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Guide and Walkthrough by Ushiwaka

Version: 1.00 | Updated: 10/02/2003

Jack Hanger's Walkthrough for

---Mystical Ninja starring Goemon!---
10/1/03: Version 1.00

Welcome to the wonderful world of Goemon. The Goemon series of games is 
one of my favorite, made by one of my favorite companies, Konami. The 
odd sense of humor and suspicious translations don't appeal to everyone, 
but I really love it. This game, as well as all the others, is set in 
medieval Japan, but often makes references to and even contains modern 
day or futuristic things, such as the robots you fight for example. You 
must guide the hero, Goemon (who is actually based on a figure from 
Japanese folk lore, one who is similar to our Robin Hood), through 
dangerous locales and do battle with peculiar enemies in your attempt to 
save the world... from being turned into a stage. A lot of people don't 
like the theme songs or the laugh track, but I think they add to the 
interestingly funny experience. At any rate, I hope you enjoy the game 
and get some use out of the walkthrough. Any further questions you have 
can be emailed to me at Ushiwaka@hotmail.com. However, I do intend to 
change my email soon so if this is still here you might want to check my 
website (www.angelfire.com/ill/ambiancepudding) for a current email 

I. Controls
II. Items
III. Buildings
IV. Characters
V. Walkthrough
VI. Enemies and Bosses
VII. Fortune Doll locations
VIII. Secrets/glitches
IX. Legal stuff

--- I. Controls ---
This is pretty basic stuff, and is also covered in the instruction 

A. Main game: While in a town, outdoors, or in a dungeon, this is the 
mode you'll be playing in.

Control stick: Moves your character. Tilting it all the way will cause 
your character to run, tilting it just a little will make them tiptoe. 
In the middle is walk. You can also use the control stick to make your 
character swim in water and climb up and down ladders (tilt up to climb 
up and tilt down to climb down, duh). Lastly, the control stick can be 
used to push objects by tilting it towards the object while your 
character is next to it.
Start button: Pauses the game and brings up your inventory. Pressing the 
Z button while on the inventory screen will switch to the map screen and 
vise versa, although you must have first found the map (don't worry, 
it's easy to find and you get it pretty early on).
A Button: The A button is used to both jump and talk to NPCs.
B Button:  The B button makes your character attack. With your standard 
weapons and some other weapons, you can attack 3 times in succession. 
The B button can also be used to pull items. Stand next to the object 
you want to pull and hold the B button. Your character will grab hold of 
the object and you can pull it. Finally, the B button is also used to 
pick up and throw objects by standing next to an object and hitting B to 
pick it up and hitting B again to throw it.
C up: Pressing this will make your character use their magic powers, 
once they have obtained them. Each character has a different power, 
consult the Characters section to see who can do what.
C left: Used to cycle through your characters available weapons. Some 
weapons (mostly the ranged weapons) require money to use.
C right: Toggle the mini map on and off. This is a map of the current 
area that appears in the corner.
C down: This will cycle through your available characters to play as.
R button: Used in conjunction with the C buttons, this is how you 
control the camera. Hold down the R button and press C up to zoom in, C 
down to zoom out, and C left and C right to circle around the character. 
If you zoom all the way in, you can use the control stick to look 
Z button: Press and hold this to lay down on the ground. You can also 
crawl around while on the ground using the control stick.

B. High Speed Impact Bonus Stage
When Goemon calls the giant robot Impact, you'll have to run through a 
gauntlet, destroying enemies and private property while avoiding traps, 
before you can fight the boss.

Control stick: Used to move Impact. You can only move left and right.
A button: Jump. This is important to avoid trip ropes and holes.
B button: Attack. You can destroy enemies as well as large buildings 
that will need to be cleared out of the way if you don't want to run 
into them.
Z button: Shoots nasal bullets. I guess these can be used to defeat 
enemies, but they cost money and I don't' really use them much.

C. Large Boss Impact Bonus Stage
Here's where the fighting begins! Beat the snot out of some giant 

Control stick: Moves the crosshairs on the screen to help you aim.
A button: A quick punch with your right arm.
B button: A stronger but slower punch with your left arm.
Z button: Shoot nasal bullets (costs 1 ryo per bullet).
R button: Launch the chain pipe. If you connect with the enemy, you can 
tap A or B repeatedly to reel your opponent into pummeling range.
Block: C right, C right or C left, C left (hold down the appropriate C 
button on the second press).
Mouth Laser: C up, C left, C down, C right + Z or C up, C right, C down, 
C left + Z (use when the laser gauge is filled).
One-Two Punch: B, B, A
Super Punch: C up, C down, C up, A
Punch-Kick Combo: B, B, B, A
Super Punch-Kick: Super Punch + A
Super Pipe Combo: B, A, R, R, A
Spring Kick: C down, C down, A

D: Map Subscreen
How to view the map.
Control stick: Move the map
C up: Zoom in
C down: Zoom out
A button: Go to a lower floor (dungeon map only).
B button: Go to a higher floor (dungeon map only).

E: Training Stages
Each character must complete a training stage before they can use their 
magic power.
Sudden Impact (Goemon):
Control stick: Rotate Goemon
B button: Throw the metal box

Mini-Ebisu (Ebisumaru)
Control stick: Move character (same as Main game movement)
A button: Jump
B button: Attack

Flying (Sasuke)
Control stick: Move character (same as Main game movement)
A button: Jump

Mermaid Magic (Yae)
Control stick: Move character left or right
A button: Swim upward

--- II. Items ---
Various items that you will encounter during your journey
A. Goemon's Items
Pipe: Standard weapon for Goemon. Can be upgraded from wood (lvl 1), to 
silver (lvl 2), and then to gold (lvl 3).
Chain pipe: The bowl of this pipe is attached to a chain and can extend 
out to attack enemies from a distance or attach to a star block and pull 
Goemon across gaps. Damage from the chain pipe is equivalent to a lvl 1 
Ryo: Throw large golden coins at your enemies. Can be upgraded so that 
if you hold down the attack button, you can enhance the coin with a 
flame attack. This attack costs money (the fire ryo costs more than a 
regular ryo attack).

B. Ebisumaru's Items
Mallet: Ebisumaru's standard weapon. Can be upgraded from wood (lvl 1), 
to silver (lvl 2), and finally gold (lvl 3).
Meat Hammer: A hammer made out of meat that causes enemies to drop 
dumplings instead of ryo (if they drop anything at all). The damage from 
the Meat hammer is equivalent to a lvl 1 weapon.
Toy Camera: The flash from this camera can reveal hidden objects and 
enemies (hold down the attack button to charge the flash).

C. Sasuke's Items
Kunai: Sasuke's standard weapon. Can be upgraded from anonymous metal 
(lvl 1), to silver (lvl 2), and then gold (lvl 3).
Firecracker bomb: Sasuke can toss an explosive for a small fee.
Kunai of severe cold: Kunais enchanted with a magical ice spell. Use 
them to freeze enemies and cool off heated platforms. This attack also 
costs money, and for an additional charge, hold down the attack button 
to charge up a multiple shot Kunai, known as the "Kunai intense hail 

D. Yae's Items
Katana: Yae's standard issue sword. Can be upgraded from anonymous metal 
(lvl 1), to silver (lvl 2), and finally gold (lvl 3). At levels 2 and 3, 
you can hold down the attack button and Yae will perform her sword 
shield technique, in which she spins her sword very quickly and can 
block enemy bullets.
Yae bazooka: A wooden bazooka that costs money to fire. Hold down the 
attack button to lock on to an enemy and fire 3 shots and once. As you 
may have guessed by now, this charged attack requires more money.
Koryuta's Flute: A flute given to Yae by the dragon god. Play it to call 
up on Koryuta who will take you to any town, coffee shop or dungeon you 
have already visited.

E. Item1
Three items fall into this category, all of which can prolong your life.
Rice ball: When your life runs to zero, you can spend a rice ball to 
replenish some health instead of wasting an extra life. Plain rice balls 
restore 4 health, Plum rice balls restore 10, and Fish rice balls 
completely heals your character.
Helmet: Helmets protect you from enemy bullets. A Japanese sombrero 
protects against 3 bullets, a metal helmet against 5, and a golden 
helmet will repel 8 bullets.
Armor: These helpful items will protect you against direct enemy 
attacks. A straw raincoat will protect you from 3 attacks, metal armor 
against 5, and golden armor against 8

F. Item2
Here you will find the items that help you on your journey. These items 
are related more to the story line, and different items will come and go 
as you progress through the game. Except for the fortune doll indicator. 
Silver fortune dolls will appear here as a fraction of a golden fortune 
doll (more on fortune dolls in just a sec).

G. Miracle Items
These are mysterious items that have a very special purpose later in the 

H. Other items
Ryo: The currency in Mystical Ninja starring Goemon. These can be used 
to purchase items or power attacks and magic. They can be found inside 
pots or after defeating enemies (or sometimes just lying on the ground).
Dumpling: A type of candy that will replenish your health by one point. 
These can be found in similar places as the Ryo.
Sparkling dumpling: A very special treat that will replenish all of your 
health when you eat it.
Silver Fortune doll: Collect 4 of these good luck charms to increase 
your health gauge by 1 point.
Golden Fortune doll: Finding one of these rare items will increase your 
health gauge by 1 point.
Surprise Pack: These red paper packets can be found hidden in various 
locations or bought in a store. They will increase your stock of extra 
lives by 1.
Pot: Break these open to find Ryo or dumplings. Some pots hold more 
goodies than others.

I. Dungeon items
Mr. Elly Fant: The map you get from the man in the coffee shop only 
shows you a broad look at all of Japan. To get a map of a dungeon, 
you'll first have to find this fellow. You can access the dungeon map 
screen the same way you do the regular map screen.
Mr. Arrow: This character will point out the location of the boss within 
a dungeon.
Keys: There are three types of keys, each of which unlock a 
corresponding lock made out of the same material. They are silver, gold, 
and diamond.

--- III. Buildings ---
There are several different shops and stores in each town, here's an 
explanation of what you'll find in each one.

General Store: Sells a variety of items, mainly rice balls, helmets, 
armor, and a very few sell surprise packs.

Inn: You can stay in a room to recover some health. This is also where 
you save your game.

Restaurant: You can also regain health here by eating food. Different 
towns have different selections. Select a food to see a description of 
it, then either buy it or look for something else to eat.

Fortune Teller: The Plasma fortune teller is a very strange man, but his 
advice will set you in the right direction for completing your quest. 
Information doesn't come free though.

Residence: There is usually at least one person in a house, talk to 
everyone to gather information or just listen to the strange things they 
have to say. On very rare occasions, people will give you freebies!

Coffee shop: Come here to chill out and relax. You can also purchase 
dumplings from the owner to recover health.

Tourist Center: These can be found in a couple locations, and using 
their patented teleportation machine, they can transfer you between 
locations within seconds!

Training gym: Mysterious gyms where characters can become stronger and 
learn magic.

--- IV. Characters ---
A. The main five
The five main characters in the game
Goemon: The hero and leader. Goemon has a tendency to lose his temper 
and get into fights. His magic power makes him stronger, doing more 
damage and allowing him to lift heavy metal blocks. He also, however, 
takes more damage from enemies
Ebisumaru: The self-proclaimed "Ninja of Justice" is Goemon's room mate. 
Ebisu has a large ego and a gut to match. Ebisu's magic ability allows 
him to shrink to tiny proportions so he can squeeze through tight areas. 
He can't attack while shrunken though.
Sasuke: The clockwork Ninja created by the Wiseman, Sasuke is trusting 
and loyal. He also enjoys hot baths and green tea. Sasuke's magic (which 
is more like an upgrade than an actual magic power) allows him to "fly" 
and reach high up locations. Sasuke also has a special hair attack, than 
can be utilized by holding down the B button when his normal Kunai is 
equipped and the pressing Z.
Yae: A top secret agent Ninja, Yae is both beautiful and courageous. She 
is like an older sister to Goemon and his friends. Yae can magically 
turn into a mermaid and swim underwater.
Impact: A giant robot created by the Wiseman, Impact is a famous dancer 
who has started working on several large scale movies. He will always 
take time out to help his friends though.

B. Other major characters
I consider a major character to be anyone with a face icon by their 
text. There are several of these.
Omitsu: She works at the coffee shop in Oedo, and is one of the most 
beautiful women in Japan! (I also think she is Goemon's girlfriend, but, 
uh, I can't remember)
Baron: One of the underlings in the Peach Mountain Shoguns. He, along 
with 4 others, does most of the dirty work.
Koryuta: The son of the dragon god. Once he gives you his flute, you can 
call upon him to get a ride to any town, dungeon, or coffee shop you've 
already visited.
Narrator: Pops in every know and then to provide explanations. He looks 
like Mr. Elly Fant.
Colon: One of the 4 weirdoes who works for the Peach Mountain Shoguns.
Spring Breeze Dancin': Leader of the Peach Mountain Shoguns and the 
Great Stage Plan. All the girls love him!
Sharon: Another one of the 4 weirdoes who is part of the Peach Mountain 
Kitty Lilly: The most beautiful member of the Peach Mountain Shoguns, 
she leads alongside her partner in both crime and song, Dancin'.
Wise Man: A great inventor who constructed both Sasuke and Impact, the 
Wise Man's house was destroyed by the Peach Mountain Shoguns.
Poron: One of the 4 weirdoes who works as a grunt for the Peach Mountain 

C. Minor Characters
Basically anyone with a name that distinguishes them from regular old' 
Chuppy: A dog near the fortune teller in Oedo who just wants to go home.
Plasma Man: The eccentric fortune teller who can be found all over 
Japan. He is flanked in his hut by two giant dancing robot things...
Gatekeeper: Two men who stand guard at the checkpoint in Oedo.
Travel Merchant: Man in the Kai coffee shop that gives you a map of 
Mokubei: A famous pipe maker who supplies Goemon with a chain pipe and 
upgrades the gang's weapons.
Lord: The king of Japan, residing in Oedo castle
Princess Yuki: the Lord's daughter.
Benkei: A treasure collector who stands on the Gojo Ohashi bridge, 
blocking anyone from crossing. The only way to get past him is to give 
him something valuable, or to defeat him in battle...
Chiyomaru: An oddball dog who can be found up the Duck creek. 
Apparently, he's actually a visitor from outer space. Or at least he 
says he is...
Ushiwaka: All the ladies love his looks, but think he has a rotten 
personality. He first helps you by giving you the Achille's Heel to 
defeat Benkei, then helps Ebisumaru learn the Mini-Ebisu shrinking 
John: A dog in Folkypoke village, that sometimes has helpful advice, but 
sometimes not.
Furitaro: A child in Folkypoke village who has won the folk dancing 
championship before.
Priest: A priest who works at the golden temple in Zazen.
Oyakata: These guys will make your life hell. They make the training 
stages difficult.
Takemaru: A dog in the Festival Village with some helpful advice.
Beth: Another dog in the Festival Village with some interesting 
Hikozo: The lead drummer in the festivals in Festival Village.
Dancin' Allnite: Some weird kid in Zazen. He's the one that locked the 
door to Bizen.
Witch: Lives in a hut on the top of Mt. Fear. She calls upon the ghost 
of Wise Man to help Goemon and his friends.
Kihachi: A Kappa who lives in the pond in Zazen town, the only thing 
that Kihachi loves more than his collection is cucumber.
Priest's Son: The only one who knows how to prepare Kihachi's favorite 

--- V. Walkthrough ---
Here we go, the bread and butter of this whole thing. I intend to 
outline some of the plot, so don't read too far ahead if you fear 

The game starts in the peaceful Oedo village, in one of the business 
districts. Suddenly the peace is disturbed when Goemon and Ebisumaru are 
thrown out of a restaurant for indecent exposure! Actually, Ebisumaru 
gets thrown out for indecent exposure, Goemon is just sort of guilty by 
association. Anyway, the two are talking when suddenly a giant UFO 
shaped like a peach (it doesn't really look like a peach from this 
angle, but you'll see it later) flies overhead towards the castle. A 
brief glimpse inside reveals the villains, who plan to attack! They fire 
on the great Japanese palace, turning it into... a European castle? At 
any rate, it's up to Goemon and Ebisumaru to investigate the matter, of 
course after Ebisu puts on some clothes. Thus starts part 1...

