• Cheat Codes

    To activate a cheat, enter its corresponding code on the VS screen. Numbers indicate how many times Turbo, Jump and Pass buttons should be pressed.

    Always quarterback2-2-2 -- LEFT
    Always receiver2-2-2 -- RIGHT
    Big football0-5-0 -- RIGHT
    Big head mode2-0-0 -- RIGHT
    Display field goal %0-0-1 -- DOWN
    Display punt hang-time meter0-0-1 -- RIGHT
    Fast turbo0-3-2 -- LEFT
    Field (asphalt)3-0-1 -- UP
    Field (astroturf)3-0-3 -- UP
    Field (grass)3-0-0 -- UP
    Field (snow)3-0-4 -- UP
    Hide receiver name 1-0-2 -- RIGHT
    Hyper blitzing5-5-5 -- UP
    Infinite turbo5-1-4 -- UP
    Invisible receiver highlight3-3-3 -- LEFT
    Late hits0-1-0 -- UP
    No first downs2-1-0 -- UP
    No fumbles4-3-2 -- DOWN
    No interceptions3-4-4 -- UP
    No out-of-bounds2-1-1 -- LEFT
    No punting1-5-1 -- UP
    Play book (current team)1-0-0 -- UP
    Player (big head)2-0-0 -- RIGHT
    Player (headless) 3-2-1 -- LEFT
    Player (huge head)0-4-0 -- UP
    Player (invisible)4-3-3 -- UP
    Power-up Blockers3-1-2 -- LEFT
    Power-up Defense4-2-1 -- UP
    Power-up Offense3-2-1 -- UP
    Power-up Teammates2-3-3 -- UP
    Smarter CPU opponent3-1-4 -- DOWN
    Stadium (City)5-0-1 -- LEFT
    Stadium (Day) 5-0-1 -- DOWN
    Stadium (Dirt)3-0-2 -- UP
    Stadium (Future)3-0-2 -- LEFT
    Stadium (Night)5-0-2 -- DOWN
    Stadium (OFF)5-0-0 -- LEFT
    Stadium (Old Day)5-0-1 -- UP
    Stadium (Old Night)5-0-2 -- UP
    Stadium (Old Snow)5-0-3 -- UP
    Stadium (Roman)5-0-3 -- LEFT
    Stadium (Snow)5-0-3 -- DOWN
    Super blitzing0-4-5 -- UP
    Super field goals 1-2-3 -- LEFT
    Super passes2-5-0 -- LEFT
    Team (big heads)2-0-3 -- RIGHT
    Team (big players) 1-4-1 -- RIGHT
    Team (tiny players)3-1-0 -- RIGHT
    Time (night game)0-2-2 -- RIGHT
    Tournament mode1-1-1 -- DOWN
    Turbo (fast)0-3-2 -- LEFT
    Weather (clear)2-1-1 -- LEFT
    Weather (fog)0-3-0 -- DOWN
    Weather (rain)5-5-5 -- RIGHT
    Weather (snow)5-2-5 -- DOWN
    Weather (thick fog)0-4-1 -- DOWN

    Contributed By: moneyguy.

    2    1

  • Playbooks

    Enter the following codes at the Tonight's Matchup screen...

    Arizona Cardinals Playbook1-0-1 Left
    Atlanta Falcons Playbook1-0-2 Left
    Baltimore Ravens Playbook1-0-3 Left
    Buffalo Bills Playbook1-0-4 Left
    Carolina Panthers Playbook1-0-5 Left
    Chicago Bears Playbook1-1-0 Left
    Cincinatti Bengals Playbook1-1-2 Left
    Cleveland Browns Playbook1-1-3 Left
    Dallas Cowboys Playbook1-1-4 Left
    Denver Broncos Playbook1-1-5 Right
    Detroit Lions Playbook1-2-1 Left
    Green Bay Packers Playbook1-2-2 Left
    Indianapolis Colts Playbook1-2-3 Up
    Jacksonville Jaguars Playbook1-2-4 Left
    Kansas City Chiefs Playbook1-2-5 Left
    Miami Dolphins Playbook1-3-1 Left
    Minnesota Vikings Playbook1-3-2 Left
    New England Patriots Playbook1-3-3 Left
    New Orleans Saints Playbook1-3-4 Left
    New York Giants Playbook1-3-5 Left
    New York Jets Playbook1-4-1 Left
    Oakland Raiders Playbook1-4-2 Left
    Philadelphia Eagles Playbook1-4-3 Left
    Pittsburg Steelers Playbook1-4-4 Left
    San Diego Chargers Playbook1-4-5 Left
    San Fransisco 49ers Playbook1-5-1 Left
    Seattle Seahawks Playbook1-5-2 Left
    St. Louis Rams Playbook1-5-3 Left
    Tampa Bay Buccaneers Playbook1-5-4 Left
    Tennessee Titans Playbook1-5-5 Left
    Washington Redskins Playbook2-0-1 Left

    Contributed By: Mike Truitt.

    2    1


  • Bonus Players

    To play with bonus players, enter one or more of the following codes at the Enter Initials screen.

    Name Code
    Beth 7761
    Billz 0526
    Brian 0818
    Daniel 0604
    Dbn 6969
    Ed 3246
    Gene 0310
    Grinch 2220
    Guido 6765
    Japple 6660
    Jason 3141
    Jenifr 3333
    Jimk 5651
    John 5158
    Josh 4288
    Julia 1234
    Lt 7777
    Luis 3333
    Marka 1112
    Mike 3333
    Mitch 4393
    Monty 1836
    Nico 4440
    Paula 0425
    Paulo 0517
    Raiden 3691
    Rog 8148
    Root 6000
    Ryan 1029
    Todd 1122
    Turmell 0322
    Sal 0201
    Shinok 8337
    Shun 0530
    Van 1234
    Zz 1221
    Skull 1111
    Brain 1111
    Kevin 1234
    Dino 1111

    Contributed By: moneyguy.

    1    1


  • Coach of the Year

    When you choose a team leave your finger on C up

    Contributed By: moneyguy.

    1    0

  • Invisible play selection

    With the control stick (not D-Pad)on the first play in the top row in first play on the left corner hit up two times and the red marker or blue marker should not be seen. This works on offense or defense.

    Contributed By: moneyguy.

    1    0

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