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FAQ/Walkthrough by VinnyVideo

Version: 1.3 | Updated: 03/18/14

  ____    ____   ____           ____       ____      _     ____
 /    \  |  __| |  __|         |  _ \     /    \    / \   |    \
|  /\  | | |__  | |__          | |_) |   |  /\  |  / _ \  | |\  |
| |  | | |  __| |  __|         |  _ /    | |  | | | /_\ | | | | |
| |  | | | |    | |            | | \ \   | |  | | |  _  | | | | |
|  \/  | | |    | |            | |  \ \  |  \/  | | | | | | |/  |
 \____/  |_|    |_|            |_|   \_\  \____/  |_| |_| |____/

  ____   _   _     _     _      _      ____   _     _    ___     ____
 /  __| | | | |   / \   | |    | |    |  __| |  \  | |  /   \   |  __|
|  /    | |_| |  / _ \  | |    | |    | |__  |   \ | | |  /\_\  | |__
| |     |  _  | | /_\ | | |    | |    |  __| | |\ \| | | | ___  |  __|
| |     | | | | |  _  | | |    | |    | |    | | \ \ | | ||_  | | |
|  \__  | | | | | | | | | |__  | |__  | |__  | |  \  | |  \/ /  | |__
 \____| |_| |_| |_| |_| |____| |____| |____| |_|   |_|  \___/   |____|

Table of Contents
[INTRO] Introduction
[MODES] Modes of Play
[SETUP] Truck Setup
[TRACK] Track Guides
[QUEST] Frequently Asked Questions
[CHEAT] Cheat Codes
[RECRD] Vinny's Records
[VERSN] Version History
[COPYR] Copyright
[CONTC] Contact Information

Navigation tip: Press Ctrl and F to bring down a search bar. Then type in the
name of the section you're looking for - like [SETUP] for the Car Setup

Introduction                                                         [INTRO]
Lately my walkthrough-writing quest has taken me to some games that required
the use of thinking skills, sometimes even forcing me to make withdrawals from
my bank of half-forgotten historical facts. All that thought has made me want
to write a walkthrough for a game that requires very little brainpower - and
that game is called Off Road Challenge. Off Road Challenge was another of
numerous Nintendo 64 ports of Midway arcade games, and it is very much like
other games of that genre. The graphics and sound effects are pretty good,
although the music is limited and gets old quickly. Comments like "I love it
fast!" and "You're hot!" are annoying, too, in their own cheesy way. If you
liked Cruis'n USA, there's a very good chance you'll like this game. The game
isn't outstanding, but it still beats your average TV sitcom or a late-night
hockey game. And remember: VinnyVideo's distinctive, informative style is one
that cannot be Xeroxed. And... Happy Leap Year Day!

Modes of Play                                                        [MODES]

One Player
Just Play lets you run a race at the course of your choice.

Start Circuit begins a series of races. You will be able to select your truck,
transmission type, and difficulty level.

Resume Circuit will resume a circuit in progress.

Delete Circuit will delete a circuit in progress.

Best Times shows record times for each course.

Two Player
Race head-to-head against a friend.

Controls allows you to change controls for both controller 1 and controller 2,
or restore the defaults. The default controls should be OK. You can also adjust
steering sensitivity here, which could be useful for people who are playing on
an emulator or have worn out their Control Sticks doing hundreds of Mini Turbos
in Mario Kart 64.

Features. This lets you change numerous miscellaneous settings: Music volume,
sound effect volume, sky type (random, blue, stormy, dusk), trophy girls
(on/off), arcade AI (off/on), difficulty (very easy, easy, normal, hard, very
hard), and measurement system (MPH or KPH). I haven't found much variation
between the difficulty levels, and "arcade AI" seems to have little effect on

Load Game Config loads a saved game configuration.

Save Game Config saves current game settings.