- Part 1: Climbing the biggest mountain in Japan -

First thing you'll want to do is familiarize yourself with the controls, 
then head outside. It actually took me a minute to figure out where the 
hell the door was, so in case you're confused, walk towards the wooden 
wall with white paper windows to the right of the stove. All the doors 
are like this. Once outside, you'll notice that Goemon's apartment is 
marked with a symbol. Keep that in mind just for future reference. Now 
go exploring the town. Talk to people, gather some coins on the ground, 
go into buildings. If you get lost, you can bring up the mini map by 
hitting C right. Just so you know, the town goes in a big loop through 
several areas. Some minor things to take notice of is an officer near a 
gate who will direct you to important locations in Oedo town, as well as 
a purple clad thief who sneaks around in the same area. Attack him with 
your pipe before he takes your money! Also very important is the canal 
which you can access from the Nihon Bashi bridge (the one in front of 
Oedo castle) or the checkpoint. I'd recommend jumping off the checkpoint 
bridge and swimming until you find a platform with a silver fortune doll 
on it. If you cross the Nihon Bashi bridge and head towards the castle, 
you'll find that the bridge is out and that there are star blocks 
resting on the opposite side of the canal. A nearby sign recommends 
using a chain pipe to get across, but where would one get such a pipe? 
Well, Mokubei, the pipe maker could probably whip one up for you, but he 
recently moved to Mount Fuji. If you need to, ask the officer for 
directions to Mt. Fuji and head out onto the Kai Highway.

Out here you will encounter your first enemies, robot dolls in pink 
dresses... and flying masks. There are also robots in green dresses that 
are a bit harder to defeat because of the bullets they fire from the 
gift boxes they carry. All three of these enemies can be easily 
dispatched with a single attack. While traveling along the highway, your 
first stop should be the coffee shop you'll pass on your left. Inside 
you can purchase dumplings from the old woman to restore some health, 
but the main purpose for coming in here is the map. Talk to the man in 
the lower left of the screen, and when he offers you the map reply that 
you really want it. He'll give it to you for free! Now go back outside 
the coffee shop and circle around it until you see a bridge in the 
distance. Cross this bridge and the one on the right as soon as you 
cross the first, dispatching any enemies in your way. Make sure you 
don't fall in the water, it's a long swim back to dry land. On this 
island is another silver fortune doll on a hill. It might take a few 
jumps to reach it, but it's not too hard to get. A strange thing about 
this island is that to the right are some cliffs that only Sasuke can 
cross with his flying magic. At the top of a steep hill is a pot with 
some measly Ryo in it. A lot of work for a rather disappointing reward. 
Oh well. Go back across the bridge and make a right up the hill to the 
gate. Now you're at the foot of Mt. Fuji. In this area you'll encounter 
3 new enemies, the scarecrow, the boulder, and the slinky. Head straight 
from your entrance towards the mountain and climb up the ladder. The 
ascent to the top of Mt. Fuji is pretty straight forward, move along the 
platforms and climb up the ladders while defeating any enemies in your 
path. Keep an eye out for rotating platforms, they're not very difficult 
to cross but can catch you off guard if you don't know where they are. 
On the first level up from the ground and across a small gap you'll find 
your third fortune doll. Also at the end of the second level is a ladder 
that leads down to a sparkling dumpling, if you actually need it. Keep 
climbing up until you come to a door that leads inside the mountain. In 
here you'll have to time you runs past the invincible slinky enemies 
(not very hard if you stay in the corners against the wall) and across 
the rotating platforms to a door that leads back outside. In this part 
the platforms get a little more narrow and the boulders a bit more 
frequent, but it's still pretty easy. Once past this part you'll finally 
be at the summit! Take a look out some of the other doors before you 
enter the house. Inside the house is Mokubei, the pipe maker. Ask him 
about a pipe and he'll give you the chain pipe. Hooray! For the quickest 
route down the mountain, take the door just to the right of the one you 
entered the summit by. If you're confused, look at your map. It's the 
southernmost door. Jump off (you won't take any damage from falling too 
far) and head back across the Kai highway and back to Oedo.

- Part 2: Saving the Lord -

Once back in town, you can spend some of your money on armor and a 
helmet although it's not necessary. I would, however, strongly recommend 
getting at least a normal rice ball if you didn't before, or if you need 
a new one. Once you're all stocked up, head for the castle. Use the 
chain pipe with Goemon to cross the canal, first on the left to obtain 
the silver fortune doll and add another heart to your health gauge, and 
then to the right to get to the castle and your first dungeon. It might 
be noted that these star blocks are good for practice, as most of the 
ones in the upcoming dungeon are over bottomless pits. Once you get a 
bit accustomed to it, try jumping across and using the chain pipe in 
midair. This is required at one point in the dungeon. Cross the bridge 
to the castle walkway, collecting the coins on the left first if you 
wish, then climb the little slope up to the castle. In front is a sign 
where you can save your game, do so if you wish and enter the castle.

The castle may look European on the outside, but within, it still looks 
very much Japanese. In the first room are several pots containing coins, 
break them open and collect the money or simply head to the next room. 
In this room is a door to your right with a lock on it and some star 
blocks to the left. Cross the gaps and collect the silver key, then 
cross back and unlock the door. This next room is large and is filled 
with water, but before you venture out on the backs of the horseshoe 
crabs, make a left and go through the door. In here you'll encounter a 
new enemy, the giant blue robot. They carry flowers and try to hit you 
with them. Defeat all the enemies in here to make a key appear on the 
table, then grab the key and head back out to the room with the water. 
Once back in here head straight across the long platform to grab the Mr. 
Elly Fant. Now you can access the dungeon map. After that, head across 
the water to the other side of the room, hopping across the backs of the 
horseshoe crabs and defeating the scarecrows (use your chain pipe to 
take them out from a distance), and make sure to grab the silver fortune 
doll along the way. Once across, use your key to unlock the door and 
head through. In here you'll notice the floor is a different color. Move 
out into the middle of the room and pieces of the floor will fly up and 
towards you. Defeat at least 3 of these to make a key appear and unlock 
the door. In this room, head right and through the door. In here, be 
aware of the fact that the robots with light blue dresses will hop over 
your head if they get close enough, so don't be caught off guard and try 
to jump over them. Defeat all the enemies again to make a golden key 
appear, then grab the key and head back through the room with the brown 
statue feet and back to the room with the pits to the left (err, sorry 
if that's confusing, basically just head back 2 rooms). Once you chain 
pipe across the gap, head into the door without a lock first for a 
sparkling dumpling and some coins, then go back and through the locked 
door. This room is empty except for a platform in the corner, which 
serves as an elevator which will take you up to the next floor.

Once the elevator has taken you up, you'll be in a room with rows of 
Dumpling guys cleaning the floor. Time your jumps over them, then walk 
down the hallway to the next room. In here, be careful, because large 
mashy things will drop from the ceiling onto the dark parts of the 
floor. Except the middle one oddly enough. Ride on top of one of the 
mashy things to find that it's stuck and on top of it is a key. Get the 
key, but before you unlock the door, go through the door without a lock. 
In here you will encounter drummers dressed like dragons. They launch a 
bullet with each beat of their drum, and require two hits to kill. 
Dispatch them and grab another silver fortune doll, then go back to the 
room with the mashy things and unlock the door. In this room you're 
supposed to follow the path across the water and past the two spinning 
spiky ball chains, but it's pretty easy to just swim past the first one 
and hop across the second. First take the door nearest to the second 
spiky ball chain and you'll find yourself in a room where you must use 
your chain pipe to cross some water. Do so and enter the next room. This 
room is important! You'll notice a large stone had blocking you from 
crossing the pit. You'll come back here later, but for now just enter 
the room on your left. In here you don't have to defeat all the enemies 
to make the key appear, but I like to anyway. :) Grab the key and head 
back, across the room with the water and back to the one with the 
spinning spiky ball chains. Head to your right, knocking out the 
scarecrows and picking up Mr. Arrow before you unlock the door and head 
through. In this next room, not only do you have to deal with more 
Dumpling men, but Robo ninjas will also drop from the ceiling and throw 
shuriken at you! Run quickly to the door, defeating the Robo ninjas if 
you must, and head through. In this room as well as the last, you can 
zoom in and look at the ceiling to spot the robot ninjas. In this room 
they're to your left, guarding a dumpling and some Ryo. Defeat them and 
collect the goodies if you want, then head through the door to the next 
room. This room is a bit tricky. You must jump across the tops of more 
mashy things, but these ones are suspended over a bottomless pit. Hop 
across, collecting the pot filled with coins if you want, and head for 
the next door. In here is another elevator, which leads you to the third 

Once the elevator reaches the third floor, you'll encounter the first of 
4 "weirdoes", Baron. He informs you that his goal in Oedo is to 
transform the castle into a stage. For what reasons though, he doesn't 
make clear. Offended by Ebisumaru's gruffness, he'll threaten you with a 
beating before spinning himself as he runs away. Head through the 
darkened panels, making sure to collect the silver fortune doll and the 
dumplings if you need them before you progress into the darkness...

Here you'll fight your first boss, the King robot, Congo. Start off by 
attacking the red dot on his chin until he begins his laser attack. 
Don't worry about the flames he spits, if you get as close to him as you 
can, they'll go right over your head. Jump over the lasers until he 
stops spinning. Simply repeat this process, chipping away at his face, 
until he is defeated. Once he is, he will drop the first miracle item, 
the Miracle Moon. Pick it up and head through the next door.

In here you will encounter the Lord and Princess Yuki safe and sound. 
Goemon and Ebisumaru talk with the Lord, promise to catch the guys 
behind this evil plot, yadda yadda yadda, and the Lord gives you a pass 
that will open the gate at the checkpoint. Also, since they can't live 
in the castle any more, they decide to take up residence in Goemon's 
house. After your conversation, you will be given an opportunity to 
save, and then transferred back outside the castle.

Now that you've finally completed the first dungeon, it's time to... go 
back in!! That's right, there's another silver fortune doll in there 
that you couldn't reach before, and if you want to catch 'em all (er, 
sorry), you'll have to head back in. This time around should be much 
quicker however, since you've already unlocked all the doors and you 
don't have to go all the way back up. Make your way back to the second 
floor and back to the room with the spinning spiky balls. Go back 
through the door closest to the second set of spinning spiky balls and 
cross the gap that was blocked by the giant stone hand before, making 
sure to avoid the Dragon Drummer and Robot Ninja. This next room is the 
one you were looking for, its filled with coins and a another silver 
fortune doll that will top off another heart on your health gauge. Now 
that you've got what you've come for, head back down and out of the 
castle and back to Oedo village.

- Part 3: On the way to Zazen... -

Now, with you're super pass in hand, it's time to leave the village of 
Oedo. Head to the checkpoint and talk to the guards. They'll use the 
pass to open the gate, allowing you access to Musashi, the beach. Once 
you're out here, head left. You'll notice a large red gate grating as 
well as a metal box, don't stress over this now, you'll come back here 
later. Drop down into a nearby pit and collect a silver fortune doll. 
Then go to the area right of the little bridge and enter the door. Head 
through the tunnel and you'll emerge in a place called Iga. Climb the 
steep cliff, collecting a few coins along the way, and once at the top 
follow the path. You'll come across a large house, but as you draw near, 
it will suddenly explode! A quick search of the rubble will reveal only 
a conch shell which can be used to summon the giant robot Impact. The 
shell belonged to the Wiseman, so logic would dictate that the pile of 
burnt timbers used to be Wiseman's house. Suddenly, Baron will make 
another appearance and threaten you with a giant robot. And how do we 
fight giant robots? With giant robots of our own, of course! Lucky thing 
we just happened to find that conch shell. Save your game if you wish 
and get ready for the Impact Bonus stage!

Watch Impact's spiffy intro, then get ready for the High Speed stage. 
Basically you just destroy as much stuff as you can while jumping over 
the pits and bridges and either destroying or dodging the larger 
buildings. The more stuff you wreck, the more oil (life) you'll have in 
the following battle.

Once you're finished with that, it's time to fight your first giant 
robot battle against the Wartime Kabuki Robot, Kashiwagi. Kashiwagi has 
several attack patterns, the first of which is his missile attack, in 
which he fires 5 missiles that can be easily punched out of the air with 
the B button punch (doing so will give you 5 extra ryo in nasal bullets 
per missile). In a another common attack, he pulls out two large wooden 
objects (which I think are sandals, but I'm not sure) and approaches 
you. You can't hit him when he has the sandals up, but when he becomes 
vulnerable right before he attacks. His third most common attack is 
similar to his sandal attack but more direct. He charges towards you 
with his palm extended, and you simply have to punch him before he slaps 
you. He has another ranged attack where he sprouts wings and flies 
around, placing several parasol like mines in front of you, which can 
also be pretty easily punched out of your way for extra ryo. His last 
attack is a sort of desperation move that he only uses once you've 
inflicted some damage on him. The screen will turn darker and Kashiwagi 
will summon a bunch of cherry blossoms that will form into an image of 
himself. During this time, Kashiwagi himself is invincible and you're 
only option is to defend yourself against his image until the attack 
ends. The image will circle around you, and you have to punch it when it 
moves closer to you to avoid damage. All in all Kashiwagi is one of the 
easier giant robot bosses, probably because he's the first one you 
encounter. This fight is a piece of cake if you just use the chain pipe 
to reel him in and then pummel him with a super punch. When your laser 
gauge fills up, perform the combo right after you finish the super 
punch. This will give the laser some time to charge up and you'll hit 
him as soon as he gets back on his feet (er, jets).

After the battle Impact will depart for America to continue filming his 
movie, and you'll be free to continue your journey. Continue down the 
path and you'll soon find the gate that leads to Zazen town. But before 
you can get very far, Yae will drop in. During your discussion with her, 
you'll find out that she too was following the mysterious peach shaped 
UFO. The only information about the people in the UFO that Yae has been 
able to collect is that they are a group from the Flake Gang (apparently 
these are the guys who play the role of the enemy in other Goemon games) 
who call themselves the "Peach Mountain Shoguns." Since Yae is on the 
same mission as Goemon and Ebisumaru, they decide to travel together, 
and Yae joins your team. Yay!!

