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Reviewed: 11/15/01 | Updated: 11/15/01

Maybe this game would have been good if it had Mega Man

As you can see, any eloquence that I have recently built up with creative synopsi just crashed to the ground. I could not think of a witty thing in the world to say, not that I usually can. At least I think my taglines are generally decent, but I really do not have a clue what all of you think. Mega Man has absolutely nothing to do with Multi-Racing Championship. But the synopsis is already there, so live with it and get on with the review.

This is quite possibly the most uncreative take on racing games ever. They have basically crossed Ridge Racer with some of the F1 Racing Simulations around. So, you get the tracks in interesting locales with vehicles that cannot turn. That is a devastating combination. F1 Cars are built to handle gentle curves and long straightaways. The courses from Ridge Racer are filled to the brim with insane twists and turns. Do you see what I am getting at? Your cars cannot handle the courses. On top of it all, there are very few modes, tracks, vehicles, and special features. The end result is a simulation on an arcade type tracks, and very few features which really does not bode well for the player of Multi-Racing Championship, which will periodically be known as M.R.C. in this review, as well as by its full title.

The graphics are fairly good, but the low polygon count really kills them. If there were a few thousand more polygons on all of the environmental structures, but especially the cars, Multi-Racing Championship would have a much more defined look. Other than not having the perfect shape of a vehicle, the cars look fairly good in M.R.C. The designs and details on the side are quite good, and they help you forget about the incorrect shape of the cars.

The environments, even though there are very few of them, look much better than the vehicles. Some of the techniques used to show sunshine, shadows, and the like will be used in video games for many years after because of their innovative stylings, and really being better than any effects that came before it. Those effects are what Multi-Racing Championship will be remembered for down the line, if anyone can recall that the game exists.


These are some of the worst audio effects that I have ever had the displeasure of listening too in all of my days playing video games. The music in M.R.C. is awful. I have no clue what on earth the developers were thinking. The songs almost all sound the same, with an overpowering drum beat, and no actual song whatsoever. This type of music is the kind that anyone with musical taste will just call noise. And all of the tunes are noise; No quality is apparent at all.

The sound effects are slightly better, but I still believe that the developers who thought them up are a bit inane. The engines that these people used to create the revving sound effects sound like diseased snowblowers from the 1970s, that they picked up at the Salvation Army or something. The tires do not squeal, they sound more like someone blowing a whistle. Think of this as a third-grade production of a racing game, and you will know what type of sound effects to expect.

In case you could not tell from my hints in the gameplay section about an inability to turn, I had better flat out tell you know that the control in Multi-Racing Championship is some of the worst to ever grace any home console. Stopping your car completely should not be a requirement for getting through S-Curves. Sometimes I think it would be quicker for the virtual driver to step out of the car and push the damn thing through them. On the plus side, the menus are easy to navigate, but that is small solace to anyone who has tried to steer the vehicles in M.R.C.

Much of the inherent lack of fun when playing Multi-Racing Championship stems from the horrible controls, but that is hardly the only the detriment from an enjoyable experience. First of all, there are barely any tracks. You start with three open, but you do not unlock very many more, as the final total is five or six. Five or six tracks just does not cut it anymore, especially when the ones really are not thought out well for the type of controls that these cars have. And speaking of the cars, we could have used a lot more variety in them as well. M.R.C. seems like more of a technical demo, an unfinished product, of a potentially much better game.

Multi-Racing Championship is one of the most insanely difficult racing games, actually games of any genre, on the face of the earth. That statement was made including all consoles, arcade games, computer games, and whatever else comes to mind. The track designs themselves would not make the game all that difficult with the physics engine used by, say, Ridge Racer, but they went all F1 Simulation on us. What makes M.R.C. insanely difficult is the combination of horrible turning and unbeatable artificial intelligence. What I am saying is that if you do not run a perfect run, you cannot win. By the way, the little difficulty rankings that they gave each level are meaningless. The easy course is just as challenging as the difficult course.

I almost had to have Novacain injected to even come close to playing Multi-Racing Championship. Then, I realized that most of my reviews are for good games, so I figured I had better review some bad games so people did not think I was biased, no matter what the mental health consequence was. That being said, if I did not review for GameFAQs, I would not touch M.R.C. with a ten foot long poll. The redeeming qualities in it are far too few and far between.

*Some lighting effects used in M.R.C. will be used for many more years to come.
*If you are a parent of a third grader, this game will remind you of their class plays.
*You should not have the problem of beating M.R.C. too soon.

*The audio makes you wish you were deaf. Seriously.
*There are only six tracks at all, including hidden ones.
*Do not even get me started on the horrible turning physics.

And now you have the truth about M.R.C. It is a little technical demo designed by the Soviets to try to confuse us and frustrate us enough to make us all turn Communists, so they could take over Mother Russia again. It is all a conspiracy. Avoid the conspiracy. Or the red storm will rise.


Rating:   1.0 - Terrible

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