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FAQ by ChaosDemon

Version: 0.01 | Updated: 11/01/2001

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                                 NHL '99(N64)
                              FAQ/Strategy Guide
                Written by: ChaosDemon(vampiro_07@hotmail.com)
                               Version: 0.01
                          Last Revised: 2K1/11/01
            Lastest Revisons of this FAQ can always be found at:
                           http://www.gamefaqs.com -


II....Version History
III...Introduction to the game
IV....Default Controls
XII...Mark Crawford's Strategy

This FAQ, document otherwise text file is published on GameFAQs and written
by Tony J. Tso(ChaosDemon). Copyright 2001 ChaosDemon. All Rights Reserved.
Nothing that appears in this FAQ, document otherwise text file may be repro-
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Author, copyright owner(I.E. Me). The name 'ChaosDemon' is a registered 
trademark of Tony J. Tso. If you are interested in using this FAQ, document
or text file, email me at: vampiro_07@hotmail.nospam.com, for your message to
get to my Inbox and not the Trash Folder, remove the "nospam" from the 
address. All have to do is ask, and 99% of the time, I'll let you. But just 
don't use it without my permission, or I'll be forced to act legally. (Sorry
if this was a bit drastic, but I don't have a choice.) This document can be
stored on your computer but, BUT FOR YOR OWN PERSONAL USES ONLY!!!!!! If your
friends want to view this guide, just tell them to goto GameFAQs.

Now with all that out of the way, let's get on with the Version History! :P

                              Version History
2K1/11/01 5:19 PM

2K1/10/29 4:12 PM PST - Added Intro to game, and most of the Offense strategy
although it isn't _really_ like strategy.  

2K1/10/28 5:01 PM PST - The beginning of a new era.

                         An Introduction to the game
      This is a review taken off GameFAQs...

To be quite honest with you, I love hockey. I mean, I really love hockey. 
I probably love this sport as much as I love Formula 1. The funny thing is 
that most Non-Canadians don't appreciate the sport as much as we do. I know 
that hockey games are successful but I imagine that they don't produce half 
of the money that big time American sports like Basketball, Football and 
Baseball do. 

Graphics 10/10 
The game menus are nicely presented in hi resolution. All of the set up 
presentations are top notch. The front end of this game is really A+. 
During the gameplay the best part of the graphics has to be the outstanding 
animations of the goalies. Their outstanding glove hands, splits dives and 
blocker saves are wicked! Really great work on the goalies. The player 
animations seem realistic but they are definately repetitive. The twirling 
player gets a little stale after a while. It's too bad that you can't 
customize your camera angles zoom because there are some great angles in 
the game. I just wish that they were a little closer or a little farther 
back. EA certainly knows ice. The textures that they use as the ice begins 
to wear looks great. I'd say the work on the ice resembles the excellent 
work done on the court in NBA Courtside. Great stuff. 

The stadiums look good and the crowd does as well. On the ice it's easy to 
follow the puck. It's cool how the players that wear a visor are 
represented with one. Even better is the pretty decent fighting engine that 
EA put into the game. What would hockey be without fighting? 

Sound 10/10 
Really good work on the music during the menu screens. Top notch stuff. The 
in game organ reminds me of the pee wee games I had as a youngster. Sniff, 
those were the days. All of the skate sounds and slapshots sound effects are 
spot on too. 
You know what stops this game from being great? I mean, it really ruins the 
entire game!! Here's an example: ''Freight train coming through CHOO! 
CHOO!'' Let me get this off my chest now. Bill Clement you suck as an 
announcer and you single handedly ruined an above average game. This guy's 
announcing belongs in a half serious arcade game. It does not belong in the 
most storied franchise in video hockey history. What's really sad is that 
as much as this guy sucks there isn't a lot of him either. So the stupid 
lines that he rifles off keep repeating! I was waiting for EA to drop the 
ball and this is it. Compared to the commentary in ASB 99 this game's 
commentary sucks. EA Canada should have consulted CBC for some world class 
commentary in BOB COLE and HARRY NEIL. 