- Part 4: The missing children -

Take a bit to explore Zazen. It's a beautiful little town surrounded by 
a bamboo forest. Besides the usual stores in it's shopping district, it 
also has a Golden Shrine as well as a large mountain with a sacred fire 
and a creek that runs throughout the town (lol, is it obvious that I 
love this game?). Talking to all the citizens will reveal that children 
with dancing talent throughout the region are being kidnapped. How 
terrible! And odd... Some people will also mention a man by the name of 
Benkei who is blocking people from using the Gojo Ohashi bridge. Man, 
this town has a lot of problems. The very first thing you'll want to do 
is head to the raised shopping district and through one of the normal 
doors (not a store). You'll be in a walkway with a little pond off to 
one side. Near it is a classic Japanese fountain. Hit the fountain with 
your weapon a few times, and a silver fortune doll will fall out of the 

Since the gate to Bizen is stuck closed, it looks like you'll have to 
find a way past Benkei to progress. Benkei is a big guy, if you try to 
cross the bridge, he won't let you past. If you talked to everyone in 
town, you might remember that there is one person in town who got past 
Benkei without giving him a bribe. That man is fishing in the Duck 
creek. From where Benkei is, jump off the bridge and head east (use your 
mini map), or just go through the door marked "Duck creek- upstream" and 
follow the flow of the water. Either way you'll eventually come to a 
section of the creek with a little ramp leading up to a bank with a pond 
in it. You'll also notice a man standing by the pond and a sign that 
reads "This is my property- Ushiwaka", so it would seem that this man is 
Ushiwaka. And indeed he is. If you didn't know that, believe me, he'll 
tell you. Ask him about Benkei and he'll offer to teach you how to beat 
him if you catch some fish for him. You can't get past Benkei without 
his help, so it looks like you're going fishing. 

Fish aren't hard to catch. Just jump into the creek and chase them down. 
First you'll need to find three blue fish. Don't worry, accidentally 
catching a fish of the wrong color doesn't hurt anything. There's only 
two blue fish in the area where Ushiwaka is, so you'll have to go to 
part of the creek to find your third fish. Once you do, return to 
Ushiwaka and you'll have to find five yellow fish. Again, there aren't 
five yellow fish in your immediate area, so you'll have to do a little 
hunting. Repeat the process to find the yellow fish and then eight red 
fish. When you're finished, Ushiwaka will give you the Achille's Heel, a 
log shaped object which instructs you to throw at Benkei.

Now head back to where Benkei is (the easiest way is to travel down the 
creek and climb up the ladder where the bridge is) and engage him in 
battle! This is really weird. You "fight" him by throwing the Achille's 
Heel at him, while he tries to dodge it by jumping about randomly. It 
only takes three hits do defeat him, but after the first one, he will 
use his weapon do deflect the Achille's Heel. Once you get him down to 1 
hit, he gets kind of hard, just time your throws carefully and he should 
go down. He threatens to "blast you far, far away" if you lose, but I've 
never lost so I'm not sure exactly what he does... Once the battle is 
over, Benkei will allow you to pass, and will even give you something 
from his collection to keep you quiet about his loss. And that something 
just happens to be Sasuke! Apparently he fell out of the sky the day the 
Wiseman's house blew up. Sasuke joins your party, but isn't much help 
without batteries. You'll find those later, for now, just head past 
Benkei and through the gate.

- Part 5: Meeting with the dragon god -

Yamato is a pretty big place with not a whole lot to do. There's a big 
shrine here, but the doors are sealed with magic. You'll notice two 
paths leading across the water, you'll first want to take the one on the 
right. In this little bamboo forest you'll find the mystical turtle 
stone, which I guess kinda looks like a turtle. You can push the turtle 
stone along a cross shaped path, each direction on the cross 
corresponding to a compass direction (read the signs to figure out which 
direction is which). First you'll want to push it to the south to make a 
silver fortune doll appear in the middle of the cross, then to the west 
to make a bunch of money fall out of the sky. Next you'll want to push 
it to the north, which will transport you to the front of the shrine 
while at the same time unlocking the doors. Head on in. The Yamato 
shrine is basically a big jumping challenge, so climb up the ladder on 
the opposite side of the room and start jumping up. If you fall through 
a gap, just make your way back to the ladder and start over. Along the 
way you'll find a dumpling (hooray...) and at the top you'll find a 
surprise pack (hooray!) and yet another silver fortune doll (hooray 
again!). Either make your way back towards the beginning of the 
platforms or jump off the top and climb back up the ladder. You'll 
notice that at one point there is a platform raised slightly above the 
rest of the walkway. If you zoom in and look around, you'll notice that 
underneath this platform is a large block with a silver fortune doll on 
it. Position yourself on top of the platform and near the edge, then 
drop of the edge and fall down onto the block (it may take more than one 
try) to collect the doll. Wow, that's quite a few goodies in a 
concentrated area. Once you've done that head out of the shrine and back 
to the turtle stone. There's one compass direction that we didn't 

By pushing the turtle stone to the east (towards the steps), you'll be 
transported to a little island in Awaji with a red gate on it. This red 
gate will magically transport you to a boat near the Husband and Wife 
rocks. swimming in the water around the rocks are little urchin enemies 
that cannot be defeated. Swim to the smaller of the two rocks, then 
cross the rope tied between them and climb the circular pathway to the 
top of the other rock. At the top is another silver fortune doll and 
another red gate the leads back to the little island in Awaji. Around 
you you'll see some high cliffs and a shore with a few enemies on it. 
Swim towards the shore and you'll see a coffee shop. To the left of the 
coffee shop is a path that leads to another bamboo forest, which leads 
back to Yamato (this is the left-hand route in Yamato that we didn't 
take). In this bamboo forest you'll find a new enemy that looks kinda 
like a golden flying Christmas tree ornament. You'll see these guys in 
other places, so don't waste your time back there. Instead, head for the 
coffee shop. There's nothing of particular importance inside the shop, 
just a few people to talk to and the usual old lady selling dumplings, 
but behind the shop is a surprise pack. You should go inside the shop, 
however, so that it appears on your map. You'll see why this is 
important in just a bit... Now head towards the island raised out of the 
water, but before you cross the bridge, look for a little cliff off the 
left side of the walkway with a silver fortune doll on it. Drop down and 
nab the doll, then head for the building on the island.

This building is the tourist center. Here they have a machine that will 
teleport you to the back of a dragon, who will fly you to the Shikoku 
region. Well, normally that would be the case, but recently the dragon 
has gone wild and the tourist center can't use him to transport people. 
Since you are a heroic type person, offer to help, and the woman will 
usher you into the teleporter, which will teleport you to the dragon's 
tail. Make your way up the tail and back of the dragon, attacking any 
enemies that fly at you. Once you reach the head, you'll spot a strange 
looking machine. The machine, or rather Colon (one of the 4 weirdoes) 
who seems to be speaking through the machine. He reveals that he has 
used the machine to brainwash the dragon, who he has instructed to 
kidnap children with dancing talent. Before you know it, the Control 
machine attacks!  The machine turns yellow and spins about, at the same 
time launching bullets in all directions. During this time the robot is 
invincible. When it stops spinning is when it's vulnerable. However, 
during this fight, the dragon begins to twist about, making it somewhat 
difficult to stay on his back. I find Goemon's chain pipe works the best 
here. You can attack from a distance and get out of the machine's way 
when it starts spinning. Just keep attacking the Control machine and it 
will eventually explode. When this happens, the dragon will fall out of 
the sky! Goemon will fall safely to the ground, but a mysterious 
stranger plummets head first into the pavement. 

This is Koryuta, the son of the Dragon god, who has the ability to 
transform into a dragon. Apparently while in dragon form he was attacked 
and hypnotized by the Peach Mountain Shoguns. When he learns of what he 
was doing, he takes it pretty hard, but Goemon and his friends try to 
cheer him up. The only thing he remembers is taking the children he 
kidnapped to the Dogo Hot Springs. He also gives you a flute, which you 
can use to call upon Koryuta. Koryuta will then give you a ride to any 
village, coffee shop or dungeon you've been to before (very helpful, and 

- Part 6: Do the Folkypoke! -

From where Koryuta left you, head up the steps. It's easier to do this 
part now. This is Kompira mountain, and you're going to have to climb a 
lot of steps to get to the top. Along the way will be Golden Orb 
enemies, boulders, and a new enemy that is a mask on a stick that spits 
bullets. There's not much to explain here, just keep climbing and 
attacking enemies. At a place where the boulders seem kinda tight, 
remember that you can kill them like a regular enemy. There are 4 blocks 
total, and at the top of the third block is a coffee shop. Remember to 
stop inside if you want to come back here later with Koryuta. Once at 
the temple grounds, you can talk with the man living in the left house 
and the priest guy in the right. The priest will tell you to donate 5 
ryo at the donation box in the center of the shrine to gain assistance 
from god. So switch to Goemon and throw 5 ryo at the box (you'll hear a 
cha-ching when you get it in). Then the money god will give Goemon the 
Medal of Flames! With the ryo equipped, hold down the attack button to 
charge the Medal of Flames, giving you a fire attack and the ability to 
light torches.

Now head back down the mountain (much easier than climbing up) and into 
Folkypoke village. Talking to the villagers will reveal that here, too, 
children with dancing talent are being kidnapped. There's not a whole 
lot to do around here, so head for the Dogo Hot Springs by taking the 
gate near the Inn. Now you'll find yourself in a little place called 
Tosa. There's nothing in the river here except for a couple scarecrows, 
but if you happen to get stuck down there, keep jumping at the wall and 
you'll eventually pull yourself out. Cross the bridge, go up the hill 
and through the gate to reach the vine bridge area. The sign says to 
cross quietly, but what it means is cross slowly. Basically you have to 
tiptoe across the lighter colored sections (or just jump over them). 
After you pass the first section of weak spots, there will be two 
smaller ones. Let yourself drop through the second one to land on an 
island with a silver fortune doll on it. In the water down here are some 
little fish enemies that swim around the surface of the water. Climb 
back up to the bridge and this time head all the way across. Now you'll 
be in a place called Iyo. Head all the way up the ramp and hang a hard 
right to the coffee shop. Make sure you stop in here, it's easier to 
come back with Koryuta than to cross the vine bridge. In here one of the 
patrons mentions a dwarf in Zazen who's description sounds familiar... 
Back outside, the doors to the Dogo Springs are closed and locked, but 
there's a tiny hole to the left of the door. Maybe you should check out 
that dwarf sighting. Using Yae's flute, call Koryuta and head back to 
Zazen. Go to Duck creek where you met Ushiwaka to find he's shrunken! 
His loss of stature was apparently caused by eating the sweets in the 
cupboard of the Golden Temple. He offers to help you, and since 
Ebisumaru likes to eat, switch to him and head on over to the Golden 

This is Ebisumaru's training level. You must run around, avoiding the 
giant bombs that drop from the ceiling whenever the cupboard doors open, 
as well as defeating the pink robots that drop in. You must also eat 8 
dumplings before the time limit runs out, making the whole thing a 
little hectic. Just keep trying, and eventually you'll get enough 
dumplings to learn the Mini-Ebisu technique. Once you've finished, head 
back to Folkypoke village. In the village, head to the area with the 
giant trellised crops (like giant steps, the place with hay stacked at 
the bottom) and at the bottom, under one of the hay piles near the door 
is a silver fortune doll. Use Ebisumaru's new magic power to get it.

Now that that's out of the way, use Koryuta's Flute to fly back to the 
coffee shop at Iyo, then use Ebisumaru's magic to go through the hole at 
the Dogo Hot Springs. In this new place (called Iyo 2), you'll encounter 
a new little enemy that spits flames at you when you draw near. Head 
around the corner and straight to reach the famous springs. If you are 
injured, you can jump in the springs and lay down to regain health. Head 
back to a place where you saw a little alcove lined with red grating. 
There's a spot here that's too tight to crawl under, so shrink down 
again and walk through. Once through, hang a right and go into a little 
caged pit to find a silver fortune doll, then climb back out and head 
right. When you come to a dead end turn around and you'll spot a ladder, 
climb up it. Up here you'll need to use Goemon's chain pipe to cross 
some gaps while trying to avoid some scarecrows. Once you make it to the 
top, you'll be in front of the Ghost Toy's Castle, the second dungeon. 
This dungeon also has a sign out front that allows you to save your 
game. Do so if you wish, and plunge into the horror that is... the Ghost 
Toy's Castle!!

- Part 7: Ghosts and toys and ghost toys, oh my! -

Lol, just kidding. This dungeon really isn't bad, in fact it's my second 
favorite dungeon in the game. It's more fun with toys than it is spook 
ghosts, and for some reason I really like the music here. Anyway, the 
first room makes use of Goemon's Medal of Flames, so switch to the ryo 
and charge it up, then throw the flaming coin at one of the torches on 
either side of the door, then repeat for the other torch to light up the 
room a bit and open the door. While in this room, you probably also 
noticed some strange ghosts floating about. These ghosts can be found 
throughout this dungeon. They're invincible while you can see through 
them, but when exposed to light they become solid and vulnerable. They 
also kinda look like toilet paper... Anyway, avoid the ghosts and move 
on into the second room. In here is a large platform with two buttons on 
it, each marked with an arrow pointing in a different direction. This is 
the giant crane game, but it won't work; the power has been turned off. 
So just ignore it for right now and proceed to through the door to the 
next room. The floor in this room is filled with holes, out of which 
protrude oscillating spikes. The spikes move towards you in waves, so 
just time your jumps over them and go to the next room. This room is 
filled with water, as well as obnoxious bullet-spitting masks, and a 
blue stone walkway cuts through it. In the back of the room is a large 
head from a doll. Jump across some platforms that lead towards the head, 
and on top you'll find a silver fortune doll. Once you've got the doll, 
head for the next room. This one is also filled with water. The easy 
thing to do would be to take the mechanical platform on your right, 
which will take you to the other side of the room, but if you want a map 
of the dungeon you'll have to take the long route on the left. In a few 
spots are more holes that spikes pop out of, but these are easier to 
time. Just make your way across the pathway, collecting the Mr. Elly 
Fant along the way, and head for the next room. This room is cool. After 
defeating all the bouncing Dharma dolls and collecting the silver key, 
look around by the side of the large structure in the middle of the room 
to find a flower bud. Pick it up and carry it up the ramp and onto the 
elevator. Once up top, stand by the side of the blue ring and throw it 
into the dirt. The flower will then grow and bloom, spitting out a bunch 
of dumplings and money! This is just a fun little bonus, and if for some 
reason you're short on cash, this can be done multiple times. Once the 
flower stops spitting out goodies, head on into the next room, using 
your key to unlock the door. This room is also filled with water, and 
has a bunch of floating Go tiles as platforms. The white masks in here 
are submerged until they pop up to spit a bullet at you, making them 
somewhat more difficult to get rid of. I recommend Goemon's chain pipe 
for taking them out at a distance. One of the doors in here is locked, 
so you'll have to exit out the other one. But before you do, head over 
to the little island you've probably noticed in the middle of the room. 
This island is connected to another one by a narrow rope. Walk slowly 
and carefully along the rope, adjusting your camera if you have to, and 
on the other side you'll be rewarded with a golden fortune doll. Score! 
Once you've claimed your prize, head for the unlocked door. There's not 
much in this next room besides two pots with coins in them and an 
elevator leading down, so grab the coins and for the basement. This 
passageway is flooded, and you can either use the floating Go tiles to 
hop across the water, or just swim to the last tile and use it to climb 
on the grating, if for some reason jumping across the tiles is too 
difficult for you... At any rate, once you're on the other side of the 
hall, take the elevator back up. Now, if you're a little confused, don't 
worry, the set up here is a trick. This room looks identical to the one 
you were in before you took the elevator down, but trust me, you're in 
the right place. The pots here contain dumpling instead of coins, so 
there is a slight difference to help you keep track of where you are. 
Anyway, grab the dumplings if you need them and head for the next room. 
Here you're back in the crane game room, but on the opposite side of the 
fence. First, hit the giant switch to return power to the game, then 
jump up the platforms to collect a silver key and a silver fortune doll, 
then hop over the fence and go to the crane game. This thing can be a 
tad frustrating. The crane is over on the left, above the conveyer belt, 
and you have to step on the buttons to move the crane in the 
corresponding direction. It's a very good idea to use the shadow of the 
crane as a guide while playing the game. It's hard to line it up with 
the toy camera on the pedestal, but just keep trying and eventually 
you'll grab it. Once it falls of the conveyer belt, run over and pick it 
up. Now you can make invisible things, such as those toilet paper 
ghosts, appear. Anyway, head back through all the rooms you've been to 
before, back to the one with the tightrope and the locked door. Now use 
your key to go through the new door.

