carrying it back. Don't you think you should assume that
the other team is going to steal your case, too?

And if they DO steal your case, that's why it's not there? Call me crazy,

-Dark Pyre

Dude, you know the glitch you have listed where the briefcases
disappear and you can't get a point? It's not a glitch.
       The only way you can score a point is if you have their
briefcase, but they don't have yours. If they have taken yours, you
to kill the guy who took it so that it will return to your base.
    It was done on purpose, and I feel it's better that way because it
would be too easy to score points otherwise.

Hey about Your perfect dark glitch faq. When your case isn't at your
it simply means that the other team took it and it won't come back
until the
holder either dies or touches theirs. If theirs is missing it means
your team has it.
"Alfonso Perez" <perez-family@worldnet.att.net>

I was reading your responses to the Capture the case glitch that I
sent in and people are saying that the case just isn't there because the
other team took it.  Well I just wanted to say that I'm not that dense; they
didn't have it either.  I know that the rules are: you get their case and
bring it back to your own, meaning that they can't have yours. The thing was
that the radar said that the case was still in the base, and no message came
up saying that any sim had it.  The case just wasn't there; absolutely no
one had it.

Neo Darkshadow

TripleRaid: Neo, That is the same thing that happens to me.


On the "Perfect Menu," highlight Combat Simulator, push A then quickly push
B. You'll now see the "Perfect Menu" with the Combat Simulator background. To
avoid it, just don't push B s quickly, simple, eh?


You know there is that hidden crate marked with question mark.If you
look there you see something the question mark isn´t in the crate,if you
look that question mark you will see that there is a hole top of
that.You can go there with Slayers fly-by-wire rocket.If you go there you
must be careful cause you can explode in there.If you turn right when you
are there you see a sky there,I´m not go there so I don´t know what
there is.



In the warehouse in the vents there is a big square with a whole in the
middle, if you look up there is another vent. If you take the slayer and use
the wire rocket you can get up there but its hard. and there is an ammo box
up there and a little room and there is only 3 walls and if you go out the
side you go to the outside part of the warehouse.  do you know how to get up


Hi i've found this glitch in area 51 on the 1st part on counter operative
The " guardmen" keeps killing himself till he gets the dragon and is in the
room where Joanna enters threw one of the lift doors
He could kill everyone for fun well go too the lift in the far left corner
with the guard next to it
and guess where to go. when in the room with the guards at the door shoot
them and go around the corner where there is a lone guard shoot his gun he
should then pick it up and run towards the red lift doors and open it up
there outside in the darkness is a wall and above are the lifts try not to
fall out or yo'll fall to a black doom.

i've only just found this out and it may be scetchy but i like it so live
with it!!!!!!!!!!!


In Carrington Institute: Defense there a glitch in the holo training room
where you have to save the hostages. Before entering the room use a combat
boost. Next, shoot a few times at the guards (they don't all have to die),
but KEEP LOOKING AT THE HOSTAGES!. Sometimes one of them will just diappear
in thin air instead of actually dying. The other hostages will be either
dead or stand in the corner of the room really chicken. I don't know why
this glitch exists, but it's pretty weird.

Sent in by Atom Bomb


3.1 Questions

Perfect Dark is one of the best games of all time. But i have a couple of
questions. Is there any way to get IR or nightvision goggles in multiplayer.
I beat a lot of the challenges and i have the x-ray vision.  And without the
nightvision whats the point of prefect darkness? My second question is about
the goldeneye weapons. I have a couple like the PP7 and the Klobb and more,
is there any way to use them in multiplayer.
                                            bush2tree@aol.com  Adam



In the official PD guide it says beat all challenges for the laser and
scanner in multiplayer and I beat them they look like this: (Legend-X
star  _-blank star)


then from challenge 2-13

_X_ _

Then from 14-23

_ _X_

Then on 24


then the rest

_ _X_

If you know why I still don't have the laser&x-ray,e-mail,or IM(AIM)me

Mr. Blonde



Hi. Question about shields in Perfect Dark. When you see other players
in the
game with shields and you shoot them, does a transparent colored box
around the area that you shot them in? I can hear that their wearing
from the taser-like sound, and the bullets don't affect them. Is this a
glitch or have you seen it before? Thank you for your time.


Hey, do you know what the N-Bomb does? I don't even know if it is used
in the
main game, but there is no place in the Institute that tells you about
it. I
have no idea what it does, because hardly any damage is caused by it.
looks awesome though. If anyone knows, let me know what it does.
The Dude

TripleRaid: I think it knoks the gun and stuff out of the guards hands.


Hey, I am having major issues with my Perfect Dark Game Pak. It keeps
freezing on challenge 7 on three people. I read what the one guy wrote
getting it exchanged, but is there any possible way of beating it with
glitch. I have gotten close by only having one player move and the
hide somewhere and not move. As long as no bullets are fired, it didn't
freeze. But, of course the simulants somehow shoot me with a minute
Anyway, is there anyway of getting this challange beaten without the
of exchanging it?
The Dude


I am trying to Bring up my rank in the Combat Simulator,  I was
wondering if
you knew how you go up ranks right now I am a Veteran.  I can't figure
what it is base on.  Kills, Medals, Etc.  If you know how please E-mail
back at Firebatsix@aol.com



Is there any way to play as a skedar in multiplayer?  I really want to
be one
of those things in matches against people, but i cant get them.



OK, I seriously need help with this. My gameshark and perfect dark,
purchased on July 21, are whacked up. My game shark wont work with
dark, it just does nothing, the game won't even come on. In the
institute with training and stuff, I cant get the knives. Should I take
PD to the place where i got it, due to the fact that it wont work with
gameshark at all, even though my other games do?



Whoa! I didn't think this Glitch thing was going to be so popular! I might make
another one sometime for people (like you) to send in your glitches. :)

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