Play Control 9/10 
Apparently EA CANADA wanted to capture the speed of hockey. They've done 
that a little to well. The game plays a little too fast in that there are 
way too many odd man rushes. It's almost like they went to a European 
rather than North American model of the game. I like the fast action and 
the on the fly strategies. However, I have yet to come across a game that 
captures the fluid motion of hockey yet. EA is getting really close though. 
I thought NHL 97 for the PC was really good. While the skating physics in 
this game are good maybe sometimes you have to cheat a little for the sake 
of making a video game. I think that the movement of the players is a little 
too realistic and disjointed in that you can't fully control the players. 
They seem to veer off where you don't want them to. But it's nice that they 
added the 180 spin and all of that. The power meter on the shot is a real 
nice touch too. 

The hallmark of EA sports is their AI. Other players on your team know not 
to go off side and respond well to the offensive or defensive strategy that 
you're running. Good work on the AI here. BUT. And this is a major BUT. The 
goalies stun you with incredible saves and wicked glove hands and sometimes 
(more often then should be) a long clear in or a bounce of the boards goes 
in. C'mon EA this sucks. I can see why they did this too. Just so they can 
say ''Improved Goalie AI'' on the box next year. This ruins the strongest 
part of the game, the goaltenders. 

Multiplayer 8/10 
see above 

Final 10/10 
This is a good game. At this current moment it is the best hockey game for 
the system. However if Acclaim were to make Breakaway 99 look and play like 
All Star Baseball, Acclaim would win the hockey war like they won the 
football war. I think that this is a solid title with some problems. Aside 
from the ''money shots'' that the goalies let in, the audio commentary is 
damn terrible disgusting noise. Bottom Line: Hockey is the coolest game on 
Earth. Unfortunately for 64 fans Acclaims game is too slow and EA's game is 
to fast. If my sources are correct Konami's Blades of Steely 64 next year 
will be JUST RIGHT. If you can't wait to see what Konami comes up with then 
give this bird a flight. It's worth the low price EA is asking. 

-Brian, Brian's Score 10/10

                              Default Controls

Offensive Controls(With puck)
A button: Pass
B button: Shoot
Control Stick: Skate
C-left: Offensive Strategy
C-right: Defensive Strategy
C-down: Speed Burst/Body Check
C-up: Line Change 
Z button: Spin-o-rama
L button: Spin-o-rama
R button: Gain control of goalie
B+A: Fake shot(Deke)

Defensive Controls(Without puck)
A button: Switch players
B: Hook(from behind)/Hit(infront)
C-left: Offensive Strategy
C-right: Defensive Strategy
C-down: Speed Burst/Body Check
C-up: Line Change
Z button: Turn to face attackers
L button: Turn to face attackers
R button: Gain control of goalie

      Offense is where NHL '99 really gets fun, this is where most of the
action takes place and it happens when one of your players are touching the
puck.  I've included a lot ways to help you score.

Winners Pass
When playing NHL 99, it's important that you know when to pass and when to
not pass.  When to pass: the perfect time to pass is either you're getting 
hounded like you're holding a million dollars.  By this I mean, everybody 
playing hockey is fighting for the puck for their team, and when you have 
the puck...you know what happens.  So, what do you do when you're getting 
attacked by big heavy defenders like Tie Domi?  You pass!  Pass it to anyone
that either can accept the pass without being checked or just anyone you see
fit.  You can also dump into the opponents' zone and then charge in after 
the puck again to gain possesesion of the puck again.

When NOT to pass:  Passing is always...a good thing to do, but maybe it isn't,
take this example for...example.  You're caring in the puck with Pavel Bure,
and then you look infront of you, it's Scott Stevens waiting for you.  Then
you think "it's time to pass" you look to your right and you see Markus Naslund
guarded by Bobby Holik.  Then you turn to your left...you see Ed Jovanoski
and no one's guarding him!  Thats the way to pass right?  So, you pass, then
suddenly your pass was intercepted by...Brendan Morrison, and, he scores!  
The mistake here was Brendan Morrison was just a couple steps away and he 
was anticipating the pass all along.  So look out for players who aren't
"doing" anything.

One timers = Goals
Although I don't guarntee each one timer you hit will score you a goal, I do
61% of the time.  This may sound like a load of horse feathers, but it's true,
one timers are VERY fast and usaully you barely see where the puck goes. If
you really want to see a strong one timer, try passing it to Rob Blake.  To
perform a one-timer, pass a puck you one your wings or defensemen, then press
be just before it gets to the player you're passing it to.  He will perform
a quick shot to the goal, but it will miss 4% of the time.  Here's a little
bit of strategy to get you on the 'winning side': Bring the puck in from the
centre, [you, not the player] stop and look at your left and right for a 
left or right wing to pass it to as you move into the opposition zone, move
in to the outside slot and pass it to the right or left then shoot.  The 
goaltender will have to cover a lot of the net and he may not get to the shot
in time.