I'd recommend having Ebisumaru and his camera equipped before you enter 
this room, then charge it up and reveal all the ghosts. Once the ghosts 
have been destroyed the door will open, but collect Mr. Arrow on your 
way out. Also, this room will be the first time you spot red water. Be 
sure not to fall into it, it's painful! Anyway, this next room has more 
red water, as well as spikes that come out of the floor. But before you 
turn right to brave the spikes, make a left and go through the door, 
again making sure that you have Ebisumaru's camera handy. Use the camera 
to make the ghosts visible, then defeat them and collect the key that 
appears. Once you've collected the key, head back to the previous room 
and cross the platforms with the spikes, then use the key to unlock the 
door to the next room. In here, defeat the bouncing dharmas and the new 
enemies you encounter, the card dolls, then climb the steps to the 
wooden walkway and board the elevator. This rather plain room has two 
doors, one of which is locked, so take the only path available to you. 
In here, defeat the two dharmas and climb the ramp. Now, this next part 
may seem a little intimidating at first, but it's really not to bad. 
Just go all the way to the left and wait for the spinning top to reach 
you, then jump on. Jump across each top when it passes by, and once your 
on the other side, nab the silver key and then cross the tops the same 
you did before. If at any time you fall into the red water, just swim 
for the ramp on the side of the water where you started. Now, once 
you're back in the plain room with all the dharmas and card dolls, just 
use your key to go to the next room. Now, here, things get a little 
complicated. In here you'll find spinning spiky ball chains from the 
first dungeon, as well as more tops, and whirly gigs, all suspended over 
red water. There are a couple different platforms with ramps leading out 
of the water, but if you take things slow and easy you shouldn't have 
too much trouble. Start with the platform that has the spinning spiky 
balls on it right in front of you. Hop onto the wooden platform, then up 
onto the main one when it's safe. Just follow the spiky balls around the 
platform and jump onto the adjacent platform when you're close enough. 
Now you'll have to jump onto the spinning whirly gig, if you're quick 
you can jump on and just run straight across to the next platform, but 
it's easier to just wait for it to spin you around towards it. Now it's 
time to take a short break from this room, so enter the door on this 
platform. This room has more of the toilet paper ghosts, so use 
Ebisumaru's camera to make them visible, then defeat all the enemies in 
the room to make a silver key appear. Grab the key and head back out 
into the big room you were in before. Once back out here, hang a right 
and jump onto the spinning top. Jump on to the next top when you're near 
enough, then jump onto the near by platform to collect a silver fortune 
doll. Then jump back on to the second top and ride it to the third top. 
You'll notice a platform in the water to your left, but instead of 
jumping over there, ride the top to the end of its string and jump off 
to the platform in the corner. Open the door you'll find there with your 
key and head into another adjoining room. This hallway has numerous 
rotating jump ropes across it which will hurt you if you run into them. 
First though, just head straight across the hall and into the next door. 
This room has a platform with pots on it, inside the pots are dumplings 
and coins, which you probably need. Collect the items then head back to 
the room with the jump ropes. In here, go down the hallway while 
avoiding the jump ropes, staying against the wall makes this much 
easier. Before you enter the next room, equip Ebisumaru's camera. As 
soon as you get inside, start charging the camera, 'cause there's a 
bunch of ghosts real close to you as soon as you enter. Taking a picture 
of the room will also cause the holes in the floor to become visible. So 
defeat the ghosts and cross the floor to obtain a golden key and a 
surprise pack. Now exit the room, cross back past the jump ropes, and 
take the door on your right to get back to the large room with the tops 
and whirly gigs. Wait for the top on your left to draw near enough for 
you to jump aboard, the ride it till it gets close enough for you to hop 
to the platform on your right. Now you'll have to jump across a series 
of whirly gigs, just take your time and jump across when they're lined 
up. If you want to risk it, there's a sparkling dumpling on your left, 
but I think it's better to just head straight across the whirly gigs to 
the last platform, then go down the ramp to the door. Unlock the door 
with your golden key and head on through. 

In this new room, defeat the dharmas and the card dolls and take the 
first left you come to. The door you find there leads to a room with a 
giant pool table. Jump onto the table and attack the pool ball marked 
with a red arrow. It will fly into one of the pockets and a new ball 
will be marked. Keep knocking the balls into the pockets, while trying 
to avoid getting hit yourself, until they're all gone and a key appears. 
Equip Ebisumaru's camera, then grab the key and head through the nearby 
door. Immediately take a picture and dispose of the exposed ghosts. This 
room has more spinning spiky ball chains above red water. Just follow 
the path, making sure not to fall off, and grab the diamond key in the 
little shrine thingy. Then make your way back, grabbing the sparkling 
dumpling if you need it, and head back through the door, and then back 
through the pool room to the room littered with dharmas and card dolls. 
Defeat the enemies in your way, and take the path to your left that we 
ignored before. Unlock the door with your sparkly diamond key and 
proceed through. Read the sign to discover that you need to use the 
windup camera to reveal the Dharmanyo's weak point. Who is the 
Dharmanyo? Well, you'll find him at the top of the elevator, so hop on 
and take a ride.

Up here you will encounter Dharmanyo, the Surrender Robot. First thing 
you'll need to do is heed the sign's advice and use Ebisu's camera to 
expose his weak heart in the middle of his body. Now I would recommend 
switching to Goemon to use his chain pipe. Dharmanyo has a number of 
tricks up his mechanical sleeve, and he'll usually flash white right 
before he's about to use one. His two melee attacks involve jumping, one 
where he tries to jump on you with his claws, the other where he jumps 
near you and makes a broad swipe. Both of these can be fairly easily 
avoided by running out of the way. His ranged attack is a little more 
difficult. If he jumps farther away from you instead of closer to you, 
start running in a broad circle around him. The tiny missiles he shoots 
pack a huge explosion that will only narrowly miss your character if you 
started running at the right time. Immediately after each attack, he 
will turn clear and stand in place, revealing his weak point to you. 
Just get close enough to use the chain pipe, then start running again. 
All in all Dharmanyo isn't too difficult, just keep repeating the 
evade/attack pattern and he'll go down before you know it.

Once Dharmanyo is defeated, he'll drop the second miracle item you'll 
collect, the miracle flower. Once your character automatically grabs it, 
Colon will make an appearance. He insists that he was only trying to 
teach the kidnapped children how to dance, but before you can interject, 
a laughing hologram of a mysterious man will appear! He reveals himself 
to be the leader of the Peach Mountain Shoguns, Spring Breeze Dancin'! 
What a name... You'll exchange some rather hilarious words with Dancin' 
before his hologram disappears, and Colon will reveal that the name of 
their scheme is the "Great Stage Plan," whatever that means, as well as 
warn you not to go to the Chugoku region before he spins away. Save your 
game if you wish, then, once you've been transported to the entrance of 
the dungeon, you can either visit the children who have been returned to 
Folkypoke village, or just head straight for Zazen.

- Part 8: Reviving Sasuke -

Once in Zazen, head to the gate that leads to the Chugoku region. A kid 
nearby will inform you that he is the one who locked the door in the 
first place, but that it works now, so head on through. You'll emerge in 
a place called Bizen. As you proceed, you'll notice a locked door and a 
cracked wall in the row of buildings to your right, don't stress about 
those right now, you'll come back to them in a bit, the cracked wall 
sooner than the locked door. Cross the bridge and head through the door 
on your left, instead of taking the second bridge. This whole area can 
be kind of confusing, there are a lot of big areas with multiple exits, 
but I recommend taking this door first. Now you'll be in a place called 
Nagato. Head through the little valley, defeating the enemies along the 
way, but instead of taking the big red bridge on your right, bypass it 
and jump in the water, then swim towards the red gate. Take the moving 
platform to the top of the gate, then walk across it and collect the 
silver fortune doll. Then jump back in the water and swim under the 
bridge to a shore that leads up to a narrow cliff. Walk carefully along 
the cliff until you come to a part with a low overhang. Use Ebisumaru's 
shrinking power to pass underneath the overhang, then continue along the 
cliff to obtain another silver fortune doll. Now go back along the cliff 
the same way you came, then go back into the water and swim back towards 
the red gate. To your left is a shore with a pot on it, go up there. 
Inside the pot are some coins, and if you follow the ledge around the 
wall, you'll find a ladder leading back up to the level where you can 
cross the bridge. On the other side of the bridge, just follow the 
little valley, collecting the dumpling and pot of coins on your right, 
then climb the ladder and head through the door.

Now you'll be in a place called Hagi, that looks deceptively similar to 
Bizen. As you emerge from the rows of buildings, you'll notice an open 
area on your right with a door on the other side. That's where you'll 
want to head next. There's another path on you left back among the 
buildings, but you don't need to bother yourself with it now.
Once through the door, you'll be in Izumo, which is basically the foot 
and slopes of a large hill. Head into the coffee shop and talk to the 
patrons to hear their stories about a strange electrical tube floating 
above the waters in the desert of Inaba. Does an "electric tube" sound 
familiar? No. But since you don't have anything better to do, you'd 
better check it out, so head out of the coffee shop. In Izumo there are 
three doors at the base of the hill, and one at the top (check your mini 
map). The one you went through to get here is in the west. If you follow 
the stone path in front of the coffee shop, you'll notice another door 
on your right that exits south. This leads back to Bizen, it's the path 
across the second bridge that we didn't take. So keep following the path 
till you reach the door that leads east. This will lead you to Inaba. 

I personally love Inaba. It's a big desert with giant sand dunes, and 
the music here is awesome. Also in Inaba, you will encounter two new 
enemies. The first is a kite, which just basically floats around like a 
kite, but will hurt you if you run into it (it doesn't attack, in fact 
it kinda seems like it avoids you). The second enemy is the Dill mole, 
which will pop out of the ground and pit bullets at you, but if you get 
close it will stay underground where it is invincible and run away. So I 
recommend Goemon's chain pipe for knocking him out at a distance. It's 
really pretty easy to get lost in Inaba, so the only real advice I can 
give you is to keep looking around, try climbing up sand dunes to get a 
better look around. What you're looking for is a little man made oasis. 
Once you find it, head out into the middle of it. You'll find that there 
are platforms just underneath the surface of the water for you to walk 
on, but it's just as easy to swim. In the oasis you'll find a silver 
fortune doll, a sparkling dumpling, and a battery! These are used to 
power Sasuke, but since just one isn't enough, use Yae's flute to go 
back to the coffee shop in Izumo.

Talking to the patrons of the coffee shop again will reveal that another 
"electricity emitting tube" has been spotted atop the giant tree at the 
Izumo shrine, and that to find it you need a camera. So switch to 
Ebisumaru and head up the giant hill. Despite the fact that you can walk 
all the way around the shrine, the door leads to a large open area with 
a tree in the middle. Use the wooden platforms to reach the top of the 
tree, then use Ebisumaru's camera to take a picture. Another battery 
will appear, so take it. In a short cut scene, the batteries you 
collected will be united with Sasuke, and he will be revived! Sasuke 
doesn't remember exactly how his batteries were knocked out, and states 
his intent to have the Wiseman repair his memory circuit. It is at this 
time that Goemon breaks the bad news, that the Wiseman's house was 
destroyed and they assume that Wiseman was killed in the explosion. 
Sasuke is enraged, and decides to help you in your crusade against the 
Peach Mountain Shoguns!

Now that Sasuke is in your party, you can use his firecracker bombs to 
destroy cracked walls, so head down the mountain and through the door to 
Bizen. There are two cracked doors in Bizen, one that leads to a room 
with a silver fortune doll, another to a golden one. Once you've done 
that, head back to Izumo, then back to Hagi. Now it's time to take that 
other path I mentioned. Basically just head straight from the door to 
Izumo and hang a right when there's a break in the buildings, and you'll 
find a door. On the other side of that door is a mountainy area called 
Akiyoshidai (what a mouthful), which is filled with more kites and 
driller moles. To your left is a door that leads to someplace you don't 
need to worry about right now, so just head straight until you come to a 
little fence with a path leading through it. Follow the path through the 
little valley and then go through the door you find on your right to a 
cavern called Shuhodo. This place is pretty straight forward, just 
follow the natural path of the cave to a cracked door with a sign in 
front of it. Save your game at the sign, the use Sasuke's firecracker 
bombs to enter the Peach Mountain Shoguns' "Festival Temple Castle."

(Just as a sort of weird side note, at this point of writing the 
walkthrough, my dad walked in and gave me a bag of Japanese style 
peanuts, which I've never seen before. 0_o They were good.)

- Part 9: Join the Festival! -

This dungeon is a little more complex than the last two, with some areas 
that circle around, so it would probably be a good idea to check the map 
often. The very first part of this dungeon places you in front of the 
temple, with some steps leading up to a walkway the wraps around the 
main building. There is also another path underneath this walkway that 
you can get at by going through the breaks in the red and white striped 
fence. On the left side of the building, on both the upper and lower 
paths, are pots containing coins and dumplings, and on the right side 
are doors leading to different areas. Also in this area are a 4 large 
paper lamps that bound the floor (similar to the things on chains you 
found in the first dungeon). Avoid being squished under these at all 
costs, if I remember correctly you lose a life for being squished rather 
than just losing health (excuse me if I don't test this out ;) )The door 
on the upper path leads you to an area that you can't get through 
without a special item, so head underneath the walkway and through the 
door on the right. This leads to the rear of the building, where more 
giant paper lamps fall out of holes and roll along the ground. If you 
stay inside the caged area, turn left and cross the wooden planks in 
between the holes in the ground, you'll find a sparkling dumpling. If 
you go here, you'll probably also notice a golden fortune doll on the 
other side of a fence. You'll come by and pick this up later. So go 
outside of the little caged area and jump across the gaps, avoiding the 
giant lanterns as well as the bullets fired by the obnoxious bamboo 
enemies, then head through the door. This is a small room with a 
waterfall that feeds a pool of water in the center of the room. Just 
above the surface of the water is one of those spinning spiky ball chain 
things (I really need to think of a better name for those...). Swim 
across the water, but instead of heading through the door on your right, 
climb up the wooden moving platforms to a narrow ledge that runs around 
the perimeter of the room. Along here you can grab a dumpling, two pots 
full of coins, and Mr. Elly Fant. Once you've collected these items, 
head through the door. 