Truck Setup                                                          [SETUP]
By placing well in races, you'll receive prize money, which you can use to buy
upgrades for your truck. You can also earn money by hitting the cash boxes that
occasionally appear during races. There are five categories you can upgrade:

Acceleration ($80,0000 per upgrade): If your truck has a low Power rating, this
will help you accelerate more quickly - a big help.

Shocks ($20,000) are the best value, as they help prevent you from losing speed
after jumps. This is very helpful if you have a low Weight.

Nitros ($60,000) give you an extra nitro. Normally you start with two, and you
can pick up more during the race. Since Nitros last for only the next race, I
would focus on upgrades that are more permanent.

Speed ($100,000) is outrageously expensive ($100,000 per notch), and while it
is helpful, it's hard to get up much speed on harder tracks like Ol' South. For
that reason, the other upgrades are a higher priority.

Tires ($40,000) improve handling - the most important rating, especially on
courses like Pikes Peak.

Track Guides                                                         [TRACK]

This course is rated "Beginner." The opening turn is pretty sharp; make sure
not to leave the course and hit the arch. You'll be going straight a while. Use
a nitro after the first tunnel. After a not-too-tough left and a right, you'll
reach the first checkpoint. The next sector curves gently and is pretty bumpy,
with a couple of big jumps. You should reach the second checkpoint at
approximately 0:40. Avoid the dips, barricades, TNT, and the crane the best you
can, as all will slow you down. You can also take the left ramp (just ignore
the "Danger" sign) to jump over all the carnage. Then veer onto the asphalt.
Take the right on-ramp if you'd like a Nitro or two, but this route usually
causes you to get hit by a semi. I prefer to stay low and use a Nitro instead.
Beware of oncoming traffic and the post in the median. At the end, veer left
back onto the dirt road. Take the sweeping left to the checkpoint. Avoid the
series of bombs in the road, as hitting them will slow you down. The sweeping
right will cause no problem. Soon you'll come to some bumps and the final
checkpoint. Take the bumps and jumps, turning slightly to the left. Watch out
for the sharp left, and take the jump into the tunnel. Use a nitro if you have
one left. You're just going straight until you reach the finish line.

El Paso
El Paso is considered "Intermediate" difficulty. Don't hit the ox skulls and
cacti. After two easy rights and a tough jump, you'll have to traverse a very
sharp left. You'll be turning right and left for a bit. The right before the
checkpoint is pretty sharp. Avoid the jump unless a train is near. Turn right
twice and you'll come to a stone arch. After a straight you'll be in a ghost
town. Avoid the barrels and other debris. Stay near the middle of the road to
avoid hitting the curbs, and watch out for the stagecoaches that emerge from
the alleys. There's a checkpoint midway through the town. At the end of the
town, you'll cross a bridge leading to a swampy cemetery (complete with creepy
organ music, just like Ganondorf from Ocarina of Time). Avoid the tombstones
and go fairly straight. Smash the "Dead End" sign to reach the checkpoint. This
area is extremely bumpy, so I hope you've got good shocks. The outside is less
bumpy. It's OK to use a nitro early. After a very sharp left, you'll have two
ways to go. Take the right-side ramp for a pair of nitros. Alternatively, you
can take the main road, but you'll have to stay on a very narrow bridge to
avoid falling in the mud. From here, two jumps and a long straightaway
separate you and the finish line.

This challenging course has a rating of "Advanced." You may want to press C-
Left to change the music, which I find fairly annoying. After a quick opening
left, nitro through the military institution. When the fighter planes shoot
down the UFO, stay right to avoid any debris. There are some sharp turns ahead,
especially the left before the mine. After the checkpoint, you'll be in a
abandoned mine that often gets pretty wild! Try to stay in the left lane to get
most of the goodies, and avoid slamming into the posts in the median. Also
steer clear of the mine carts. A Super Nitro is positioned behind a mine cart
in the middle of the road just before the mine's exit. After the mine, you'll
hit a checkpoint, and then you'll be in a curvy, hilly section that appears at
several different courses in this game. After the next checkpoint, traverse the
snaking, bumpy area until you come to an interstate (pavement is rare in this
game). Use a couple of nitros and you'll be at the finish line. Please don't
blow your hard-earned prize money at the casino, though.