Take a good look when shooting
When you bring it into the opposition zone, you might not want to just throw
the puck at the goaltender and hope for a rebound to come out and then charge
the goal with everything you've got.  Thankfully, there's other things you 
can turn to.  When bringing in the puck, stop somewhere and look around for
one of your wingers open.  If you find one, pass it to him and maybe take a
good shot with an open winger.  The best way to do this is wait for one player
to come up and attempt to strip you of the puck and keep it long enough until
back-up comes.  There is someone on your team guarnteed to be open, and that's
the player you want to pass it to.  

Set up in the zone
[This one thanks to IGN Guides]
If you can consistently set up your offense in your opponent's zone, you 
will score a lot of goals. The idea is to keep your centre and both wings 
in a semi-crcle in front of the goal. The two defenders will camp out near 
the blue line. Keep the puck moving quickly with sharp passes that avoid 
lunging defensemen. This requires discipline and good timing. Move the puck 
to one of the wings flanking the goal, then work in a loose circle. Pass 
back to the defender, over to the other, then down to the other forward. 
Pass across to the center for a one-timer. Then, collect the rebound and 
try anew. This much puck movement (as long as it's controlled) will destroy 
your opposition. Make them pay for overpursuit. 

Dumping in the puck in helps you
If you're not such a good puck handler and you can pull off those sharp skating
moves, luckily for you, there's another way to charge the goal.  Simply pass
around up to the blue line and shoot it in!  Then with all your players, 
charge in for the puck.  This is risky sometimes, but it helps if you're one
of those bad stick handlers.  There's also another benifitial point to this
tactic, if you like using just one player, tell the puck handler to shoot it
(this can be done with rapid pressing of B) then charge right in and grab 
the puck.

Breakaway tactics
I know, I know, a lot of you right now are thinking: "Why do we need help
on making breakaways, they're the easiest way to score!?" Yes, that's true,
but you most likely only get one or so oppurtunities, and if you miss scoring
the your first chance, then you might not get another.  Luckily, you have a
decent amount of time to think, it helps even more if you're using someone
like Pavel Bure (fast skater) you can go five-hole or go glove side or here's
one of my tactics.  If you're shooter is shooting left, bring it down the
left side of the ice, then hold B and hold A (while still holding B) and this
will perform a nice deke on the goaltender once you've done that, just let
go of A and press B to perform a beautiful goal(if you're shooter is shooting
right just do everything opposite.)

Odd-man rushes
Ahh...yes...one of the most dangerous plays in the history of hockey today.
An odd-man rush is when the puck holder charges into the zone with a winger
and there's only one defensemen, causing a 2-on-1, or 2-on-0, etc... this is
(in my view) the best oppurtunity for you to score.  The defense will have to
think quickly and act even quicker, either way, there's gonna be someone open.
Most "D" will go after the puck handler, forcing a move, whether it's a quick
shot or (most likely) pass to the open wing in the zone.  Once you carry up
the puck, move into the opponents' zone and hold down B, but don't shoot, 
instead, aim the control stick or pad to the direction of your wing, then 
press "A", this will one; fake out the "D" and Goalie, two; leaves your teammate
even more open.  

Use the whole rink
When playing NHL '99, this is one of the key things to do: use the whole rink.
Move all over the place, behind the nets, your own zone, just name it, when
you playing hockey, the most important thing is to have possession of the
puck and keep it.  Do what you have to!  Pass it back if you need to and even
just going back and forth.

      So, you've finally scored two goals but the harder part comes now: keeping
your lead.  Bad plays like constantly making predicatable passes will be the
end of your lead pretty soon.  Now let's get on!

Don't put defenders out of their place
This is VERY important, especially of you're using the MAN-TO-MAN strategy.
If you take one player out of their position to double team another guy, 
that leaves somebody wide open and ready for a good shot.  Another thing is
when you're attacking, the defenders are the quarterbacks of the whole offensive
picture.  They keep the puck in, and do a lot of other important things. 
Just another example of why the don't take defense out of their place is so...