When you enter this room, you'll find a door directly across the room 
from you with a silver lock on it. There is a ladder in this room that 
leads up to a ledge similar to the one from the previous room, where you 
will find a pot and a silver fortune doll, but, unfortunately, you won't 
be able to jump high enough to reach them, so just head through the door 
to your left. This room contains two new and very obnoxious enemies, the 
suit of armor and the parasol. Use Goemon's chain pipe to take out the 
suits of armor from a distance, but I don't have any real good technique 
for the parasols. To your right is another locked door, so head around 
the perimeter of the building to find another door you can go through. 
This room has a large pit with a few raised areas around it. Fall into 
the pit and defeat the suit of armor, then climb the large stairs to the 
next door. On your right and left are ladders that lead to areas with 
some new tank enemies, but these platforms are only used to get back 
through the door you just came through, so you can ignore them for now. 
This next room is sort of similar to the last, except it has a number of 
fun house stairs that will rise and fall according to where you stand on 
them. Jumping is a good way to cut down on the amount of time you spend 
standing on them and shifting them around. Make your way to the right 
side of the room and head through the door. Head left and through the 
next door (there's really not much in this room besides two pink 
robots). This room has a bottomless pit with wooden platforms moving 
across it, as well as a number of suits of armor. The first thing you'll 
want to do is climb up the ladder that's on your left when you enter. Up 
here you'll find a door and two pots containing coins past that, so 
collect the coins if you want and head through the door. Once you're out 
here, you'll have to hang a right and cross a narrow bridge, then ride a 
moving wooden platform to collect a silver fortune doll and a pot of 
coins. Then make your way back to the door you came through and too the 
room with the moving platforms over the pit. If you go all the way 
across the pit and through the door, your only prize is a pair of 
dumplings, so use the platforms to reach the door on the right side of 
the pit. In here is a raised platform with a key on it, so grab the key 
and make your way ALL the way back to the room where you encountered the 
door with a silver lock. Use your key to go through the door.

This is where some of the confusion kicks in. First thing first, head to 
your right and climb up the ladder. Make your way along the roof, 
climbing up another ladder at one point, and collect the surprise pack 
you'll find near the ceiling. Then drop back down to the floor and 
follow the passage all the way to the left (left of the door through 
which you entered). Head through the door and in this room (it's pretty 
straightforward) pick up the Kunai of Severe Cold for Sasuke. This can 
be used to cool of hot platforms and freeze fox masks which breathe fire 
at you, and if you hold down the B button to charge the attack, you can 
throw the Kunai in three directions, an attack called the Kunai Intense 
Hail Beam. In this room you may notice another area on the other side of 
a tall fence, you can't get there right now, but you'll come back to 
this dungeon later to explore that area. Head back to the big L shaped 
passage you were in before, and try to follow me as I explain which door 
to go through next. There are two doors, which you have to jump on top 
of large blocks to enter, that lead into the building in this area. The 
one you want to go through is the one that is around the corner from 
where you initially entered this room (if you check the map, it's on the 
north part of the L, not the west). You'll know you're in the right 
place if you enter a hallway with large drums rolling towards you. Make 
your way past said rolling drums, by dodging in between them, jumping 
over them, or attacking them, whichever you prefer, and head through the 
door. This next room is kinda neat. There's a pool of water with a 
number of drums floating in it. When you jump on top of a drum, you'll 
bounce high into the air. The first room you'll want to go to is the one 
in the middle of the water, to pick up a pot of coins and Mr. Arrow. 
Then head back to the bouncing drum room and head to the side on your 
right, then go through the right hand door. In this room you'll 
encounter a new annoyance, the exploding box, which will fall from the 
ceiling (you can spot it in advance if you look up) and explode soon 
after. Make your way to the next door (this room is also pretty 
straightforward) and head through. In this room, you'll get a chance to 
test out Sasuke's new Kunai. Jump to the gray platform in the middle of 
the room and throw a Kunai at the glowing platform on your right to cool 
it down and allow you to walk on it without being burnt. Hop across the 
platform, but instead of going through the door in front of you, make a 
left and jump up to the little shrine thingy to grab Ebisumaru's Meat 
Saw-Hammer! This interesting item will turn any coins that enemies drop 
into dumplings, allowing you to regain health quicker. Now if you want 
to, you can head through either of the doors on the sides of the water 
area, but this will only lead you in a circle where you can grab a pair 
of sparkling dumplings along the way, so go back up into the caged 
walkway and head through the door on your right. Here you will be on a 
platform raised above a shallow pool of water that raps around the 
building. If you follow the star blocks using Goemon's chain pipe, 
you'll just find a door that leads back to the bouncing drum room (this 
is the left hand door that we didn't take) so just hop off to your right 
and head through the door. This room is small and just contains a few 
bamboo enemies as exploding boxes, so just head through the door. Now 
you'll find yourself back in the big L shaped room, head through the 
door you'll find right across the passageway from you.

Now you'll be back in the room where you found the door locked with the 
silver lock. You've already explored the area past the door on your 
right, except the area behind the door locked with a gold lock, but 
since you don't have a golden key, you'll just have to go straight 
across this room and back to the beginning area.

Head all the way back to the first room you entered in this dungeon, the 
very front of the temple. Climb up the steps to the walkway where the 
giant lamps are pounding the ground, and head through the door on the 
right side of the temple, being careful of course to avoid the lamps. In 
this room, use the Kunai of Severe Cold to cool down the platforms and 
cross the gap, making sure to line them up properly so you can make the 
jumps, then defeat the dragon drummers and go through the door on your 
right. In this room you'll use the Kunai of Severe Cold to climb the 
platforms to the top of the room, but first head through the door on the 
opposite side of the room, then just head through the door in the next 
room and you'll find yourself back outside where the big rolling 
lanterns were, except this time on a raised walkway. Go around the 
walkway until you find a ladder that leads down off the side, then jump 
down into a little valley kind of area to collect a golden fortune doll. 
Yay. Now head back up the ladder and back to the room with the glowing 
platforms and the two suits of armor. Using the Kunai of Severe Cold, 
climb from platform to platform (collecting the sparkling dumpling along 
the way if you wish) to the top of the area where you'll jump of to a 
wooden walkway with a suit of armor. Defeat the armor and head through 
the door. In here you'll have to cross a narrow walkway with fox masks 
located in a few places around it. You don't necessarily have to freeze 
the fox masks, but it's recommended since if they burn you, you might 
fall off. Make your way along the walkway and head on through the door 
at the end. In this room you'll need to use the Kunai of Severe Cold 
again to cross a gap to reach the golden key that you've been missing. 
Once you've grabbed the key, you can just drop to the ground and make 
your way back to the room where you need to use it (heh, I'll just let 
you remember where that's located :) )

Once you've unlocked the door and are in the next room, you can do one 
of two things, either walk along the roof past the fox masks or swim 
through the water. Either way will lead you to a door at the other end 
of the outdoor passageway, which you should go through. Now this next 
room is a little tricky, but also pretty fun. This room is huge, and 
attached to a giant pillar through the center of the room a bunch of 
spinning Koi kites. The first thing you'll want to do is head down the 
ramp and take the moving wooden platform to a ledge on your right. From 
this ledge you can board the first Koi kite, as indicated by the little 
mat on the ground. Once the kite swings around, jump down to the ledge 
below, the climb up a couple of ladders to where you can jump on the 
second kite. On this second kite, walk along the back of it towards the 
poll, then jump onto the little circular platform with the sparkling 
dumpling on it. Wait on this platform until another kite swings around, 
then jump on its nose and walk out to it's tail. As it swings around, 
you'll notice that it passes a ledge in the middle of its rotation with 
a bamboo enemy and a pair of dumplings. Since this really isn't worth 
the risk, especially since it's really hard to jump back on the kite, 
just wait till it's at the end of its swing to jump off onto the next 
ledge. Climb up the ladder and cross the bridge that spans the 
waterfall, then wait at the mat for the next Koi kite. Once you're on, 
head towards the pole and, once the kite reaches it's highest point, 
jump onto the platform and collect the silver fortune doll waiting for 
you. Then jump back onto the kite and walk to it's tail, the jump off to 
a ledge below you, you'll be there when the kite reaches its highest 
point again. Find the ladder that leads up to the doorway above the 
waterfall and enter. This room is filled with water and some enemies, 
defeat the enemies if you want, then swim across the water to the next 
door. Through this door is a darkened room with a sign. The sign reads, 
"Return the red plates by hitting them back." This will make sense in 
just a moment. So jump through the gap in the fence to the large arena 
below, and prepare to do battle with the boss of the Festival Temple 

Tsurami, the ghost robot, attacks you by throwing spinning plates at 
you, which he does in three stages, and you harm him by hitting the red 
plates he throws back at him. The first stage is pretty simple, he'll 
throw a series of blue plates at you, and at the end he'll throw the red 
plates, which you must hit back at him with your weapon. Do this a 
couple times and he'll switch to his next mode, which is actually pretty 
similar to the first. This time he'll throw green plates at you very 
quickly, but it's still easy to dodge them by simply running in a 
circle. At the end of the green plates will come the two red plates, 
which you again must hit back. The third stage is probably the only one 
that presents a challenge. He throws yellow plates in large sweeping 
circles which explode when they hit the ground, making them more 
difficult to avoid. When he throws the red plates you'll probably be in 
the middle of dodging an explosion, so it's a little harder to hit him 
in this stage. Just keep at it and eventually he'll go down (like all 
the bosses I guess... Maybe I use that line too much). When he does, 
he'll drop the Miracle star, the third miracle item.

Soon after this, Sharon (the third weirdo) will spin into the arena. 
Apparently, with the ghost robot gone, the barrier that was blocking 
passage to Kyushu will no longer function. Before the gang can fully 
interrogate Sharon, another hologram of a stranger will appear! This 
time it's Kitty Lilly, again with quite an entry. Lilly reveals that in 
spite of Goemon and friends' attempts, Kyushu has already become their 
stage! Once everyone runs off, save your game, and you'll appear back 
outside the dungeon.

- Part 10: Stop that island! -

Head back through Shuhodo to Akiyoshidai, then follow the path back 
through the fence to the open rocky area. Now it's time to take that 
other door which we skipped before, so follow the right hand wall to 
find it. This is the Gateway Viewpoint, where, over the ocean, you can 
see Kyushu in the distance, everything looks ok, but it would be best to 
make a closer inspection. On your way to the bridge, out of nowhere, 
Omitsu shows up! Apparently since the coffee shop in Oedo was featured 
in a Gourmet Magazine, they've been getting a lot of orders, so she's 
delivering to Kyushu. But as soon as Omitsu crosses the bridge, a giant 
vortex opens up in the sky, swallowing up Kyushu and Omitsu along with 
it! Then, just as soon as it appeared, the vortex disappears, and Kyushu 
is gone. Goemon and friends, not sure exactly what to do next, decide to 
visit the Fortune Teller.

I guess this is just sort of a hole in the plot. Instead of figuring out 
some way to hint towards where you're supposed to go next, they just 
tell you , "Go ask the fortune teller." So you can either do that, or 
let me tell you what to do. Use the flute to get back to Oedo town. What 
you need to do is head to the north, and to get to the north you have to 
go through Musashi. But remember the metal block the was blocking your 
passage north through Musashi? Well, it's still there and in your 
present state there's not way you can move it. Oh, if only some 
mysterious person had moved into Oedo village and set up a training 
center where one could increase their strength enough to move big metal 
blocks... ;) SO, head back to the residential area where Goemon's house 
is and enter the middle house on the opposite side of the street.

This is the Muscle Training Gym where you can train to become stronger. 
Only Goemon can do this, so switch to him and approach the trainer. This 
is probably the toughest and most frustrating training stage in the 
game, I know it took me quite a few attempts to complete it when I first 
tried it. Basically you have to protect a circle of balloons from being 
popped by guys with spikes on their heads (these guys are called 
Oyakatas, and are really annoying, since they're what makes the 
challenges difficult)who rise out of holes beneath the balloons. To 
prevent your balloons being popped, you throw metal boxes on their 
heads. Now, it's important that you know that hitting them with one box 
will only make them pause for a second, while hitting them with three in 
a row will cause them to recede all the way back into their hole. 
Keeping this in mind, all I can really tell you is to keep trying. I've 
found that after a period of intense action towards the end, the 
Oyakatas will stay in their holes and you're practically home free, but, 
of course, don't let your guard down.

So, once you've finished the raining you will be able to move the block 
at Musashi. Also notice that while the magic is active (your hair will 
turn yellow, kinda like the Super Saiyan thing) you will do double 
damage, but also receive double damage. So head to Musashi and find the 
block, then use Goemon's power to push it out of the way. Through the 
door on your left is the tunnel that leads north. In the waters of this 
tunnel you'll find a new enemy, the water snake. In the shallow water 
he's easier to defeat, but since you can't use your weapon in deeper 
water, you have to jump and attack to take them out. In the first part, 
on the far side of the shallow water is a series of ledges that lead to 
a sparkling dumpling, so if you're low on health for some reason pick 
that up. Then jump up the rotating platforms to the higher ledge and go 
through the doorway. In the second part of the tunnel, take the left 
path to an open area with some dragon drummers. Defeat them and grab the 
silver fortune doll sitting in the corner, then go back to the entrance 
of part 2 and take the right path. Climb up the ladder and jump across 
the wooden platforms, collecting the sparkling dumpling and the pots of 
coins if you wish, to the far ledge on your left. Through a narrow 
passage you'll discover a cliff above the area where you just found a 
silver fortune doll. Hit the big red button with your weapon to make a 
number of moving wooden platforms appear, then hop across these to reach 
the exit. Now you'll be in a snowy place called Mutsu, where you'll 
encounter the obnoxious bombing crane. Basically the fly overhead and 
swoop down to drop a bomb on you. If you time it right you can jump up 
and hit them before they drop their cargo, but it's not too easy. At any 
rate, you'll notice a path splitting off through a tunnel to your left, 
don't worry about it right now but instead head through the door 
straight ahead of you.

