• Match-Up Codes

    Enter the following codes at the VS screen. The first is Turbo, then Jump, and then Pass. The numbers indicate how many times you have to press each number. Enter the following number and direction:

    Big Football0-5-0 Right
    Blood Mode2-5-0 Up
    Disable Cheat Codes1-1-1 Down
    Fast Passes2-5-0 Left
    Fast Turbo Passing0-3-2 Left
    Fog On0-3-0 Down
    Headless Team1-2-3 Right
    Hide Reciever Name1-0-2 Right
    Huge Head0-4-0 Up
    Hyper Blitz5-5-5 Up
    Infinite Turbo5-1-4 Up
    Invisible4-3-3 Up
    Invisible Receiver Highlight3-3-3 Left
    Late hits0-1-0 Up
    Night Game2-2-2 Up
    No CPU Assistance0-1-2 Down
    No First Downs2-1-0 Up
    No Head3-2-1 Left
    No Interceptions3-4-4 Up
    No Play Selection1-1-5 Left
    No Punting1-5-1 Up
    No Random Fumbles4-2-3 Down
    Power Up Blockers3-1-2 Left
    Power Up Defense4-2-1 Up
    Power Up Offense3-1-2 Up
    Power Up Speed4-0-4 Left
    Power Up Teammates2-3-3 Up
    Show Field Goal Percentage0-0-1 Down
    Show More Field0-2-1 Right
    Smart CPU Opponents3-1-4 Down
    Stepping Out of Bounds2-1-1 Left
    Super Blitzing0-4-5 Up
    Super Field Goals1-2-3 Left
    Super Passing4-2-3 Right
    Team Big Heads2-0-3 Right
    Team Big Players1-4-1 Right
    Team Tiny Players3-1-0 Right
    Thick Fog On0-4-1 Down
    Tournament Mode1-1-1 Down
    Turn Off Stadium5-0-0 Left
    Weather: Clear2-1-2 Left
    Weather: Rain5-5-5 Right
    Weather: Snow5-2-5 Down

    Contributed By: soccerboy105 and The Laf-Ever.

    3    4


  • Secret Characters

    Type this in were you put in your name and pin:

    BethBeth; 7761
    BillzBillz; 0526
    BrainBrain; 1111
    BrianBrian; 0818
    CarltnCarltn; 1111
    DanielDaniel; 0604
    DbnDbn; 6969
    EdEd; 3246
    FordenForden; 1111
    GatsonGatson; 1111
    GeneGene; 0310
    GentilGentil; 1111
    GrinchGrinch; 2220
    GuideGuide; 6765
    JappleJapple; 6660
    JasonJason; 3141
    JenifrJenifr; 3333
    JimkJimk; 5651
    JohnJohn; 5158
    JoshJosh; 4288
    JuliaJulia; 1234
    LtLt; 7777
    LuisLuis; 3333
    MarkaMarka; 1112
    MikeMike; 3333
    MitchMitch; 4393
    MontyMonty; 1836
    NicoNico; 4440
    PaulaPaula; 0425
    PauloPaulo; 0517
    RaidenRaiden; 3691
    RogRog; 8148
    RootRoot; 6000
    RyanRyan; 1029
    SalSal; 0201
    ShinnokShinok; 8337
    ShunShun; 0530
    SkullSkull; 1111
    ThugThug; 1111
    ToddTodd; 1122
    TurmelTurmel; 0322
    VanVan; 1234
    ZzZz; 1221

    Contributed By: Dormouse, ElementalKnight, and KasketDarkfyre.

    1    0


  • Hide Cursor While Making Plays

    When you're on the play selection screen, you can hide the cursor so others can't see the play you choose. To do this, highlight the upper-left play (where the cursor is before you move it), then press Up on the Control Stick twice to hide the cursor.

    Contributed By: DBM11085.

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