Do NOT pass the puck infront of your goal
If you feel like going 3-78-1 on the season, never do this, don't do it.  
Doing this is just assisted your opponent to an easy goal.  Pass the puck 
along the boards instead.

When being hounded by the Offense, don't be afraid to ice the puck
If you're being attacked by a lot of attackers and attacking you at the same
time, and you just don't believe that your goaltender can withstand the 
offense, then ice the puck!  This will bring the puck back to your end, but
at least the action is stopped, and you may of taken a goal back from the

Don't focus all your attention on one player
It's okay to be afraid of guys like Pavel Bure and Joe Sakic, but don't be
frightened so badly that you put five checkers on them, this will leave all
the other players open.  Don't even double team them, if they beat your first
defender, he'll have to beat four more, so just think of it that way.

Protect the middle of the goal
No matter how much I tell you, you have to listen, the middle of the goal 
is like, where 97% of the goals get scored.  No matter what, ALWAYS leave 
at least one defender infront of the goal.  Even better, have like four 
players infront of the goal and then have one player go around and fore check
the others.  

Defending the odd-man rush
If you are outnumbered as the offense enters your zone, they are on an 
odd-man rush. Always skate to the player with the puck to force the issue. 
Either he'll put up a weak shot or force a pass. If he does get a shot off, 
most of your squad will make it back by that time to help out. 

Short handed Defense
[This one thanks to IGN Guides]
While the opposition is on the power play, defensive discipline is extra 
valuable. Make sure you clog the area in front of the goal and knock down 
anyone who enters this sacred realm. Don't lunge at every pass. Just attempt
 to stay generally in front of the play as it's happening. If you go 
aggressively at the puck, you could miss, opening up a clear path to the 
goal. Clear the puck whenever you get it, or look for an outlet pass for a 
counterattack. There is no penalty for icing when shorthanded. 

Number of players: 1-4

     Here's the mode where you can just get to playing without worrying about
anything big happeninig to your team.  Just to have fun with the team of your
choice (both opposition and yours) you can re-arrange the batting order, change
the starting rotation, and everything like that.  You may also set the skill 
level; Rookie(easiest), Pro(little over medium), All-Star(hardest mode, 
it's rare to even see a more than 4 goals) are all at your finger tips.  
Exhibition is the basic mode
for you to get down and dirty, without worrying about how well you're going to 
do.  To me, this mode is just like a friendly practicing session.  Great for 
beginners and veterans alike.  I still play this mode sometimes, and we all 
know how good I am...but with practice, you, thats right, _YOU_ might even 
be as good as me someday! 

Number of Players: 1-4

     Here's my abosulute favourite mode, this is where NHL '99 really shines, 
everything from Trading to signing a Free Agent is all at your finger tips.  
This is the mode where every game counts, will you win the division and 
advance into the playoffs or suffer the pain of being one game back of your 
rivalling team?  That's what shoots into you and adrenaline rushes into 
going through your body when you play the games in the Season mode.  
I especially like the fact that _your_ lineup takes it to the field that 
_you_ personally created, you think, "was it really worth it to  trade 
Curtis Joseph and Yanic Perrault for Rob Blake?"  Your answer should come 
in the first game, the two options of: "Yes, these two will bring the team 
all the way!" or will it be: "@*#$! how can the guys not even register one
shot on the goal? And Cujo, 5 goals on 7 shots?!"

     The other, or more, involving part of the season is to select DRAFT: YES
and you will be able to build your team from scratch, I don't especially like
this option, because sometimes I lose all the elite players to the computer.
It's up to you.  Remember, if you don't like the talent you see, you can always
arrange for a trade, or, you can roll the dice and sign a Free Agent.  There
might be a chance that the Free Agent(s) might fail like heck, or they might
be able to shine like gold and win MVP in your eyes.  

Number of Players: 1-4

     Here is the playoffs mode where all y'all like.  You can't create-a-player,
here(which really sucks) if you want to go for the Stanley cup and see the
cup itself, you've come to the right place!  To win the cup, you must defeat
the computer in a best-of-7 series(which can be lowered to 5,3 and 1) if
you manage to win the series, you'll win the cup.  I recommend you don't go
with your back-up goalie unless you have a good one.  Remember, to the best
of my ability, I'm going to tell you how to win.  Play every shift with 
passion, hunt down the puck, make the big hits, get those ugly goals and 
play the powerplay like a pro.  Remember, every shift you take and every shot
taken _COULD_ be a game breaker.  Make the good passes and all those things
mentioned earlier, and I'm confident that you'll come out on top.  Good luck
to you.