Pikes Peak
Pikes Peak is an "Intermediate" level track. Tire upgrades are particularly
helpful here. The opening turn sweeps to the left. Then you veer left onto a
dirt road. For a while you'll be traversing some rolling hills and gentle,
snaking turns - nothing too bad. After the first checkpoint, you'll come to a
tunnel. This is where you'll need your tire upgrades, as you'll be descending
through several sharper snaking turns in slippery snow. After the checkpoint in
the tunnel, you'll be going up a straighter icy road. You may be able to use a
nitro. Stay left to avoid the jumps. The finish line is immediately after a
sharp left-hander.

Ol' South
This course's difficulty is "Advanced" - and for good reason, as this is
probably the hardest course in the game. Some Southerners might agree that
there isn't the slightest possibility that such a track might contain an
overused stereotype or two (wink, wink). The music is easily the best in the
game, though. You want a high weight rating here to cushion the never-ending
lumps in the road. First zig-zag to avoid the dips in the road. The upcoming
right is very bumpy. Go up the next straight and veer left after about 20
seconds. This hidden road has a couple of power-ups. Stay right at the next
fork, zig-zagging to avoid the dips. You can use a nitro if you're feeling
bold. After a relatively straight, bumpy road, you'll come to the first
checkpoint. Stay left for the next two forks. Head up the curving dirt hill
and you'll be on a grass road. Make sure to take the wooden ramp instead of
fording the river. You'll soon come to a checkpoint near the Confederate fort.
You're forced to ford the next river, but use the ramp to jump the stream after
that. Take a straight line through the hilly curves again, and take the ramp
over the final river. After the checkpoint, you'll be in a section almost
identical to the area with the forks and dips. Take the left forks and try to
nab the Super Nitro. The final turn, which resembles the opening of Baja, is
very sharp and slippery. Use some nitros to get back up to speed for the final
straightaway, which is especially bumpy.

This course's difficulty is "Beginner." Any illegal immigrants reading this may
agree that this course fails the political correctness litmus test! Chill out
with a Mountain Dew Baja Blast drink while racing here. You start on pavement,
turning right a couple times. This is a good spot to use a nitro. Turn left and
don't slam into the toll booth. You stay on-road a little longer before veering
right onto a dirt trail, where you'll hit the first checkpoint. Start turning
right before you reach the jumps to stay on course. Avoid the upcoming dips in
the road. Follow this pattern for a while, avoiding any tractors that emerge
from the fields. Things change after the checkpoint. There are some wild jumps
and two sharp lefts. After the next checkpoint, stay left to avoid the jumps
and water puddles. Also steer clear of the lifeguard stations, sand castles,
and especially the boardwalk posts. Use a nitro or two if you dare. Turn left
into the final checkpoint. Stay near the middle of the road to avoid the
"Fruta" stands on the dock. Use a couple nitros early in the dock section and
you'll be at the finish line!

I think Flagstaff is a "Beginner" level. You want speed and shock upgrades
here. The opening sector curves gently and features many bumps and jumps. There
are a few decent Nitro spots. After the first checkpoint, you'll navigate
bigger jumps and slightly sharper turns. The section after the second circuit
is very bumpy and jumpy. You'll reach Checkpoint #3 pretty soon. After a
sweeping right, you'll come to a good nitro spot, followed by a succession of
jumps and moderate turns. Use a nitro after the tunnel. The final checkpoint is
just ahead. After a few bumps and a relatively sharp turn, nitro down the final
straight to the finish line.