- Part 11: More partying! -

This is the quaint little Festival Town, where every night is a 
festival! Talk to the citizens to learn a few things about what's going 
on, although right now they might not make sense. There have been 
strange smells wafting in from the ocean, food stuffs disappearing, and 
sightings of giant sea monsters. It also seems like one of the 4 
weirdoes has been in town. There's a witch on top of Mt. Fear with 
magical powers, but the main route to the top is covered with ice and 
impossible to climb, while the back route is blocked with a giant rock. 
It is speculated that this rock could be destroyed by a powerful weapon, 
and it just so happens that Mokubei's younger brother is in town and 
informs the gang that Mokubei is working on a more powerful pipe. Since 
there's really not much you can do at the Ocean or the Stone Circle 
beyond it, this seems like the most promising lead. So use the flute to 
get to Kai's coffee shop and head to Mt. Fuji. Hopefully you don't need 
to be told again how to get to the top, and if you do, just scroll back 
up to that part at the beginning, 'cause I'm not writing it over again. 
Once you're at Mokubei's house, ask him to improve your weapons. He'll 
gladly do so, raising them to "level 2," and doubling the amount of 
damage they do. Now that you've got what you came for, head outside and 
use the flute to get back to the Festival Village. Once you're in the 
village, head out for Mt. Fear. This area has a bunch of those toilet 
paper ghosts which, for the most part, you can just avoid, but in one or 
two cases you should use Ebisumaru's camera to expose them. Head for the 
back route up Mount Fear and use your weapon to destroy the large 
boulder blocking you way, then start climbing up. The path up the 
mountain is pretty straight forward, just climb a couple ladders, cross 
a bridge or two, and before you know it you're at the old witches hut.

After a bit of searching, the Witch will offer to summon the ghost of 
the Wise Man who built Sasuke, for a price of course. It's only 300 ryo, 
and by now you should have much more, so pay up. Once the ghost has been 
summoned, he will reveal that Kyushu is actually floating in space! And 
that, to reach outer space, you must collect the 4 miracle items from 
the 4 flake gang members of the Peach Mountain Shoguns (those 4 
weirdoes, 3 of whom you've already defeated and gotten the miracle items 
from). Then you must take these items to the altar at the stone circle, 
where you will be able to go to outer space. Time to find that last 
item! (If you talk to the witch after the summoning with Sasuke, you'll 
discover that it was actually Sasuke who blew up the Wise Man's house. 
Oops!!) Once you're back outside the hut, jump down the mountain 
directly in front of you to land right in front of the gate to the 
Festival Village. Now it's time to check out one of the other leads you 
got in town, the legend of the mermaid!

Head back to Mutsu and take the path through the tunnel on your right. 
This will lead you to Uzen tunnel. When you come to the bridge, jump off 
the side and swim to the nearby shore to find a pot of coins and a 
silver fortune doll. Then climb up the nearby ladder, cross the bridge, 
and jump off the slope to come full circle to where you started. This 
time cross the bridge and head down the slope to your right to find the 
Waterfall of Kegon. Read the sign to start Yae's training stage.

This one really isn't too hard if you can tap the A button fast enough. 
I find it helpful to put the controller on the ground and tap it with my 
index finger, but that may just be me. Just tap the A button quickly to 
swim up the waterfall and use the control stick to try and dodge the 
Oyakatas that drop down.

Once you've got your new mermaid magic, test it out! Jump in the water 
and turn  into a mermaid, then look for an underwater tunnel to the left 
of the waterfall. Through this tunnel you will find a golden fortune 
doll. Hooray! Now that you've got your magic, it's time to go collect a 
few other fortune dolls that we couldn't swim to before. Our first stop 
is Yamato, so use the flute to fly to Zazen. Once you're in Yamato, head 
for the river. In the eastern most part is an underwater passage (you 
can see it on the map) which will lead you to a silver fortune doll. 
Next, use your flute to fly to the Ghost Toys Castle. Make your way to 
the basement where the floating Go tiles are, and swim down to the 
bottom of the water to find a cage with a silver fortune doll in it. 
Just one more to go. Exit the dungeon and fly back to the Festival 
Village. Find the pond in the middle of town and swim through the 
underwater tunnel. Through here is a secret shop that sells golden armor 
and surprise packs, but there's also another silver fortune doll near 
the shop. Whew, now you're done hunting fortune dolls for a bit.

Your next task is to investigate the strange occurrences that have been 
reported in the ocean, which you can do now that you can swim. So head 
through the Mount Fear area to the seashore and dive on into the water. 
Search around the underwater cliffs for some dumplings, but also to 
locate the large red button that will open the gate leading further out 
to sea. The Japan Sea can be a little confusing, mainly because 
everything looks the same. In the first large area that you start in, 
right at the bottom of the cliff somewhat to your right, is a surprise 
pack. Once you've got that, head through the little arch created by the 
ice and guarded by Urchins. Also, if you look at the mini map, in the 
southern most area is located a sparkling dumpling next to a silver 
fortune doll. Now that you've located all the goodies in the water, 
locate the nearby submarine and enter through the protruding hatch.

- Part 12: Now that's good eatin' -

Welcome to the Gourmet Submarine, my personal favorite dungeon in the 
game. This is also probably one of the more complicated ones, at least 
in terms of me describing it to you. Also something to notice, this 
dungeon contains a lot of foreign food, and I'm not sure exactly what 
all of it is, so if I get something wrong you can email me with what it 
really is supposed to be. When you first enter the submarine, you'll be 
in a small shaft, in front of a red arrow painted on the wall pointing 
up. So, do as you're told and swim up to the long passage above. In 
here, a large propeller sends Urchins flying with the flow of the water, 
which, mysteriously doesn't seem to affect you. At any rate, follow the 
arrows on the ground in the direction that the Urchins are coming from 
and a few feet before the propeller you'll notice another shaft above 
you with a glowing arrow pointing up and the word "IN", so swim on up. 
Now you'll be at the surface, so transform out of your mermaid form and 
hop on the elevator. Once it reaches the top, you'll be in a large room 
with a giant wooden table, on top of which is some sushi. Climb up the 
ramp to the top of the table and use the floating sushi as stepping 
stones to reach Mr. Elly Fant. After that, you have the option of taking 
one of two doors, the one on the left is the more direct, while the one 
on the right will lead you to a room with two new enemies. The first is 
an upgraded version of the green robot you know well. This one is 
dressed in orange, and the bullets that come from it's gift boxes fall 
straight to the ground, causing a row of explosions to burst from the 
earth before them. The other is a large round warrior robot, that turns 
red and becomes very angry after being hit once. Either way, once you 
come to the room where the blocks of rice balls are being cooked over a 
pit of coals, exit to through the door to the east. In this room, large 
chunks of tofu rise and fall over a shallow pool of water, with a 
scarecrow thrown into the mix just to make the precarious jumping 
difficult. Jump across the blocks of tofu to the door on your right, 
since the one on your left is locked. In the next room, use Goemon's 
chain pipe to cross the dishes suspended over the coals below, then head 
through the door. In here, a row of dishes continually moves through the 
room carrying sushi (there are restaurants in Japan that also have 
conveyer belts that serve food in a similar fashion). You must hop along 
the dishes in the opposite direction that they are traveling to reach 
the key on the other side of the room, but every know and then you'll 
get a plate where the sushi are actually enemies in disguise. Once 
you've collected the key, head back for the room with the bobbing tofu 
and unlock the door.

Now you'll be in a room with three large bowls of soup. Use a small 
block of tofu to jump up onto a ledge behind the bowls and grab Mr. 
Arrow, then take the elevator down. Use Yae's mermaid magic to swim down 
into the soup and go through the door (waiter, there's a mermaid in my 
soup). Next, swim along the passage, avoiding the Urchins and collecting 
the coins as you go (don't worry about the seaweed and chives, they're 
harmless), then head through the door at the other end. Now you'll be in 
a large room with a bunch of little blue fish swimming around. The fish 
can hurt you if they run into you, but you can also defeat them with 
your head butt. Grab the key surrounded by Urchins in the corner then 
unlock the door and pass through. Now you'll find yourself in the water 
with a bunch of cherries (possibly a Shirly Temple?) Swim up and you'll 
notice some platforms at the surface. If you cross them with Goemon's 
chain pipe, on the other side is some sort of desert dish as well as a 
bunch of dumplings, just in case you were low on health. Now find the 
ladder that leads down and exit through the door. Here is a large oven 
with conveyer belts and fox masks. First thing you'll want to do is head 
straight up the first belt, across another, then down a third to claim a 
silver key on the other side of the room. Once you've done that, head 
back to the middle one and hang a left, follow the belt, then on your 
right will be a sparkling dumpling while your left leads to the locked 
exit. Now you'll be in a large room with two new enemies the purple 
robot which will actually fly at you to attack, and the lumbering crab 
soup which has a big one-two attack. On your right is a ledge with two 
dumplings and a pot of coins, while the ledge on your left has a golden 
key. Grab the key and unlock the door on the opposite side of the room. 
This is a small room where a crab cake (I think...) Is being grilled, so 
don't touch the ground. Above the cake floats a silver key as well as 
Yae's Bazooka. This is Yae's ranged attack, and if you charge it up you 
can target enemies as well as fire three bullets at once. Now head back 
into the previous room and unlock the other door using the silver key. 
The next room is filled with water, so turn Yae into a mermaid and swim 
through the door below the surface of the water. You probably remember 
this next room from when you passed by it while riding the elevator near 
the beginning. But before taking the other elevator in this room, swim 
to the other platform with the tiny door and use Ebisumaru's shrinking 
magic to pass through. Head through the next door and you'll be in a 
narrow caged ledge above the room where you first met the crab soup. 
Walk along the path and grab the surprise pack, then head back to the 
room filled with red water and take the elevator up. This next room 
appears to be a deep fryer, because there's a lot of fried foods in 
here. Do as the sign says and use Ebisumaru's windup camera to reveal a 
hidden route across the food to the door on the other side of the room, 
then enter the door.

In here, defeat the two warriors to make a silver key appear, then grab 
it and head through the next door. Now, ignore the door to your 
immediate left; it's locked with a diamond lock. Instead ride the 
teetering bowls of soup past the Fox Masks. Head straight, ignoring the 
bowl on your left, and head through the door on the other side. This 
room is a good place to make some money if you want to keep entering and 
exiting the room, but if you've got enough ryo, head through the eastern 
door (initially on your right). In this room, defeat the enemies, then 
use the wooden steps to jump onto the narrow ledge along the wall. 
Follow the ledge around the room, collecting the pots filled with coins 
if you want, to the surprise pack. Grab it, then head back through the 
door you came through. Now head through the door on the opposite side of 
the room (western). Use your silver key to unlock the door right in 
front of you. Now, this room is really very easy, just use Ebisumaru's 
windup camera again to reveal the hidden route and grab the diamond key, 
then exit the room. Now jump in the bowl of soup and ride it out to the 
crossroads, then take the bowl to your right to get back to the door 
with the diamond lock and head through. Take the elevator up, then just 
run straight across the walkway, defeating the single white mask in your 
way, and you'll be at the boss!

When you enter the room, you'll happen upon Poron, the last of the 4 
weirdoes. As it turns out, Poron dropped the last miracle item while he 
was on vacation in Zazen. -_-;; Before you can head for Zazen though, 
Kitty Lilly appears! But before she can finish her speech, Dancin' 
interrupts! Needless to say, Lily is displeased... At any rate, Poron 
escapes, but not before setting the submarine to self-destruct! Your 
only hope is to call upon Impact for help. So save your game and get 

This high speed bonus stage is basically the same as the last, except it 
takes place out in the ocean. Crush as many enemies and houses as you 
can, knock the large islands out of your way, and jump over the trip 
ropes. If you can, defeat the giant flying ships for extra oil. Once 
you're done, you'll be ready for the big boss fight.

Now it's time to do battle with a character that makes reoccurring 
appearances in Goemon games, The Charming Mermaid (looks more like a 
giant fish monster to me...) Thaisamba. You'll fight Thaisamba in two 
stages, one above water and one below. For the first one (above), he has 
only three attacks, two of which are ranged. In the first, he simply 
pops out of the water and spits a couple of multi-colored bullets at 
you. In his second ranged attack he spits out a row of fish that swim 
under the water at you and pop out to attack at the last second. Both of 
his ranged attacks can be easily deflected with quick punches. His melee 
attack is just as easily avoided, he just swims under the water near 
you, then pops up to attack. Just watch your radar (little red arrow on 
a blue field in the front) for where he's going to go and punch him when 
he's in range. This part is easy, just use the same strategy you did 
with Kashiwagi, grabbing him with your chain pipe when he jumps out of 
the water. After sustaining some damage, you'll dive down to the bottom 
of the ocean to finish your battle. As soon as you touch the sea floor, 
get ready to block Thaisamba as he charges at you through the murky 
water. This is one of his underwater attacks. He'll swim out of view, 
but your radar can still pick him up, so pay attention and punch him 
before he makes contact. He also has a little less descrete melee 
attack, where he approaches you, tries to fake you out by dodging to the 
side, then attacks, but this is also pretty easy to avoid. In his 
special attack, he creates a whirlpool around you and fires bullets at 
you from the outside. Once you've punched all the bullets away, watch 
your radar and get ready for him come in close and attack with this 
weird eyeball attack. All in all this battle isn't much harder than your 
one with Kashiwagi, just take out Thaisamba and let Impact get back to 
his filming in France. :)

- Part 13: Collecting Frenzy -

Since Poron left the final miracle item in Zazen, use Koryuta's flute to 
fly there now. None of the villagers seem to have any helpful 
information, but since our old friend Benkei has a knack for collecting 
foreign objects, let's ask him about it. Surprisingly enough, there's 
another collector in town with a collection even bigger than Benkei's! 
His name is Kihachi, and he lives in that little pond you've seen 
before. Well what are you waiting for? Head to the pond! As you approach 
the pond, a strange creature will rise out of the waters. It's a water 
imp, a Kappa, and he's the infamous Kihachi. He won't give up the 
miracle item for free, but he will trade it if you bring him his 
favorite food. And what exactly is it? Well, I'm not sure if they meant 
it to be a mystery, but you can just approach the pond two more times 
and he'll tell you what it is and where to find it. It's cucumber, 
prepared by the priest's son (the priest of the golden temple). You 
don't know where the priest's son is, but if you ask the priest himself 
he might tell you. So head over to the golden temple. The priest's son 
is at the top of the nearby Mt. Nyoigatake, but to reach him you have to 
be able to jump very high. If you're willing to put up with one last 
training session, the priest will give you the key that unlocks the door 
in Bizen. So head to Bizen and get training!

Since Sasuke is the only character without magic powers yet, it's pretty 
obvious that this training exercise is for him. So enter the gym and 
start the training. You must jump from platform to platform around a 
giant pillar in the middle of a large empty room. It's less complicated 
than the other trainings, but not necessarily easier (although I think 
it's not too bad). Some of the platforms slide in and out of the pillar 
while others rotate around it, and in a few places are bars that will 
sweep you off the platform if you don't jump over them. That's about it. 
Just jump to the top and cross the bridge to the finish gate in the 
allotted time and you're done.

Now that you've got a new magic power, it's time to go get some more 
fortune dolls that were previously unattainable! Our first stop is the 
Festival Temple Castle. The first doll is located in the infamous 
"silver lock room," hopefully you remember where that is... ^-^ (it's 
just past the first room with the spinning spiky balls). Climb up the 
ladder then use Sasuke's flying power to reach the silver fortune doll 
in the little covered tower area. Now head through the western exit 
(opposite the one you entered by) and locate the room where you found 
the Kunai of Severe Cold. Use Sasuke's flying power to cross the water 
running between the two walkways, then climb up the ladder, walk along 
the black roof tiles on the opposite side of the water from the ladder, 
and it should be a simple matter of jumping up to another silver fortune 
doll. Now exit the dungeon and fly back to Zazen. Instead of heading for 
Mt. Nyoigatake, though, jump in Duck creek and head for the section of 
it just west of Benkei. Here you'll notice a wooden platform above the 
water, use Sasuke's magic to jump up to it and to a secret area with a 
silver fortune doll. Congratulations, this is the last time you'll have 
to backtrack for fortune dolls!