Number of Players: 1-4

      Here is another mode for basic hockey, you'll square off against any
teams of your choosing to attempt to bring home the GOLD MEDAL.  Prospects
are in TEAM CANADA(My FAV TEAM!) and TEAM USA.  Just in case you forgot, 
there are a lot of ways to win games.  First you'll have the round robin 
in the basic table that looks like this: (12-or-8-teams allowed)

                              8-game tournament
<___>   ___
  | ___<___>
 _|_     |      ____
<___>    | ____<____>
 ___     |       |
<___>   _|_      |          GOLD
  | ___<___>     |         ____
 _|_             |________<____>
<___>            | 
 ___             |
<___>   ___      |
  | ___<___>     |
 _|_     |      _|__
<___>    | ____<____>
 ___     |
<___>   _|_
  | ___<___>
 _|_     *
*: Losers of these games play for BRONZE MEDAL

      Here is a nice section for you to create a player!  Very nice part of
the game we got here, this makes NHL '99 even better, yep, oh, unless you 
can figure it out, it's for...creating a player!(BOO!!!) Hey, it's a nice 
gig.  Here's some of the players on my Vancouver Canucks.


First Name     : Chaos
Last Name      : Demon
Position       : Centre
Number         : 51
Shoots         : Left
Shot perference: Wrist
Height         : 6'3
Weight         : 185lbs
Visor          : Yes

First name     : Majin
Last name      : Devil
Position       : Left Wing
Number         : 21
Shot perference: Slap
Height         : 6'1
Weight         : 195lbs
Visor          : No

First Name     : Andrew
Last Name      : Wong
Position       : Right Wing
Number         : 41
Shot perference: Slap
Height         : 6'4
Weight         : 200lbs
Visor          : No

First name     : Jacky 
Last name      : Mah
Position       : Right Wing
Number         : 18
Shot perference: Slap
Height         : 6'0
Weight         : 179lbs
Visor          : Yes

First Name     : Jun
Last name      : Ma
Position       : Right Defense
Number         : 50
Shot perference: Wrist
Height         : 6'1
Weight         : 170lbs
Visor          : No

There were my elite players

                           Marc Crawford's Strategy


Here is a nice strategy to generate more shots from the slot area, creating 
more scoring chances.  You're left wing will be near the two face off circles,
and you're defense, centre and right wing will try to get the puck to the 
left wing and take some shots away.  You can easily score with the strategy,
but if your opponents counters with the Box Plus 1, the Funnel's effectiveness
will be taken down greatly.

Here's a tactic that I don't 100% understand, but I know if one your players
get taken off play, another will take his back, but that leaves and area
of the ice open for clear passes, but when attacking with this strategy, 
dump the puck in more often to avoid big checks.

Here's the strategy that requires experts to use.  If you're starting off,
don't use this one.  This is designed to overload the left side of the ice,
and your offensive players attack in a triangle, and to keep this going,
you must keep the cycle going.

...more coming soon.

CJayC: For posting this FAQ, and his comprehensive guide for the GRRREATTT
FAQs you see from me today.

GameFAQs itself: Fr being there when I needed help for a game and for hosting
my FAQs on the site.

Me: For writing this guide

You: For reading this guide

     is a new section I decided to make, this clears up things for 
contacting.  A lot of people send me hate mail after I fail to reply to their
so-called "important" letter.  The truth is, I determine whethere your letter
is an important one or not.  I get a lot of email everyday, and I don't have
the time (nor the patience) to answer each of the everylast 26 emails I get.
However, questions mentioned in the FAQ will NOT be answered.  So, before
sending in your email, make sure it's not mentioned in the FAQ, alright?  
With the disclaimer taken care of, here are the methods how you can contact
me through.

Email: vampiro_07@hotmail.com
MSN Messenger: vampiro_07@hotmail.com
Aol Instant Messenger(AIM): ChaosDemon007

If you didn't read this section, make sure you do. :P

Just another FAQ brought to you by...

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Copyright © Tony J. Tso 2001


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