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Official Strategy Guide Error FAQ by Blech san

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 12/14/2000

Ogre Battle 64 Strategy Guide Error FAQ
by Blech san (blechsan@yahoo.com)

Version 1.0 - 12/14/00



1. Legal
2. Introduction
3. Listing of errors
4. Credits



This file is a listing of errors in "Ogre Battle 64 : Person of Lordly Caliber
- Prima's Official Strategy Guide", copyright ©2000 by Prima Publishing, Inc.  
Prima Publishing is a registered trademark of Prima Communications, Inc.  All
rights reserved.

This file is currently only to be posted at www.gamefaqs.com.  Nowhere else
without prior consent from me.  Please let me know if you see this anywhere


Why did I write this?  Because I wasted 15 bucks on an incomplete, error-filled
strategy guide, that's why.  That money could have bought a tank of gas, a few
meals, or a couple of boxes of 9mm ammunition.

Note that I'm also making every attempt to prevent being the pot calling the
kettle black.  If I'm not sure about something, I'll say so.  If you see any
mistakes, feel free to let me know and I'll correct them.


The book never mentions the Chaos Frame.  The Chaos Frame measures your
reputation.  You raise it by liberating strongholds, making lawful choices, and
not wasting time.  You lower it by doing all of the opposite.  It affects who
joins your army and what ending you get.  Unfortunately, you can't check it
until you beat the game, when it's displayed as a number between 0 and 100 (0
being super chaotic and 100 being super lawful).  In the meantime you'll just
have to estimate.

Birthdays are never mentioned.  As time passes and the days go by, you'll
eventually reach and pass the day that you entered at the beginning of the
game.  Go to the Hugo Report on the world map, then go to events and find an
entry marked "Happy Birthday", and then replay it to get an item.  Birthdays
that are multiples of 10 get you special items, others get you a supplemental
item.  Only one Happy Birthday is listed at a time, make sure to play it before
the next one comes because the old one will be erased.  Here's what you can get
when you reach various ages :

20 : Gallant Doll
30 : Marching Baton
40 : Censer of Repose
50 : Figurine of Sleipnir
60 : Manual of Warfare
70 : Mastaba's Barrier
80 : Charge Horn
90 : Diadora's Song
99 : Noish's Promise

Pages 12-13
The chart is wrong.  If you use it to plot results, don't be surprised if you
don't get what you intended to.  If I find a chart with the correct values for
each answer (don't hold your breath), I'll post it here.

Page 18
The Seraph and Angel Knight are switched.  The Angel Knight is the lower form
of the Seraph, not vice versa.

Page 23
Contrary to what they say, it's possible to find Goblins, Ogres, Sphinxes, and
Gorgons in the wild later in the game and get them to join you.  You can also
get them by using a Love and Peace.  Saturoses (Saturi?) can't be found in the
wild, but can be obtained by using a Love and Peace.

Page 24
The Sonic Blade is not a 1-handed sword.  It's a 2-handed sword (doesn't matter
too much, the only one you'll ever have is permanently equipped by Debonair).

1-handed axes/hammers and 2-handed axes/hammers belong in different categories.
 Only Berserkers, Skeletons, Hawkmen, Vultans, Ravens and Saturoses can use
1-handed axes/hammers.  Only Black Knights and Ogres can use 2-handed
axes/hammers (though Ogres wield them with one hand).

Page 27
The Medal of Vigor is not a supplemental item.  It's a portable item, which is
carried by a unit and is in effect as long as they are carrying it, like an
Ansate Cross.

Some items are not listed, such as :

Marching Baton - slows down unit fatigue rate
Censer of Repose - speeds up unit fatigue recovery
Figurine of Sleipnir - increases unit movement speed
Manual of Warfare - doubles exp. gained by unit
Mastaba's Barrier - unit's characters dead at the end of a map will not become
Charge Horn - all interrupt commands available at start of battle

Page 64
Some clarification is needed for getting Liedel to join.  You must have a high
chaos frame in order to get her.