NOW head for the Mountain. Use Sasuke's jumping power to reach the 
higher cliff on the left, then jump onto the wooden platform to reach 
the priest's son. Talk to him and buy the cucumber for 800 ryo (oh come 
on, it's not that much compared to what you have). Now take the cucumber 
to Kihachi and trade it for the miracle snow. You now have all three 
miracle items!

- Part 14: The Final Frontier... -

Before you head off into outer space, make sure to tie up any loose ends 
you may have left, namely fortune dolls, if you haven't collected them 
all yet. Once you're up there, there's no coming back. Once you've 
finished, summon up your courage and go to the Stone Circle at Ugo 
(through Mt. Fear and the Sea Shore). Hop atop the altar. When the game 
asks you if you want to save, I recommend saying no, just in case. And 
don't save at any other location for the remainder of the game if you 
ever want to return to Japan. The Pemo Pemo God will then take you into 
outer space, and you'll land in the Gorgeous Musical Castle. In the 
first room are some new enemies that throw hammers at you, they're not 
to hard to take out, so do so and head through the door on your left, 
since the one before you is locked. In this room you can walk behind the 
door propped up against the wall to collect some coins, then defeat the 
fire breather and head through the next door. This next room may seem a 
bit confusing at first but it's really not too bad. If at any time you 
fall down (which you probably will), head through the door at the bottom 
of the room, then in the next room climb up the ramp while avoiding the 
razors that come out of the wall. In the third room will be a number of 
razors that fly horizontally across the room, but they're pretty easy to 
avoid. So anyway, in the room with all the grating, follow the walkway 
to the first intersection and head left (on the right is a sparkling 
dumpling if you need it). Head past the locked door to find the silver 
key, then double back and unlock it. In this room, hop across the 
spinning fans to reach the golden key, then head back to the very first 
room and unlock the door there. In this room some white masks will 
occasionally pop out of the fake water, but there's nothing you can do 
here yet so head through the next door. In this room the floating fans 
don't rotate but they fold and unfold. You'll notice that the door on 
the opposite side of the room is locked, so drop down to the column with 
the silver fortune doll on it, then drop down to the metal grating over 
the lava and head through the door down there. This room just has some 
more masks, so head through to the next one. In here you'll find some 
more of those bouncing drums in front of a fake waterfall. Bounce to the 
top and go through the door. Jump carefully across the purple platforms 
to reach Mr. Elly Fant, then use Goemon's Sudden Impact magic to move 
the big metal block like you did at Musashi. Chain pipe across the gap 
to collect the golden key, then drop down and head through the door 
directly below you to get back to the room with the fans. Jump across 
the fans then unlock the door. This room is sort of interesting. First, 
grab the silver fortune doll in plain view, then use Ebisumaru's 
shrinking magic to get through the hole in the wall. Grab the golden key 
and head back out. Now go through the door with the golden lock. Defeat 
the hammer tossers then head to the next room. Now this room can be a 
bit tricky. You'll have to walk along the blocks as they move and 
rotate, but try not to get squished, it is possible. After you've 
crossed all three blocks, traverse the narrow ledge and pick up the 
diamond key, then head back to the room where you found the silver 
fortune doll. Now climb up the ladder and walk along the ledge where the 
pink robots come out of doors, then hit the red button to cause a 
stairway to come down, leading to the door with the diamond lock. Unlock 
it and head through. In this room is a long passage with fake water on 
the ground, as well as fake waves that move towards you. Move down the 
passageway, jumping over or dodging between the waves, then head through 
the next door. This leads you to a room with a large aquarium. First 
thing you must do is walk around the wooden part of the room to find a 
red switch. Hit it, then climb up the steps and use Yae's mermaid power 
to swim underwater, where you'll find a pot of coins, a sparkling 
dumpling, a bunch of sea horses, and a surprise pack. Swim to the 
surface at the other side of the aquarium, but before you leave through 
the door, jump to the edge of the aquarium and grab Mr. Arrow. Then walk 
carefully along the edge of the aquarium and use Sasuke's jumping power 
to reach another silver fortune doll. NOW head out of the room.

You'll now be outside, in a large hedge maze. Very quickly you'll 
encounter a new and annoying enemy, one who throws roses in a circle 
when you come near. If you're hit with one or you walk onto one, the 
rose will stick to you and prick you 3 times, so use the chain pipe to 
take them out from a distance. Follow the maze (it's really not very 
maze-like) and talk to the people in the shops along the way. Apparently 
this area used to be Sogen town before it was transformed into a stage. 
Who could be responsible for such a travesty? I'll give you one guess. 
When you come to the armor shop, you'll discover one of the main reasons 
you came to outer space, Omitsu! She seems to be fine, and offers you 
some helpful advice. Dancin' and Lilly can be found on the other side of 
some nearby doors, but the doors are closed tight and cannot be opened 
easily. However, Omitsu seems to know someone in the restaurant next 
door who can help you. So head to the restaurant do discover that this 
person is none other than... Wise Man!! Which begs the question, who the 
hell was that that the witch called?? Anyway, Wise Man was apparently 
captured by the Peach Mountain Shoguns and built for them an army of 
robots and an instant stage beam in exchange for a muscle car poster and 
five car magazines... Nice going Wise Man... however, he didn't know 
that his house was destroyed and as a means of getting back, upgrades 
your weapons to lvl 3. Now you can kick some serious butt! So head to 
the door, which is located through the gate on your left when you exit 
the restaurant. On the way you will encounter a new enemy, the giant red 
robot, which is pretty much just a fancier and stronger version of the 
giant blue robot. Take them out, then destroy the rigid door and head 
through the other door you find behind it, to the last half of the 
Gorgeous Musical Castle.

In the first room are some odd new enemies, the CanCan Legs. If you 
defeat every set of legs in a row of three except for one, the last one 
will chase after you. Head up the stairs, and jump at the portrait of 
Dancin'. It will actually teleport you to a small room with a pot of 
coins and a golden fortune doll. Just one more doll to go! Jump back 
through the portrait and head through the door on your right. Jump 
across the moving platforms and head through the right-hand door. Jump 
across the conveyer belts to reach the red button, then once you've hit 
it, backtrack a little bit and use Sasuke's jumping ability to reach the 
door. This room requires Goemon's Sudden Impact magic. Push the first 
block on top of the fire-spewing jet, then push the second one off and 
jump to the second walkway. First pull a little bit, then push the third 
block over another jet, then jump to the third walkway. Again, push then 
pull the fourth block onto the jet, then jump over and hit the red 
button, granting you access to the door. In this room you'll encounter 
another enemy, the Dark Blue Robot, which will sort of teleport into 
you. Take them out with the chain pipe to avoid getting close to them, 
since you can't dodge their attack once they start. Defeat the enemies 
and go through the door at the end of the hall. In here, defeat the two 
orange robots, then, hit the red switch and quickly jump onto the 
platform to be taken to the diamond key. Grab the key, then head up the 
staircase that appears to the door. This room contains a sparkling 
dumpling guarded by two rose tossers on your right, and a steep slope in 
front of you. When you're ready, slide down the slope and collect as 
many coins as you can on your way down. Once you're at the bottom, exit 
through the door. Then jump across the rotating platforms and go through 
the door to be returned to the room with the cancan legs. Jump down to 
the bottom floor and unlock the door, then head through the next room to 
a system of hallways made from blue stone. When you get to the 
crossroads, head straight and around the corner to find your last silver 
fortune doll. Hooray! You've found 'em all! Now, with your full health 
meter, head back and hang a right and go through the door at the end of 
the hall. This room rotates as you walk across it, it's not to difficult 
to get across and defeat the enemies along the way, just try not to fall 
into any holes. Once you make it across you'll be at the main hall 
entrance. Enter, and see what mysteries lie beyond...

You'll be confronted by Dancin' and Lilly, who intend to unleash their 
"secret powers"... which turns out to be their song and dance routine! 
Enjoy the neat little song, this is the only place you can watch it. 
Once the performance is over, Dancin' and the gang will skip town, but 
not before re-activating the self-destruct mechanism! It's Impact to the 

- Part 15: A Grand Finale -

This high speed bonus stages is pretty much the same as the other two, 
except with a spaceship theme. Jump over laser trip wires and gaps, and 
destroy the large blocks and doors in your way.

Once you're done with that, you'll face off against the Great Peach 
Mountain Battleship, Balberra. This is the giant peach shaped UFO you 
saw at the beginning of the game. This massive ship has several attacks. 
The large red patch in it's center charges up and fires a giant laser. 
The 6 cannons around that spot fire mines at the same time. I recommend 
taking out at least two or three of the mines with nasal bullets, since 
they'll all come at you at once and it's pretty much impossible to hit 
them all at once. It also has two leaves on either side that will pull 
you in and fire bullets at you, as well as a mechanical thing on its 
underside which does the same. It also has the ability to launch 
numerous little mobile peach cannons which fly around it and will 
occasionally fly in close to fire bullets at you. Since the ship is out 
of range, you have to use nasal bullets to dismantle it. First, take out 
the big red spot, then the 6 cannons around it. Then take out the leaves 
and mechanical thing at the bottom. When it opens up to release more 
mini peach guns, fire nasal bullets for all you're worth at it's exposed 
inside. This battle uses a lot of nasal bullets, so punch some bullets, 
mines, or mini peaches to replenish your supply. Once this battle is 
done, you'll move on to the final boss...

As you may well know, every good final boss in a video game has multiple 
forms, or at least two different parts, and this boss is no exception. 
Once the giant space ship explodes, Dancin' and Lilly will attack in a 
giant robot of their own, the Fairy of Love and Dreams, D'Etoile (he may 
sound like a pansy, but he's pretty tough). Initially, D'Etoile will 
mostly fly around and fire bullets periodically, and then fly off out of 
view and come charging at you. He'll also sometimes fly up out of view 
then come down in front of you. In both of these melee attacks use your 
radar to anticipate his moves. After sustaining some damage, he'll use 
start to use some more aggressive attacks. Instead of just firing one 
bullet at a time, he'll launch a string of bullets at you. Use nasal 
bullets do deflect most of these, but the last two or three can be 
punched for money. He'll also approach you with his tower shield raised, 
and you must first punch the shield to make him drop it, then you can 
attack. The problem with this is that he's usually out of range when you 
punch the shield. His last, and favorite attack, is a special move where 
he moves to the center of the screen and creates a big white cloud 
around him, then throws a number of large asteroids at you. These 
asteroids can't be destroyed by quick punches like other projectile 
attacks, but stronger punches work quite well. Don't worry about the 
giant asteroid at the end of this barrage, it's no stronger than any of 
the others. Basically, just use the same tactics in this battle as you 
have in the previous large boss battles, except for the mouth laser (you 
most likely won't be able to connect). D'Etoile can be tough, but with a 
little practice and skill, he shouldn't bee too horribly difficult.

Once the battle has finally been won, it's time for the gang to return 
home. Once you've landed back in Japan, you'll witness Kyushu floating 
gently back into its proper place. But before Goemon and friends can go 
pick up Wise Man and Omitsu, they notice a crowd of pretty girls running 
towards them. Goemon and Ebisumaru naturally assume that they have come 
to thank them for saving all of Japan, but as it turns out, everyone in 
Japan loved Dancin' and Lilly and they're here for revenge! Ack!

Oh well. Enjoy the credits and the funky music. Afterwards, your fortune 
dolls will be tallied up, and if you followed all my instructions, you 
should unlock the bonus Impact stage, where you can fight all the giant 
bosses in a row (harder than it sounds). I hope you enjoyed the game!

--- VI. Enemies and Bosses ---
A. Enemies
Pretty much in order of appearance. The number in parentheses after the 
name indicates the enemies health, so a number 1 requires only 1 hit 
from a lvl 1 weapon.
Thief (1): Found only in the shopping district of Oedo village, smack 
him once to send him packing.
Pink Robot (1): Most basic of enemies, they will try to attack you by 
walking straight at you. If they get too close on your tail, jump over 
their heads to confuse them. 
Flying Mask (1): I'm not sure exactly what this thing is, but it can be 
defeated easily by jumping in the air and attacking.
Green Robot (1): They wander around holding gift boxes. Inside is a fish 
that spits bullets at you.
Scarecrow (1): Stays in one location, but fires two bullets at regular 
Boulder (1): Not exactly an enemy, but they can hurt you and they can 
also be defeated.
Slinky (Invincible): The just slink up and down stairs...
Big Blue Robot (2): They attack by swinging their flowers at you, and 
are easily knocked over if you only do 1 damage to them.
Floor Piece (1): They fly off the ground and towards your character, 
defeat them before they hit you.
Light Blue Robot (1): These ones will hop once they get near you, so 
don't make the mistake of jumping to avoid them.
Dumpling Men (Invincible): Oh dumplings, how could you betray me? These 
guys can be tedious, just time your jumps over them.
Dragon Drummers (2): With each beat of their drum the launch a bullet in 
an arch toward you.
Robot Ninjas (1): Bear a slight resemblance to Sasuke.... The Ninja 
stars they throw at you count as projectile damage, even though they're 
not bullets.
Urchin (Invincible): Little spiky things that float around in the water.
Golden Orb (1): It flies around with the wings sprouting from its hat 
and tries to attack you. Just a little harder to knock out of the air 
than the flying masks because of it erratic flight pattern.
White Mask (1): These masks stay in one place and periodically spit 
bullets at you.
Fire Breather (1): Breathes fire at you. Yep. 
Ghost (1): Invincible while they are transparent, use Ebisumaru's toy 
camera to make them solid and vulnerable.
Dharma (1): Lays on the ground until you come near, then jumps up and 
bounces around, trying to run into you.
Card doll (1): Basically a card with arms and legs and a head. They just 
walk towards you when you get close.
Kite (1): Just floats around, minding it's own business.
Drill mole (1): They pop out of the ground and spit bullets at you from 
a distance, but if you get close they stay underground and run away.
Bamboo Stalk (1): Three stumps of bamboo fire bullets at you. They take 
a second to reload but have a pretty long range.
Rolling Lanterns (1): Very similar to the Boulders, they pop out of 
holes and roll along.
Spinning Spiky Balls (Invincible): They just spin in place. Jump over 
them or walk between the chains of balls.
Suit of Armor (2): They take two hits to kill, and if you approach them 
they'll charge you. Use the chain pipe or other ranged weapon to take 
them out from a distance.
Parasol (1): A particularly annoying enemy, try to avoid them while 
they're in the air and attack them while they are stationary on the 
ground for a moment.
Tank (3): They fire small explosive shells long distances, and if you 
get near they will try to run you over. Sometimes they'll drop two 
Rolling Drums (1): Also similar to the rolling boulders, these things 
just roll along...
Exploding Box (Invincible): You actually can destroy these things, but 
doing so will only cause them to explode sooner. Keep a safe distance.
Fox Mask (Invincible): They blow flames at you when you're near, and 
although they are invincible, they can be frozen for a short period of 
Water Snake (1): A snake the swims on the surface of the water.
Sea Horse (1): Swims around in the water and spits bullets at you when 
you come near.
Bombing Crane (1): Flies towards you and drops a large bomb at you. 
They're hard to take down because they're usually out of range.
Orange Robot (2): A stronger version of the green robot. The bullets 
that come from their gift boxes cause a row of explosions to come from 
the ground in front of them.
Warrior (3): I'm not sure if these are supposed to be modeled after 
something else. They're big and round, and when you hit them once they 
get very angry.
Sushi (1): Found only in the conveyer belt room of the Gourmet 
Submarine. They come in three flavors: Tamago (yellow) ones which are 
angry, Maguro (red) which are sad, and Ebi (shrimp) ones which are 
happy. I took the time to look those names up, so be grateful, lol.
Little Fish (1): They just swim around in their own little world, but 
will hurt you if you touch them.
Purple Robot (1): Sort of an upgrade of the light blue robot, these ones 
use jet propulsion to fly at you.
Crab Soup (3): These Crabs are big and slow moving, but their claws have 
a large melee range.
Hammer Thrower (1): Strange masked guys that throw mallets at you.
Rose Tossers (1): Spin around and toss roses at you when you get near. 
If you touch one, they will stick to you and cause you damage over time.
Big Red Robot (3): Pretty much the same as the Big Blue Robot, except 
they are invincible while they slide towards you and attack, and are a 
little stronger.
CanCan Legs (1): They dance around doing the cancan, if you defeat two 
of the legs in a row and leave one behind, it will chase after you.
Dark Blue Robot (1): As they walk towards you, they will suddenly shrink 
and disappear, then reappear right on top of you. Annoying to be sure.