El Cajon
El Cajon's difficulty is "Intermediate." The opening section is pretty
straight, with a few jumps. After the first checkpoint, you'll be turning right
a while and jumping a lot. There's a sharp left just before the checkpoint, so
watch out. The third quarter commences with a sharp left, and after that you'll
be traversing a washboard road. Stay outside to avoid some of the bumps, and
watch for the Super Nitro. When you reach the final checkpoint, you know that
the bumps are almost over. A few gentle turns are ahead, and then nitro down
the final straightaway.

Guadalupe is an "Advanced" course. Upgrades to tires and shocks are much
appreciated. The track begins with many hills and quick sharp turns. After the
first checkpoint, you'll have to navigate through a long, snaking road full of
jumps. At the next checkpoint, the road becomes extremely sharp and bumpy. Do
your best to stay on course. Once you reach the final checkpoint, you'll face a
few more sharp turns, then nitro through the final sweeping curve to the finish

Frequently Asked Questions                                           [QUEST]
Q: What are the controls?
A: The controls in Off Road Challenge are not overly difficult:

Steer: Left and right on Control Stick or Control Pad
Accelerate: A
Use Nitro: Z
Brake: B
Shift up (manual transmission only): R
Shift down (manual transmission only): C-Down
Pause: START
Change background music: C-Left
Change to first-person camera angle: C-Right

Q: What truck is best?
A: I'd probably go with the Thunder Bolt.

* Toyota Trophy Truck accelerates well but is rather light.
* Class 10 Heavy-Metal is balanced but unspectacular.
* Baja Buggy is very fast, but way too light.
* Class 8 Mini-Metal is fast but too light.
* Toyota 4x4 Monster is very heavy, but its handling and top speed are big
* The Crusher is very heavy, but it's slow with poor handling.
* The Punisher is very heavy, with good handling - a decent pick.
* Thunder Bolt is the best overall truck, especially since it handles well (the
  most important attribute).

Note: The "Power" rating refers to acceleration. A high "Weight" rating helps
keep you from getting bounced around when hit by another truck or after jumps.

Q: Should I use a manual or automatic transmission?
A: For experienced players, I recommend manual, as it boosts both your speed
and acceleration. Simply shift gears when the tachometer is close to the red
mark. You usually don't have to downshift during a race unless you hit certain

Q: What is the purpose of the various icons that appear on the track?
A: Here's what each one does:
* Crash helmets temporarily keep you from losing speed when you hit another car.
* Blue bottles add a Nitro to your supply. Make sure to save a Nitro for the
  final straightaway.
* Red bottles make your next nitro a more powerful Super Nitro. Each course has
  only one of these, and it's in the same location every time.
* Treasure chests give you an extra $40,000 if you qualify for the next race.

Q: How do I get a turbo start?
A: Start holding A as soon as you the announcer says, "Go!" It's not easy to
do, though. If you don't get a turbo start, try using a Nitro early on,
especially if you have one of the heavier trucks. A heavy truck can plow over
the competition!

Q: Why did my ratings go down?
A: Once a performance rating gets past about five notches, it will usually
decrease slightly after every race, so you'll have to keep upgrading your
ratings to prevent them from falling. Of course, if it's the Nitro bar, those
last for only the current race, after which they will drop back down to the
default of two nitro boosts.

Q: What is the timer for?
A: If you run out of time, the race will end. This shouldn't happen, though, if
you're a halfway-decent driver.

Q: Can I change settings like transmission and difficulty during a circuit?
A: No. Only if you start a new circuit.

Q: How many circuits are there in circuit mode?
A: Four. In the Rookie Circuit, you have to finish in fourth or better to
advance to the next race. In the Second Circuit, you'll have to reach the
podium to qualify for the next event. There will also be a seventh course,
Flagstaff. In the Third Circuit, you'll have to finish in first or second, and
there will be another race, El Cajon. In the Master Circuit, you must win every
race. Nine races will be run, including Guadalupe. In all circuits, if you fail
to qualify for the next race, you can retry as many times as you want. You'll
end up completing a total of 30 races to get to the ending.