Pages 66-67
Some clarification is needed for getting Aisha to join.  You must not have lost
Dio in order to get her.

Page 68
No directions are given for getting Vad to join.  Here's how :

At Mount Ithaca, don't kill Vad.  Go north and liberate the town of Ketican and
a bridge will be destroyed.  After that, Vad will be reluctant to leave his
stronghold and attack you.  If he does, retreat and get away from him and he
should go back.  After you finish the map, he will offer to join.

Page 71
Some clarification is needed for getting Saradin to join.  You must not have
lost Dio in order to get him.

Page 72
Some clarification is needed for getting Sheen to join.  You must have a low to
neutral chaos frame in order to get him.

Page 91
No directions are given for getting Biske to join.  Here's how :

1)Don't get Aisha or Saradin.
2)Don't make peace with Ankiseth.
3)After you defeat him, if you have a low chaos frame he'll ask to join.
*NOTE : I haven't actually done this yet and therefore can't personally vouch
for it, but by all accounts it should work.

Page 92
No directions are given for getting Europea to join.  Here's how :

1)Go to Fort Hillverich with Magnus.  You need a neutral to high chaos frame. 
You'll speak to Europea and afterwards her unit will head toward the enemy
2)If she's alive when the map ends (it's best if you kill the boss before she
gets there) then she'll ask to join.

Page 97
No directions are given for getting Debonair to join.  Here's how :

1)Go to Ibu Deli WITH MAGNUS.  DO NOT use anyone else.
2)If you have a high chaos frame, Saradin, and Aisha, he'll ask to join you.

Page 107
No directions are given for getting Destin and Gilbert to join.  Here's how :

1)Go to Kurashino with Magnus.  You can take someone else there first this
time, but you need to bring Magnus to really talk with them.
2)If you have Aisha, Saradin, and Debonair, they'll ask to join.

Page 118
No directions are given for getting Carth to join.  Here's how :

1)Go to Furge to hear about Carth.
2)Go to Torab Ni and he'll talk to you.  Afterwards, he'll head for the enemy
3)If he's alive when the map ends (again, kill the boss before he gets there)
and you also have no Zenobians (Aisha, Saradin, Debonair, Gilbert, Destin) and
a low chaos frame, he'll ask to join you.
*NOTE : Again, I haven't done this yet and can't personally confirm it.

Page 151
The Burning Band listed on Vert Plateau is actually a Firecrest.

Page 154
The Rune Blade listed on Latium is actually Bloodstained Armor.

Pages 156-158
They're incorrect about levels for classes.  There are no experience level
requirements for class change.  All you need is the proper alignment, stats,
and gear.

Page 159
They left out a step for getting the Dragon Helm.  After speaking with the
drunk man in Burgunny, wait until morning and enter town again to learn about
his wife's location.  If you don't, she won't show up.

Page 160
You don't need a Bolt of Silk to get Dragon Armor.  The Bolt of Silk is for the
Pure-White Dress. You need Condrite to get Dragon Armor.  Strangely, they list
the correct method to get Condrite a little lower on the page.  (Dardunelles,
Melphy on the 6th of the month during daylight)

They don't list how to get the Rai's Tear accessory.  Go to Argent, Meltaus
with Meredia to recieve it.

They left out a step for getting the Southern Cross.  You need to enter the
town of Vulge(which is also at Latium) to learn about the angel's appearance
before you can meet it.


CJayC - the industrious webmaster of www.gamefaqs.com, without which you
wouldn't be reading this.

CyricZ - his FAQ is far superior to the book, not to mention free.  His FAQ was
consulted whenever my memory failed to provide me with a sufficient degree of
accuracy (frequently).

Message board denizens too numerous to mention - information on Carth and
Biske, as well as tidbits here and there.

Two birds are sitting on a perch.  One turns to the other and asks, "Do you
smell fish?".

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