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Reviewed: 07/12/01 | Updated: 07/12/01

The only good thing about the game is the name

The game name might sound cool, however, that's how cool this game gets. Poor replayability, lastability, graphics and sounds make this game review score a lousy 3, with the only good point in the game being easy controls and a wide-range of vehicles.

Ten minutes into the game, and you'll realise that you have wasted your money, time and effort trying to get to this game. It's so unbelievably easy that a six year old can unlock all the secrets in under three days. The reason being is because there are a meagre three race courses with the added bonus of using road blocks to alternate the path you take. May sound awesome, but hardly any gamers use this feature. Being able to customize your car adds one minute of excitement.

For a game that was one of the first racing games to be released on N64, the graphics are okay. In some places, it can be blocky, in others it can surprise you in a good way. In the Mountain course however, you can catch glimpses of fog. This may be on purpose to show icy, mountain mist, or a clever way of hiding a lazy job.

SOUND 1/10
IF there was any background music, you can't hear it. Instead, you can hear the annoying instructor that yells at you every two seconds, even if you've done nothing wrong to make him angry. The sound is a helpful in some areas. The same instructor tells you which way to steer, and how sharp the turn will be. Also, if you crash into a kerb or a tree, you will irritatingly call out 'Ow!'

The controls are easy to master, but, steering might be a problem to conquer in your first few hours. Regardless of that, control is the best thing in this game.

Don't make me laugh. The first time you beat the courses, you would not want to touch tis game again. Also, it's not a good idea to play this game when friends come around; you won't want to bore them to death.

The reason why there aren't many Multi Racing Championship games out there is because of lack of sales. I would rent it if you are interested in easy challenges when it comes to racing, rent it. But that's how far I'll go to get this game (despite the fact I have it; it was my first game.)

Rating:   2.0 - Poor

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