Cheat Codes                                                          [CHEAT]
Extra Trucks: On the truck selection screen, press each C button to change the
trucks available for selection.

Flagstaff Course: On the track selection screen, hold Down on the control pad
and press R. You'll hear a sound effect. Highlight Mojave, hold Z, and press A.

El Cajon Course: On the track selection screen, hold Down on the control pad
and press R. You'll hear a sound effect. Highlight El Paso, hold Z, and press

Guadalupe Course: On the track selection screen, hold Down on the control pad
and press R. You'll hear a sound effect. Highlight Vegas, hold Z, and press A.

Vinny's Records                                                      [RECRD]
Here are my best times for each course:

Mojave        1:39.93
El Paso       1:35.01
Vegas         1:53.36
Pikes Peak    1:29.96
Ol' South     1:49.80
Baja          1:38.13
Flagstaff     1:52.10
El Cajon      1:33.46
Guadalupe     1:42.91

Current world records (credit Kpalsm):

Mojave        1:35:95
El Paso       1:28:16
Vegas         1:48:98
Pikes Peak    1:22:28
Ol' South     1:46:68
Baja          1:33:96
Flagstaff     1:49:01
El Cajon      1:31:11
Guadalupe     1:39:78

Version History                                                      [VERSN]
 Date    | Version | Size |
 2-20-08 |  0.1    |  7KB | Began guide to commemorate Hoodie-Hoo Day.
 2-21-08 |  0.15   |  9KB | Wrote a noble-sounding introduction.
 2-22-08 |  0.17   |  9KB | Didn't do much.
 2-23-08 |  0.18   | 10KB | Didn't do much.
 2-24-08 |  0.19   | 10KB | Focused on other walkthroughs.
 2-26-08 |  0.25   | 10KB | Did a little.
 2-27-08 |  0.6    | 19KB | Did controls, three track guides, and Modes of
         |         |      | Play.
 2-28-08 |  1.0    | 24KB | Finished track guides and everything else.
 2-29-08 |  1.0    | 24KB | Submitted guide to GameFAQs and Neoseeker.
 6- 5-08 |  1.1    | 24KB | Added Kpalsm's records.
10-30-12 |  1.2    | 25KB | Changed a record time, and added more white space.
 3-18-14 |  1.3    | 26KB | Finished some tweaks I'd procrastinated on.

Copyright                                                            [COPYR]
(c) 2008-2014 VinnyVideo. All rights reserved.

All trademarks mentioned in this guide are property of their respective

You can print this guide out for your personal use.

You can download this guide to your computer for your personal use.

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Australian, and New Yorker are not considered foreign languages) and post the
translation on your Web site as long as you ask permission first.

You can post this guide on your Web site as long as you give proper credit AND
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Remember that the latest version will always be available at GameFAQs.com, but
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If you don't comply with these guidelines, your hard drive will be reformatted
inexplicably and you will suffer from constipation for the rest of your life.
Heed this warning.

Contact Information                                                  [CONTC]
If you have any questions or comments about this guide, please send an e-mail
to VHamilton002@gmail.com. That's zero-zero-two, by the way. Remember that not
all e-mail messages will be read. Please follow these guidelines:

Do include "Off Road Challenge" in the subject line.

Do send polite suggestions for ways to make this walkthrough better.

Do send information about any glitches, tricks, or codes you find.

Do ask any questions you have about Off-Road Challenge gameplay. I will respond
eventually if you follow all of these rules.

Do tell me if you break one of my records.

Do make a reasonable effort to use decent spelling, grammar, usage,
punctuation, and capitalization so that I can understand what you're trying to

Do use patience. I check my messages quite sporadically.

Do not ask for technical support except as a last resort.

Do not send spam, pornography, chain letters, "flaming," or anything that
contains profanity or vulgarity. Again, violating this rule will result in
deletion of the message and permanent constipation for you.

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