B. Bosses
Congo: King of the robots. You fight him in the first dungeon, and as 
such he is the easiest boss. Simply run up close to him to avoid his 
fire breath attack and attack his glass chin. When he attacks with 
lasers, simply hop over them as he rotates. Repeat this process as many 
times as necessary to put him away.

Kashiwagi: Wartime Kabuki Robot. Your first encounter with a giant robot 
and first time fighting with Impact. Kashiwagi has two melee attacks, 
one where he approaches you while shielding himself with his sandals, 
and another where he simply charges at you with his open palm. Both 
attacks can be repelled by punching him right before he hits you. He 
also has two ranged attacks, one where he fires a number of missiles at 
you, and another where he sprouts wings and places a number of mines in 
your path. Both of these attacks can be easily avoided by hitting the B 
button to quickly punch the projectiles as the come towards you. 
Kashiwagi's last attack he only uses once his life gets low. He calls 
upon a cloud of cherry blossoms which take his form and circle around 
you, trying to hit you. The easiest way to avoid this is to punch the 
image before he has a chance to attack you, and wait for the attack to 

Control Machine: One of the minor bosses. You fight him on the back of 
the dragon. He spins around and turns yellow while shooting bullets at 
you. During this time, he is invulnerable to attack, but when he stops, 
he's completely open. Goemon's chain pipe seems to work the best. Notice 
though, that during this fight, the dragon will be twisting about, 
making it hard to stay on.

Dharmanyo: The Surrender Robot. At the very beginning of the fight, use 
Ebisumaru's toy camera to expose Dharmanyo's weak heart, then switch to 
Goemon to use his chain pipe. Dharmanyo has three attacks: One where he 
tries to jump on you with his claws, another where he jumps near you and 
makes a large swipe, and a third where he jumps away from you and 
launches projectiles at you that cause large explosions. All of his 
attacks can be fairly easily avoided by running away from them. 
Immediately after each attack, Dharmanyo stands in one spot and is open 
to attacks, so run in and use your chain pipe to hit his heart. Repeat 
this process and he'll go down quickly enough.

Tsurami: The Ghost Robot. Tsurami attacks by throwing multi-colored 
plates at you in three stages. The first stage is simple, he throws blue 
plates at you rather slowly. The second one is pretty much the same but 
with green plates which he throws quicker. The third stage is a bit more 
challenging though. He throws yellow plates in wide sweeping circles and 
which explode when they hit the ground, making them harder to avoid. In 
all three stages, you must simply dodge the plates he throws at you 
until he throws a pair of red plates at the end of his barrage. Hit 
these plates back at him with your weapon to damage him, do this enough 
and he will eventually self-destruct.

Thaisamba 2: The Charming Mermaid. You'll fight Thaisamba in two stages, 
first above the water line then below. In the beginning he only has 
three attacks, one where he spits bullets at you, another where he spits 
out fish that swim towards you (both of these ranged attacks can be 
easily deflected with quick punches), and in his final melee attack he 
simply swims up to you and tries to attack you; just knock him away. 
Once you go underwater, be ready for him to charge you right off the 
bat.  His three underwater attacks consist of a charge attack where he 
swims out of view then rushes at you (use your radar to locate him), a 
melee attack where he tries to fake you out by dodging left or right 
before moving in for the kill, and a special attack where he creates a 
whirlpool and spits bullets at you while your trapped, then moves in 
close and attacks you with an eyeball in his mouth (?). All of his 
attacks can be pretty easily avoided, just make good use of you chain 
pipe and Super Punch technique, throwing in a mouth laser when you have 
the opportunity. Not much different from Kashiwagi.

Balberra: The Great Peach Mountain Battleship. This thing is huge and 
has a multitude of weapons. The first is the large red dot in its 
center, which fires a large laser, similar to Impact's mouth laser. 
Surrounding the red dot are 6 cannons that fire spiky mines at you. I 
recommend destroying the mines with nasal bullets rather than trying to 
punch them, seeing as how they all gang up on you at the same time. It 
also has two leaves on its sides and a mechanical device on it's 
underside which will pull you in close and fire bullets at you. Lastly, 
it will release a swarm of mini peach gunners which will fly around it 
and will periodically swoop in to fire bullets at you. To defeat 
Balberra, you must use nasal bullets to destroy all of it's weapons, 
then shoot bullets into its inside when it opens its doors to release 
more mini peaches. If you run low on ryo, punch the mini peaches for 
some quick cash. Once the giant flying peach explodes, you'll move on to 
the final battle.

D'Etoile: The Fairy of Love and Dreams. D'Etoile can be a difficult 
boss, but he's still basically the same as the other two giant robots 
you've fought before. He starts off with three basic attacks. In his 
first attack he merely fires bullets at you one at a time. His second 
attack is a melee charge where he flies out of view then comes charging 
at you. In his third, he flies up out of you, then floats down right in 
front of you and attacks. In both his second and third attacks, use your 
radar to anticipate his moves. After sustaining about 1,000 damage, 
he'll use a second set of attacks. Instead of firing bullets one at a 
time, he'll shoot a long line of them at you. I recommend shooting these 
with nasal bullets, as it's exceedingly difficult to punch them all. 
He'll also approach you with his shield raised and try to ram you with 
it, just punch the shield out of your way and attack, though this can be 
difficult because often times when you punch down his shield he'll still 
be out of range himself. In his special attack, he'll create a large 
white cloud around himself and hurl large asteroids at you from within. 
These can't be destroyed with quick punches; only strong ones. The 
bigger asteroid at the end of the barrage doesn't require any extra 
punching to destroy. D'Etoile may take one or two tries to take down, 
depending upon how much life you have to begin the fight. Just hang in 
there, and you'll eventually beat him and the game too!

--- VII. Fortune doll locations ---
Also in order of appearance.
1. In the canal of Oedo. Jump off one of the bridges and swim to the 
lone platform.
2. On an "island" on Kai highway. You must cross two bridges to reach 
3. On the first level of Mt. Fuji and across a small gap.
4. On your way to Oedo castle, use the chain pipe to reach it.
5. On the first floor of Oedo castle, hop on a horseshoe crab to get it.
6. On the second floor of Oedo castle, just off the room with the mashy 
7. On the third floor of Oedo castle, just before the room where you 
fight Congo.
8. Head back into Oedo castle after defeating Congo and cross the gap on 
the second floor that was previously blocked by his hand.
9. When you enter Musashi for the first time, hang a left and drop down 
into a little pit. In the bottom is a silver fortune doll.
10. Near the pond in Zazen is a fountain. Hit it with your weapon to 
make a silver fortune doll appear.
11. At the bamboo forest near Yamato, push the turtle stone to the south 
to make a silver fortune doll appear.
12. In the Yamato shrine, climb to the top platform to find a silver 
fortune doll.
13. Also in the Yamato shrine, underneath a raised platform is a block 
with a silver fortune doll on it. Fall of the platform and onto the 
block to claim the doll.
14. To get to the Husband and Wife rocks, push the turtle stone to the 
east. Once there, climb to the taller of the two stones to find a silver 
fortune doll.
15. On the way to the tourist center at Awaji island, drop down of the 
left side of the walkway to a cliff with a silver fortune doll on it.
16. In the vine bridge area, drop through the second smaller weak spot 
to land on an island with a silver fortune doll on it.
17. After getting Ebisumaru's magic power, go back to Folkypoke village, 
and underneath one of the haystacks in the village is a silver fortune 
18. In Iyo 2, once you use Ebisumaru's shrinking magic to get into the 
area with all the red grating, find a caged pit area with a small 
opening to jump through, in the bottom of this pit is a silver fortune 
19. In the ghost toy's castle is a room with numerous bullet-spitting 
masks and a giant doll's head in the back of the room. Jump from pillar 
to pillar to the top of the head, and on top is a silver fortune doll.
20. Walk carefully across the tightrope in one of the rooms of the Ghost 
Toy's castle to claim a golden fortune doll.
21. In the room of the Ghost Toy's castle with the crane game is a 
silver fortune doll, but on the wrong side of a fence. Take a roundabout 
path through the dungeon to reach it.
22. In the Ghost Toy's castle is a large room with red water on the 
floor and lots of spinning platforms. In the middle of the room is a 
platform with a silver fortune doll on it.
23. In Nagato, there is a red gate in the middle of the water. Ride the 
moving platform to the top of it, then grab a silver fortune doll.
24. Also in Nagato, on cliff near the big bridge, use Ebisumaru's 
shrinking magic to cross a narrow cliff face and grab a silver fortune 
25. In the middle of the oasis in Inaba is a silver fortune doll.
26. In Bizen, use Sasuke's firecracker bombs to demolish a cracked wall, 
revealing a room with silver fortune doll.
27. Another cracked wall in Bizen contains a golden fortune doll, again, 
use Sasuke's firecracker bombs to get inside.
28. In south section of the Festival Temple Castle is an area with 4 
moving platforms over a bottomless pit. Climb a ladder you will find in 
this room to a walkway with a door. Through the door you will have to 
cross a narrow bridge and a moving platform to reach a silver fortune 
29. After using the Kunai of Sever Cold to cool down some platforms and 
cross a gap in the main part of the Festival Temple Castle, go through a 
series of doors to find yourself on a ledge outside. Go around the 
corner to your left and jump off to land in an area with a golden 
fortune doll.
30. In the room of the Festival Temple Castle with the giant Koi kites, 
at the very top of the middle pillar is a silver fortune doll on a 
31. When you enter the second part of the tunnel to the north, make a 
left to reach an area with some dragon drummers and a silver fortune 
doll in the corner.
32. Jump off the side of the bridge in Uzen tunnel to find a silver 
fortune doll on a nearby shore.
33. There's a golden fortune doll behind the Waterfall of Kegon. Take an 
underwater passage to the left of the waterfall to reach it.
34. Once you've received Yae's mermaid magic, swim through an underwater 
tunnel in the river at Yamato for a silver fortune doll.
35. In the Ghost Toy's Castle, use Yae's mermaid magic in the basement 
with the floating Go tiles to find a silver fortune doll in a cage at 
the bottom.
36. In the Festival Village, swim through the underwater tunnel at the 
bottom of the pond in the middle of town to find a secret shop as well 
as a silver fortune doll.
37. In the Sea of Japan, look in the southern most area to find a silver 
fortune doll.
38. Once you have acquired Sasuke's flying magic, in the room of the 
Festival Temple Castle where three doors lead (just after the first room 
with the spinning spiky balls), climb the ladder up to the roof area and 
use Sasuke's power to reach a silver fortune doll.
39. Also in the Festival Temple Castle after you have Sasuke's flying 
power, return to the room where you found the Kunai of Severe Cold and 
cross the water, then climb up on the roof area and claim another silver 
fortune doll.
40. Using Sasuke's flying magic, jump up to a wooden platform above the 
Duck creek to find a hidden area with a silver fortune doll.
41. In the Gorgeous Musical Castle, in the room with the folding fans, a 
silver fortune doll rests on a column.
42. In the Gorgeous Musical Castle, in the room where the pink robots 
emerge from the doors and walk around the room, a silver fortune doll 
waits in plain sight.
43. In the room of the Gorgeous Musical Castle with the giant aquarium, 
walk along the edge of the aquarium and use Sasuke's jumping magic to 
reach a silver fortune doll on a platform.
44. In the first room of the second half of the Gorgeous Musical Castle 
(the one with all the cancan legs), jump through the portrait of Dancin' 
to find a small room with a golden fortune doll.
45. In the room of the Gorgeous Musical Castle built with blue stones, 
head straight through the intersection to find a silver fortune doll.

--- VIII. Secrets/Glitches ---
A. Secrets
These are secrets built into the game. They're not much, but kinda neat.

After the intro theme for the Impact levels, if you move the control 
stick you can make Impacts head spin around and bob up and down.

The game wasn't designed to use the rumble pack, but if you plug it in, 
it will rumble during the large boss fights.

If you complete the game having collected all of the fortune dolls you 
will unlock the giant boss consecutive fighting game, where you can 
battle all the large bosses one after the other.

B. Glitches
These are all glitches I have experienced on my own. If you want to 
contribute one, feel free to email me.

In Iyo, the area in front of the Dogo Hot Springs entrance, you can use 
Sasuke's flying magic to climb up to ledges you were not intended to 
reach, and you can even fall behind the door to the hot spring.

This is probably the best glitch. In Musashi, walk to the left side of 
the fence where it meets the stone wall, and use Sasuke's flying magic 
to jump over it. You can now swim around in the ocean, but if you swim 
too deep you'll fall through to the abyss.

There's also a place in the Ghost Toy's Castle to fall into the abyss. 
In a room near the jump rope room is a platform flanked by two pillars 
with doll heads on them. If you jump and hit the ramp just right, where 
it connects with the ground, you'll fall through the ground.

In the Festival Village, in the area where the drummer plays and the 
people walk circles around his tower, if you jump from the top of the 
steps on to the hill on either side, you'll fall through to the abyss 

Also, in Tosa, as you enter from Folkypoke village, on the wall to your 
right is a protruding rock. If you jump at this rock just right, you can 
pop through the wall and into the abyss.

It is possible to climb atop the sand dunes in Inaba, and (although I 
haven't actually tried it myself) you can probably jump off the edge of 
the world.

--- IX. Legal Stuff ---
This walkthrough is copyright Jack Hanger a.k.a. Electrospecter. If you 
want to use this thing on your site or something, please ask me first, 
but I'll probably be ok with it, just so long as I get credit for 
writing it. Uh, that's all I can think of, so I guess that's it. If 
anyone emails me with tips or suggestions, I'll be sure to credit them.

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